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How to assemble a desktop fan Tefal

How to assemble a fan?

In the summer, during the period of strong heat, one of the most popular purchases is a fan, which, in theory, should give the long.awaited coolness in the apartment. And after you choose it in the store and purchase it, you will have to assemble it yourself, but the fan assembly instructions do not always help.

In this article, using the example of the floor fan of the company “Scarlett”, we will tell you how to collect it.

Step 2

Then remove three screws and a small fan cover in the upper part of the device. I carefully appreciated it with an oil knife. This allows you to push the lower plastic cover of ActIFTY, first from the side of the fan, then it puts on the opening buttons and turns off.

Tefal fans. reviews

The air flow from the fan is subjectively perceived more comfortable than from other violators (it used to be 5-6 pcs. other brands), as if dense, or something, 2. The fan noise is pleasant by ear and resembles the noise of a pine forest under the wind. 3. The base is impossible to accidentally break or bend.

A bright blue LED, directed so that it illuminates the fan grill from below, makes it difficult to use the fan at night: there is an additional room backlight that interferes with sleep, and a shadow rinsed around the ceiling, resembling a airship frame. You have to tie the LED with a rag. 2. The design of the remote control is strange and looks like a coffin.

Half of the reviews on the store’s website that he creaks when turning, on the website of Tefal, all reviews are perfectly, as strange. It is impossible to use the fan when you buy goods 2 times more expensive than competitors want at least just use the product, and therefore you choose a proven brand, albeit more expensive. But Tefal does not seem to do not particularly values ​​its reputation and continues to sell this model without changing the design. As a result, you get a bunch of problems, as it is a creak, it is not constant and to exchange, you still need to spend a lot of nerves to prove the defect

The unforgivably noisy for such a price is heavy manually, the head of the fan does not turn in a horizontal plane, only up and down

The noise from the blades is not much lower than from my old, cheaper fan. But it is quite possible to live with this. But with the fact that the engine and vibrating from it are a low.frequency rumble, like a small transformer booth, it is impossible to come to terms with. From him, even in the afternoon, the head begins to ache, it is all the more impossible to leave working at night, but for this he was acquired. The certified service center said that no defects were found, that he, quoted, should not be completely silent. Therefore, I can’t return it. I am very sorry about the purchase and I do not recommend anyone to purchase.

  • floor fan
  • radial
  • Power 40 watts
  • The possibility of turning the case
  • display
  • Management from the remote control

Compact, mobile, stylish, quiet (at minimum speed, and there are 3 of them), control with a remote control or buttons, a very light assembly (you only need to attach the base). Panel with information about the current mode (with muffled backlight), a cyclic rotation mode of the housing by almost 180 degrees, the mode of automatic speed change (emulation of wind), a shutdown timer. Remembers the speed and rotation mode (yes/no) when turning off the button (but if there is a power from the network, of course).

I would not say that this is a disadvantage, but the fan is best suited for cooling in a sedentary or lying position, since it does not have an air flow adjustment in height, and the only meter from the floor and blows right in front. And if you plan to use it in those cases when you stand, you will have to think about a certain stand.

Usually it costs not far from the desk (2-3 m), there is enough cooling at a minimum power of 30 degree heat. At the same time, the noise from his work does not interfere, but rather creates a certain soothing background. The store was compared by noisiness with the Vitek VT-1933 model: Vitek is much louder at the same speed (both there and there are 3 steps). As regards whether it is possible to sleep for it or not, then everything is very personally. It doesn’t bother me even at maximum power, but this is probably due to the fact that the dream is very strong. And so at the third speed the fan already attracts attention. But no one interferes with the set of the 1st or 2nd speed, they are quite enough for cooling and comfortable sleep with an acceptable noise level.

How to assemble the pedestal of my Turbo Silence Extreme fan? | Tefal

Checking the quality of the goods

Upon your claim, the seller has the right to check the quality of the goods. In this regard, we remind you of the need to provide the purchased goods along with a claim to the return point of the goods or provide the seller with the opportunity to pick up the goods to be delivered to the authorized service center to confirm the deficiency.

A delivery service employee fixes the fact of receiving the goods on the diagnosis by the relevant act filled in duplicate, one of which remains on the hands of the buyer.

Based on the results of such a quality test, the seller will provide you with a response to your claim.

If you do not agree with the results of the quality check, you have the right to submit a written requirement for an independent examination of the goods. Examination is carried out at the expense of the seller. You have the right to be present during the examination. If the examination establishes the availability of deficiencies that arose not through the fault of the store or manufacturer, you must compensate the store for the expertise, as well as expenses related to its conduct.

