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How much does a thermopot consume in maintenance mode

What is thermopot and how to choose it correctly? The pros and cons of the device, selection criteria

The device is in great demand among people who often use tea or coffee, and also value their time.

After all, the owner of the thermopot always has the opportunity to make a delicious hot drink in a matter of minutes.

The acquisition of the device must be approached thoroughly, carefully studying its principle of operation, technical characteristics and operating rules.

How to choose a thermopot

When choosing a thermopot, pay attention to the following parameters:


High power contributes to the heating rate. One condition: the wiring must correspond.

Pouring method

The water supply can be electronic. a button, mechanical. by pressing a cup on a nose, manual. pump with electricity disconnected.

Tanks material

Plastic thermopotes, as a rule, have a transparent scale: you can see the amount of water. Stainless. environmentally friendly, do not smell, but not all thermopots with a stainless tank have a convenient level indicator. In some models it is absent, but there is a sound alarm signal at insufficient water level.

much, does, thermopot, consume, maintenance, mode

Heating temperature

The temperature range can be different, like adjustment-stepped or smooth-you need to choose what is necessary (for example, heating up to 40-45 ° C for baby food or 70-75 ° C for green tea, etc.D.).

Starting a start

The start of the start of the start saves electricity, ensures the heating of water to a certain time.

Water dispenser

Pouring a regulated amount of liquid into a cup. It is convenient for the implementation of recipes or, for example, in dispensers, to get a portion for tea automatically, without stopping the button.

Those who prefer a thermopot to an ordinary teapot should pay attention to the dispensers: devices that heat up or boil only water that is supplied to the cup, and not the entire water tank.

Among the popular thermopots and dispensers there are models of both world brands (Panasonic) and relatively inexpensive, but functional samples. Among buyers, the latter (Redmond, Kitfort enjoyed special attention. Polaris, Oursson, Vitek, Xiaomi, etc.P.).

How much does an electric kettle consumes per month

A month ago he promised to conduct an experiment. to measure the consumption of electric kettle in a month and put out the result: #comment_130119849

Well, the month has passed, it’s time to summarize.

I connected the kettle into a socket through a wattmeter with Aliexpress for 500. In addition, the kettle itself has a smart filling that calculates the consumed electricity, so we have the opportunity to compare the results.

So, according to the wattmeter, the kettle consumed 8.32 kwh, and according to smart electronics. 9.76 kwh. What to believe more is a good question, because the wattmeter is a Chinese, but the heating element in the kettle is most likely less powerful than it is stated (this is a typical situation), while the nominal power of the heating element is surely indicated in the firmware, because programmers are probably indicated live separately from marketers. As a result, the figure in the firmware should be high.

TOP-11 rating according to KP

Oberhof HeIB-16 thermopotes in a stainless steel housing with a capacity of 5 liters will provide the required amount of drinking water of the required temperature at any time. The device has five temperature conditions of water heating, which allows you to brew different drinks while preserving the valuable substances of the original ingredients. The device is characterized by a high heating rate and convenient functionality. There is protection against children and a castle that prevents random spill of water.

Three water supply options are constructively provided, including manual. The user can choose the most convenient way for himself. Thanks to the function of maintaining heat, you will always have hot water in stock. On the inside, the reservoir is reliably protected from the formation of scale, which in combination with a removable lid simplifies care for it and extends the life of the equipment. In addition, there is an indication of water level levels.

much, does, thermopot, consume, maintenance, mode


Good thermopot from some kind of brand. Allows you to set the temperature of the water heating. Not to say that the modes are too flexible, but there is enough for domestic use. Three degrees of heating can be set: up to 65, 85 and 98 degrees Celsius. Timeer fun function: the device will turn on at a given time and heat up the water. Accommodates up to 3.5 liters, which should be enough for 17 average mugs. Water level scale is illuminated by a pleasant blue color. By the button, you can start the re.boiling process. There is a lock. It will come in handy if restless children go nearby. There is a filter in the nose in the area to cut off a possible plaque. If the water in the device ends, then it automatically disconnected to save energy and not warm the air. By the way, you can pour not only by the button, but clinging a mug to the tongue in the nose area. But it is so hidden that some over the years of use do not find a mechanism.


A device with a wonderful name is collected at a Chinese factory for a Russian company. The company has many similar devices of different heydays. a number, this is not a generation, but rather refers to design. This under Gzhel is under the crest, there are just gray. All of them have approximately the same characteristics and price. Somewhere a little more power, but on heating a plug of 100-200 watts does not affect. The capacity of the tank is also about the same for everyone. Knows how to warm water and maintain temperature by small electricity costs. Repeated boiling is launched by the button. The wire is disconnected, which is convenient for washing. There is a system of protection against boiling. if there is too little water, heating will stop. What is really interesting is three ways of supplying water. This is electric when there is power and starts on the button, pressing the lever with a mug and through a pump, when the termpot is disconnected from the outlet. Sometimes this is a necessary thing.


