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How the washer-dryer dries your clothes

Choosing a good washer-dryer with drying function

It’s hard to imagine how people could do without such commonplace items as a washing machine. It is a real home companion. The washing process is almost invisible and does not require any intervention. Modern models provide various programs, thanks to which you can wash delicate items, shoes and the like.

The only task for us is to take things out of the drum and dry them. Although this issue is already solved by an additional function. drying. Washing machines equipped with this feature make life several times easier. This option is very actual when there is no place to dry things. For example, if your apartment does not have a balcony, then things will have to dry in the room. Excessive moisture and the smell of detergents, not the best atmosphere in the house.

Even when there is a balcony or your own yard, it at least partially solves the problem with drying, but what to do if it rained or snowed? In addition, none of the options can provide the fastest drying of things, and drying, can. Now let us consider how to choose a washing machine with drying function.

Advantages and disadvantages of 2-in-1 washing machines

Before considering which washing machine to choose, it is necessary to get acquainted with the positive and negative sides of such devices.

On a side note: if the equipment does not have a special container for condensate collection, the collected liquid goes into the sewer, which increases the convenience of operation, t. к. no need to control the filling of the tank.

  • Speed of operation. machines with this program can process 3 to 7 kg of clothes in a short period of time, regardless of the weather.
  • Compact size, unlike individual units for drying, allows you to install the technique in small rooms.
  • The humidity level in the apartment does not increase. This is due to the fact that when drying laundry by the traditional method, water steam is distributed throughout the room. Using the drying and washing equipment, the problem is eliminated.
  • The manufacturer’s stated volume of the drum does not assume 100% of the load to heat things. That is, if the unit is designed to wash 8 kg of things, then in one cycle you can dry only 3.5-4 kg, depending on the model.
  • The cost of such equipment in comparison with conventional appliances is higher by 15-20%.
  • Improper use of the option entails rapid wear and tear of the fabric fibers.

How to prepare laundry and clothes for drying in a dryer?

Dryers were invented in the USA decades ago, but in our region they have appeared only recently. Visually such a machine is similar to a front-loading washing machine, but it has a completely different task: quick and high-quality drying of pre-washed and wrung out laundry. Using this device is a pleasure: just move the washed items from one drum to another and set the optimal temperature mode. then the machine will automatically remove excess moisture from the laundry and notify you when the cycle is complete.

Unlike the scorching sun, the dryer is more gentle on man-made and natural fibers, keeping them strong and colorful for longer, but to make sure your clothes last as long as possible, it’s important to follow certain rules that apply to each mode. How to prepare clothes for drying so that each garment is dry but not overdry? about it.

How does the drying mode in the washing machine work?

Technical progress does not stand still and offers many new developments of home appliances for convenience and saving time and effort. One such development is a washing machine with a drying mode. Combining the dryer and washer in one model is very convenient, saves space in the house and allows housewives to forget what ironing is. For today, the most popular are washing machines from such world manufacturers as Bosch, LG, Siemens and Wirlpool. We suggest together with us to understand how the drying mode in the washing machine works, and what it looks like.

How to Dry Your Clothes using a clothes dryer.

What are condensation dryers??

A condensation dryer is slightly more expensive than a vented dryer, but consumes less electricity. No moisture is allowed to escape during the condensation drying process. Heated by a heating element humid air is cooled in the heat exchanger. The resulting condensate goes into a special container, from which it is simply poured out. Sometimes they are connected directly to the sewer, so as not to remove water manually.

The advantage of condensation dryers is that they can be installed anywhere, without being tied to a ventilation or sewer system. Almost all models are equipped with special filters for fibers and lint, this detail purifies the air, improving its circulation inside the unit. It is desirable to clean the filter after each cycle of the dryer. This prolongs the life of the motor and improves the quality of technology.

washer-dryer, your, clothes

Ironing function

When clothes are washed and dried they create creases and folds which make them look untidy. So several hours a week every housewife has to devote to ironing and putting things in the proper form. Practically everything is ironed, except for outerwear, sweaters (creases on these are better to steam), some jeans. The dryer with ironing allows not only to facilitate, but also to speed up this work.

Of course, the appliance is not capable of fully iron the laundry. Ironing function provided in dryers, aimed at reducing the number of creases and folds on clothing, thereby facilitating further care for them. If the option “Easy ironing” or “Pre-ironing” is indicated in the machine menu, it means a special algorithm of drum rotation and the presence of reverse. Even after the end of the drying program, the machine will periodically rotate the drum to prevent the laundry from caking. If you can’t take your clothes out straight away, they are easy to iron.

advanced models have a “Steam Ironing” function. They are practically a full-fledged alternative to the iron. During the program, water is sprayed onto the clothes placed in the drum using special sprays. Moisture is warmed by the hot air and transformed to steam. It penetrates into the fibers of the fabric and smooths it out. After the steam treatment, the clothes do not usually need extra ironing. Can be worn immediately or stored in the closet.

There’s a special program called “Under the iron”. Makes your clothes slightly damp for easier ironing.

