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How much does a robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi weigh

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 1c robots

Finally came to me for a test a robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi. And not some simple there, but rather sophisticated and with a wet cleaning function. And it was so blessed that recently they sent me Ecovacs Deebot 900 at a price of 35,000 (although in m.For some reason, the video is sometimes sold for 26 thousand).

Accordingly, after the release of thematic reviews, I will make a small text-comparison of an expensive robot and easier. I must say right away that we will talk about various little things, since both vacuum cleaners are good in terms of cleaning.

Appendix on the smartphone
Dry wet cleaning with controlled water supply
2 500 PA (40 W)
V-shaped floating turbo engine 1 side brush
22 km.m in 25 minutes
Li-Ion 2400 mA/h
60 minutes, 2 hours full charging
600 ml.
200 ml.
2 cm
Obstacle sensor, steps determination
Hepa output filter
Drawing up a plan of premises
Creation of virtual walls and forbidden territories Protection from falls from the stairs. Distribution schedule building manual control (remote control with arrows in a smartphone) smart with


It should be remembered that Xiaomi is not products of the first price. Compete in value is a hype. For example, on Yandex.Market robots-sprayers with dry and wet cleaning function start from 2.5 thousand. Frankly, it’s even interesting what is there for this money.

Any Xiaomi product corresponds to positioning-cheaper than branded AAA competitors, and better quality than consumer goods, and present dissected by the difference in price. For example, the top.end Ozmo 950 has the functions of carrier recognition that it avoids in wet cleaning mode. The MiBt does not have the like, and you need to designate a carpet in the application as a zone forbidden for cleaning. Unpleasant? Highly! And if I say that the top vacuum cleaner costs 20 thousand more? And the average resident of Russia, who considers the salary, immediately thinks that he will manually exhibit a carpet in his house, but can also regularly designate neighbors. So the magic of Xiaomi works!

The main selling features of Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 1c:

  • Dry and wet cleaning
  • Big vacuumber 600 ml
  • High suction force 2500 Pa
  • Water tank with intellectual control and pump
  • Remote control through the application
  • Route planning without re.pass and pass
  • Thin case 8.2 cm high

What’s in the box

Due to the increased absorption power and additional functions of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P, the flagship among robots. What is in the box with this model:

  • Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P.
  • Charging station.
  • Power adapter.
  • Power cable.
  • Hepa filter.
  • Milled nozzle and two microfiber napkins.
  • Brush-knife for cleaning the roller.
  • Two side silicone brushes.
  • Tax 2 in 1 for water and dust, garbage tank.
  • Instructions.

A fairly large packaging Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P is mainly busy with the robot itself. The disk.shaped device is not very high, it can quite easily move under sofas and tables. But, the robot is wide and sometimes cannot go through all the cracks. Its dimensions (ShHHHV): 35x35x9.45 cm. It is heavier than previous models, but not so heavy that it cannot be lifted or turned over if necessary. Weighs Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P-3.6 kg.

A plastic cover, power button and another button for sending a robot permath to the charger are located on top. There is also a small speaker for voice messages. Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P Robot Vacules reports on launch, completion and charging, and also recalls the removal, cleaning of accessories.

There are two vacuum containers: one for dust, and the other 2 in 1 (for garbage, water). The roller brush is pre.installed in the device directly from the box, but it can be easily removed. The kit includes a nozzle for mop and two microfiber napkins, as well as two side cleaning brushes. Only one of these brushes should be attached to Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P, the other to replace.

There is a charger in the box. It is connected to a socket, placed on the floor in a convenient place where Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P may parar. Contact points on the rear panel of the device relate to the points of the charger. If necessary, the vacuum cleaner can be installed in the dock and charge without any additional actions.

Under the lid is a tool that is a combination of a brush and knife. The brush can be used to clean filters, and the knife will come in handy when it is necessary to free the vacuum cleaner from the hair, wool.


Robot Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P has the same design as his older brother, Xiaomi Mi Robot. Thanks to the 2 in 1 Xiaomi tank, it can vacuum and wash the floors at the same time. With the help of LDS laser, which is located on top, the robot vacuum cleaner scans the room to create a map. Partial helps the vacuum cleaner cover the entire area, without removing the same areas twice or not leaving some areas with untouched.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with 12 sensors that help him to move without falling from the stairs, not hitting the furniture.

