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How much does an electric stove spend per month

How to save electricity

If you follow a few simple rules, you can reduce the energy costs of cooking on the stove.

  • The bottom of the cookware should be perfectly flat. The better the diameter of the cookware matches the burner, the higher the efficiency.
  • The classic stove is inertial. It should be turned off a few minutes earlier, due to the accumulated heat it will continue cooking for another 2-5 minutes.
  • Choose energy efficient appliances (class A, A).

A simple electric stove costs a lot less than an induction stove. But it makes sense to buy induction cooktops over the long term. Significant savings in expensive energy over many years will “pay off” the price difference.

Flat-bottom cookware saves energy

We all know how an electric or gas stove works. It’s not so simple with induction hobs. This cooking device is a relatively new market and there are still many household myths surrounding it.

How an induction hob works

An induction hob cooks by electromagnetic induction. This physical phenomenon allows to heat metal dishes with eddy currents.

much, does, electric, stove, spend

The burner is activated only if the correct cookware is placed on it. And it turns off as soon as it’s empty. Copper coils are located under the glass-ceramic panel with electronic control.

Energy Consumption

Buying equipment in your home, the first thing worth thinking about is the energy savings. Energy consumption of induction and electric stoves is about the same. Average of about 7 kilowatts per hour. This figure can vary depending on the number and size of burners. However, an induction hob heats the same amount of water up to five times faster than an electric hot plate of the same wattage.

Induction hob also stops heating as soon as you put the cookware away, it doesn’t heat itself or the air around it. After evaluating these factors, we can say that the induction model is much more economical than the electric model.

Adjustable power

Adjusting the power of the induction hob is done by sequential on and off. The power can be changed during cooking. Also in some models, the control panel has the ability to set the desired temperature of heating.

Standard power ratings

Buying an electric stove, a competent housewife will always take into account its technical features, first of all the level of power consumption and power, which is its main characteristic. It will affect the payment of the electricity consumed in the houses. Based on the power of the hob, it is necessary to consider the features of its correct connection, that is, you will need the appropriate wires, fuses, outlets and so on.

much, does, electric, stove, spend

Sometimes the cooking surface has no data in the documentation about its total capacity, and we have to calculate it based on the number of heating elements. The hob can have both two and four burners. In this case, sum up the power of all burners, taking into account their type:

  • A burner of 14.5 centimeters has a power of 1.0 kW;
  • A burner of 18 centimeters has a power of 1.5 kW;
  • A burner of 20 centimeters has a power of 2.0 kW.

It should be taken into account that not only the heating elements are consumers of electricity, there may be other electrical devices, which have their own approximate power:

  • lower heating elements of the oven also consume electricity. each 1 kW;
  • top heating elements. 0.8 W each;
  • Heating elements of the grill system. 1.5 W;
  • Lighting for the oven. about 20-22 watts;
  • electric motor of the grill system. 5-7 watts;
  • electric ignition system. 2 W.

This is the approximate composition of electrical systems present in modern electric stoves. To it can be added atypical for all models, but consuming electric power ventilation system, rotisserie motor, different modes of electric burners, boilers for water and the like, accordingly, if they are available, it is necessary to include them in the list of power consumers.

How much electricity consumes induction cooktop?

The characteristics of the power of an electric stove correspond to the following values:

  • the type used (classic or induction);
  • mobility (stationary stove, table or portable);
  • number (1-4 burners);
  • The type of burner used (cast iron, pyroceramic or tubular electric heating element);
  • The oven (yes/no and its design).

As for the induction stoves, they also belong to the electric stoves, they just have a different technology of heating with an electromagnetic current, which occurs in the coils. This method is the most economical, it saves a lot of electricity. This is because each burner has a power regulator and, for example, with a burner diameter of 15 cm and its maximum power of 1.5 kW there is no need to use it all the time. you can use different temperature modes.

As a rule, it is enough to use half the power of the induction burner, which will be equal to the full power of the burner of a conventional stove because of the short heating time. And also the working surfaces of induction electric stoves are glass-ceramic, they do not heat up, therefore, no extra electricity is spent on them.

Testing the power consumption of a classic and induction stove

Both hobs are four-burner, 3.5 kW. Heated reservoir with 2 liters of water The pot in the first case is an ordinary 5 liter, without a lid, in the second case, the induction cookware is also 5 liters, and also without a lid. Initial water temperature 21 o C.

Stove classic water boiled in half an hour,

Induction hob, boiling time of 5.5 minutes,

The second measurement will be the operating time of the burner.

In 15 minutes, the average electricity consumption of the induction stove will be 0.175 kW / h, the total energy consumption of 0.5 kW / h.

What is a kilowatt hour? Understanding home energy use

In a classic stove for 15 minutes, the same 0.175 kWh, but the energy consumption will be 1.93 kWh,

The costs of an induction stove.

  • Energy costs will be: 0.5 kW,
  • hourly consumption of 1.3 kW,
  • Cooking plates. 4 units,
  • two hours of operation per day,
  • Number of days per year 365
  • 0.5 x 1.3 x 4 x 2×365=1890 kW
  • 1890 kW x 4 rub/kW =7592/year.