Feel free to include this device in the list of the best thermopots of 2022. High.quality assembly and thoughtfulness of technical trifles. That’s just embarrassed by the inscription VIP on the case. Its appearance cannot be called innovative, so the abbreviation plays an evil joke and reduces the already rustic design of the device. But there are no complaints. Firstly, there is a battery that is involved in the bulk of water. That is, water from electricity is heated. And then you can disconnect the device and put without a socket. At home, such a function is not particularly needed, but for some buffes the most. Thermopot has high tightness, so the water will remain hot for a long time. Secondly, you can adjust the speed of baking-there are four modes. Three temperature regimes. 80, 90 and 98 degrees Celsius. There is a “tea” button, which, according to the manufacturer, improves the taste of the drink. But judging by the reviews, none of the users of the difference did not recognize.

In energy conservation mode, thermal remembers what time of day you used it and then automatically turns on the heating by this time.


Probably a reference thermal traffic in terms of design. Interesting combination of retro forms and electronic display. A rich color palace: beige, gray, black, red, orange, white. The truth in the picture looks more expensive than in life. After all, it is made of plastic painted under chrome. You can successfully combine with a kitchen set or make a bright accent. the enthusiastic design should evaluate. If for you the compatibility of devices is more important than their characteristics, then you can, in principle, consider the line from this company. There is also a toaster, microwave and a kettle of such a design.

Now to the technical characteristics of the device. Six temperature maintenance modes are available. You can start the fast cooling function if, for some reason, it was required to reduce the temperature of the water. A spacious tank for five liters. To warm it, you need a little more than 20 minutes. The display is displayed by the temperature of the contents. And if it turns out to be empty inside, then the icon on the screen will notify this.


Another bright device with a large selection of colors. True, there are questions for the selection of flowers. too saturated, acidic. Five temperature conditions are available to users. There is an energy.saving timer: the device will turn off through a certain interval and warm the water. True, there are questions to the intervals. For example, you can set three, six, and then at once 12 hours. That is, if a person’s sleep lasts on average 8-9 hours, then you need to set three hours so that over the night it warms up three times. But on this oddity do not end. You can install 24, 48, 72 and 99 hours. Such time intervals are incomprehensible. However, they are explained quite simply. You can find exactly the same steps in other models. Just the majority use the same inexpensive timer, and in it Asian developers made only such an interval. Otherwise, this is a good thermopot, low gluttony. There is an informative display.


“Teapot”-so often called a person who does not know how to do something, inexperienced. For example, on the roads, alas, do not count the drivers of lawners who are traveling according to some of their own, one well-known rules. However, those electric kettles, which will be discussed in this material. thermopotes. on the contrary, differ in a large spectrum of skills (compared to ordinary). Our story about which thermopotes can be purchased today in domestic stores. Price ceiling. 3 thousand. rubles.

Thermopotes are an “advanced” electric kettle. Its main feature (and the difference from a regular kettle) is the ability to maintain a high water temperature after boiling. And not 30-60 minutes (these can also be ordinary kettles), but within a few hours. Now there are many models in which you can choose the necessary supported temperature (usually from 60 ° C). The water in a thermopot boils slower (sometimes in 20-30 minutes) than in a simple kettle, due to the greater power of the last. The power of the modern electric kettle (water boiling the boiling time depends on it) can reach up to 2.5 kW, but the power of thermal is not exceeded 1 kW (more than 600-800 watts). Convenience lies in the fact that by boiling water in a thermopot 1 time, the user at any time (until the water ends) can get it hot. without wasting time (albeit a small one) waiting for its boiling in the kettle. Thermopot capacity is usually larger than the container of the kettle. from 2.5 liters. Add here to save electricity by thermopot. It is obvious if the user does not use all boiled water from the kettle at once, and always boils it again (to drink a cup of tea). this is most often the case. The power of thermopot in the mode of maintaining temperature usually does not exceed 70 watts.

Very inexpensive

Let’s start our review with the most affordable thermopotes, in the end, many of us always want to save money. Therefore, meet the most budget options.

Polaris brand cannot be attributed to the brands of the “first echelon”. Under this brand, quite cheap household appliances are produced. It is produced mainly in China. However, this country is now. The birthplace of the vast majority of small household (including kitchen) technology. Models of better known, “promoted” brands are also produced there.