When the Robot Vacuum Mop P ends the cleaning, it creates a card that can be divided, combined and given to the name of each room. This function is very useful if you do not need to clean the whole house.

Обзор Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Подробный отчет о эксплуатации и настройке.

The most significant improvement compared to previous models is the function of washing the floors. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P can wash, vacuum or wash and vacuum simultaneously. Neither Xiaomi Mi Robot, nor Xiaomi Mijia 1s Robot Vacuum has wet cleaning.


  • Type of cleaning: dry, wet.
  • Type of container: for dust, for water 550 ml.
  • Film filter: there is.
  • Suction power: 33 watts.
  • Noise level: 76 dB.
  • Additional information: Navigation system.
  • Type of battery: Li-Ion, capacity 3200 mAh.
  • Work time on the battery: up to 110 minutes.
  • Battery charging time: 150 min.
  • Type of sensors: optical.
  • Building a map of the premises: there is.
  • Number of movement modes: 3.
  • Programming by day of the week: there is.
  • Control from smartphone: yes.
  • Works in the Smart House system: yes.
  • Communication Protocol: Wi-Fi
  • Dimensions and weight (ShHHHV): 35x35x9.45 cm.
  • Weight: 3.6 kg

Comparison: Robot Mop P Vs Mi Robot vs Mijia 1s

How to control a robot?

There are only two buttons on the case of the novelty. turning on and returning to the base. With a long press, they also start clining in different modes. But in reality, the buttons are unlikely to be useful. It is much more convenient to control the robot from the phone. Only the Mi Home utility, available on Android and iOS, will reveal all the possibilities of Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop.

In Mi Home, the power of the vacuum cleaner is configured: from really quiet work (preset “silent”) to maximum (“turbo”). All 2500 PAs issued by the Japanese beast engine are already heard in turbo generation. But carpets of increased hairyness will become cleaner.

The map of the apartment, which the Xiaomi gadget will build after a couple of areas, is also available in the application. It is convenient to fence off the area with a virtual wall where the vacuum cleaner should not go. Or circle with a frame, for example, the kitchen. After cooking, you can send a vacuum cleaner to collect everything that wakes up to the floor. And go to rest yourself.

On the first day of the test, the vacuum cleaner received the name Zhorik. For an attempt to light a sock left under the bed

How to clean?

You either click the “Start” button on the smartphone screen, or the time is suitable for a schedule. Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop in a soft female voice in pure Russian says: “I start cleaning”. The smart device drives away from the base and vacuums the entire apartment, moving along the S-shaped line. Then he returns to the starting point and bypasses the room around the perimeter, moving counterclockwise. Why exactly against the sentry? Because the vacuum cleaner has one side brush for cleaning in the corners and in a half skirting boards. It is located on the right.

Having completed cleanliness, the robot is advanced for charging. He remembers where the base is located, and finds it without problems. It is important that the free space around the selected point is enough: you need 0.5 meters on the sides and 1.5 meters in front.

If you manually take the vacuum cleaner away from the base, it may not find the road back. But this is rather a theoretical restriction. In practice, wearing a device somewhere simply does not make sense. It is more convenient to indicate the cleaning area on the map. the vacuum cleaner will reach there, get it and will come back.

much, does, robot, vacuum, cleaner


Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is designed only for dry cleaning. The effectiveness of the work is provided by twelve diverse sensors (ultrasonic, optical, rangefinder). Thanks to the ergonomic design and the location of the wheels, the vacuum cleaner has excellent maneuverability.

The principle of operation is similar to all automatic assistants. The side brush directs the dust to the main brush located in the center. The latter directs garbage to the vacuum cleaner. Dust lingers in the filter and is not blown back. The side brush has hard bristles that do not wear out and do not lose their original appearance as you use. This contributes to the long service life and quality of work. Due to the high absorption power, a full.fledged cleaning of dust and garbage occurs, even adhering to the surface or stuck in the carpet.

Mi Robot has two main functioning modes:

  • automatic: single (or two for small rooms) cleaning the entire room;
  • Local: to clean the most polluted areas (for this, the vacuum cleaner must be transferred manually to this zone).
much, does, robot, vacuum, cleaner

The device allows you to install the cleaning cycles schedule through the application. It operates automatically until the charge decreases to 20%, after which he will find the station and will be recharged. After the charge is replenished, it will continue to work from the stoppage. Using a special magnetic tape, you can fence off part of the room where cleaning is not necessary. But this detail is not included in the complete set, it must be purchased separately.


