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How to assemble a floor fan Zanussi ZFF

Zanussi ZFF-701N reviews

Advantages: lightweight, a turn of 180 g, several control modes, control from the remote control.

Comment: Very satisfied. This is not the first time to write out goods on the Mirkel website.

Advantages: stable, there is a rotation mode and speed adjustment. The blades are protected by the grate. Gathers quickly and simply. Not annoying with noise

Advantages: it blows strongly, because of the two screws, the air flow is stronger than the usual fan

Disadvantages: because of the same two screws, it is very noisy, faster than the first speed it is problematic to turn on. Rubber overlays on the legs are constantly falling off when carrying

Comment: in general, the fan is like a fan, saved in the summer

We use it in a car repair shop. Ordinary fan with excellent air flow. Everything you need is present in it. There are adjustments for inclination and height, during operation it turns. The cross is stable. For children it is safe, you can’t put your fingers to the blades even with a great desire.

Advantages: mechanical control, 3 speed levels

Comment: This fan became my savior from the heat. Very powerful, well moves the cool flow of air around the room. The base is heavy, so I’m not worried about its overturning. It was not difficult to collect it, in the instructions everything is described.

Advantages: laconic design, rotary system, not bulky.

Comment: I am engaged in painting cars in my garage. Ventilation is rather weak, so I had to take the fan 1.5 years ago. The model is simple, but copes with its task. Stable enough, rotary and you can adjust the slope. Switching modes is arbitrarily thought out. using a rotary washer.

Advantages: convenient to use. Not very noisy

Cute fan with stable legs. Thanks to the telescopic rod, you can adjust the height. Good blowing, despite what I put it in the corner of the office, it is felt well and pleasantly cools the air flow. Strong protective grill, rods are closely located.

Advantages: perfectly blows even at a minimum speed of rotation. The model is characterized by great taste, from legs to blades. not just a steam stick.

Disadvantages: as everyone notes, noise. But no stronger than the street outside the window

Advantages: good blowing. powerful. stylish

Comment: noise, but it’s okay. Treaty to collect

I bought in 2020.Tall, large blades. I use only 1 speed, since powerful blowing: stands in the far corner of the room (10kV.m), at T-38 on the street, I can do without air conditioning.Minus: noisy, but you get used to the sound.

Disadvantages: After a month of operation, the speed switch has broken. Now you need to turn off the outlet. It’s good that the first speed broke in the position.

Comment: Before buying, I advise you to consider more expensive options

Zanussi ZNMPF1601PN Pedestal Fan Product Video

Advantages: a stable cross.shaped base.

Comment: We turn on periodically in the living room, the fan has three blades for a pleasant powerful blowing. Grates that protect the blades are powerful, with double ribs. I set the height maximum. If necessary, I turn on the rotary system and adjust the angle of inclination.

Advantages: it blows fiercely even by 1

Disadvantages: The noise level corresponds to the power of the wind (well, that is, noise is noisy)

Comment: I modified the installation of a power regulator, as a result I can reduce the momentum by retaining a breeze but getting rid of noise.

The fan is nice. The legs are stable. Height can be adjusted due to the telescopic rod. The blowing is good. Despite the fact that in the office he put him in the corner away from his table, the air flow is felt perfectly and pleasantly cools. The protective grill is strong and the rods are closely located. It is difficult to accidentally please the blade with your finger.

Advantages: double hard blades.A powerful flow of air.High.quality, reliable base.Convenient tilt adjustment.

Comment: I use this fan of the house during the year. There are no complaints. Quite compact in disassembled form.

Pros: blows good.Cons: do it yourself.This miracle of Chinese technology comes completely disassembled, although they could collect part, the box would allow. Assembly is carried out using a screwdriver, hammer and some mother. The assembly procedure is written not very detail. This device is approximately how the domestic car is done. It seems to work, but. To wash Krestovin’s legs, it took a hammer- two metal strips did not want to enter one into another., I had to drive. The fastening of plastic legs to the crossman is flimsy, and the elastic bands fall out of them. Fastening of two parts of the protective casing is not very comfortable. But gathered, but blowing. Let’s see for a long time.

Advantages: two spinning blades enhance the effect.

Disadvantages: there are no shortcomings for me.

