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How much hair removal is enough with a laser of armpits

How many epilation procedures are needed to remove hair?

The most common question that patients ask. “And how many times I come to laser hair removal, so that forever?”. There is also an opinion that electric power sessions are needed less than laser. Let’s understand.

Keyword. growing. If the epilation procedure is carried out correctly, then all active growing follicles must die after one session!

Then the patient should wait for “sleeping” and inactive roots to “wake up” and repeat the procedure on new grown hair.

The most important. If you did not see the result after the first procedure (hair remnants. hemp. They should fall 7-12 days after the procedure and for 15-30 days nothing should grow: we have on the Alexander Candela Gentlelase Pro that way), change the clinic where you have been removable.

How the follicle of the hair is destroyed is not important. And the laser, and light, and electricity should equally effectively affect growing hair. Another conversation that electric power is longer and more often fraught with micro-ruble.

1) the number of procedures depends on how much “sleeping” hair has and what is the period of their update.

heredity and initial “hairy”

Patients of 18-25 years old have an active hormonal background, so you can repeat the procedures for quite some time. up to 5-10 times. age.related patients need less procedures.

Areas of bikini, upper lip, knee.deep back side. The most difficult in terms of hair removal. With minor changes in the hormonal background, the hair in them again begins to grow.

If you have a Caucasian genotype, then in the bikini area. The largest concentration of sleeping hair bulbs.

2) it is important to withstand the correct interval between procedures.

Repeat the procedure more than once every three to four weeks does not make sense. During this time, hair follicles simply will not have time to wake up!

Where they advise buying 10 procedures at once with a visit frequency every 2 weeks of marketing tricks. We are engaged in medicine, not marketing games.

We will share the story of our patient:

The patient bought a subscription for 10 sessions of laser hair removal in one of the network clinics of laser hair removal. According to experts. This number of visits should have been enough to remove unwanted hair forever. After the first visit, she was appointed repeated after 10 days. After the second visit, they asked to appear after another 20 days. Then after another 30 days.

A week after the fifth visit (. ) the girl came to us on the contour plastic procedure and by chance complained that half of the 10 sessions had passed, and her hair grew up and they became almost more. To our question. “And why did it go to hair removal after 10 days, when there was no new hair?”, the patient said that she followed the instructions of the cosmetologist. We praised her. It’s really important. obey your cosmetologist!

And they advised the use of the remaining 5 visits with benefit: to come to the procedure only after the hair grows enough.

3) Patient phototype: skin color and hair color.

The better the difference in “brightness” between the skin and hair. the more effective the procedure, which means less sessions are required.

If your hair is dark, the skin is bright, but you like to sunbathe (by the way, 10-14 days before and after hair removal, this is categorically impossible!) and your skin is dark, then this will add 1-2 procedures to the course of hair deliverance.

Very blond hair will not remove either a laser or photoepilation (whatever they write there on an Internet). There is no melanin in the hair, namely, this pigment reacts both the laser and light with IPL removal.

The laser successfully reacts to the difference of 1 tone between the hair and skin. But more procedures are required more.

4) type of apparatus for epilation.

It is generally accepted that on the Alexander’s latest generation Alexander the course of the procedures is shorter for 1-3 sessions of epilation sessions. The reason is simple: Alexander’s radiation more effectively interacts with melanin.

But the most important thing is in another: it is important that the patient is not misleading and not deceived, selling instead of laser hair removal. Her “analogue”.

How patients are deceived.

Be sure to read our article about hardware deception in the laser hair removal market! You should know that!

Laser hair removal every 2-3 weeks. deception?

Unfortunately, the market has many cosmetologists and institutions that simply discredit laser hair removal. Cause? financial benefit. Or cheap laser devices of unknown manufacturers that do not guarantee the result; either cunning cosmetologists and owners of salons who “undergo” the parameters of the devices for the sake of excess profits.

What to do? Banal advice: choose a professional clinic where cosmetologists have a medical education and cost professional equipment.

Watch our video where Elena Vasunina explains why you do not need to go to laser hair removal every 2 weeks.

Features of the armpstain area, which you need to know about

The laser therapist, who consults before the laser hair removal procedure, always takes into account the two main points:

  • Anatomical structure. In the axillary fossa, between the muscles, in the thickness of the adipose and connective tissue there is a large number of lymph nodes, to which the lymph flows from the neck and chest area, and in women also from the mammary glands.
  • Hormonal regulation of hair growth. The intensity of the growth of hairs on the skin of the armpits is determined by the hormonal background of a person. The same hormonally dependent zone is located in the crotch. Any change in the level of sex hormones leads to a change in the degree of hair growth of these areas.

