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How to add voice in a robot vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner install Russian voice package

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Technology does not stand still, every year there are new, useful gadgets that make our lives easier. The most interesting and useful this year for me was the first-generation Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner, the price of which dropped slightly towards the end of 2019. I have long been hesitant to buy, but they were decided to buy, I say that the purchase is not sorry, all its basic functions of the robot performs well, of course there are some minor drawbacks, but about this a little later. And today I will share with you a detailed and clear instructions for installing various, Russian voice packages, as using the Android phone and using a computer running Windows operating system. This instruction will work for the first generation and for the second generation. Let’s start with the fact that the first version of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner out of the box has no Russian official language, but this is not difficult to fix. After you take the vacuum cleaner out of the box, I advise you to put it on the dock to charge, as if the charge is less than 20% language package will not set. Once the vacuum cleaner is charged, then we can start installing the voice package, we have several options for this, we will start with the easiest.

Talking robot vacuum cleaners: funny voice packs

On the Internet there are a lot of videos, in which the authors shoot their robot vacuum cleaners, which speak in Russian. In addition to the fact that the robot vacuum cleaner performs the function of cleaning the room in automatic mode, it is able to notify the Russian voice of the error, to swear when colliding with objects of interior. It’s funny enough when your smart helper drives around the apartment and grunts, and sometimes the robot vacuum cleaner swears in foul language. In this article we will point out for you the best talking robot vacuum cleaners with Russian voiceover and show you a video with their voice.

Firmware Installation

Option for those cases when the robot vacuum cleaner was purchased for the Chinese domestic market.

In this case the support of only English and Chinese languages from the application will be available. It is not possible to translate the commands into other languages. Therefore, you will need to download a special version of the firmware and install it.

Immediately it should be noted that this can be done not on all models. The most “problem-free”, which is easy to flash and teach to speak in Russian. these vacuum cleaners line Roborock and Vacuum Cleaner. And for them, a lot of custom firmware is also available.

This will, for example, allow you to customize the voiceover with “non-standard” voices:

The functionality is not affected by the installation of third-party firmware. The sound files are simply swapped out. So reflashing the device will not damage it in any way. over, Xiaomi assures you that it will not affect the warranty in any way.

Before we proceed

Before proceeding with the firmware procedure, please note the following:

  • “You can install only one language pack at a time in the robot vacuum cleaner. They can be switched through the official Mi Home app. That is, voice files are downloaded and installed each time.
  • The factory firmware of the robot vacuum cleaner does not check the voice files. The software contains only a link to download the data package, which subsequently will be installed in the internal memory.
  • To install the “custom” language pack it is enough to send the device other files via the link it requests. Accordingly, it is not necessary to modify the firmware itself. It is sufficient to use a specialized application that allows you to perform a package swap when the robot vacuum cleaner requests data.
  • Previously, to install third-party voice packages, you had to get the serial number of the device, as well as its “identifier” (token). Now it is not necessary to do it. Special programs do it all automatically, the user only has to specify which voice pack he needs to put in the vacuum cleaner.

Process of installation of voice package

There are 2 installation options: using a computer, as well as from a smartphone.

The second option is preferable, as the user needs to perform less actions in order to change the language. The possibility of errors in this case is minimal.

  • Download XVacuum Firmware app with the latest version. You can download it directly from GooglePlay or AppStore. Also. on the site of the developer (in terms of functionality they are slightly different).
  • Preliminarily in the internal memory of the phone (in the directory /sdcard) should be copied files voice commands. Extension of such file.pkg. You can download them at thematic forums (for instance, 4PDA). Inside this archive there are WAV files that are used by the built-in software of the robot-vacuum cleaner as voice notifications.
  • Perform a WI-FI reset on the robot vacuum cleaner. Depending on the model, this is done by simultaneously pressing two buttons: Power and Home or Power and the local cleaning button. Press and hold for at least 3 seconds.
  • Use your smartphone to connect to the vacuum’s WI-FI. Executed exactly like connecting to a wireless router. That is, you need to go to the WI-FI section on your smartphone, turn on the search for wireless networks, select Xiaomi Vacuum (or a point with a similar name). You will not need to enter password.
  • Open the XVacuum Firmware app on your phone. Select Trying to flashing.
  • Use your phone’s regular file manager to select a previously saved file with voice commands.
  • Confirm sending firmware, wait till the process is finished.

Then you need to re-bind the device in MiHome. Afterwards all the buttons will be active and you can use the robot vacuum cleaner as you are used to.

Flashing process on PC is performed in the similar way. But it is obligatory to have a WI-FI wireless module. You won’t be able to perform flashing without it.