Comment: For its price, the fan is very good. I think those that perform the same functions more expensive, is it worth it to overpay.

Advantages: high.quality assembly, solid base.

Comment: I bought two fans at the same time: floor fan Ballu BFF-880R and Zanussi ZFF-701N. Zanussi blowing tangibly stronger even at the first speed. Ballu the first speed is much weaker and, accordingly, much quieter, I would even say that it is barely audible. Bottom line: Zanussi for a large room. The score for the little one.

Disadvantages: very, very noisy for the apartment, noise strains even through a closed door!

Comment: Perhaps a good option in a garage or workshop, despite the noise, blows very well even at first speed, at the third as in a good hurricane.

Advantages: maybe there are, but they fade against the background of a lack!

Disadvantages: noise! At the first speed of 55 dB a meter from the fan. 60 dB for the third. The characteristics indicate 44DB, but apparently measured in another room on another floor.

The model is good, it copes well with the function of blowing a large room, the presence of a night regime evenly distributes the air through the room.

Good fan. All summer works without interruptions. Noisy, like any other. Not loud in general. There are several operating modes and control panel. Can be turned on by Alice through the remote control remote.

For a small apartment, in my opinion, an excessively powerful.

Plastic used the cheapest, from the body to the remote control. The inner part of the stand is made of processed plastic (garbage), crumbles and smells strongly by polymers. Instructions without illustration, it is problematic to collect in one hand. The blades themselves had to be adjusted, the TC was a little bent. Noisy even at the first speed, while blowing strongly. Palm modes and sleep are the same, the principle of work. just blowing jerks, we mainly use sleep. The sensor reacts normally, the backlight is turned off only from the remote control. You need to buy batteries to the remote control. A little surprised by such a poor quality from such a large company. I do not recommend this fan

I bought not on the market, but I really wanted to leave a review. The fan can simply blow out, but at the same time greatly rustles. The backlight is too bright, it cannot be turned off and if the fan is idle simply included in the outlet, it turns into a Christmas tree (though you can turn off the “garland” from the remote control with a simple, but only from the remote control). The cord is very short, I usually put the fan closer to the balcony, and there are no sockets next to it in the near affordability. There are 3 modes: ordinary, “palm tree” and sleep. With the first everything is clear, on the other two, the fan begin to swim. It is not clear why this is necessary, but it seems like it works quieter and does not blow out. And the last. Very cheap plastic was used, especially for the base (it consists of two parts: a weighty part, and a decorative plastic lining). Gathering simply, only a cross screwdriver is needed. There are also 2 AAA batteries for the remote control (not necessarily, there are duplicate buttons). In general, a good model for your money.

Zanussi ZFF-901 reviews

Disadvantages: failed during the warranty period. Stopped spinning. I opened and identified. that the winding was damaged, did not correct. threw it into the garbage.

Comment: I do not advise this model.

Disadvantages: did not notice. Well, it’s noisy. Although without the noise of the fans I did not meet for such a price.

Comment: A suitable venture, costs your money. Recommend. Worked all summer, did not turn off almost.

Advantages: Stable base. There is a remote control for sensory control.

Comment: we use in our apartment, include in the evenings in the living room, and put it in the bedroom at night. The fan has 4 blowing modes and has a timer for a disconnection, it is 7.5 hours. It is comfortable with him, the air is cool. The fan has 5 blades, they create an extensive air flow.

Comment: blows spectacularly, summer cooled just wonderful. All the buildings of the assembly are durable, the tripod is stable, it will not work to overturn. In the work of the low.school, does not interfere with either day or night. For the cooling process, there is a convenient remote control, and of course sensory control.

The fan is good, beautiful, easily and quickly gathers, I only wrapped one bolt. It is stable, the dog does not even blows it, it works quietly enough. There is a turbo mode when it is very hot. At night 1.2 modes with ideal speed. And another pleasant bonus is a timer for turning off and a remote control.

Advantages: everything corresponds and works correctly. Appearance and functionality.

Disadvantages: noisy and not entirely stable

Advantages: a remote control, a large stable leg, design.

Comment: Successful fan. It is very firm. The dog does not overturn, although it often hurts. I control the whole summer from the remote control right from the sofa. Do not compare with the fan without a remote control. There were no questions at all on the assembly.