Don’t like ironing? Then why waste precious time on this work? Choose a dryer with ironing function, but be sure to check with the consultant or read in the manual what exactly this term implies, so as not to be disappointed in the chosen model.

How this machine works

This heating element is located behind the drum. When the appliance is in operation, the drum rotates in a stream of warm air and shakes the loaded clothes. The result is an evenly dried cloth.

Built-in moisture sensors detect how much the laundry is drying out when the process is in progress. Moisture is released into the condensate pond.

If the washer-dryer has the option of connecting to a drainage system, there is no need for a condensate collection tank. Excess moisture is drained into the drain.

The drying function can be activated manually or automatically. With manual activation, the cycle time is set by the user at his discretion. When the set time expires, then the machine will finish its work.

IMPORTANT! When automatically activating the device, a sensor-thermometer works, which controls the temperature and humidity level. When the data is received, the system calculates the amount of moisture. If the humidity of the laundry is as set, then the cycle is stopped.

Types of drying

Modes of laundry drying in combined drying machines are basic and optional.

  • Basic modes, which include “Intensive drying” and “Gentle drying”, can be seen in all modern models of washing machines with drying function. Their names may differ depending on the manufacturer.
  • Among the additional modes of drying laundry, perhaps the most useful is the “ironing” program, in which the laundry is shaken inside the machine and treated with steam, which makes it very easy to iron this laundry.

The dry wash mode cleans the laundry without water and gets rid of odors.

Review of the best models

The washing machine with dryer will serve for a long time, if you initially choose a high-quality option. It is recommended to give preference to famous brands that have already proved themselves. Popular models of washing machines with dryer.

  • Electrolux EW7WR447W. The Swedish manufacturer’s appliances have a front-loading type and belong to the freestanding ones. Energy consumption corresponds to class A. It is possible to use 14 programs for washing, adjust the spin speed and water temperature. Additionally there is a delayed start function up to 20 hours. Separate modes for outerwear, sportswear and jeans. The manufacturer has taken care of safety and integrated leakage protection, foam control, balance control, and keystroke lock.
  • LG F-1496AD3. Direct drive greatly extends the life of the washer-dryer automatic. Control panel is electronic, there is a dialog screen. Energy consumption corresponds to class B. Users can choose between 13 washing modes, among which there is a separate one for children’s clothes, for stain removal and economy wash. Safety system includes anti-foam leakage and foam control, key lock, balance control.
  • Samsung WD70J5410AW. Distinctive feature is a ceramic heating element that prevents limescale buildup. Implemented a system of self-diagnosis and self-cleaning. A washing machine with a dryer requires little or no attention. The manufacturer has integrated 14 washing modes, if the ability to change the water temperature and spin speed. There is an option to simply freshen clothes, soak, pre-wash laundry with stains.

The dryer operates according to the degree of residual moisture. Safety system controls the formation of foam, prevents leakage and locks the keys from accidental pressing.

  • Candy GVSW40 364TWHC. The washer-dryer has a special drum that allows efficient washing of clothes even at 20°C. There are separate modes for mixed types of fabric. The manufacturer has taken care of the possibility of anti-allergic washing and steam treatment. It is interesting that you can select the program not only on the equipment display, but also from your smartphone. Protection system includes all the most important things, monitors the foam, leakage and balance.
  • Indesit XWDA 751680X W. The washer-dryer has a front loading type. There are 12 standard modes, in addition there is a possibility to freshen things. Separately, black laundry can be washed. Interestingly, the manufacturer has taken care to ensure that it does not leave powder streaks.
washer-dryer, your, clothes
  • Hotpoint-Ariston FDD 9640 B. Pretty big washing machine with a dryer. According to the manufacturer, it can be used for at least 10 years. A big advantage is the availability of 16 washing modes. The manufacturer has taken care that it is possible to reduce the amount of substances that cause allergic reactions.
  • Bosch WDU 28590. A distinctive feature of this technique is the presence of a separate mode for washing down clothes. Additionally, you can use the options of removing stains, smoothing wrinkles, removing the bad smell. The washer-dryer has a capacious drum and runs rather quietly. Drum backlight makes washing easier to monitor. It has a self-cleaning mode, which significantly simplifies the care of the appliances. The drying of the laundry is carried out on a timer.
  • Vestfrost VFWD 1460. Rather affordable cost makes the device attractive among analogues. Washing drum for 8kg and drying drum for 6kg. It is controlled by touch screen display. Users can choose from 15 modes, including washing down and children’s clothes, curtains, mixed types of fabric. Self-diagnostics stay on top of malfunctions. There are options to postpone the start of work up to 24 hours.

The washer-dryer with a dryer works quite quietly, which is a significant advantage. Among the disadvantages, it is worth noting that the technique gets very hot during the drying of things.

  • Siemens WD 15H541. The washing machine has a drum for 7kg of washing and 4kg of drying. Electricity consumption corresponds to class A, it is only 100 Watt/kg. Implemented the quality of protection against leaks. The machine has been given intuitive controls, so it is quite easy to use. Works quietly up to 46 dB during washing.



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