This Xiaomi vacuum cleaner model has a fairly simple complete set:

It is worth noting that the user’s instructions are written in Chinese. To understand the features of use, you should download it and translate it into Russian or use a mobile application.

Completion of robot percussions: Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum 3c and Xiaomi Vacuum Mop 2C.

Well, let’s go on the configuration, there is still changes here. In 3C there is such a nozzle for wet cleaning, it tightly adjacent to the vacuum cleaner, the water flows through it, and this microfiber rag actually washes the floor. Microfiber, which is important, with antibacterial impregnation, which, together with bacteria, destroys smells. Once again, it can not be touched, but after especially severe cleaning it is still desirable to rinse.

In 2C, similarly, there is a nozzle and a water tank, a volume of 200 ml. There is an instruction on how to pour water, a rag is also from microfiber, but it differs in size from an analogue in 3s.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2 Pro (2022 ) REVIEW. Must have for Every Home ⚡️

But there is a tool for cleaning the vacuum cleaner only in 3C. Additional napkins or brushes, which for 2C, that for 3C, alas, are not provided for. If it is worn out, order something from China or look for in your city stores. Although, perhaps, for 3C it will be very problematic, at least at first for sure.

Charger blocks of vacuum cleaners Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum 3c and Xiaomi Vacuum Mop 2C.

Next, let’s talk about the databases. 3C chargen blocks are massive on the side. But on the basis for 2C they are not so large and are located on the panel below, that is, the vacuum cleaner ran directly on them. An adapter for power in 3C is made to foreign sockets, you will need an adapter, while 2C has the most ordinary fork for our native sockets.

Let’s talk about 3C and its characteristics in more detail. The design is made of white matte plastic, and the first thing that catches your eye is Lidar. This is this tower. It installed a LDS laser navigation system, which scans the space around him 360 ° at a distance of 8 meters with a sampling frequency of 2 k/s (2000 counts per second) and a 2nd error.5%. This allows you to quickly determine the home environment and create an accurate map of the house. The exact map of the house! This is already one of the spy militants, you know all these cunning gadgets of James Bond ? A pen with a laser, glasses with a camera, a vacuum cleaner creating a map or so Xiaomi collects data about us so that.? I don’t know that. To know where we have a closet and where is the refrigerator? In short, friends, I just invented a new theory of conspiracy. But for its purpose I have not yet decided. In any case, cook foil caps! After all, Xiaomi was also provided with C3 by a set of sensors. They say to prevent a collision with obstacles. But I’m sure they are definitely watching Especially, C3 is able to save as much as 5 cards!

I would like to note that the lidar cover is not loaded as in other vacuum cleaners. In front of the mechanical bumper, there is an obstacle detection sensor, and two maples for charging are located behind. There are also two mechanical buttons on the case: start, pause and forced return to the base for charging. The vacuum cleaner is located under the lid. Its volume of 300 ml. Here we have HEPA.filter. Here a water tank with a volume of 170 ml is built. We look at what is under our vacuum cleaner: and then you can see 4 sensors from the fall from a height. That is, the vacuum cleaner should not fall off the steps. We look further: a side three.beam brush, a central brush with silicone inserts so that you can adapt to the relief of the flooring, also there is a lot of pile in this brush, and the design is not collapsible. It can only be removed from the hole and, if necessary, cleaned if the hair is stuck. Immediately two motor-wheels with springs, which are automatically immersed in a niche at a load, and a small wheel.

By the way, the design of the 3C robot permit provides for the presence of a vacuumber and water tank-“two in one”, in the previous model these elements lived separately.

Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum-Mop 3c (CN) robot

At the time of August 2022, there is only a Chinese version on the market.

  • An increased absorption power. 4000Pa;
  • Lighting engine (longer service life, more powerful);
  • The presence of a laser rangefinder Lidar (more accurate orientation in space);
  • S-shaped Y-shaped path of robot during cleaning (better cleaning resembling manual weapons).
  • 4 of the absorption mode during dry cleaning and the 3rd level of water supply intensity. A microfiber with antibacterial coating is responsible for moist cleaning;
  • Automatic division of the room into zones;
  • Multicard (builds cards on several floors);
  • Zonal cleaning (cleaning of a separate zone on the map or specified area on the map);
  • Virtual walls, forbidden zones (zones where the robot will not be able to drive);
  • The ability to rename the zones after automatic separation.