Advantages: it blows well, many modes, and you don’t get confused in them, there is a remote control

Comment: normal fan, very stable, touch screen. as well as a remote control, 3 blowing modes. rotates, night mode and palm mode. same. The husband gathered quickly, the quality of the details is normal for this price. Of course, do not compare with cheap fans

assemble, floor, zanussi

Advantages: remote control, timer for disconnecting.

How To Assemble An Electric Fan | MITSU TECH Stand Fan 16“ MSF-16RB

Comment: Now only a fan with a remote control, like this. And a timer for disconnecting. This is a brilliant function. The fan itself is not easy, but due to this it is very stable if you hurt. it won’t fall just like that. He also has a design without complaints. Modern and stylish.

Advantages: price, display, many functions, bullets d/y, appearance

Disadvantages: assembly/plastic quality, noisy, the sound of a propeller aircraft, a creak of rubbing wires when turning the fan, but which is worst: at night I woke up from the smell of burning plastic. The fan burned. During an external examination, he found that the wire leading from the control unit to the motor (which creaked when turning) simply closed and burned the entire electrician. It’s good that it didn’t light up.

Comment: The impression is spoiled by such ridiculous technical shortage as non.strengthened wiring.

Zanussi ZFF-907 reviews

Advantages: Great quiet fan, blows great.

Advantages: costs your money. Good power

Disadvantages: It is a pity the base is soft and round, it takes more space in the sensations, and it seems not very stable, but everything seems to be worth it

Advantages: well refreshes, adjusted in height, stable.

Comment: I only turn it on, how you immediately feel freshness and coolness, I saved it very much in the heat. Adjusted in height for themselves. I liked that the base is stable, I have a large dog, I can drop by accident. Control is simple, mechanical, figured out quickly.

Advantages: stable base, blade protection

Comment: chose on the principle of the easier the better, but at the same time in accordance with their taste preferences. At home, two children plus a small zoo (cat, dog). so the issue of safety is in the first place. The cat did not try to become a minced meat, nothing came of it.

Advantages: good modern design. Three speeds of work.

Comment: easily assembled and regulated. Beautiful. The fan is five.lobed, the air flow gives strong and dense, at a distance of five meters it is felt well. It refreshes well in the heat. It is good to fall asleep under it, the noise when working is a slight.

Advantages: noise is little and very beautiful

Disadvantages: I didn’t really like the color

Comment: I advise everyone the quality and price

The fan bought the kids in the game room. Safe, stable and just stylish. Easy to manage, simply adjusts the height and inclination. One of the advantages. high.quality plastic no smell. The work is very powerful, provides good air circulation.

Advantages: worked 4 months. Suffled decently. Quiet enough.

Disadvantages: died after 4 months.Warranty-in the last year it is easier to throw out a thing cheaper than 3-4 thousand than to contact a guarantee.On the road, spent more money, chasing here here on warranty issues.

Comment: I dismantled it to see. there are no bearings as such. Plastic bushings and all.My winding burned. One.season thing.

Advantages: looks good, reliable

Disadvantages: greatly rose. A year ago I bought for 2150 rubles

Advantages: stable, beautiful, transparent blades.

Disadvantages: I worked only 3 summer.Apparently the engine died.

Advantages: quiet in work, bought in 2019

assemble, floor, zanussi

Disadvantages: the central part goes from side to side, octagon impeller

Comment: 2000 for 2019, probably a copy that was already at someone

Advantages: everything is super. I use no problem for the second year. But the price has soared a lot!

Disadvantages: dust is visible on black well, it is natural.

Comment: Take a good fan. It looks very good.

Since the summer I have been using it, in winter I often turned on, the batteries are kochegarit through a measure, stuffy. Currently, it pulls well, came from work, cut, and so on until the morning, t.e. Reliability is all right. On the thermometer 35 grams., wet, blows well so as not to steam. The assembly is decent, counterweight stable.

Cool fan, publishes little noise, very stable, which is in the apartment with children and the cat is a big plus

Disadvantages: expectedly rustles at high speed, but MB when they come up with how to get rid of it

Comment: Good for your money spas in the period of 37 degree heat

Advantages: simplicity and convenience of adjustments, a strong air flow, a stable base and an enhanced protective grill.