These two features largely determine the list of contraindications to the procedure, the need to conduct supporting sessions to maintain skin smoothness, as well as the requirements for the quality and accuracy of preparation for laser effects.

Pros and cons of laser armpits laser hair removal

The obvious advantage of the course of procedures for removing unwanted vegetation using the laser can be called:

  • The ability to get smooth skin in the armpit for a fairly long period, which according to statistics is an average of 8 years;
  • complete elimination of ingrown hair and related problems;
  • aesthetic appearance of the skin, both immediately after the procedure, and after a while after it;
  • lack of risk of developing allergic reactions, as is the case during vaxing or shugaring;
  • The ability to remove moles (laser hair removal and moles), papillomas and other benign skin neoplasms simultaneously with boring hairs, which become a significant cosmetic defect or deliver physical discomfort;
  • saving funds in the long run on the procedures for removing hair with wax or sugar paste.

The disadvantages of laser hair removal of armpits are most often connected:

  • with an incomplete course of procedures, when, instead of the necessary 5-6 procedures, only 2-3 are performed;
  • Violations of laser hair removal technology by a specialist who assesses the condition and phototype of the skin, selects the settings of the apparatus.

Details to determine the required number of sessions and optimal intervals between them we stayed in the article “Laser hair removal. is it realistic forever?””. Here we note that in the reviews regarding contraindications and consequences of laser hair removal, there is often not enough data to complete the picture.

Rarely anyone pays attention to the type of laser used for the procedure, the radiation parameters set by a specialist. In many cases, when they write about the inefficiency or the dangers of laser hair removal, it may turn out that:

  • This type of laser radiation is not suitable for removing a certain type of hair (for example, light or gray, fluffy), cannot be used in people with dark or tanned skin;
  • The settings of the apparatus are set so that the patient is guaranteed not to receive burns, while the intensity of the effect is much lower than the one that is necessary for the irreversible destruction of hair follicles;
  • A specific laser hair removal center simply does not have the opportunity to purchase high.quality modern equipment, so the procedures are carried out on what is.

Hence the widespread misconceptions that the hair cannot be removed forever, that the procedure is painful and fraught with the appearance of burns, and blondes and dark.skinned young ladies from vegetation in the armpits can save only constant shaving.

Laser hair removal: pros and cons of

“Among the main advantages of laser hair removal are hair removal for a long time. After a course of 5-10 procedures (with severe hair growth, repeated procedures are required once every six months), the skin becomes perfectly smooth without a single extra hair. Lack of pain and adverse reactions, provided that the specialist and good apparatus are highly qualified. also two undeniable pluses “.

Long effect: from 5 to 10 years, new hairs usually do not grow.

Universality. To remove hair with a laser, any part of the body is suitable: arms, legs, bikini zone, armpits, face. The only place not recommended for processing is the eyelids.

Speed. The procedure time depends on the processed zone, but usually it is carried out quickly, on average occupying from 10 to 30 minutes.

Accuracy and safety. Laser beam acts aimed on hair. The probability that it will touch the skin nearby is zero.

When going to the procedure, it is worth considering the color of the hair. After all, what is laser hair removal? This is the effect on the pigment melanin, therefore, light, gray and red hair are least amenable to destruction.

To completely get rid of unwanted hairs, one or even two procedures is not enough. You can evaluate the effect of laser hair removal after about a year with a frequency of one procedure in three to four weeks (everything is individual and related to hair growth phases).

If you have just returned from the sea coast and the body is covered with a beautiful tan, you will have to wait until it comes down.

Types of laser hair removal

Lasers in cosmetology use different ones, their effectiveness is associated with the length of the light wave, the power of light impulses. How laser hair removal is done and what the result will be depending on the apparatus. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Rubin laser hair removal

Cosmetologists began to use a ruby ​​laser before the start of the zero, the length of its wave is 694 nm. It was due to his fault that a stable opinion arose that laser hair removal. it necessarily hurts. The procedure carried out using a ruby ​​laser is really painful. In addition, he removes only dark hairs on light skin, and light vegetation does not succumb to him. Does it make sense to resort to him. you decide, but we believe that this is not the best option for laser hair removal in modern realities.

