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How the refrigerator should stand level

How to put the microwave on top and whether to do it

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Small apartments often put a microwave oven on top of the refrigerator. This makes sense if the unit is small and you will only be heating and defrosting food in the oven. Other microwave functions. long cooking, grilling, multicooking and others. will quickly lead to overheating the device.

  • the distance from the wall to the microwave oven is the same as for the refrigerator: 10-15 cm;
  • Put plywood or plexiglass between the electrical appliances. Film, oilcloth, and other flammable materials. no way;
  • The microwave should be equipped with feet, so that the gap between the units will promote air circulation.

When buying a new refrigerator, it is important to transport it in a specially equipped transport in an upright position. This is to ensure that the Freon, which is the main refrigerant of the appliances, does not lose its properties. Therefore, you should use the services of professional carriers, or entrust its transportation to the shop-seller.

Installing a refrigerator is strongly discouraged:

  • in the immediate vicinity of the radiator, the window. the refrigerator will overheat during operation. This will adversely affect its working properties;
  • near the stove. increasing the risk of fire;
  • The installation of a refrigerator with a sink is dangerous to human life. Refrigerator works from electricity, which can not be combined with water.

The optimal solution for the kitchen would be to separate the refrigerator from the stove and the sink with one working cabinet.

How to make a refrigerator connection to water

Some models of refrigerators have an ice maker. It comes in two types. stationary and pouring. The pouring type provides that the cold water will be poured into the built-in cistern manually. Stationary type of ice generators will need to be connected to cold water. You can connect the refrigerator to the water supply yourself, having everything you need to work. Such refrigerators come with instructions, which must be followed step by step. To do this, you will need to bring source of water to the refrigerator in front of the ice maker, and the device will be mounted well on the wall.

The ice maker must be supplied with a special water purification filter. If it’s not in the kit, you need to buy one.

Choosing the right location

When planning to place the refrigerator in the kitchen, you should not forget about some restrictions. About the harm of proximity with other appliances that emit heat has already been discussed. There are also other points:

  • A bad place will be an outside wall, damp or on the contrary, excessively sunlit. This area of the house will be especially hot in the summer, which will have a bad effect on the performance of the equipment;
  • to put directly at the entrance. also not the best option, as the device will block the entire aperture;
  • If there are heating or plumbing connections along the wall where you plan to install. The cold and heat from the pipes will interfere with the temperature of the refrigerator.

Despite the limitations, installation options are not so few, so there is much to choose from.

The “classic working triangle” that forms the stove, refrigerator and sink works best. Putting them in one row is undesirable and inconvenient.

In the kitchen, so furnished, convenient to work, because everything you need is always at hand. And a lot of free space is saved.

Selecting the place is half the problem. A domestic refrigerator still needs to be placed correctly. In many models, the compressor and fan (the main components) are located on the back of the wall, so proper air circulation is essential for proper operation. Knowing this, the refrigerator is placed against the wall at a distance of at least 5 cm.

This rule also applies to items of furniture that will stand next to the refrigerator. The exception is if the compressor and fan are located underneath. But then you have to make sure that there is good air circulation in this area as well.

If not, it is better to do the repair work first. Slippery floors are also undesirable. But it is easier to fight with this. they sell special anti-slip pads on the legs of refrigerators.

Level Your Refrigerator

Here are some basic rules for setting up your fridge

If you are not afraid of what we have just told you and you are still confident of your abilities, then it is time to move from words to deeds and start installing the refrigerator. To begin with, we must prepare the place where the refrigerator will be installed. You don’t need a lot of space, but you should remember that the refrigerator should not stand tight against the wall or other appliances. For its proper operation requires a distance of about 5-10 cm between the body and the wall, otherwise overheating of our unit’s system can occur. So, if the place is already prepared, it is time to place the fridge there. It is very important that it stand flat, do not allow the slightest misalignment. In order to level the fridge, you can use its front legs, which have a property to adjust the height.

If there are no misalignments and you are sure that everything is done correctly, then you can add a little slope to the back. Screw up the front legs so that your refrigerator tilts a little. Thanks to this its door will close tightly and sometimes even by itself if suddenly you forget to close the refrigerator. If everything has been done correctly, your refrigerator is almost ready to be turned on for the first time. But do not forget that modern appliances are extremely negatively related to surges in the electrical grid, so if your new fridge is not equipped with a special built-in protection, it is worth taking care of the presence of an additional stabilizer or voltage relay. Do not rush to turn on your refrigerator right away! After all, your refrigerator is sure to stand for about three to four hours after it is delivered. And while we’re waiting, it’s time to move on to the next point of commissioning.

How to establish a fridge correctly

Buying expensive home appliances it is necessary not to forget that it should serve not one day. Not only the convenience of use, but also the long term of the reliable operation depend on the proper installation of the fridge.

Before buying a fridge you should take into account that it is quite a large appliance. It is not designed for frequent moves. Before the fridge is installed it is necessary to define the place where it will be constantly located.

How to install the fridge correctly

How to properly install a refrigerator in the kitchen is the next concern of the owners after the purchase of a new household appliance. Have you ever wondered if the appliance is correctly positioned in your house?? If you haven’t already, it is better to worry about it later than never. The right location of the refrigerator depends on its service life, efficiency and simple safety of your home.

Tips and Tricks. How to Level / Adjust refrigerator height [SUPER EASY]

Absolutely for all models of refrigerators, whether they are old or new, domestic or imported, the requirements for placement are the same. Nowadays trendy units that work with No Frost system are not an exception. Below we will describe in detail what to pay attention to when installing the fridge.

Where to start

Before you begin to install the refrigerator cabinet, you need to carefully study the instructions that come with. Some models have specific requirements that must necessarily be observed.

Before installation, you should also check the power cables for defects and factory defects. If you find damage and scratches, it is better to change the elements to avoid short circuits and damage. It will also be useful to know how to level the refrigerator.

Installing the refrigerator with your own hands

Buying equipment is only the beginning. Next comes the work of selecting a place, installing the refrigerator and its connection. It is good if the kitchen is free enough, but if the equipment will have to be built in, the task becomes more complicated. How to install the refrigerator correctly, what variants should be abandoned, read in our article.

How to Level your Refrigerator and Doors



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