Polaris PWP 3007 thermopot has been on sale relatively recently. Despite the very small), he, in general, fully meets all modern requirements. It has a metal case with double walls (additional strength, thermal insulation). Water flask is also metal, with a capacity of 3 liters, with a float indicator of water level. The power of the device is 700 watts. There are two types of pump for supplying water to the cup: electric and mechanical pump (in case of lack of electricity). There is a timer. you can set the time to which the thermopot will heat up the water and will maintain its temperature. True, in this model there are only 1 temperature regime. 95 ° C (this is the “minus” of many inexpensive thermopotes). There is a “repeated boiling” function (the process takes much less time than boiling the first). Blocking work without water is provided, as well as blocking the spill (“protection against children”). Electric contact. central (thermal can be deployed by 360 °), the heating element is closed (it is like this for all thermopots).

Thermopot “Fairy TP-401” can be purchased for about the same amount (1-1.2 thousand. rubles). Do not be deceived by the domestic name of the device. Indeed, the Fairy is one of the few well.known (since 1982) Soviet brands of household appliances. But now components are Chinese. But the assembly, according to some reports, really takes place in Russia, in Udmurtia, in the city of Votkinsk (“side” production of a defense enterprise). True, according to another information that the Culinary Edem managed to get, in China, the Fairy technique is now gathering. We did not achieve an official comment. the issue of the “culinary Eden” in the Moscow representative of the manufacturer was left unanswered. However, judging by the reviews of users, the Chinese origin of the Fairy technology is confirmed.

From the “production ups and downs” we will return directly to the thermopot “Fairy TP-401”. Termopot as a thermal. Power. 750 W. In the mode of maintaining the temperature of the water, this thermopote consumes up to 35 watts. The temperature regime. one. The capacity is 4 liters of water (the sausage. from the “stainless steel”, there is an indication of fullness). The case is metallic. The design provides for central electrical contacts. There is an electric pump for water supply and manual pump. When using an electric pump, the water supply begins after pressing a cup on the lever (you do not need to press a special button). There is a blocking of work without water.

Of the inexpensive 4-liter models, it is worth noting, for example, Brand 34402 thermal. It costs 1.3-1.5 thousand. rubles. Power. 800 W. Here, too, everything fully meets modern requirements. Metal case. The flask, of course, is also made of metal (stainless steel), indication of fullness. Temperature maintenance. 1 mode. Electric pump and manual pump for water supply. Water supply by pressing the cup on the valve. Central contact. Blocking on in the absence of water, auto shutdown when boiling, overheating protection.

spacious, but, at the same time, invariably inexpensive models. Supra TPS-3004 fits up to 5 in the thermopot.5 liters of water. The characteristics of the model in many online stores indicate a capacity of 5 liters, but if you fill the thermopot to the Full (“full”) mark, it turns out just 5.5 liters, and this volume is indicated on the case. Metal water flask, the case of this model is plastic. Supra TPS-3004 thermopot power-750 W. In temperature maintenance mode. 65 watts. An electric pump is intended for water supply, but there is no manual pump. On the one hand. a disadvantage. But on the other hand, nevertheless, turning off electricity is a rarity now, although they happen. In general, minus, but insignificant. There is a “repeated boiling” function. Electrical contact. central. The thermopote cover is blocked during operation. Thermopotes will not work without water. There is a removable filter delaying scale.

The amount of energy consumed

We will calculate the electricity that the thermopote and the usual kettle consumes.

  • An ordinary kettle. If we take as the basis that the average kettle has a capacity of 2500 kilowatts, and the water boiling time will be 3 minutes, with 4 one.time use per day we get the following consumption: kW/month = 2.5 (34/60) 30 = 15kW/month.The resulting value is averaged. It can vary depending on the frequency of use and power of the electrical device.
  • Thermopotes. Suppose that the power of the device is 800 watts. The average boiling time with a volume of 4l 12 minutes. The device operates in temperature maintenance (90 degrees) daily for 10 hours. The average energy consumption for maintaining is 30 watts. We will calculate: kW/month = 0.80,230100.0330 = 13.8

As you can see, energy consumption greatly depends on how often to use both ordinary heating and the mode of maintaining temperature.

With these values, the difference is 1.2 kW, which is a small value.

So, the amount of energy per month that the thermal consumes is completely dependent on the power of the device and on the frequency of its use. Conclusion: Since many indicators of work in reality will differ greatly from the above, the choice of device for heating water should occur solely based on personal needs and preferences.

What are the differences from the kettle?

Not so long ago, our parents warmed the water on the stove, then more modern teapots were replaced by more modern teapots. But today they were replaced by a highly efficient thermopote, which boil water, is able to maintain a constant temperature. 90 degrees. Structurally, the device consists of several components:

The advantages of the operation of such equipment are as follows:

  • Extended functionality.
  • Safety in use. it is impossible to burn yourself.
  • Ease of use: you will not need to wait a long boiling water, since the temperature is always preserved at the required level.
  • Electric energy savings. Energy consumption per day for a family of 4 people will be 1 kW, although thermolian is more impressive than electric kettle.
  • Increased volume. He will not have to wait with him when the water will boil, and then cool. In this device, it is always in stock.

