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How much coffee in a geyser coffee maker


We often discussed tea and coffee. Talked about the dangers and benefits of these hot drinks. But let’s see what they are being done. So to speak cook and prepare. We will analyze the geyser coffee maker and the methods of preparing coffee in it. This is probably the simplest device for getting good coffee without loss of quality, at home.

For the first time seeing a geyser coffee maker, you will not immediately understand how to cook in it. Having learned once, you will remember forever. Just need to be promoted. And the rest will be analyzed in more detail further. The geyser coffee maker is called so no coincidence. You can make a drink in it only in one way, similar to the eruption of a geyser. This type of apparatus was invented in the first half of the 19th century, and only at the end of the 20th century it was widely popular due to the fact that it turned out to be easy, simple and convenient to brew coffee in it.

And in the final version, when boiling water passed through coffee in a coffee maker only once, it was brought to mind and patented by the Italian Alfonso Bialetti already in 1933 from the Nativity of Christ. And they began to call it “Moka Express”, which today, in fact, is a synonym for a geyser coffee maker or bialetti coffee maker. To date, Bialetti is already a well.known brand that produces “real” coffee makers.

But since the device of the coffee maker is simple, well studied and does not fake any secrets in itself, it is produced by everything who is interested in various brands with a different number of faces, with a different nose and so on. And it cannot be said that coffee brewed in “non-real” coffee makers is somehow significantly different from the original Bialetti. The source material is the quality of coffee grain, how it is darmed, how long it has been stored and in what conditions, it plays a more significant role here. The better it is, the tastier the coffee will be.

About how to prepare coffee can tell and clearly demonstrate many videos of recipes, although the process remains as simple as possible and does not require intervention by the user. You can brew the drink by falling up ground coffee in a special compartment and fluid bay in the tank. As heated, the water under the pressure will rise up and, passing through the grinding, absorb its taste and aromatic qualities. The finished product flows into a special compartment (located at the very top), from where it can be poured into cups. Disputes about how best to cook coffee in a geyser.type coffee makeup still do not subside, many fans of the invigorating drink have their own recipes, although most often the process is limited to simple manipulations.

Geyser coffee maker is used to prepare a strong dark espresso. Sometimes it is called a “teapot for espresso” or espresso “poor”. The geyser coffee maker works if you are looking for a way to make cheap espresso, the next method is for you.

What do you need: 1. Geyser kettle or “Coffee maker for espresso” 2. Coffee 3. Plate

much, coffee, geyser, maker

It is necessary to understand what the geyser coffee maker consists of. It has three compartments, one for water (a), the other for coffee grains (c) and the third. for the finished product (c).

The lower compartment is intended for water. As a rule, it also has an injection valve.

The middle compartment is designed for crushed coffee beans. It should not be filled completely.

The upper compartment is intended for finished espresso/coffee.

Geyser coffee maker from Aliexpress

Clean your geyser coffee maker when first used by boiling old coffee beans as a check. Throw away what happened. This is necessary only to clean the device and check the functioning of the discharge valve. Repeat the procedure three times so that all compartments are clean.

Pour water into the lower compartment. It should be filled to the level of the discharge valve, if you want to get Americano, and half less. if you want to cook espresso. Add medium grinding coffee grains. Don’t put too much! Make sure that there are no coffee grains along the edges of the funnel and the lower compartment.

Put the filled basket in place and attach the lid.

Put a geyser coffee maker on the source of fire and adjust the temperature to the maximum level, so that the fire, if you use the stove, does not go beyond the edges of the kettle. The steam valve must be turned to you. Turn off the source of fire when the espresso (black coffee) will stop flowing, and leave it to drain. If you do not turn off the fire, then coffee, especially black, will burn a couple in the lower compartment.

Pour coffee and enjoy. Do not allow the children to touch the kettle if he is still hot. Wait 15 minutes while it cools down, or hold it under cold water before washing. As soon as he cools, wash it manually without soap. Do not wash in a dishwasher and use abrasive cleaning agents.