The step-by-step procedure is as follows:

  • Download WIN-MIROBO application. You can also find it on the official web-site of the developer, or on thematic forums.
  • Install the software. In its directory, in the folder “Voicepack” must be copied.pkg files of voice commands to be used to download to the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • If necessary. open the settings file (win-mirobo.ini) and manually write the IP address of the robot vacuum cleaner and its ID. This is necessary if you install the voice pack without resetting WI-FI. Otherwise, just connect to the access point of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Run the program. The command line terminal will be opened and automatic search for the device will start. Once it’s finished, you’ll see a menu with a selection of voice packs. Only need to select the desired option “voice” and press “Enter” on the keyboard. All other work the program will do automatically.
  • After completing the firmware process, the robot vacuum cleaner must be re-associated with your MiHome account using your smartphone. That is, turn on the device search, perform pairing. Remove the previous device from the MiHome list.

After you install the voice packs on the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner, daily cleaning will cease to be boring, the vacuum cleaner will have a soul (in some cases the soul of a bully), and your guests will be pleasantly surprised to hear the funny voice of your electronic pet.

The instructions are suitable for the first and second generation Mi Vacuum Robot Cleaner.

For flashing, you will need a PC with Windows operating system.

Next, unzip the downloaded file to the root of drive C and run it as an administrator.

Open with notepad to edit the system utility file, which is called win-mirobo.and enter the ip-address and token of your vacuum cleaner. After that do not forget to save your changes.

You can find out the ip-address and token of your vacuum cleaner in Mi Home app.

IMPORTANT: If you have an app installed from Play Market uninstall it and install MiHome.APK. You can download it from the Internet, for example from here.

In the Mi Home app from Play Market you can not see the token.

In Mi Home app connect to the vacuum cleaner

Go to network info (here you will find the ip-address and token of your vacuum cleaner)

IMPORTANT: In order to start loading voice packets, the vacuum cleaner must be in a charging station and have at least 20% of the charge. This is an artificial restriction to avoid problems.

Run the file win-mirobo.bat which is located in the root folder of the downloaded utility.

After starting a window will open with a command line, where if connected successfully in the first two lines will be given the ip-address and the level of charge vacuum cleaner. Below there will be three numbered menu items. Select item 2. it is called Flash voise package. Accordingly, press number 2 on your keyboard and press Enter.

Then you have to choose any package you like. Type the desired digit and press Enter.

Then the installation will count down (not more than 15 seconds). When OK appears instead of a time to confirm that installation is complete, press any key on your keyboard and close the program window.

After the simple, above-described manipulations your vacuum cleaner “will find the soul”, will speak in Russian.

In the table below you can see only some of the voice packages and part of the phrases the robot speaks when responding to certain actions.

Voice package ru_leathers_Bastards Voice of the robot

Voice package ru_maxim_vashe_velichestvo with robot voice

How to add Alice voice control to your Xiaomi/Dreame robot vacuum cleaner

In our century, you can not be surprised by voice control of home appliances. Alice has already learned not only to swear and tic-tac-toe, but can also control smart devices in your smart home. After purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi’s subsidiary Dreame Bot L10Pro, I thought it would be a good idea to train it to clean on command. Turns out Alice has long been friends with most devices that are controlled through the MiHome app.

To configure it you do not need anything complicated and can handle even a schoolboy.

We need two applications on the phone, namely:

First, let’s check if the robot vacuum cleaner has been added to MiHome as a device.

After that, go to the application Yandex and enter your login and password. If you do not have an account Yandex, it is very easy to register it, about 3 minutes.

Then you need to create a smart home template, that is, add the habitat of smart devices. Standard it is called my home

Click on the icon “device”, it is in the application menu of Yandex (circled). Choose from a large list of barrels signed as devices. Press the add new device plus sign, select another device and find Xiaomi at the bottom in the popular manufacturers tab. To continue, you will be asked to enter the password and login to your MiHome account.

After that, go to “My Home” and see that we have the devices that Alice is already familiar with from the MiHome app. The robot requires configuration, click on it. The main condition is to name it with Cyrillic letters, otherwise voice control will not understand it. After that you can see that Alice knows everything about your vacuum cleaner, including the model and firmware.

Actually that’s all. All that’s left to do is hand out voice commands and the robot will do its job. And a list of allowable or acceptable commands Alice will prompt itself.

Tested on my employee, the vacuum cleaner consistently handles all commands like start, pause, go to the charge, no complaints. So our life has become a little more modern. I understand that the information is not new, and many people already knew it without me. But, I am sure, it will be useful for those, who simply did not bother with similar functionality, but seeing how simple it is, will also add a live communication in the protocol of communication with your smart device. Of course, the bonus is the control of many other devices, and with the help of Alice you can easily control air conditioning, humidification, light and much more.

Here is the variant of my communication with the vacuum cleaner through Alice. As it is with mistakes and uncertainties. If you call a vacuum cleaner a vacuum cleaner, then, of course, you can not call it a robot ))))

By the way. The same smart home can also be controlled via Google Aleha. But that is another story.

How to change the voice of the robot-vacuum cleaner Xiaomi

Robot vacuum cleaners became a common household appliance for us in a few years, just like a TV and a fridge. Although ten years ago, we might have seen them only in science fiction movies. A huge niche in the market of such devices occupies the company Xiaomi.

Their smart assistants have very advanced characteristics and a pleasant price. One of the few problems you can face after buying a robot vacuum cleaner from this manufacturer is the Ukrainian or Russian language setting.