Aleksandrite laser

The wavelength of the Alexander Lazer is 755 Nm. Its main drawback is that it works imperfectly with dark skin and blond hair. Without a cooling nozzle, rather painful. For beginners, we would not recommend this type of laser.

Armal with a diode laser

Great hair removal option. The wavelength of the diode laser is 810, and sometimes 900 nm. Copes with very rigid and bright hairs, but with gray.haired ones. no. The big plus of such a laser is that the device is usually equipped with cooling installations, which makes the procedure for hair removal completely painless.

Pretition by neodymium laser

Today, a neodymium laser is considered perhaps the most powerful, it has been found many applications in cosmetology. The wavelength is 1064 nm. It is interesting that this type of laser does not kill the hair follicle, but overlaps him power through blood vessels, that is, simply destroys the capillaries.


The essence of this variety of epilation is in the combination of two types of exposure: light and electric current. While the beam heats the hair, the current hits the follicle with an accurate movement.


The main difference between QOOL epilation and other types is that during the procedure the laser does not heat the skin, for which the method is called “cold hair removal”. A small tingling tingling that occurs during laser hair removal in especially sensitive areas is practically not felt due to a powerful cold blow. The method is noteworthy in that it can be used even in the intervals between the technique of sunbathing, but this is better to discuss in advance with a cosmetologist. Still, abuse ultraviolet against the background of laser hair removal. not the best undertaking.

Laser hair removal hair removes forever?

With reservations. yes “. However, in order to really remove all hair, you need a cycle of procedures. Let’s briefly figure out why.

Our body hair tends to fall on their own. The thing is that the hair growing from one root has its own stages of life.

  • Anagen is the stage of life and active growth. In this stage of the hair, there is a connection with the root, nutrients come from the root, the hair grows.
  • Katagen is the stage of hair life when it dies and falls out. At this stage, the root is separated from the supply capsule and dies, the hair falls out. The body copies strength to start the growth of a new hair, usually from 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Telogen. stage of a sleeping hair follicle. The hair follicle is sleeping, nothing grows from it. Such follicles can “sleep” from 2 to 13-15 months.

Almost all of our hair that we see is the hair in the anagen stage: about 30-35% of all the hair laid down by nature (depending on the body). It is necessary to act on hair during hair removal precisely in the stage of anagen. only then will the energy of the light beam reach the nourishing area of ​​the hair and destroy it.

There is no difference between electro-, photo and laser hair removal: the principle of hair removal of any of these methods is the same. Impact on active root in order to destroy it. All these methods “kill” hair forever!

After all visible hair is treated with a laser, they lose their diet and fall out on their own on 5-10 days. There are certain rules of care after a laser hair removal session, for example, you can not pluck the remnants of hair.

Therefore, the answer to the question “whether the hair is removed by a laser?”You can formulate this: nothing will grow out of the murdered root. But there are sleeping follicles nearby nearby. Therefore, one session is not enough.

There are several reasons that lead to the fact that the hair after hair removal begins to grow stronger. Read our special article.

How many procedures are needed in order to remove all hair forever?

There are often obviously incorrect answers to this question. Remembering the stages of hair growth, knowing that the “hairy” of a woman often depends on her hormonal background, the correct answer to this question should sound like this: “Everything is individually!””

It will not be possible to remove hair forever the first time by any of the above methods of epilation!

On the one hand, the assertion that the hair is removed forever in one session. right! After all, having killed the follicle, we killed and hair that will no longer grow! However, the neighboring follicle and hair will “wake up” from it will “wake up”, then a second epilation session is needed.

In our practice there are examples when the hair on the legs practically stopped their growth after 2 visits with an interval of 2.5 months. In the future: control visits every half a year to eliminate single growth regions and single hairs.

We have a separate article in which we analyze all the factors that affect the final number of visits to the cosmetologist for hair removal.

Types of the procedure

Laser hair removal can be carried out in two ways: contact and contactless, depending on whether the laser nozzle comes into contact with the skin.

The essence of the method is that at the end of the nozzle there is a lens that contacts the skin. The task of this lens is to additionally focus laser rays on hairs, thereby increasing the efficiency of hair removal.

Such lasers are not in contact with the skin. The nozzle is fixed on a special stand, and the skin applies only to the beam.

