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How much the refrigerator should stand after transportation

How much after transportation can you turn on the refrigerator?

On forums on the Internet and social networks, users have repeatedly asked questions related to the transportation of things, in particular, household appliances. The main problem is the transportation of the refrigerator. It often happens that at the first launch after moving, the equipment simply did not turn on or worked with deviations.

After transportation, you need to wait until 4 to 15 hours, depending on the conditions of transportation.

We bring the refrigerator home

At the moment, the market for kitchen techniques is simply full of various refrigerators. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice, for example, between LG or Indesis. Both of these manufacturers have already managed to prove themselves from the good side.

But still, when the choice has already been made, this unit gets to your home, you need:

  • First remove all extraneous objects from the surface and from the inside. In all new refrigerators, they are available. For example, cardboard, stickers, packaging paper, foam, film. Therefore, carefully examine all departments of the unit and remove the excess. This moment is very important.
  • Hygiene. first of all. We take a sponge, moisten in water with vinegar and wash well the internal and external sides. Someone can say: why wash it, he is new? This is necessary to get rid of the specific smell of plastic. Any new kitchen technique has it. A solution of water and vinegar just copes with this task. And then, here you will store products that should be contained, if not in sterile, then hygiene conditions.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use cleaning agents with m chemistry. There is a chance that you will not wash them well, and these technical poisons will fall into food, which will be stored here. Therefore, you can wash only with water, and with a strong unpleasant smell of plastic. with the addition of conventional acetic acid.

After what time the refrigerator is ready to work

The unit was delivered to the place of his new stay and put in place, the following question arises, after what time the refrigerator can be turned on after transportation? First, make sure that it is established according to all the rules:. it should stand on a flat surface, without distortions, manufacturers provide special adjusting legs for this so that it does not vibrate during operation;

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It should stand on a flat surface, without distortions, manufacturers provide special adjusting legs

The distance from the wall to the protective grid of the rear wall should be at least 5 cm

It is necessary to wash the unit, regardless of your new one or the old one:. if new, wipe with a warm soap solution with a tablespoon of 9% vinegar per liter of water. so you get rid of the smell of new plastic;

If new, wipe with a warm soap solution with a tablespoon of 9% vinegar per liter of water. so you will get rid of the smell of new plastic;

If the old one, with a high.quality soap solution, the unit with the addition of a spoonful of baking soda per liter of water to get rid of extraneous smells and dry.

At first glance, everything is fine and you can include the refrigerator on the network. do not do this right away, let the unit settle down. In time, it depends on how much time you drove it and the conditions of transportation:. if it was transported in an upright position with all precautions, at least five hours;. If you transported it on its side and for a long time, it is better to wait a day, to run out of the refrigerant into normal working condition.

At first glance, everything is fine and you can include the refrigerator on the network. do not do this right away, let the unit settle down.

How does a Refrigerator work?

When transporting the refrigerator in the winter, you need to know before including it on the network, it should heat up to room temperature.

When transporting the refrigerator in the winter, you need to know before including it on the network, it should heat up to room temperature.

This is very important, the working condition of the unit. from sixteen degrees, if you run it cold. this will inevitably lead to breakdown and short.lived use. Many people think that if you put the unit in a colder room, it will work in a more economical mode. this is not so, normal work is provided at room temperature.

Many people think that if you put the unit in a colder room, it will work in a more economical mode. this is not so, normal work is provided at room temperature.


As soon as your unit has become clean and free from unnecessary things, the moment of the next stage comes. installation. There are shops that provide a refrigerator for a small surcharge for a small surcharge. In fact, so that the device works properly and does not cause inconvenience, it must be correctly installed.

The surface on which the unit is installed should be even. So that the device does not stagger. For this, there are special adjustable legs on the refrigerator. In the instructions to the units, it is written that he must certainly stand evenly, but there are masters who install them with a slight tilt back. In fact, it is very convenient. No need to apply strength to close the doors. With a small push, they close themselves.

By the way, how the refrigerator costs does not affect the quality of his work at all. All this is done exclusively for the convenience of owners. Therefore, install your unit so that you are comfortable to use it. There are just instructions, but there are even step.by.step instructions with a photo. This is much more convenient, since you can clearly understand the installation process.

How to place equipment correctly

The correct installation of a new household refrigerator involves complete isolation from heaters and heating radiators. Install it in a cool and well.ventilated room. Do not also put near gas stoves and electric stoves. Also, experts do not advise placing at the southern windows, through which direct sunlight will penetrate daily on the corps. Oddly enough, the best place for installation is with a draft.

If the temperature of the kitchen room increases due to the “warm” floors, select a place on an inactive area. Or consider in advance when equipping such a gender that electrical appliances will be installed on it.

What threatens the constant finding of the refrigerator in warm areas? This will cause the continuous operation of the compressor due to the constant circulation of warm air around the housing. The uninterrupted operation of the motor will significantly reduce the service life of both itself and the electrical appliance.

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A few tips


If the hostess has a question why you can’t immediately turn on the refrigerator after delivery, it is recommended to study the instructions for the device. In accompanying documents, manufacturers describe in detail the rules of transportation and operation. Remember that the refrigerator is a special technique that requires increased attention of the user. For normal operation, it is important to turn on the device after 4-6 hours after delivery.