Most of the time, such gadgets default to alerting you to their actions in English or Chinese. But the user can easily change the language to a more understandable and even set the author’s voice packages, for example the voice of Winnie-the-Pooh. In this article we will show you how to do it.

Your sound package is not a difficult task and takes literally a few minutes. Creating and editing the popular Maxim Bot voiceover. To do this you need to go to the menu “text voice”, log in and select the voice of Bot Maxim in V7TTS After logging into the paid service, enter your text in the field for voice, then click the voice button. Wait a few seconds and your file is ready to download and upload to your Xiaomi vacuum cleaner.

If you are looking for ready-made localization options, then go to the voice packs at the end of this article.

Ready-made language packs and where to download

At one time Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner supports no more than one voice option. If it becomes necessary to change the voice package, the process of flashing the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner is partially repeated. For those who find the official voiceover package boring, there is a custom voiceover for Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner in the public domain.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner cтавим голосовые пакеты с русской озвучкой

Russian voiceover options

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner has one official Russian voiceover available. Language packs for the robot vacuum cleaner with funny phrases became popular among users. The most common voiceover sewn into the robot vacuum cleaner by users is the “Leather Bastards” voiceover. Popular voice files:

  • Maxim voice package;
  • “Kuzya” voice pack;
  • Winnie the Pooh” voice package;
  • voice package with phrases from Soviet movies;
  • voice package “Droid BB-8 from Star Wars”.

Robot vacuum cleaners

NOW simply change the voiceover or flashing robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum and Xiaomi Mi Roborock S50 S55. See below. In the description under the video there is a universal cool voiceover, which is suitable for both versions of the robot vacuum cleanerXiaomi. XVacuum Firmware app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. Yesterday, I thought the toy robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum but this vacuum cleaner perfectly copes with its task. How I earn 350 ue for 40 min a month My Telegram Channel MY SITE It takes four easy steps to install a firmware or sound pack for Xiaomi vacuum cleaner. 1.Drop the XVacuum app and sound package or firmware into your smartphone memory. 2. Reset the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner Wi-Fi settings 3. Turn on Wi-Fi on your smartphone and install the XVacuum app 4 After launching the XVacuum app, you need to press one of the two buttons firmware or sound. Clicking for example the button to change the language pack you need to specify the location of the sound pack. The rest will make the application itself in a couple of minutes. As you see now to change the language pack or flash the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum or Xiaomi Mi Roborock S50 S55 is simple! Android: Firmware and language packs must be stored anywhere on the internal memory (/sdcard). (only pkg, not 7z, zip or rar, but pkg is supported, for language packs wav files in the archive are not pkg). Avoid any non-English characters and underscores in file names and paths, the robot cannot download such files. Better yet, put the file in the root of the partition;

iOS Attached fileXVacuum Firmware 2.2.0.ipa ( 1,62 MB ) Put file in iTunes Documents (iTools, iFunbox), file must be in pkg format, do not use special characters in file name.

Reset the vacuum cleaner’s Wi-Fi settings, at the end of the installation you will need to add to MiHome For generation 1, press the Power and Home buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds, you will hear a beep and a message that the Wi-Fi has been reset. For generation 2, press the Power and Home buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds, hear a beep and a message that the Wi-Fi is reset

Connect to the vacuum cleaner. Turn off mobile internet, because most devices ignore wifi if there is no internet connection. Run this program, then a simple interface with easy to understand buttons Firmware, Voice and About. Select the desired item. Buttons will not be active until the program gets the token and status. Choose file with firmware/soundtrack you need. The progress log is displayed while the program is running. When finished, connect the vacuum cleaner to MiHome. Best on Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners

FUNNY SOUND Xiaomi Mi Robot Now change the voice acting and flash the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner. JUST

☑ FULL PACKAGE OF PROGRAMS my voice in one zip archive

☑ The links on the 4PDA site change frequently, so I combined Audacity sound editor into one Video Tutorial On the 4PDA site (link above) you can choose the firmware and any other sound package for your version of the vacuum cleaner. There are currently three. But, you can download AN EXCELLENT SOUND PACKAGE from 1000 DIYs and Advice, which collected all the necessary things for firmware robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi or replace the sound package by our channel. There, in a separate folder Personal voice collected all you need for creativity. In addition, from this video you will learn how to make your own voiceover robot vacuum cleaner with your own hands. I recommend that you do this in the free sound editor Audacity. All the necessary links and folders and sound file with cool sounds are in the folder Personal voice Xiaomi Mi Robot For personal voice you will need a microphone and Audacity program. Make your own sound package in the Audacity program. At the end of the video listed possible problems with the installation of sound package or firmware Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum or Xiaomi Mi Roborock S50 S55 That’s all dear friends. It’s certainly not self-made, but thanks to this video you will know how to make firmware robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum or Xiaomi Mi Roborock S50 S55 and how to install the sound package Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum or Xiaomi Mi Roborock S50 S55

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