In a month of 30 days, the amount will be 156 kW x 4 = 624

Stove of classic type.

  • Energy consumption will be.1,93 kW
  • 1.3 kW hourly consumption
  • 4 burners
  • operating hours per day.2 days
  • days per year 365
  • 1.93 х 1.3 x 4 x 2 x 365 = 7362 kW
  • 7362 kW x 4 = 29305 per year.

Per month: 463 kW x 4 = 1852 rubles.

The induction stove is the equivalent of a classic stove with various additional benefits.

You can use your own values in this calculation because it is not necessary that the stove is used for 2 hours a day, or all 4 burners are used, and the cost per kWh varies from region to region.

Categories of energy consumption

Energy consumption of cooking stoves varies depending on the type and design. Manufacturers assign them a category or class. Energy classes are denoted by Latin letters from A to G. The most economical models are class A, A, A. Data on energy consumption are indicated in the technical documentation of the device and on a sticker placed on the surface of the hob. Economy categories are marked in green. Red indicates a low energy-saving technique.

The energy class is influenced by the amount of electricity consumption when the set temperature is reached. The greatest amount of energy is consumed when the oven is in operation. To save money, reduce heat loss by improving the insulation of this part of the appliance.

When calculating energy efficiency, only the amount of electricity needed to bring the temperature to a certain level is taken into account. Using the following factors:

  • Useful volume of the oven;
  • heating method;
  • insulation efficiency;
  • the ability to reduce heat loss;
  • operating conditions, etc.д.

Useful volume varies with the type of electric oven:

The volume of the oven determines the energy efficiency class:

Energy class Small oven volume (kW) Average oven volume (kW) Large oven volume (kW)
A less than 0,6 less than 0.8 less than 1.0
B 0.6 to 0.8 0.8 to 1.0 1.0 to 1.2
C 0.8 to 1.0 1.0 to 1.2 1.2 to 1.4
D 1.0 to 1.2 1.2 to 1.4 1.4 to 1.6
E 1.2 to 1.4 1.4 to 1.6 1.6 to 1.8
F 1.4 to 1.6 1.6 to 1.8 1.8 to 2.0
G over 1.6 over 1.8 over 2,0

The label indicates the name of the manufacturer, energy efficiency class, energy consumption, amount of electricity per year, type and volume of the oven.

How much electricity an electric stove consumes

The kitchen hob is an essential part of modern home furnishings. However, in some homes electric options are used due to the design features of the layout, number of stories or lack of gas supply. There are even special rates in these cases, since using electricity for cooking is considerably more expensive than using gas. On average, the power consumption of the plate is 30-50% of the total. To say exactly how much an electric stove consumes, it is quite difficult, because it all depends on the type, model and intensity of use.

How much electricity does the kitchen appliances consume

How much electricity a stove consumes,pixabay.com

Electricity is a question that worries mature citizens of Russia.

to pay for electricity grows differently in each region, for example, when in Chelyabinsk 2.27. Kitchen appliances, without which modern society can’t do without, waste tons of electricity per month. Especially the owners of electric stoves suffer, because a good stove consumes from 40 kWh/m. Today we are going to find out how much electricity is wasted by kitchen appliances and how you can save its waste.

  • How much kW per month all kitchen appliances spend.
  • How many kilowatts does the electric stove consume.
  • How much electricity does the kettle, refrigerator, oven.
  • How to save on electricity.

Let’s reassure you right away, because electricity is far from being the highest-paid service from the state. On average, budget Moscow residents use 300-400 kW per month in one kitchen. For many people the amount will not exceed 1000, and someone can pay 4000 for wasting electricity in the kitchen. So it pays to be rational and economical so as not to throw money away if you use electricity improperly.

The government of the Russian Federation warns that it wants to introduce the law on excessive kWh consumption per month. The authorities will make a differentiated tariff. This means that those who consume electricity in excess will pay more.

30% of citizens agree with this decision, because they are concerned about the environmental condition of the land. 70% are not happy and do not support this law

The capacity of the stove (the number of kilowatts consumed per hour) is:

  • for burners. depending on the diameter, from 1 to 2 kW;
  • For ovens. about 1.8 kW (with upper and lower heating elements). In the presence of a grill, the figure doubles.

Let’s consider an electric stove with power:

Gas, Induction, Electric: The Complete Guide to Kitchen Stovetops

The amount of electricity consumption will be:

During one hour: during simultaneous operation of two burners. 3 kWh and the oven. 1.8 kWh;

Per day when using the unit in the above mode for two hours: up to 9.6 kWh;

Taking in the above calculation the average cost of one kilowatt hour of 3. for the month will get the sum: 864

How much energy do stoves consume: electric and gas

If a person has the opportunity to choose which type of stove to install, it is necessary to orientate in the question of how much consumes an electric and gas stove. The user must figure out how much energy an electric stove consumes and how much energy a gas stove consumes. The right decision will determine the size of the bills in the end, convenience and comfort of using the device. Let’s understand how much each type of surface consumes.



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