How to transport the refrigerator in the car

Several useful tips regarding the transportation of the refrigerator in your own car:

  • Before transporting, find out on the manufacturer’s website if the refrigerator can be transported by lying (it will be a shame to lose a guarantee without checking it out in advance).
  • If your refrigerator can be transported lying on the side, mark the side on which you will lay it. Lay a large piece of cardboard, old blanket or rubber rug in advance in advance.
  • In order to convey the refrigerator to the vehicle, it is convenient to use a special loading trolley or rigging belts. And of course, you will definitely need assistants.
  • Be sure to fix the refrigerator in the back of the machine using rubber cords, protracted belts or any other available way. During the trip, try to withstand constant speed, avoiding sharp braking and unjustified overtaking.

If the refrigerator works continuously?

Really alarming bell. lack of change of mode for 12 hours. Even a very large refrigerator during this time should start working with ordinary cyclicity. If this does not happen, you need to take several actions. They will help at the household level and without special diagnostics to determine the presence of a malfunction.

First Step: Verification of mode. If the maximum values ​​are exhibited or the super.commercial is activated, then there is nothing surprising in the fact that the unit does not turn off. Nothing will change until the settings are changed.

If the problem has not been related to the regime, we go to the second step: we examine the place of accommodation of the technique. For normal functioning, the refrigerator should stand:

The heat negatively affects the refrigerator. He begins to work for wear. Additionally, you should check and distance to the wall. The device should not stand too close to her.

Third step: testing of tightness. The modes may not change as a result of a fasting door. If the elastic band departs, shifted, cracked or completely absent in some area, then it will have to be replaced to normalize the functioning of the unit.

much, refrigerator, stand, transportation

In the absence of a positive result from the three previous steps, you should call the repair workshop. During the conversation, be sure to inform the brand of the refrigerator and year of release. This will help a specialist to navigate. Perhaps he can even help remotely: some units have their own specifics of work after defrosting.

launch tips

How to start the refrigerator after transportation:

  • Do this immediately after transporting the refrigerator. Ideally, in the presence of those who delivered equipment, so that if problems are found, they confirm them.
  • Remove polyethylene and foam spacers neatly so as not to damage the surface.
  • Take the instructions and roll the completeness on it. Pay special attention to trifles. shelves, stands, etc.D.
  • Remove all transport spacers inside, if they are there
  • Do not know how to wash a new refrigerator before turning on? If there is no extraneous smell, then water is suitable with the addition of a small amount of liquid soap. If there is an extraneous smell, then dilute in 3 liters of warm water 2-3 t.l. vinegar.
  • Wipe the surface with a cloth or sponge. Do not apply too much moisture.
  • Leave the doors open so that the washed elements dry and all excess moisture evaporates from the inside
  • Transportation of the refrigerator around the apartment is carried out by 2-3 people in an upright position.
  • Place the equipment where it will stand.
  • Level the position using the level. The technique is put either strictly horizontally, or with a slight slope back, so that the doors are closed under its weight, and not vice versa
  • In warm times, the refrigerator should stand in the room from 2 to 4 hours. If time does not press, it is better to hold it longer.
  • In winter, withstand the equipment from 4 to 6 hours. Even if transportation took 15 minutes, follow this time
  • Leave the equipment for 10-12 hours in the summer.
  • Spend a day in the winter period. And keep the refrigerator with open doors so that condensate does not gather inside the temperature difference
  • Include the equipment in the outlet with grounding. To do this through an extension cord is extremely undesirable.
  • Do not fill out the cameras right away. How long does the refrigerator gain cold after defrosting? On average for two days, if there are a lot of products, then the engine is subjected to increased loads.
  • Wait two days. This is the only way when you first turn on can be seen in the performance of the system. If everything is fine, use the equipment as usual

Preparation for operation

The correct commissioning of the unit will help prevent problems in its work. Immediately after transportation and delivery home, a new refrigerator is released from packaging material.

Then the equipment must be correctly installed. The surface of the floor should be flat. You need to make sure that the unit does not stagger. This can be achieved using special legs, adjusting them. If they do not act, t. to. refrigeration equipment is old, then you can install a substrate of cardboard or linoleum.

If, if the floor is unequal, do not take measures, then the compressor will become unusable faster. In addition, the noise from the operation of the device will be stronger.

The refrigerator cannot be placed close to the wall. The minimum distance from it should be 10 cm.

Correctly installed, the equipment is thoroughly washed. To eliminate the specific smell of plastic, you can pour a little vinegar into the water. After that, you need to leave the door open to dry and ventilate the camera (especially when buying a new refrigerator). If the smell remains, then you will have to keep the camera open a day or several days.

If the refrigerator was given time to set up, then it is allowed to turn it on. As soon as the temperature inside it reaches the necessary values, you can put products there. It will be better if the refrigeration equipment can stand for the first time not very filled.

The refrigerator is not allowed to be placed next to the kitchen plate and other heating equipment. Do not place the unit close to the window to protect the equipment from sunlight. When it is heated, the cooler begins to work worse.



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