Indications and contraindications

If you want to solve the problem of excess hair on the body once and for all, you need laser hair removal. © Getty Images

Indication for laser hair removal is the desire to forever get rid of excess vegetation on the body (or face). It is important to understand that in some cases this procedure is contraindicated. Here is a small list of the most common taboos:

We offer you a safe technology of laser hair removal using Alexander Candela Alexander.

Thanks to this procedure, a person can forget about the painful methods of bioepilation and the daily use of razor. It is noteworthy that in the area of ​​the axillary depressions the laser hair removal is most effective, so the result can be seen after 2-3 procedures. For comparison, the visible effect of the same procedure on the legs can only be seen after 3-4 procedures.

  • Gels on the skin are not applied! This is comfortable and convenient for the patient. do not wash and wipe the applied compounds! Many experts often mislead their patients, saying that the gel is necessary to cool the skin. However, this is not so: in fact, the gel provides more effective penetration of the laser beam. We have a fairly powerful laser that does not need gels
  • The painlessness of the procedure! It became possible to achieve comfortable sensations thanks to the dynamic cooling system: before and during the flash of the laser the skin cools the sprayed cryogen. This helps to avoid pain and possible burns.

The main feature of the Alexander Lazer is the length of its waves, which is 755 nm. This is the most optimal energy ratio that enters the deeper layers of the skin. According to statistics, the risk of burns in patients using this apparatus is very low, and the effectiveness has been proven by time!

The Alexander Candela Alexander can get rid of dark hair on the fair skin of patients belonging to 1-3 photos, as well as from the blond hair in patients of 1-2 photos. Yes, it is absolutely ineffective in the removal of gray and very bright hair due to the practical absence of melanin in their structure. However, in this case, absolutely any laser apparatus for hair removal on the body will be ineffective.

Diode or Alexander?

The main competitor of the Alexander Lazer is diode, which is able to generate waves from 800 nanometers. It allows for epilation for mulattos, however, for an average citizen, there is no difference between these two devices.

To prove not in the word, but by deed, the effectiveness of the Candela Gentlelase Pro device, we offer an introductory visit to our clinic with free armpit hair hair removal or a 15% discount on the first visit. Using the action is quite simple: you just need to fill out an application on the site and the administrators will contact you for the appointment of time, as well as answer all questions.

In what cases is the use of laser hair hair removal is shown?

You can undergo a laser hair removal hair removal after the completion of the growing process, which usually occurs closer to the age of 18.

It is recommended to pay attention to this method when the hair in the armpits area:

  • Very strict, as they grow after depilation, cause discomfort;
  • Dark, after shaving, the skin acquires a grayish-blue shade;
  • grow very quickly;
  • with tips, grow into the skin, and it is inflamed at the place of growing.

Laser hair removal of the armpits zone solves problems such as:

  • the formation of pustules (development of folliculitis) after shaving hair;
  • the need to grow hair for wax or chemical depilation;
  • The risk of scarring after using an electric defilers.

Thus, everyone who wants the skin of the armpits remain in perfect condition, may undergo laser hair removal.


The use of increasingly advanced equipment models increases not only efficiency, but also the safety of the procedure. However, the methodology still has contraindications. They are divided into relative and absolute. Absolute are those diseases in which the procedure can cause a deterioration in the state:

  • oncopathology;
  • mental disorders, epilepsy;
  • psoriatic lesion of the skin;
  • severe form of diabetes;
  • a tendency to the formation of keloid scars;
  • Blood coagulation system.

Relative contraindications. those in which the procedure should be postponed for some time before normalizing the situation. This category includes:

  • violation of the integrity of the skin in the place of the proposed procedure;
  • the presence of an inflammatory process, pustular lesion;
  • a deterioration in the state as a result of acute infectious processes or exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • elevated body temperature;
  • fresh tan;
  • increased blood pressure of any genesis;
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this method?

Laser hair hair removal differs from other methods of removing unwanted hair:

  • Painlessness. Among the first clinics, we began to use the “cold” Midepi laser equipped with two cooling systems: one for a laser diode, the second (“sapphire window”). for the skin. The skin is continuously cooled throughout the session, due to which the risk of producing burns is excluded, and the patient does not feel pain.
  • Effectiveness. The laser does not just remove the already overgrown hairs. it acts on the hair follicles, stopping hair growth. To completely get rid of them, only four to six sessions with an interval of conducting per month is enough. At the same time, the phototype of the skin does not matter. Different forms of laser impulse (single, double, combined, etc.D.) allow you to remove hair follicles at different levels of occurrence, and a change in its duration makes it possible to eliminate even thin fluffy hair.
  • Speed ​​of execution. The duration of the procedure is reduced due to the high speed and frequency of pulses, as well as the area of ​​the laser working surface, which is 10×10 mm.
  • Safety. The rectangular laser profile, reliable cooling systems and adjustable pulse supply are nullified by damage to the skin, the development of edema, the appearance of irritation, pigmentation and other side effects.