The battery capacity allows you to remove an area of ​​about 120 m 2 on one charging. The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with optical depth sensors that prevent the fall from a height.

Connection regions: in the official Mihome it is connected only to China, in fashion in any region (however, in the “non.Chinese” region of the IJAI robots, Verrsya for the Chinese market, they will not display the card, keep this in mind when buying)

The plugin integration in Mihome and boxes will be in Chinese. RUSISIFICATION OF PLAGINA (you can download files in the file) is possible by replacing it with a custom from VEVS, using a mod.

There is the possibility of changing voice voice acting to custom.

Laser rangefinder
Suction power 4000 Pa
There is no global version
From the box everything is in Chinese

Of course, after adding a robot permit to Mihome, you can start cleaning, control the level of power, observe the movement of the vacuum cleaner around the IT.D. From any place where there is the Internet.

much, does, robot, vacuum, cleaner

You can create up to 10 planned samples. So that the last cleaning ends successfully, it is recommended to install intervals lasting at least 2 hours when planning. With too short interval, the last cleaning can be interrupted. You can make no more than 5 cards.

220V outlet for connecting the charger of the station and Wi-Fi router with access to the Internet operating at a frequency of 2.4 Hz (the most common format, frequency of 5Hz is not supported)

Yes, you can send a vacuum cleaner through the Mihome application to clean up a specific room or determine the local area. At the first passage of the premises, the vacuum cleaner robot will build a map, which can then be editing, identifying rooms and forbidden areas (for example, where there are children’s toys or shoes in the corridor)

If, the battery level of the battery drops to 15%, the vacuum cleaner go to recharge, then continue cleaning from the place of interruption.

Connection is possible only to the China region in the official application, you can demolish in fashion in any region.

From the main screen of the Mihome application, click “if you have the appropriate settings (automatic scanning Wi-Fi devices) of the vacuum cleaner icon will appear in the upper part of the application, clicking on which the installation process will begin. Next, you will need to select your Wi-Fi network, to which the vacuum cleaner robot will be connected. After entering the network password, the device plugin is downloaded and you can use the equipment from the smartphone.

Try to take the following steps, after each, try connecting. one. Turn on geolocation (location) 2 on your smartphone 2. Reset the Wi-Fi connection settings on the robot (holding 2 buttons) 3. Make sure the region in the Mihome application is selected correctly 4. Click Reset on a vacuum cleaner 5. Create an access point on another smartphone with the same name and password of the network as on the router and try to connect

(1) Make sure that the charger of the dock is installed correctly: a) place the charging dock on the wall on the flat surface and remove all extraneous objects at a distance of 0.5 m on the sides from the charging dock and 1.5 m in front of it ; b) Make sure that on the opposite of the charger side of the room there are no objects with strong reflective properties, such as mirrors, windows and objects with a shiny metal surface. (2) Place the robot vacuum cleaner at a distance of about 1 meter in front of the charging dock, and then click the button of the dock and check whether the device can return to the docking station for charging. (3) If the robot permissive still cannot return to the docking station for charging, contact the after-sales service service.

(1) Make sure that the electric socket is correctly frightened, and check if the power supply cord is connected correctly. (2) Check the charger contacts of the robot and the charging dock for pollution. If they are, wipe the contacts with a dry cloth.

(one.) When using the robot, select the function of quick creation of cards or the full cleaning function according to the instructions in the appendix, and the card will automatically remain at the end of the cleaning. (2.) When using a robot spool in a new place (for example, on another floor), create a new card, choosing the settings list of cards Create a new card in the application plugin. To distinguish between maps of different places, assign them different names. (3.) Pay attention to the following points when creating cards: a. The robot vacuum cleaner should start cleaning with a charging dock, the location of which cannot be changed during the creation of the map; B. Do not interfere in the work of the robot and do not move it during the creation of the card. The new card will automatically be preserved after the return of the robot permits to the docking station for charging; C. Location of reflective objects, such as mirrors, windows and shiny metal objects, will negatively affect the creation of a map.