Comment: In the office, this fan stands near my workplace, with it in the current heat is much more pleasant. The blades are closed by the grate, so I’m not afraid to accidentally fall under them when I walk around the office. Light, tolerate is easy. I have enough three speeds.

Advantages: it blows well for a regular fan.The design will come down too.Strong base, does not stagger. Not shaking.Easy to collect.

Disadvantages: An annoying rattle appeared after 1 jobs.

Comment: I chose a fan for a long time, settled on this t.to. There were the most worthy reviews, and good grades, plus I also liked the picture myself.He worked, everything suited, then an unpleasant sound appeared (as when releasing a couple with an iron) when turning to the right. In such heat, 1 speed was left at night, but now it is no longer possible to fall asleep with this sound. Probably a marriage came across.

Advantages: good power and full of first speed is almost silent, but it blows well from 3 meters.There is a slope and blowing 100 degrees

Disadvantages: flimsy design, a very strange choice of legs fastening.(There is no remote control, but this is also clear by the characteristics)

Comment: for 1800 a worthy fan, it is better not exactly! If there is only 2k on your. then this fan is 100% your choice

Advantages: works well, easily gathered, looks stylish

Comment: They delivered for a very long time, detained the order for two days (

Everything is fine, but there is too much noise from it.

Serious, chic fan, with remote control

The fan seems to be created for public places (store or office), a powerful blowing is struck by a loud rumble. Sleep, and even be close, uncomfortable (impossible). Took on the advice of the seller, and the main criterion was silent work. Definitely return.

The fan itself is not bad, a stable base, a good engine and a powerful air flow, a remote control, but at first speed it makes noise decently, it is not possible to sleep under this noise. There are two more in the usual regime. Natural, like a natural wind, and sleep. type for sleep, in these modes the fan reduces the momentum and increases again, the difference between them is only in the time of blowing at high and low speed. As a result, in sleep mode, it still makes noise and these constant accelerations/braking strain even more than monotonous noise at the first speed. It would be better to make 6 speeds or smooth speed adjustment, a regular dimmer for such power costs 200-300r. And it is not clear why they did not make less speeds at first speed, if it is quite successfully used in sleep mode. In general, this is a good fan for a spacious office but not for the house, it is definitely impossible to sleep under it.

I have a quiet enough in my apartment, and this device feels like an An-24 aircraft. Yes, he has three speeds: small gas/cruising/take.off. “Night mode”. The same, only with pauses. IMHO is only suitable for a noisy office room.

Household fan Zanussi ZFF. 901. Description and instruction

The remote control makes the operation of the Zanussi fan (zanussi) ZFF. 901 as convenient as possible. Low noise levels provide the possibility of using the device in a wide variety of rooms. Weighted base guarantees the stability of the structure. Adjustable height in combination with the possibility of tilt and turning the head make it possible to accurately configure the ventilation zone.

A fan is a compact modern device that may well save from the heat. Zanussi has developed such devices by equipping them with modern functionality. There are several work modes for the services of users, incredibly convenient management, quiet work and the ability to adjust the angle of inclination and turning.

  • The touch control panel
  • LED display
  • 5 powerful transparent blades
  • 3 stimulus speed modes
  • Timer up to 7.5 hours
  • Wide.angle rotation in a horizontal plane
  • Remote control
  • Adjustable height. Max. one.35m
  • Reinforced protective grill. With stiffeners
  • A weighted round base

3410.00 buy

If there is a cash, you will be delivered to the goods on the day of the order or the next day from 9:00 to 22:00 (except Sunday). The exact delivery time you indicate. With non-cash calculation, you will receive an order within 2 days from the date of payment.

per kilometer.

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assemble, floor, zanussi

3410.00 buy

Zanussi ZFF-901N fan instructions

ZFF-901N fans will give maximum comfort from the first seconds of work.Extended functionality, including Touch-Screen, remote control, 3 modes of operation and timer, turns the use of the device into pleasure.For maximum comfort and convenience, the fan has a remote control and an informative LED display. High.resistant base and enhanced protective grill allow you to safely use the device.The fan has a low noise level, on the scale of the corresponding quiet speech and a strong air blow more than 3m.Zanussi fans are made of environmentally friendly and safe materials that meet international quality standards.Enjoy the freshness of the cool wind in the room with Zanussi fans!

