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How much not to sunbathe after laser hair removal

The principle of the procedure and care after laser hair removal

Care after laser hair removal is very important for obtaining the desired effect. With non.compliance with elementary rules, complications may occur in the form of allergic reactions and painful sensations.

To get a silky look and touch skin, you need to understand what you can do after the procedure and what cannot be done. In order to enjoy the result, and not eliminate negative consequences, it is important to take into account the contraindications and follow the recommendations of a cosmetologist. This is what our article is about.

Who shows laser hair removal?

The most popular is Alexander’s laser laser hair removal among women. Beauty standards and inner desire to have a reference appearance dictate their own rules. Ladies should always look luxurious, have well.groomed skin on the arms and legs. Genetics and other factors can make unpleasant adjustments to women’s plans to have smooth skin, but everyone wants to have an impeccable appearance without exception.

Here can help hair removal on the Alexander Lazer. Questions of everyday comfort and hygiene make girls think about getting rid of hair in armpits and bikini zones. Here, not only the desire to look aesthetically played by the role, but also to feel convenience. growing hair often provokes the appearance of uncomfortable sensations. The most popular areas for hair removal are not limited to delicate areas. Many women experience difficulties associated with hormonal deviations. Hormone imbalance often has an external manifestation as hair growth in unusual zones. on the face, chest, stomach or lower back. Of course, such a problem must be solved comprehensively and from the inside, resorting not only to laser hair removal, but also when addressing an endocrinologist, gynecologist and other specialists to whom the patient will send the patient.

Hormonal problems are not solved in a few days, most often to eliminate them, both taking drugs and various procedures to eliminate external manifestations of violations are needed to be eliminated. Such procedures are just a Alexander’s laser hair removal.

How is the laser hair removal procedure?

At the first appointment, the doctor talks with you, conducts an examination and talks about the procedure itself, about how the laser affects the hair and what results you need to expect, excludes contraindications for the procedure. Then, the actual removal is performed, which takes 10-30 minutes, depending on the selected zone. After the procedure, the doctor will process the produced areas of the skin with a sedative.

The laser hair removal procedure on a diode laser does not require special preparation. It is recommended to shave the hair in the epilized area on the eve of the procedure. This is necessary in order to reduce the loss of energy of the laser beam and minimize painful sensations. Permissible hair length. 2 mm.

And what is very important is not to injure the hair follicle, which means not to use wax, shugaring and other methods of pulling hair three weeks before the start of laser hair removal procedures. Such a hair follicle injured by the laser effectiveness will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the action of the laser. Just in this aspect, we can talk about “hair growth”. before the start of the laser is used. During this period, they can be safely shaved.

And between sessions, if there is no way to come to the next procedure, growing hair is best shaken or trimmed. It is also recommended not to sunbathe for 4-7 days before the procedure.

How these characteristics affect the result?

The principle of selective photothermolysis means that the laser beam affects the body unevenly. Depending on the wavelength, it is focused on certain “targets”. chromophores.

The dependence of the absorption (absorption) coefficient on the wavelength of laser radiation according to the main chromophores.

In the case of laser hair removal as such a target, the melanin pigment, located in the hairs. As a result, under the influence of the beam of the Alexander Lazer, the hairs burn, their follicles die, and the surrounding tissues are not injured.

How effective the procedure is

According to statistics, the method allows you to eliminate up to 99% of excess vegetation for a period of 6 to 10 years. The duration of the effect is individual for each person, as it depends on the type of hair, their thickness and other physiological characteristics.

The technique is based on the effects of light energy on the hair follicles. The beam of light penetrates inside the bulbs, heating them and destroying the melanin contained in them. As a result, the follicle is completely destroyed, and the hair itself falls after 10-14 days.

It is worth saying that after the first procedure only part of the hair is removed. on average from 10 to 30%. It is because of this that the laser hair removal is carried out by the course, since the effect of one session will be short. To completely remove vegetation, many patients have enough 5-8 sessions. But this figure is individual and depends on many parameters.

Can it be that the procedure does not bring any effect? With the correct implementation of the event and the use of high.quality equipment, the result will necessarily be. Of course there are some “but”. For example, the procedure is not carried out on gray hair. there is no melanin in them, which means that the light beam will have no effect on them.

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Many patients who previously underwent laser hair removal in other clinics complain that the effect was extremely insignificant. Most likely, this was due to the low power of the laser used and the wrong method of conducting. If the session is carried out in compliance with the equipment and the correct settings of the device, then a positive result will be almost 100% of cases.

It is written for you to shave your hair before hair removal, but I have to hair removal. I live alone, I can’t shave your back on my own. What to do? Is it possible to do without shaving?

sunbathe, laser, hair, removal

Our clinic provides an additional service for shaving excess vegetation with a machine before the procedure. So the problem is quite solved.

The most important thing is to prepare morally! Especially when it comes to epilation of bikini. I endured the record twice. I could not decide. Then she still came, and it turned out that everything was not so scary.