Fritten care, replacement of the inguinal cartridge

Separate black steam protection against white

Disclot filter against the smell by pressing with an effort

become a cartridge against the smell (indicator

Click on the cartridge to click and room

3.accepted. Pomettes of the Zapshita Ot PAPA in the OTVEPC

Press steam protection on each side

Make sure the pairing is securely fixed before the foundation of the lid

The cartridge is well fixed under three.

Cartridge should be maximum after 30. 40 preparations.

Когда указатель замены картриджа приобрететтемно-красный цвет, его следует заменить.

We thank you for choosing the device of our company, which is designed for cooking I home.Before the first inclusion of the device, carefully read this operating manual: we do not bear any responsibility in case of violation of operating instructions.

Option 2 (slow) button on speed 2 (fast) button for pushing nozzles

assemble, desktop, tefal

Corolla (plastic or metal, depending on the model)

Beader holder (depending on the model)

Graduated mixing bowl (0.8 l) Minishinkovka (depending on the model)

Minishkinovka cover (depending on the model)

Mininkysk knife (depending on the model) of the minish.sinking bowl (0.5 l) (depending on the model) wall bracket

corresponds to the voltage indicated on the plate with the passport data of the device. In case of incorrect inclusion in the network, the warranty is canceled.

Beaty when the device is turned on. Never launch a mixer idle.

before each installation, disassembly, washing or maintenance; After each use.

He fell; He became unusable or not completely assembled; Its power cord is faulty or there are visible damage on it.

his after.sales service or a specialist in such qualifications.

professional goals. Our guarantee does not apply to cases of non.compliance with this condition, for

which we do not bear any responsibility.

Using the device should use it only under supervision.

TEFAL VF5670 floor overview

Before that, I bought a floor column fan TEFAL VF6670F0 in my daughter’s room, which, by the way, also proven itself only on the positive side, it has been working more than a year, everything is fully automatic, everything is from the control panels, including or without the rotation angles. In one word, Tefal is cool!

Previously, I wanted to take precisely the Tefal Turbo Extreme VF5670F0 since it looks very and very cool, but my wife insisted on Tefal VF6670F0, which in principle I do not regret, only “for” and continuous positive emotions.

Now my turn has come and I bought it in Tikhorya in the guest room Extreme VF5670. Especially the online store organized installments from 3 to 24 months. Therefore, without hesitation, he bought this miracle of technology.

The option is quite classic, with the exception of design and functionality, the fan is just a class, but it needs to be careful with how to do anything more so that it has such flows that it makes no sense to turn on the turbo mode.

And so about the fan itself, the original performance, high.quality materials, the convenient location of the control, the remote control panel, the ability to program by time and modes.

If KMOU needs a really cool fan in every sense, buy this one will not regret it! Previously, I wanted to buy a similar masterpiece only from Panasonic, so 20 years ago, but my wife talked so far, I regretted that I agreed with my wife’s arguments!

Sorry distracted. And so the Tefal Turbo Silence Extreme VF5670 Fan is real extreme in terms of the selected Turbo Boost mode.

In the reviews I met that people write saying from the remote control, does not answer the teams and in that spirit. I think that this disease manifested itself in a particular buyer of more likely reviews, in principle, my fan quickly and clearly reacts to all teams from the remote control, 10m masters easily. There is also a desktop on the fan panel, it is also made quite successfully and extremely! Tefal knows how to delight his admirers, be it an iron, grill or some other trouble.

assemble, desktop, tefal

Technical characteristics and so on are quite joyful, and most importantly, in addition to excellent characteristics, it is quite successfully assembled, excellent design, ease of use and good, high.quality work.

Electroenergy consumption, practically verified:

Technical characteristics from the official site:

Summing up, this model can be said quite successful in every sense as in comfort, ergonomics, effectiveness, appearance.

This device will really create a comfortable situation in the house wherever you are in hot weather, so to speak for every taste and color, air flow of any strength from a weak night breeze in 9-12 w consumption of electricity to extreme flow in Turbo 65 mode.4 W

As always, the choice is yours, what to buy and when, the main thing is what would happen, what and what.

Our measurements

The measurements of the masses of the components of the vacuum cleaner gave the following results:

Detail weight, g
Vacuum cleaner assembly with a floor nozzle, a steam generator and a full tank of water 6090
A steam generator block with a full tank of water 2295
The steam generator hose 280
Nozzle-jacket for washing glasses fifty
Carpet nozzle 170
The brush is small ten
The brush is large 20
The brush is flat fifteen
Conquered nozzle 5

From this table we can conclude that the vacuum cleaner is quite heavy.

The water tank capacity according to our measurements was 380 g with the declared 400 g.