During epilation, our doctors take into account the general features of the epilized zone and the individual characteristics of the patient, determining the optimal effects of exposure.

К числу недостатков лазерной эпиляции подмышек можно отнести:

In patients with dark, dark.skinned or tanned skin, immediately after the action of laser rays, rapid redness and light swelling of the skin is sometimes observed.

Do you need preliminary preparation?

Laser hair removal of armpits, like any other area, requires preliminary preparation, which comes down to:

  • abstinence from tanning within a month before the first epilation session;
  • the exclusion of drugs that increase the sensitivity of the skin to the action of UV rays (their list can be clarified by the doctor);
  • hair removal in the armpits on the eve of the procedure.

Since there are a large number of sweat glands in the armpits, special attention is paid to their activity. If the patient suffers from hyperhidrosis, the doctor may recommend before the epilation to undergo a course of botulinum therapy. Laser hair removal of the armpits are carried out at any time of the year, but on warm sunny days it is recommended to use the means of protection against UV rays.

Laser varieties used

Laser installations used in the course of hair removal differ in the wavelength of the wavelength. The higher it is, the more the penetrating ability of laser radiation is enhanced, ensuring the destruction of follicles. Of those options that are most often used in modern centers, the most popular models are:

How laser hair hair removal is carried out

The laser hair removal in the clinic of laser and aesthetic cosmetology Evolution includes several stages:

  • A special gel is applied to the armpit zone, which will ensure the sliding of the apparatus tip, as well as prevent the surface heating;
  • To achieve the maximum effect, as well as ensure the safe nature of the procedure, indicators are established on the device that take into account the individual clients of the client;
  • The two-wave pulse is supplied to a depth of 2-3 mm, which leads to the destruction of even deeply located follicles. In this case, the nearby areas of the skin remain intact. The duration of the impact is several minutes.
  • All visible hairs exposed to the laser fall out for two weeks. Those that were still in an inactive phase at the time of the procedure will be eliminated during subsequent procedures.

Skin care after the procedure

Modern equipment, equipped with various technical additions, allows you to hair consumption safely and in comfortable conditions. In the photo after the procedure, only some redness of the skin can be seen, which is quite expected, given the nature of the effect. To exclude the negative consequences, the development of inflammation and some unpleasant sensations, skin care after the procedure consists of such measures:

  • For several days to refrain from classes in the pool, thermal procedures, natural tanning or visits to the solarium;
  • if necessary, use the means of soothing and moisturizing action, such as a bepanten;
  • When hairing the axillary region for 2-3 days, do not use deodorants and other alcohol-containing agents.

In the case of hair grows, excess vegetation must only be shaved.

Possible consequences and complications

The use of poor.quality equipment or the procedure with an unskilled specialist can lead to consequences such as

Independently or after correction, such side effects completely disappear. However, complications and constant nature occur. Most often, it is hyperpigmentation.

The price of laser hair removal is the highest compared to other methods of eliminating unwanted hair, which is explained by the need to purchase expensive equipment. The cost of the procedure can vary significantly and depending on the center where it is carried out. In order for the combination of the price and quality of the procedure to be optimal, contact the clinic of laser and aesthetic cosmetology Evolution. The highest level of training of specialists, the use of the latest generation lasers in the work, as well as permanent discounts will allow such a decision to consider this decision correct.

Answers to popular questions

  • How many laser armpits of laser hair removal are needed? To obtain a persistent desired result, 6-7 procedures with an interval of 4-6 weeks will be required.
  • Is there a risk of scarring after laser hair removal? Since the technique is characterized as contactless, the risk of developing cicatricial changes is minimized, which favorably distinguishes this type of hair removal from other ways to eliminate hair.
  • How often can you do? No earlier than 4 weeks later. Otherwise, a burn and other negative complications may be obtained.
  • How much is enough? After completing a full course, which will take about a year and a half, after some time a slight growth of hair, lighter, rare and thin. The maintenance course is not excluded.
  • Is it possible to use a deodorant after laser hair removal? It is possible only 2-3 days after the procedure.
  • From what age can the procedure be carried out? It is recommended to perform epilation after reaching 18 years.