The card must be saved before use. It will be automatically divided into rooms after saving, and in the main menu of the application plugin the function of customizable cleaning will be available. During custom.made cleaning, select the desired room and set the number of samples, mode and volume of water for each of them.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S robot

One of the good options for Xiaomi vacuum cleaners in terms of price/quality, if we consider the purchase here and now in the nearest store.

In fact, it is an improved version of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 3C vacuum cleaner. IJAI.Vacuum.V18), which in turn is a simplified version of Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 (IJAI.Vacuum.v2).

At the moment, there is only a global version for sales outside China. Pretty languages: Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian.

Russian voice acting is available after update to the version 4.3.3 (for 4.one.3 We have a translated application and lack of Russian voice acting).

The robot vacuum cleaner positions itself as a model of the middle-top segment, is equipped with a lidar, which allows the vacuum cleaner to navigate in the room and build a detailed map (cleaning accuracy is higher, and the cleaning time is less compared to models without a laser rangefinder).

The functionality provides for the creation of more than one card when cleaning, which, for example, allows you to remove several floors of the house without additional time costs for re.scanning the cleaning area.

Like previous models can be removed in separate rooms, on the map you can note forbidden zones and install virtual walls.

The battery capacity allows you to remove an area of ​​approximately 120 kV on one charging.m., And the depth sensors will not let the vacuum cleaner fall from the stairs (which, of course, is relevant due to the presence of the function of the “multicard”).

In the dry cleaning mode, it has 4 levels of absorption power, but in the case of wet cleaning, not one, but two and two modes-spectacles of cleaning are available (which favorably distinguishes this model from the nearest “competitors”). In addition to simple “smearing” a rag, there is a mode of “professional (thorough) wet cleaning” which involves a vibro-module for a more thorough washing of the sexes.

Application Interais, as well as voice alerts completely in Russian, which is called “out of the box”. It is possible to install additional custom voice acting.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Dry cleaning robot. The declared operating time from the battery is as long as 150 minutes, which, you see, is a very good figure.

As in other robots from Xiaomi, it supports the construction of a room card. The declared weight is 3.8 kg.

Buyers were satisfied: setting the schedule, several absorption modes, stylish design, power, large number of sensors, convenient management through the application.

Xiaomi Xiaowa Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite C102-00

Xiaomi Xiaowa Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite C102-00 is made in the same style as most other company vacuum cleaners. And yet there is a difference, for example, even weight varies. here it is 3 kg.

The robot vacuum cleaner supports movement in a spiral, along the walls, programming on the days of the week, automatic installation on the charger.

Users liked it: cleaning quality, convenient control from a smartphone, low noise, stylish design, good price-quality ratio, always finds the base.

TOP of the best robots-periles of Xiaomi 2021

Xiaomi produces more than 20 robots with wet cleaning. To make it easier for you to navigate, we collected in one place the top of the best robots of Xiaomi vacuum cleaners with wet cleaning in 2021:

  • Xiaomi Xiaowa E202 00 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite;
  • Xiaomi Dreame D9;
  • Xiaomi Dreame F9;
  • Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot V3;
  • Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot;
  • Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Vacuum Cleaner 1c;
  • Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Robot G1;
  • Roborock S5 Max;
  • Roborock E4;
  • Roborock S6 Maxv;
  • Roborock S6 Pure.

Let’s get to know each of them better. We will review, consider the technical characteristics, advantages, disadvantages of the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning. You can make a comparison and choice, and then buy a suitable robot vacuum cleaner.

Xiaowa E202 00 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite

Xiaowa E202 00 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite is used for any flooring. There is a soft bumper, built.in hours. Controlled through the Mi Home application on a smartphone. The robot vacuum cleaner perfectly identifies the area, plans the route. Pointed on the side with a brush and electrode. Operating modes: movement in a spiral, along the walls. Xiaowa E202 00 robot vertebrae builds a room card. You can set a timer, calculation of cleaning time, programming by day of the week.

  • AKB Li-Ion 2600 mAh.
  • The area of ​​the room is up to 80 m2.
  • Absorption power 1800 Pa.
  • Overcoming obstacles up to 2 cm.
  • For charging is put automatically.
  • 54 W consumption power.
  • Vacurater capacity 640 ml.
  • Smart House.
  • Branded design, quality of material.
  • Small size, height. 9 cm.
  • Remote control.
  • Great absorption power.
  • Autonomy of work.
  • The presence of a turbo.

