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How much electricity does a new refrigerator consume

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How much the refrigerator consumes electricity per hour

The actual consumption of electricity by the refrigerator is recommended to be considered taking into account the international classification on energy efficiency. It is denoted by a symbol A is supplemented by a different number of pluses. The more these advantages, the smaller the amount of electricity consumes the device. However, these data were obtained during factory tests, in the so-called clean conditions, without taking into account any extraneous factors. Several identical refrigerators set different conditions, and then, after an hour, on the basis of the data obtained, average results are displayed.

These indicators are very conditional, since there is a difference in the mass, temperature and density of loaded products. There are differences in the mode of work. For example, one refrigerator can open several times within an hour, and the other never. In the first case, a noticeable increase in temperature occurs in the chamber, which is compensated by the additional compressor operation. That is, the energy consumption is respectively increasing. This is mainly noticeable in large families, where the number of openings of the refrigerator is always stably high. Energy efficiency depends not only on the compressor power. This indicator is affected by the quality of magnetic seals and thermal insulation. Thus, the exact consumption of electricity for a particular refrigerator can be calculated by connecting it to an individual electric meter. The results will reflect the real energy consumption of this equipment.

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Energy consumption classes

Refrigerator. electrical appliances, constantly working, storage of foods an integral part of food consumption. Lost a man of an indispensable unit, freezer. meat, food supplies would have deteriorated in a short time. The situation will determine an extraordinary campaign with a meadow. Selpo calls! Energy consumption (in any quantity) refrigerator is a natural process, to resist the fan means to go against the wind, to subject the quality of food of degradation. Ultimately. uncontrolled.

It is necessary to calculate the power consumption by the power consumption, in parallel with the resulting data you can plan the family budget, cut the overtime energy consumption by electrical appliances: toasters, electric teapots.

Today, science has introduced the concept of energy efficiency class. The parameter due to physical quantities will determine the relative costs of energy resources by the aggregate. Existed earlier: “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “F”, “G”. Marking is used standardly. Want to know the numbers, preceding the purchase, see the information on the colorful label of the device. Graphic designation with multi.colored horizontal stripes covering half the spectra rainbow (red. green).

Modern definitions are formed by the following numbers:

  • Class A, percentage: less than 30%;
  • Class A, percentage: 30-42%;
  • Class A, percentage: 42-55%;
  • Class B, percentage: 55-75%;
  • Class C, percentage: 75-90%;
  • Class D, percentage: 90-100%;
  • Class E, percentage: 100-110%;
  • Class F, percentage: 110-125%.

Letters A, B, C, D, F, G are the values ​​established by the European standard, adopted by developed countries. The percentage indicates the ratio of the energy consumption of the refrigerator to the standard (the outdated border di-e device). We decided to purchase a refrigerator abroad. see the format indicated on the packaging of the goods. You can determine the approximate indicators of energy consumption. The value is relative. Refrigerator voluminous energy.intensive small.sized.

The absolute value shows the graph annual consumption. Get monthly expenses by dividing. We orientate. 325/12 = 27 kWh (275.38 = 145 metropolitan).

Today it is difficult to find class G systems (mainly exotic: gas, thermoelectric). The indications of the declared format exceed 125%. Such refrigerators eat energy with scoops. Make up material resources for payment of services. Think about buying and finding the lowest class. Saving with such units is hard.

Calculation of the amount of electricity consumed by the refrigerator

To calculate how much the electricity refrigerator consumes per hour, kW per month, for a year. you need to look into the technical description and find out its technical characteristics. Do not confuse the consumed and installed power that is needed to calculate the cross.sectional section of the current.pissing line. For class A and A annual electricity consumption in kilowatts, it is equal to volume in liters.

In Russian stores, models with an annual electricity consumption from 220 to 460 kW are presented. Suppose there is a refrigerator with an annual consumption of 400 kW. Divide this capacity by the number of days a year and we get about 1 kW per day, respectively, 30 kW per month. After dividing the daily consumption by 24, we find out how much watt consumes the refrigerator per hour. It turns out: 41 watts or 0.04 kW per hour.

Since manufacturers indicate the minimum spent power, provided that the unit works in ideal conditions, the results will be underestimated. In reality, how much energy is the home refrigerator takes, external factors and operating conditions affect.

much, electricity, does, refrigerator, consume

How the indicator of the energy efficiency of the refrigerator is calculated

Refrigerators are not just assigned this category. For this, a complex formula is used, which takes into account the dimensions of this unit, the temperature range, the annual level of electricity consumption and many other parameters.

The energy efficiency class of the refrigerator directly depends on the Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) energy efficiency index. And the index itself depends on the annual electricity consumption by the device.

The index values ​​are given in the table:

The main classes of energy consumption of refrigerators

Depending on the consumption of electricity, the technique is divided into classes.A household appliance with low power consumption is more expensive, but its cost in the future is compensated by saved electricity.