When choosing a center for laser hair removal, you should definitely study reviews about the center and its masters, as well as find out what equipment the procedure is carried out. Reviews of women who conducted it in the clinic of laser and aesthetic cosmetology Evolution are positive. Our clients are people of different ages and social status. However, they all note the high professional qualities of specialists, their attentive attitude, as well as the impeccable work of the center as a whole.

Underarm LASER HAIR REMOVAL| On Dark Skin!

How to sign up for laser hair removal?

Given the positive reviews of numerous customers, in our clinic of laser and aesthetic cosmetology Evolution there is a tight record for the procedure. If you decide to do laser hair removal today, it may be difficult. To exclude any nervousness about this, it is better to make a record in advance. Then the master will be able to carry out the procedure at the most convenient time for you.

Why is preparation for laser hair removal

I would like to immediately put all the points over I: laser hair removal. a really extremely effective method of removing excess hair in any zones on the body. Yes Dear. Yes, not an instant result. But! The result will certainly be.

What is laser hair removal? This is the destruction of hair follicles in different stages of their development by exposing light impulses. Even after one procedure, when the hair in growth stage is removed with the root, the result is immediately visible. True, to get rid of those still sleeping, additional sessions are needed. So that they go successfully, preparations for laser hair removal are necessary.

How to prepare for laser hair removal

So, you decided on laser hair removal. you are tired of going to wax depilation every three weeks or doing home shugaring, shake your hair as a machine or epilator grows up.

We’ll say right away that for an effective result, it will take at least 6 weeks to an hour x. What needs to be done before laser hair removal?

The first is to go to a consultation with a specialist and learn in detail about the protocol of the procedure, what points to take into account, how to prepare for laser hair removal, what to look for immediately after the session. That is, listen to all the recommendations before laser hair removal.

A good specialist will definitely tell what kind of laser the procedure will take place (Alexander, diode, etc. D.), will issue a memo on preparation for laser hair removal (and it begins a month and a half before the first procedure), will explain what cannot be done before the session.

Laser hair removal: Be prepared with these 5 facts

Limit the sun and use sunscreens with a high level of SPF.

Forget about auto zagars and, of course, no solariums (this is generally very harmful).

It is necessary to stop going to Vaxing and Shugaring sessions. The maximum that you can afford is a razor machine to shorten the length. There is nothing to be done, you need to tolerate temporary difficulties.

It is not worth prescribing massage sessions in front of the session, it enhances blood flow, and this is before laser hair removal.

If the skin is atopic, you need to consult a dermatologist so that there are no undesirable surprises.

Is it possible to drink alcohol before laser hair removal? Do not take risks. This is not the best way to relieve stress.

But that’s not all. Do not sign up for a session if:

You are sick or only have a cold or viral disease;

much, hair, removal, enough, laser

You just returned from the sea, and the skin is tanned;

You have dermatological problems (eczema, psoriasis);

We must completely abandon laser hair removal in the following cases:

the presence of gray hair on processed areas;

details on how to prepare for the first laser hair removal procedure, then says our expert Maria Nevskaya.

For 4-6 weeks

Six weeks before the first session, cancel any hair removal creams that destroy hair and have a negative effect on follicles. It is better to avoid tanning, it significantly reduces the effectiveness of the method and promotes the more damaging effect on the skin of the laser beam during the procedure (increases the likelihood of burns).

In 2 weeks

In about two weeks, it makes sense to abandon any hot procedures: baths, saunas. As well as from visiting the pool. All this can contribute to the development after the procedure of such trouble as folliculitis.

Per day

Is it necessary to grow hair before laser hair removal and in general, how much to shave before the procedure? It is better to grow hairs a little, but the day before hair removal, adjust their length with a razor in all areas where hair removal is planned. The main thing is that their length is at least 0.5 cm.

Before the procedure

The expected day has come what to do before the laser hair removal session? Clean the skin and save stihl. Stress can strengthen negative sensations. Is it possible to shave before laser hair removal or use a scrub? No, because the hairs should be at least 0.5 mm, and the skin does not need additional stress.

How the laser works? The effect of the phototype of the skin on the result of epilation

Laser beam affects fabric at a certain wavelength. In diode lasers, the wavelength is 808 nm. The wavelength is chosen so that the effect is directed to melanin (dark pigment). Melanin is in hair follicles and its rod.

