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How much on average the consumption of electricity by the refrigerator

How much electricity does the refrigerator consume per month

How much electricity does the refrigerator consume? This issue is especially often closer to the end of the next month, when receiving accounts for electricity from utilities. The refrigerator is a rather powerful unit. It is considered the main consumer of electricity for two seemingly rational reasons:

  • In its dimensions, this is the largest electrical appliance in almost any house;
  • In contrast, for example, from the TV, microwaves and other electrical and household appliances, it is connected to the mains continuously.

In fact, these two factors, today do not have so much affect the level of electricity consumption. And far from always the largest amount of watts per hour and even in a month consumes the refrigerator. Everything is somewhat more complicated than it might seem. First of all, the amount of energy consumed does not matter in an hour, a month or year determines the so.called energy consumption class. Let’s get acquainted with him in more detail.

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Energy efficiency classes

Since the beginning of the 2000s, eco-movement has become popular, which has been fighting for the preservation of natural resources and environmental purity. Thanks to this trend, world leaders in household appliances have developed and introduced technologies to save resources consumption. Changes affected large household appliances, such as washing and dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves, vacuum cleaners. In the latest models, the developers managed to reduce the power consumption of the refrigerator to a minimum.

In July 2014, the current regulations for the classification of energy efficiency of refrigerators was adopted, and it is one for all countries of the world. Each class corresponds to its own energy efficiency index, which is calculated according to a complex formula and is indicated as a percentage of the norm of energy consumption.

Refrigerators on the principle of energy consumption are divided into the following classes:

  • A-the most economical option with an index of 10-15%;
  • A. consumes up to 30%;
  • A. spends from 30 to 42%;
  • A. eats from 42 to 50%;
  • B. from 55 to 75%;
  • C. class savings below the average level, consumption from 75 to 90%;
  • D. saves at a minimum of energy, consumes from 90 to 100%;
  • E. consumes more than necessary (from 100 to 110%);
  • F is the most energy.consumed class with an index from 110 to 125%.

The most popular are refrigerators that belong to class A and above.

Technique with a class of energy consumption E and F is practically not produced (this includes all old models).

To determine how much the KW refrigerator spends a day, it is enough to read the technique passport or find the designation of the consumption class on the tag or sticker.

How much electricity does the refrigerator consume per month

The average electric energy consumption per year in kilowatt hours is in the range of 235-465 kilowatts (kW). Knowing this indicator, they calculate how many kilowatts the refrigerator consumes in one month or for knocking. For this, electricity consumption per year is divided by the number of months (12) or by the number of days a year (365).

So, if the annual consumption of the refrigerator is 270 kW/h, then:

Multiplying the results at the tariff of electric energy, calculate the estimated cash costs. This indicator is conditional and in fact will change. The operating manual usually indicates the indicator that is obtained at a standard external environment (about 22 ° C). In the summer, at higher temperatures, the consumption of electric energy increases.

Affects the amount of energy consumed and the load of the refrigerator. The larger the mass of the placed products, the higher the cost of electricity.

How much kilowatts does the refrigerator consume

The registration certificate of each product contains all the information necessary for the user, so find the numbers you are interested in quite easily. When indicating the energy conservation class, the figure is immediately indicated, for example, A and below 221 kWh/year. this is how much electric energy will spend this unit under normal functioning conditions.

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In order to find out how much similar expense will be a month, day or hourly, some rather simple calculations must be made, for example:

  • dividing 221 into 12, we get 18.417 kWh per month;
  • If at 365, then per day the product will consume about 0.606 kW;
  • For an hour, a similar parameter is best expressed in watts, we get 10.09 watts.

All these numbers are somewhat conditional, for a complete picture you need to add at least 0.3 to compensate for engineering calculations. As a result, we get 18.7 kWh in a month, and an electric kettle of 2 kW spends 27.8 kWh for the same period, so to speak. feel the difference.

Electricity consumption largely depends on operating conditions, all given calculations are ideal conditions when the temperature in the room does not rise above 22 ° C. It should be borne in mind that summer heat immediately increases the activity of the compressor, which significantly increases the cost of electricity.

The amount of electricity in watts, which wraps the unit during its work, is the power consumption of the refrigerator. The indicator also depends on the proper operation of the refrigerator.

much, average, consumption, electricity

Another power of refrigerators in watts will depend on the volumes of refrigerator and freezer chambers, ambient temperatures. In a warmer time, more energy will be consumed for cooling.

The most costly component in electricity consumption is compressor installation. Manufacturers achieve the refrigerator to produce cold, but the load on the network was minimal. If the unit is equipped with two compressors, the power consumption will be higher. Additional functions such as No Frost also lead to increased energy costs.

The volume of electricity required for normal operation of the nodes and elements of the refrigerator is called the power consumed by the power of the freezer and is measured in kW (kilowatts). By the average value of power consumption per day, one can judge the effectiveness of the unit.

In the operational instructions of the household freezer, or on the sticker attached to the refrigerator, nominal (90-200 W/hour) and maximum (310 W/h) power are indicated.

Tentatively in 24 hours, a household refrigerator consumes from 1.5 kW to 3.5 kW under certain conditions:

Knowing the daily energy consumption, it is easy to calculate how much consumes for a month of household refrigerator.