Xiaomi Dreame D9

Dreame D9 with wet cleaning and high power. Advanced navigation, strong engine, Lidar. all inclusive. Water supply is regulated electronically. A mechanical bumper of the soft touch is installed in front, which allows the robot to touch the objects softer. You can manage through the mi home mobile application.

  • AKB Li-Ion 5200 mAh.
  • Absorption power 3000 PA.
  • Territory coverage up to 250 kV.m.
  • Opening hours up to 150 min.
  • Vacuumber capacity 570 ml, water tank 270 ml.
  • Overcomes obstacles up to 2 cm.
  • Good navigation.
  • High speed.
  • Distributes the room to the zones.
  • Regulates absorption power and water supply level.
  • All advanced functionality in the application.
  • High.quality cleaning.
  • The average absorption power.
  • Good overcoming obstacles.

Xiaomi Dreame F9

Dreame F9 washing vacuum cleaner. suitable for hard.to.reach places. Easily calls for low furniture, since the height of its case is only 8 cm. A mechanical bumper of the soft touch is installed in front, a vacuum cleaner is placed under the top cover. Behind, to the bottom, the tank for wet cleaning is attached.

The Dreame F9 robot has 4 protection sensors, identifies the area. Functions. divides the room into zones, you can choose rooms, support for forbidden areas, as well as virtual walls. Controlled through the Mi Home application.

  • AKB Li-Ion 5200 mAh.
  • Suction power up to 2500 Pa.
  • Opening hours up to 150 min.
  • Territory up to 240 kV.m.
  • Vacuumber capacity 600 ml, water tank 200 ml.
  • Obstructiveness of obstacles up to 20 mm.
  • Noise level up to 72 dB.
  • Good navigation.
  • The average absorption power.
  • High.quality cleaning.
  • Obstructiveness of obstacles.
  • Quality assembly.
  • Small body height.
  • The optimal cost.

Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot V3

VIOMI Cleaning Robot V3 robot with an advanced navigation system and LDS. Has a side brush, an electric shock, optical sensors. The construction of the card is performed more accurately, the risk of staging or passage by wires is completely excluded. Modes: spiral, zigzag, around the perimeter, local. Available options. time calculation, setting schedule, virtual wall, “blind” zones. Controlled through the Mi Home application, there is a voice option.

  • Territory coverage up to 200 m2.
  • The clock is built.
  • The map of the room is built.
  • AKB Li-Ion 4900 mAh.
  • Opening hours 170 min.
  • Charging time 360 ​​min.
  • The volume of containers for dust and water. 550 ml.
  • Sucking power 40 watts.
  • A capacious battery.
  • Powerful.
  • Supported as much as 7 cleaning modes.
  • Estimates the height of the barriers, the presence of steps in the room.
  • Light weight. only 3.6 kg.

VIOMI Cleaning Robot

VIOMI Cleaning Robot with wet cleaning has modern navigation, cartography, Lidar. A vacuum cleaner is installed under the cover of the device, as well as a tool for cleaning the brush is hidden. If necessary, the vacuum cleaner is replaced by a tank with a liquid. The robot determines the distance to the walls and surrounding objects. Controlled by mi home mobile application. VIOMI Cleaning Robot has the following operating modes. normal, eco, turbo.

We completely dismantled the rating of the best Xiaomi robotes with wet cleaning of 2021. All presented models are quite interesting. Which robot vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning to buy?

If higher absorption power is important to you, we recommend choosing a Roborock line. They all have this parameter.

If necessary, it is better to choose a large coverage of the territory from the following Xiaomi. Dreame D9, Dreame F9, Viomi Cleaning Robot V3, Roborock S5 Max, Roborock S6 Maxv, Roborock S6 Pure.

Want to purchase a device with decent characteristics at a moderate price? Xiaomi vacuum cleaners. Xiaowa E202 00 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Lite, Mijia Sweeping Vacuum Cleaner 1c or Mijia Sweeping Robot G1.

In conclusion, I would like to add that the robot vacuum cleaner will help free time for more pleasant things: walks, meetings with friends, physical activity and other leisure. He will be an excellent assistant for you. If you cannot decide which device is better to choose, first of all, on your priorities and financial capabilities.



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