Power consumption for home appliances

The category of energy consumption, which shows the general hourly consumption of electricity, is calculated as a percentage or conditional indices. The index denotes the amount of time required to maintain a given temperature regime.

An economical refrigerator needs 15% of the operating time so that the temperature does not decrease, uneconomical. several times more. The technique will be more economical if it less often starts a cooling cycle and turns on the motor.

Energy consumption classes are indicated by Latin letters from A to G. Three more were added to the existing seven classes: a, a, a, a. they have higher efficiency indicators than a. Classes are indicated on the sticker and duplicated in the operating instructions. Each letter is given its own color.

To find out which class belongs to the household device, they make a calculation using a complex formula in which the dimensions of the technique, temperature range, the annual consumption rate and other indicators are taken into account. Each device has its own formula.

Class A technique is considered the most economical. Differences in the subclasses of category A in consumed energy for the working cycle are:

Class A technique includes freezers and single.chamber refrigerators.

The effectiveness of other classes:

These are low energy efficiency indicators. Class B, C, D refrigerators are gradually being removed from production. Classes e, f, g have not been produced for more than 10 years.

Knowing the class of energy consumption, they calculate the estimated amount of energy consumed per year. So, the class A refrigerator will spent less than 150 kW/h per year, class A. from 150 to 300 kW/h, class B. from 350 to 550 kW/h, class C and D. from 600 to 800 kW/h, F and G. up to 900 kW/h.

What depends on the electricity consumption

Electricity consumption depends on the class of acquired technology. The most economical classes of class A. The consumption is influenced by energy consumption per year, manufacturers strive for values ​​of 1 liter of volume consumes 1 kW of electricity per year. The following factors also affect the consumption: the camera’s workload, the temperature of the products placed in the refrigerator, the door opening frequency, the ambient temperature.

How to reduce your power consumption on your Fridge

Choosing an economical refrigerator, take into account the following nuances:

  • type and number of compressors;
  • cooling system;
  • the number and volume of cameras;
  • thermal insulation and tightness;
  • additional functions.

One.compressor refrigerators consume less energy due to the operation of one motor. Two.compressor are more convenient to use. They have great opportunities that allow you to effectively control the temperature and defrost.

much, electricity, does, refrigerator, consume

Inverter compressor is considered the most economical. It quickly reaches the necessary temperature and supports it, smoothly reducing power. Ordinary motor needs more time to achieve the desired temperature. After reaching the indicators, the motor is disconnected, but with changes in the temperature regime, it turns on again. Step adjustment is less effective than inverter compressors.

Reference. The inverter compressor, as a rule, has a reduced noise level, is distinguished by wear resistance, efficiency, duration of use, does not give large loads on the mains.

The refrigerator is equipped with one of two cooling systems: drip or no frost. With a drip system, the evaporator, which supports cold temperatures, is located on the back wall. The resulting ice floats flow drops into the pallet and evaporated.

The No Frost system is more difficult. Products are frozen using a fan. Then the heater is turned on, under the influence of which the water that appears flows into the pallet and evaporates. This system requires more energy costs due to the operation of additional fans and heater.

The most economical refrigerators are considered the most economical. The best option for consumption is a two.chamber model. The greater the volume of equipment, the more electricity it consumes.

Choosing an economical refrigerator, check the quality of the seals and thermal insulation. If the tightness is disturbed, the unit loses cold air, the load on the compressor increases, which leads to an increase in electricity consumption.

Increase energy consumption and additional functions: fast freezing, additional backlight, ice issuance, automatic defrosting.

Reference. The amount of electricity consumed is affected by the color of the technique. So, the silver refrigerator has a smaller radical ability and it gives more slowly than white.

What affects the power of the refrigerator

The refrigerator is a difficult unit equipped with fans, compressors, heating devices, light bulbs, all kinds of sensors.

Various samples of refrigerators, depending on the technical characteristics of components of parts, consume different volumes of electricity.

Such factors as::

  • The season and the temperature regime of the room, that is, the cooler in the apartment, the less expense, and vice versa;
  • the number of compressors and their power;
  • the capacity and size of the refrigerator. the larger the volume of the device, the more significant consumption;
  • the presence of a dry freezing system of No Frost or other technical innovations;
  • the quality and impenetrability of heat.insulating systems, such as sealing door gums;
  • The degree of filling in the refrigerated unit departments, especially the camera for freezing.

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Please note: a greater filling of products leads to an increase in the power consumption necessary to ensure the optimal microclimate.

A significant impact on electricity consumption has a freezing power. It is measured on kg/day and shows the weight of the provision of room temperature, which the refrigerator is able to cool to the indicator minus 18 ° Celsius per day. It is indicated by the Latin letter “x” with three stars.