You should know: in the average household, the refrigerator consumes 15-20% of electric energy. Approximately 30-40 kW is spent in a month. But in reality, power consumption depends on the brand and the type of refrigeration technique.

How Many Watts Does It Take To Run a Refrigerator

This cannot be done!

The heat of heat from the main chamber occurs through the radiator located on the rear wall of the refrigerator. Therefore, it is important that there is good air circulation. If the refrigerator is pulled tightly to the wall, the cabinet will hang right above it or it will be drowned in a niche. this is bad.

Air circulation will be minimal and heat transfer efficiency will decrease. This can lead to an increase in electricity consumption by 5-15%.

much, average, consumption, electricity

Installation of the refrigerator next to heat sources is also undesirable. The colder the air near the back wall, the more effective the heat exchange will occur. If you put the refrigerator with the back wall to the heating radiator, this can increase the consumption of electricity in winter by 10-25%.

If possible, put a refrigerator near the cold wall in the house. With this arrangement, its radiator will cool well and electricity consumption will decrease. In addition, he will close you from the cold coming from the wall


Energy efficiency classes

The energy consumption of the refrigerator is determined by the energy efficiency class. Modern household appliances are produced by the following classes:

  • A-the level is the most economical, has an index of 10-15%;
  • A. the consumption of these devices is up to 30%;
  • A-the technique of this class consumes 30-42%;
  • A-devices consume up to 42-50%;
  • B-energy consumption is 55-75%;
  • C-electricity consumption is high and is 75-90%;
  • D-the technique saves a small amount of energy, its average consumption of a household appliance reaches 90-100%;
  • E-the flow of electricity exceeds the norm and is 100-110%;
  • F-this class has high energy consumption in the range of 110-125%.

The most economical consumption of electricity in class A and higher devices. Devices with parameters E, F hardly release. Determine how much kilowatts consumes a refrigerator per day, you can in a technical passport.

Tips for saving electricity

In order to save electricity with a refrigerator, you can use the following tips:

  • Do not defrost the refrigerator! Defrosting the refrigerators occurs automatically and significantly extends the service life of the device. If you need to defrost the refrigerator, then you need to do this very carefully.
  • Use energy.saving lamps and diodes. These lamps not only economically consume electricity, but also allow reducing the noise level when the refrigerator is working.
  • Set the thermostat for the minimum temperature value.
  • Use double door seals.This will keep the refrigerator warmly.
  • Install the compressor with the function of autorratratus, which will reduce electricity consumption. The refrigerator will work again in the mode in which it was turned off.
  • often use the “Vacation” function.
  • Disconnect the automatic defrosting function.

We consider electricity

The average electricity consumption by the refrigerator is from 300 to 380 kilowatts per year. But there are more economical models where consumption per year is from 230 to 300 kW per year. There are also powerful refrigerators that consume from 400 to 600 kilowatts per year.

To calculate electricity costs, we will take the average value of energy consumption of modern refrigerators.Then we get the electricity consumption in different intervals of the time as follows:

  • For 1 year, the refrigerator will spend 340 kilowatts or 340,000 watts
  • For 1 month, expenses will be 340/12 months = 28.3 kW
  • In 1 day, the refrigerator will spend 0.8-0.9 kW of electricity
  • for 1 hour. 33.3 watts ~ 0.033 kW

We will calculate how much it will come out in rubles, if the cost of 1 kilowatts take 4 rubles.

We brought all the calculations approximate, as we are repelled from theoretical data indicated in the technical characteristics, the values ​​may differ from your but not much. In general, this will depend on the frequency of opening the refrigerator door and the number of cooled products.

Calculate how much your refrigerator consumes electricity and send calculations in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, it will be interesting to compare the results of different calculations

In the following articles we will consider how much electricity consumes other devices, such as a TV, washing machine or computer. stay with us. And now a couple of tips on how to save on electricity.

How to reduce electricity consumption by household appliances

To reduce the consumption of electric energy that household appliances consume, there are several effective techniques. The use of an energy.saving refrigerator is given a good result, which can work in this mode all year round, regardless of weather conditions.

It is better to organize the lighting system in the house using modern LED or energy.saving lamps. Their installation will not only save electricity, they are also characterized by a longer period of work. The installation of local lighting in the kitchen, in the bedroom, the hallway, in the living room also gives a good effect, which also saves electricity.

Refrigerators and freezers should be thawed in a timely manner. The presence of excess ice on the internal walls of the devices helps to increase the consumption of electricity.

During operation of the computer, you can choose the optimal energy consumption mode for him. It will automatically turn off when it is inaction for a certain time. When you exit the sleep mode, it will take much less, in comparison with the usual inclusion.

On a note! It will be possible to reduce electricity costs when installing a multi.tariff meter, the night and daily readings of which are calculated at different tariffs. At night, the cost of electricity is lower.

During the operation of heating devices, heat.reflecting screens can be used, which contribute to an increase in heat transfer and a decrease in electricity consumption.

When choosing household appliances, it should be taken into account how much watts (kilowatt) spends the device per hour. It is better to give preference to economical devices that will satisfy the stated requirements, while saving the energy resource necessary for their functioning.



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