Light beam, falling on the skin, is absorbed by melanin of the hair. Light is drawn in the root part. The transformation of the energy of light into thermal. This causes the heating of the hair follicle with their subsequent coagulation and destruction. The heat is slowly dissipated, destroying neighboring cells in the follicle, reaching the area with the smallest mlanin (growth zone with stem cells) and a dermal papilla that feeds the hair.

It turns out that the color of the hair plays an important role in performing epilation. The color of the hair depends on the ratio of pigments (black-brown eumlanin and yellow-red feoomalanin) and the dynamics of the endocrine background. These pigments are formed in melanocytes that are in the hair onion. Melanocytes produce pigment only in the anagenic stage. It must be taken into account that black, red, blond and gray hair react differently to a light impulse. And do not forget the fact that the pigment is contained in the skin.

There is a special classification of skin types (Fitzpatrika table) based on the ability of the skin to respond to UV radiation.

The lighter the skin, the less melanin is in it, the less it absorbs energy. People with dark skin, on the contrary, are excess melanin. This overheats faster, the client can even get a burn. While hair follicles and hair rods will not receive the desired volume of laser radiation and will remain not destroyed.

Modern lighting methods of epilation allow you to work with any type of skin and hair color. If the parameters are correctly selected, then the result will be good. Patients with black or brown hair reach a better effect compared to blond or gray hair.

Also, the result of hair removal is affected by chromophore. Long dense hair is better exposed to laser removal. And the bright short hair of melanin has less, so they are destroyed weaker. That is, for the zone of the upper lip, where the hair contains little chromophore, and the hair itself is thin, the procedures will be required more.

Intervals and number of procedures

We figured out what factors you need to pay attention to when choosing intervals between sessions. It is important to take into account the individual reaction of the body of each client and focus on it. Now we’ll figure out how to choose the intervals between laser hair removal procedures, taking into account the stages of hair growth.

This table shows how much hair in a certain stage is on the human body (the average option):

Take for example the zone of the axillary cavity. Its stage of anagen, on average, lasts up to 16 weeks, telogen. up to 12 weeks. Choosing an interval between procedures, you can rely on the research presented in the table.

If the hair is not removed during the procedure, then it will continue their height, go to the stage of Catagen and Telegogen. That is, we will again have to wait for the desired phase.

much, hair, removal, enough, laser

The first 2 procedures are assigned with an interval of 3-5 weeks. In this case, the work goes with the hair in the Anagen stage. Now we add to the previous interval for another 2 weeks. That is, if 4 weeks have passed after the first procedure, then after the second procedure there should be another 6.

The intervals will look like this: 4-6-8-10 weeks, etc.D.

In certain areas of the body, where the stage of the bodyogen is longer, the intervals between the procedures can be increased, adding another 2 weeks. Cm. The table is higher. We explain to the client, the following: where the hair is in the long stages (for example, the stage of the bodyogen on the hips and lower leg lasts 6 months), the intervals are also required enlarged.

The course consists of 8-10 procedures (average number). The duration of the course is built on several factors:

The individual characteristics of the patient can affect the duration of the course.

The hair begins to fall on 10-14 days after the procedure. The first procedure is stimulated by the hair in the stage of catagen and bodyogen, so the growth may intensify. We warn the client about this in advance and write it down to the next procedure, telling about the recommendations and contraindications. The effectiveness of the course depends on the amount of hair processed in the anagen stage.

It may be that the hair has not yet been growing by the next procedure, here the break can be increased by 1-2 weeks. And vice versa, if the hair has already managed to grow in sufficient volume, then you can start with hair removal early.

Interruption of the course after 2-3 procedures will give the impression that laser hair removal did not work. The client will think that the hair continues to grow as before, or even in even more. The effect of the “hypercompensation” effect is possible, when the body tries to restore lost hairs. Therefore, it is best to conduct a course without long breaks, so as not to increase the number of visits.

The number of procedures is determined based on the individual characteristics of the client:

much, hair, removal, enough, laser
  • laser hair removal technique;
  • set parameters;
  • Customer recommendations before and after the procedure;
  • Technical characteristics of the laser.

Read more about the intervals between laser hair removal procedures, see our video from a live broadcast with our expert.

Do not forget to remind the client of the recommendations before and after the laser hair removal procedure! Their implementation affects the final result of the course.

We decided to make a checklist for you with recommendations that you can give to your customers.

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