The noise level we measured when placing a vacuum cleaner on the floor in the working position, the nozzle microphone was placed in a horizontal position at a height of 1.2 m from the floor at a distance of 1 m from the vacuum cleaner engine and was directed to the vacuum cleaner. The measured value was 79.5 dBA, which is slightly lower than the 84 dBA manufactured by the manufacturer. The inclusion of the steam generator does not increase the noise of the vacuum cleaner and does not appear on the indications of the noise meter.

The power of absorption (what it is and how we measure it, described in a separate article), we determined when the vacuum cleaner was working without nozzles. The dependence of the absorption power on the created vacuum is given on the graph below:

The maximum absorption power observed during the testing of the vacuum cleaner was 101.45 W.

In the “only vacuum cleaner” mode, the device consumes, according to our dimensions, 538 W, in combined mode-1609 W when the steam is submitted by eco-mode and 1587 watts-at the maximum. The steam generator consumes 1151 watts in “ECO” and 1137 W mode. in “Max” mode.

The result of measuring energy consumption was somewhat discouraged: in the environmentally friendly (or economical?) the energy consumption mode is even slightly higher than in the maximum. However, the obtained indicators are fully correlated with the maximum capacity of 1700 W stated by the manufacturer.

Preparation for the operation of the steam generator, regardless of the selected steam supply mode, takes exactly 30 seconds. exactly as the manufacturer is stated. The same 30 seconds are required by the steam generator with short.term, even for a few seconds, disconnecting from the network. from this we conclude that the steam generator is not equipped with a temperature or pressure sensor and its heating is controlled by a simple timer.

Do.it.yourself floor fan repair. All reasons why not spin and how to disassemble.

In the hottest summer days, the only salvation from the exhausting heat, is the usual floor fan.

Not everyone can afford a full.fledged split system or at least a mobile air conditioner.

But unfortunately, this inexpensive and affordable windmill, from time to time breaks. Especially fly like seeds Chinese models.

And there are vast majority in our market. What to do if the fan has stopped rotating and working? What are his main sores and because of which he breaks?

In total, 5 main reasons for the failure of floor fans can be distinguished:

The main problem of cheap models, which for some reason few people pay attention to. Incorrect casting blades. Because of this, an imbalance occurs, bearings are broken, gaps increase.

You can’t influence this in any way, as you already bought a fan with such an initial defect. Sometimes it seems to work, the impeller rotates normally, but does not blow.

That is, there is no cooling air flow from it. Why is it happening?

Due to the wrong corner of the attack of the blades. Its petals are deformed and drive an air flow in a circle, and do not throw it out.

This effect can appear over time, after the fan stood for a long time under the straight rays of the sun and its impeller heated, began to gradually change its shape.

It is treated only by replacing the impeller with a new.

The most common problem is the dried lubrication or its lack. The fan begins to wedge, lose speed and, as a result, the load on the engine increases. Vetrodui no longer works in full force.

The engine wound up with a thin wire of 0.2mm begins to heat up and the windings gradually burn out.

How a similar defect is detected? In this case, the fan ceases to rotate. He is buzzing, but the impeller does not spin.

It also happens that it starts only at 3 speed, and does not react to the first two at all. He just does not have enough power to turn the shaft.

In order to start it, you have to sprout like on old aircraft in an impudent.

By the way, the same symptom may be with damage to the start.up capacitor. How to find out without devices what reason is to blame for the breakdown?

To do this, at least get to the engine shaft, removing the protective casing and blades. If the shaft by hand will rotate with great difficulty, then blame dirt and dried grease.

And if he spins easily and he has inertia, then most likely a conder was covered. Symptom. turned on the fan in the outlet, but it does not spin. At the same time, scroll into a impudent motor and it starts.

If you hold the fan blades when working with your hand, it can stop again. The capacitor is checked by a multimeter if it has an appropriate capacity measurement scale.

How to install fan grids of my Essential fan? | Tefal

To replace, select a new conder according to the same parameters that are indicated on the body of the old.

By the way, a dried.up capacitor has not yet been fully affected, also affects the moment. If you notice that they fell from you and the fan began to spin slower, this is a bell to check it.

The problem of tight rotation is solved by a new lubricant of bearings. Here are used, the so.called sliding bearings. Someone calls them bushings.

Apply balls in such designs is expensive, and they thunder over time, they be healthy. For repair it is not at all necessary to disassemble the entire engine entirely. It is enough to unscrew a few cogs and spray to the right places with the universal aerosol WD40.

How to get to the bushings without removing the engine? To get started, unscrew the central screw on the back wall of the protective casing.

Another self-tapping screw is hidden in the adjustment button for turning or stopping at the fan head.

After that, the back cover is easily removed from its place. What is under it? Here you can see the gearbox of the rotary mechanism that gives rotation to the whole head.

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