If I used to remove the hair with wax, when it makes sense to sign up for laser hair removal?

When the hair is completely restored. As a rule, this happens a couple of months after wax hair removal.

sunbathe, laser, hair, removal

Laser hair removal: What to expect

I take antidepressants, but the annotation does not indicate that tablets increase photosensitivity. I can do hair removal? Abandon the tablets, and even for a long time, I can’t.

You can’t refuse to independently refuse the drugs prescribed by a doctor! This can lead to unpleasant consequences. In your case, you should consult with a cosmetologist if your drug is taking a contraindication.

6 Month Laser Hair Removal Update & 5 Things I wish I knew before Starting Laser

Hello! I did a month ago hair removal of the chin of Moveo, I was told to come to repeated hair removal when my hair appears again. Hair appeared, but I got sick, lying with temperature. How critical it will be if I come late for 1-2 weeks?

Good afternoon! Not at all critical. There is no point in coming to the appearance of hairs before, and after they appeared, you can come at any time. Get well and sign up for your reception!


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Recommendations of specialists

Speaking about whether it is possible to sunbathe in front of laser hair removal, it is important to understand the specifics of the effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin. After laser hair removal, the skin becomes very sensitive to external stimuli.

The fact is that during hair removal, a concentrated beam of light that destroys melanin and deep hair structures affects the hair follicle. Due to the specifics of exposure to hair, this procedure is most often carried out for owners of blond hair. The impressive concentration of melanin can lead to inefficiency of hair removal.

You can’t sunbathe. Failure to comply with this recommendation can lead to the following consequences:

  • The occurrence of burns on the skin as a result of a complex effect on the hair follicles and the skin. Damage to the upper layers of the epidermis as a result of the laser can lead to burns;
  • Changing pigmentation. As a result of damage to the skin, there is a risk of changes in hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation;
  • Increased dryness and irritation of the skin.

It is important to note that you cannot sunbathe 2-4 weeks before the epilation. In addition, the use of creams with the effect of artificial tanning is prohibited.

Skin care after the first epilation

  • Exclusion of hot baths. Cosmetologists do not recommend taking a hot bath or shower on the first day after the epilation session. And the bathhouse and sauna are prohibited until irritation characteristic of the influence of the laser passes, which can take from several days to a week. On the first day, it is better to limit water procedures at all, and, if necessary, take a short cool shower, trying not to apply any detergents to epilized skin. This will prevent the development of irritation. In general, thermal exposure at first it is better to reduce to a minimum. It is also recommended not to swim in the pool until the upper layer is completely healing, since chlorine promotes the epidermis to irritate;

To maximize the likelihood of ultraviolet radiation on an epilized area, it is better to conduct a laser procedure for hair removal in the fall and winter.

After the first laser hair removal session, less than half of the hairs is removed.

High.increased melanin in the skin after tanning will reduce the effect of the next epilation session. In addition, with laser hair removal on tanned skin, burns are possible. Otherwise, in epilized areas, the appearance of red or brownish spots, peeling, the occurrence of black dots is possible, and the procedure of hair destruction will be less effective. It is allowed to use the car groove a week after the first session, but provided that there is no irritation on the skin. The means that contain panthenol or aloe juice are best removed in the composition.

What can not be done after laser hair removal?

It is important to know that laser hair removal is slightly injured by the skin, so after the procedure you need to take care of the processed area as care, for example, you can not visit the sauna.

After laser hair removal, you cannot take actions that can harm the skin, as well as lower the effectiveness of the procedure performed.

Try to comply with some rules to avoid complications after the session. Below is a list of those manipulations that cannot be done.

  • Allow the contact of the prolonged zone with water on the first day after the procedure. A slight inflammation may increase from water.
  • Visit the bath, take a bath, take a hot shower, rub the skin with a washcloth, use soap in the first three days. Intensive wet heat and friction can cause severe peeling of the skin, as well as painful sensations.
  • Go outside without sunscreen for two weeks. SPF level should not be lower than 30 for reliable prevention of pigmentation.
  • Visit the solarium and sunbathe in the sun. also for two weeks to avoid burns.
  • Use cosmetic products containing alcohol, as well as injure the skin with scrubs.
  • Remove the hair roots remaining after the laser processing in any way-after a week the process of destroying hair follicles will end and they will fall out themselves.
  • If you are undergoing laser hair removal (usually the course includes 5-6 sessions), and during the pause between the sessions there is a need to remove the hairs, you can not pull them out with a napshever, wax or tweezers. so you will prevent the laser from destroying the follicles during the next session. It is better to use a machine or a cream-cutter, and at least a week before the procedure.

Cosmetological procedures are contraindicated during pregnancy and during lactation.

After laser hair removal, you can not sunbathe and visit the solarium, take a hot bath, use a scrub on the area treated with a laser, remove the remaining hairs.



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