Currently refrigerators are produced by various capacities. Well.known brands produce freezers with the following coefficients:

The power consumed by the refrigerator indicates the sticker attached to the back of the unit, or on the inner surface of the refrigerator.

How much electricity is consumed by a warm floor? Answer

Not only the quality or strength of frost, but also the cost of accounts for electricity consumption depends on the power of modern devices for cooling products, so users choose refrigerators with a high energy saving class to save the family budget.

The main criteria for buying a refrigerator are:

  • The freezing power is indicated by x, indicates how many kilograms the product can be frozen for a day with an average indication of energy consumption.
  • Energy efficiency. depends on how rationally the energy consumption is used during the work of the product. Class A is 34-45 W/h, and the energy efficiency index 44-45, t. e. Savings is up to 35%.
  • Additional functions significantly increase the total energy consumption, these include super.commercial, ice agenter, accelerated freezing.

Many of them are practically not used, so you should think before purchasing an unit with such options.

Energy efficiency classes

The energy consumption of the refrigerator is determined by the energy efficiency class. Modern household appliances are produced by the following classes:

  • A-the level is the most economical, has an index of 10-15%;
  • A. the consumption of these devices is up to 30%;
  • A-the technique of this class consumes 30-42%;
  • A-devices consume up to 42-50%;
  • B-energy consumption is 55-75%;
  • C-electricity consumption is high and is 75-90%;
  • D-the technique saves a small amount of energy, its average consumption of a household appliance reaches 90-100%;
  • E-the flow of electricity exceeds the norm and is 100-110%;
  • F-this class has high energy consumption in the range of 110-125%.

The most economical consumption of electricity in class A and higher devices. Devices with parameters E, F hardly release. Determine how much kilowatts consumes a refrigerator per day, you can in a technical passport.

How much does the refrigerator consume for different periods of time

For example, calculating energy consumption for different periods of time, take the refrigerator of class A, Ariston MBA 2200, which consumes 360 kW/year:

  • Divide the average annual value of consumption (360) by 12 months to find out how much energy the refrigerator consumes in a month. 360/12 = 30 kW/month.
  • Now let’s find out how much energy this refrigerator consumes daily. For this 360/365, we get a value of 0.986 kW/ day.
  • We think how much energy the refrigerator spends per hour. (0.986 / 24) × 1000 = 0, 41 kW / hour. Thus, we made the calculations of electricity consumption for the refrigerator.

This allows you to determine how much energy is spent on the work of the refrigerator in an hour, per day, for a month and for a year.

In order to calculate how much electricity consumes a refrigerator for a month in money, you need:

  • Divide the power of the refrigerator (indicated in the technical passport) by 12 months. For Ariston MBA 2200: 360: 12 = 30 kW/month.
  • We multiply the obtained value by the average cost of 1 kilowatt for the Moscow region average value 4.29
  • Total we get: 128.7. It turns out that the refrigerator Ariston MBA 2200 consumes electricity per month for 128.7.
much, electricity, does, refrigerator, consume

Similarly, you can calculate the energy consumption of a household refrigerator from any modern manufacturer. LG, Indesit, Bosch, etc.P.

How to reduce energy consumption

What real measures can be taken to reduce electricity consumption. One of the options is the use of energy.saving refrigerators operating all year round, regardless of weather conditions. Quite often, the computer and the TV remain on just like that, to create the sound background, and it is done rather out of habit, rather than necessary. If you get rid of this habit in time, then noticeable savings will come next month.

Good results give the following measures to reduce energy consumption:

  • In the lighting system, it is recommended to use modern energy.saving or LED lamps. The result will be not only savings, but also a long service life of lighting devices.
  • When using an electric kettle, water should be poured into the required volume, without stock.
  • On the computer, you can install the most optimal economical consumption mode. It will be turned off automatically after being inaction for a certain period of time. When the sleeping energy is exiting, less will be spent compared to the usual inclusion.
  • One of the effective methods that have not yet been widely used is the installation of a multi.tariff counter. Thanks to this extent, it becomes possible to include some powerful devices at night, when the cost of electricity is much lower.
  • It is recommended that the refrigerator and the freezer are defrosted in a timely manner, since excess ice on the walls lead to an increase in electricity consumption.
  • Heaters and convectors will work much more efficiently if heat.reflecting screens are installed on them. With the same energy consumption, heat transfer will be much higher.
  • Sometimes you have to completely change the worn wiring, after which the electricity consumption is reduced. This occurs as a result of the use of copper wires with the most optimal section. Local lighting, arranged instead of the general in the kitchen or in the recreation area, also saves electricity. It is recommended to use adapters and extension cords as less as possible, increasing electricity consumption.
  • When buying new household appliances and equipment, you need to choose the most economical devices that meet all the requirements of the hosts in terms of fulfilling their functions.

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