The diameter of the blades 400 mm
Working mechanism axial
Number of speeds 3
Focus mount No
Tilt adjustment there is
Rotation adjustment there is
Column type No
Control sensory
Timer there is
Remote control there is
Speed ​​adjustment smooth
Height adjustment there is
The maximum timer installation time 450 min
Display there is

03.07.21. Build the Zanussi ZFF-901N fan. I really liked the appearance, it looks stylish and beautiful! Will fit into any interior! In terms of functionality, a comfortable panel on the fan itself, everything is clear and simple. The most cool is the remote control! It is very convenient when you lie on the couch and do not want to get up) there are three speeds, it blows well already at the first speed, there is a night mode. You can turn off the display on the fan itself (disconnects from the remote control) so that it does not shine in the eyes at night, although there is a green, soft light. We really liked it!

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Do.it.yourself floor fan repair. All reasons why not spin and how to disassemble.

In the hottest summer days, the only salvation from the exhausting heat, is the usual floor fan.

Not everyone can afford a full.fledged split system or at least a mobile air conditioner.

But unfortunately, this inexpensive and affordable windmill, from time to time breaks. Especially fly like seeds Chinese models.

And there are vast majority in our market. What to do if the fan has stopped rotating and working? What are his main sores and because of which he breaks?

In total, 5 main reasons for the failure of floor fans can be distinguished:

The main problem of cheap models, which for some reason few people pay attention to. Incorrect casting blades. Because of this, an imbalance occurs, bearings are broken, gaps increase.

You can’t influence this in any way, as you already bought a fan with such an initial defect. Sometimes it seems to work, the impeller rotates normally, but does not blow.

That is, there is no cooling air flow from it. Why is it happening?

Due to the wrong corner of the attack of the blades. Its petals are deformed and drive an air flow in a circle, and do not throw it out.

This effect can appear over time, after the fan stood for a long time under the straight rays of the sun and its impeller heated, began to gradually change its shape.

It is treated only by replacing the impeller with a new.

The most common problem is the dried lubrication or its lack. The fan begins to wedge, lose speed and, as a result, the load on the engine increases. Vetrodui no longer works in full force.

The engine wound up with a thin wire of 0.2mm begins to heat up and the windings gradually burn out.

How a similar defect is detected? In this case, the fan ceases to rotate. He is buzzing, but the impeller does not spin.

It also happens that it starts only at 3 speed, and does not react to the first two at all. He just does not have enough power to turn the shaft.

In order to start it, you have to sprout like on old aircraft in an impudent.

By the way, the same symptom may be with damage to the start.up capacitor. How to find out without devices what reason is to blame for the breakdown?

To do this, at least get to the engine shaft, removing the protective casing and blades. If the shaft by hand will rotate with great difficulty, then blame dirt and dried grease.

And if he spins easily and he has inertia, then most likely a conder was covered. Symptom. turned on the fan in the outlet, but it does not spin. At the same time, scroll into a impudent motor and it starts.

If you hold the fan blades when working with your hand, it can stop again. The capacitor is checked by a multimeter if it has an appropriate capacity measurement scale.

To replace, select a new conder according to the same parameters that are indicated on the body of the old.

By the way, a dried.up capacitor has not yet been fully affected, also affects the moment. If you notice that they fell from you and the fan began to spin slower, this is a bell to check it.

The problem of tight rotation is solved by a new lubricant of bearings. Here are used, the so.called sliding bearings. Someone calls them bushings.

Apply balls in such designs is expensive, and they thunder over time, they be healthy. For repair it is not at all necessary to disassemble the entire engine entirely. It is enough to unscrew a few cogs and spray to the right places with the universal aerosol WD40.

How to get to the bushings without removing the engine? To get started, unscrew the central screw on the back wall of the protective casing.

Another self-tapping screw is hidden in the adjustment button for turning or stopping at the fan head.

After that, the back cover is easily removed from its place. What is under it? Here you can see the gearbox of the rotary mechanism that gives rotation to the whole head.



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