Temperature regimes

Cheap thermopotes operate on the following principle: as soon as the water cools to the established limit, the device boils it again. In fact, it turns out that this is an automatic electrician.

In more advanced devices, the system differs. Here there is a constant maintenance of temperature at the desired level for a long time.

Temperature adjustment can vary from 40 to 98 degrees. At the same time, in some devices there are only three or four modes, for example, 60, 90 and 98 degrees. In others, the setting occurs using a rotary switch and then you can set any of the values ​​in the permitted range.

How to choose a thermopot

Thermopotes is something between electric kettle, thermos and samovar. With the kettle, it is related by the main function. boiling water, with thermos. the ability to preserve water hot, with a samovar. a method of pouring water without lifting the tank. than twenty years ago, this miracle of technology was invented in Japan, but it is impossible to find the more suitable for Russian cultural and domestic realities to make hot drinks.

If you compare the thermopot with the kettle, then, on the one hand, it heats the water slower, and on the other, it never makes it cool, which the kettle does not know how to. This is very useful for saving electricity to those who have the habit of boiling water in a kettle, but do not use it hot. The samovar, undoubtedly, is the most spiritual and beautiful device for heating water, but from a practical point of view, thermopotes have a large number of functions and their thought out, respectively, much better satisfies the needs of a modern person.

Principle of operation

For the use of thermopot, the lid is opened, water is poured into it, after which it boils and maintains the temperature at a certain level. specified by the user or set by default. After boiling, you can pour water into a mug or where required. The nose at thermopot is located on top, so a pump is used to supply water from the tank to it. Typically, the thermopot is equipped with two types of pumps at the same time-manual (a playground on the cover of sweat) and electric.


There are more teapots in terms of water tank for water, but fewer samovars. So, the smallest thermopotes contain from 1.5 to 3 liters, they are suitable for families up to three people. The thermopot of this volume is quite compact, will fit well into a small kitchen. The average of the volume of thermopotes. from 3.2 to 4.5 liters. are suitable for large families, as well as those who use a lot of hot water for other reasons. There are also thermopots that contain 5-6 liters of water, it is convenient to use them in the country or during family holidays. Devices of an even larger volume are designed more for public catering points.


To maintain a certain water temperature, thermopots still require a small amount of electricity, which distinguishes them from thermos, however, they can support it endlessly. The maximum power of the device is used for boiling water, and to maintain temperature. a power of about ten times less. Different models have one and the other parameter, so you should clarify them before the purchase. Thermopotes with high power (from 900 W) and low consumption in the maintenance mode are considered more effective. Thermopotes with lower power (from 500 to 900 W) boil the water slower.

Термопот не греет (℃)”`ﻩ

Building material

The material of the thermopote case affects two points. aesthetic and practical. The metallic body of thermopote is less susceptible to mechanical damage, when cleaning, the outer surface is less abrasion, and if the housing is not painted, then it has a natural color of the metal. The plastic case will not withstand significant mechanical influences, its surface can change the appearance due to inaccurate care, but from an aesthetic point of view it is in no way inferior to the metallic. No matter what material the device is made of, it should in no case be very warm up during the operation of the thermopot.


The appearance of thermopotes varies significantly from traditional cylindrical buildings with visors of control panels and painting for gzhel to futuristic chopped or streamlined forms in monochrome gamut. When choosing on this parameter, comrades are not looking for.

The main colors of thermopotes are usually white, black, gray, silver and beige, but you can also find thermopotes of other colors.

Как починить ТЕРМОПОТ

Design features

Most of thermopotes have the following design features:

  • handle for transfer, it may be needed to move thermopot, for example, closer to the festive table;
  • The disconnected cover facilitates the drain of water residues, and also makes the bay more conveniently;
  • The base that allows you to rotate the device around its axis will less often lift a heavy complete thermopote.


It should be borne in mind that thermopotus is more overall than the kettle and requires such a location that the steam formed when boiling water does not damage the surrounding furniture or finishing materials.

Connection cable

The power cord in most models is disconnected to be conveniently transferred. The length of the cord is important if you are going to install the device far from the outlet, but is not too important in operation, since the device can maintain the temperature of the water for some time without power from the mains.

Control Panel

The functions of the thermopote are controlled using a button panel installed in its upper part. Most often, boiling is automatically carried out as soon as the tank is filled and the device is enabled. The minimum set of buttons. re.boiling, unlocking water supply and water supply to electricum. Behind the nose of the device, a cluvish button is traditionally placed, at a pressure on which the edge of a mug or other container (direction of pressure-up) also turns on the water supply. The more different additional functions, the more buttons on the panel. Some of the models are already equipped with displays on which selected modes and temperature values ​​are displayed.



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