We figured out how to properly cook coffee in a geyser coffee maker, now let’s talk about how to care for it, so that it lasts a long time. Firstly, it is necessary to wash the device after each preparation of the drink, but this can only be done when the device cools down (metal and ceramics from which modern coffee makers are produced do not like sudden temperature drops).

Secondly, it is very important to monitor the state in which the filter and rubber products (gaskets) are located, because they are most susceptible to wear in the process of temperature changes. It is necessary to rinse the filter as thoroughly as possible, for this there are detergents or ordinary baking soda that perfectly removes all deposits and plaque. And the third: do not wash the plaque from the walls of the apparatus, since it serves as a kind of filter that prevents oxidation and neutralizing the unpleasant taste of the drink. The fact is that the resins contained in the paraul in the process of preparation create a kind of protective film on the inner wall of the coffee pot.

Possible problems (and their solution): steam seeps. fix the lid before boiling, making sure that it is clean and fastened well. The steam does not come out of the grinding. either the grinding is too small, or it is too carefully packed.

Filtered water will significantly improve the taste of coffee. Heat a little vinegar in the kettle every few weeks to remove the scale and stains. If you grind the grains manually, make them large to prevent their seeping through holes in the basket and getting into the drink. Maintain water level below the safety valve to prevent water seeping on the stove.

Step.by.step instructions: how to cook coffee in a geyser coffee maker

How to cook coffee in a geyser coffee maker? Follow simple rules: use high-quality water, it is better if it is from the filter, or bottled. It is not necessary to boil water in preliminarily, it will pass thermal treatment in the coffee pot.

Pour water into the bottom of the coffee pot to the mark (observing the proportions, it is necessary that the water does not spill over the edge after boiling and upwards, staining the device and the stove around). In the absence of a mark, the water level should not exceed the height of the metallic valve of the output of steam (round ball).

How much coffee to pour in a geyser coffee maker?

Next, in a special compartment (filter) installed on the lower part, you need to fall asleep ground coffee. Choose the grinding so that the pair is enough for the strength to “push through” the water through the mass of powder, not making the question of how to make coffee in a geyser coffee maker.

When buying ready.made ground coffee, check out the notes on the package that will tell you which variety and roasting are suitable for use in MOK. As for whether it is necessary to ram coffee in the filter. Opinions diverge, as a rule, if you want to get a powerful taste, the grinding can be slightly compacted with a spoon, but slightly.

Screw the upper part to the bottom so tightly that when cooking, not a drop of the drink does not leak through the structure, otherwise you can burn yourself.

How many minutes to cook coffee in a geyser coffee maker?

Coffee cooking time depends on the plate used. Focus on the time of boiling water:

  • Electric stove is the hardest thing to control the boiling process, therefore it is recommended to use the smallest burner using the average level of fire, or start at maximum, and when it comes to direct boiling, reduce fire
  • The gas stove is the most acceptable, with the task of how to properly cook coffee in a geyser coffee maker on a gas stove, any Italian will cope. a continent similar in shape to a boot, is very well.gasified, open fire accelerates the process of heating of the liquid.
  • Induction stove. overtakes gas speed in speed, but you need to remember that special dishes and devices are used on this type of plates, however, Bialetti also took care of this and launched induction moks on sale.

In general, depending on the size of the coffee maker and the volume of water poured, the cooking time will take no more than ten minutes.

How to understand that coffee is ready in a geyser coffee maker?

The preparation of coffee in a geyser coffee maker was crowned with success when coffee will appear in the upper part of the coffee pot. He leaks through the tube, passing under the pressure of steam through a filter with ground coffee and is fed with a sufficient taste.

The main thing is to monitor what is happening inside, for this you can open the upper cover and the moment when we begin to fill the upper bowl, remove the coffee pot from the stove or turn off the fire. Two weeks of practice will teach you to accurately determine the right moment.

Do not wait until the coffee maker begins to make snorting sounds. they mean that all heated water has turned into a burning steam that can reduce the quality of coffee. If it was not possible to avoid it, pour the lower part with cold water to stop the cooking process.

Methods for making coffee in a geyser coffee maker

There are several ways to cook coffee in a geyser.type coffee maker. The essence based on the pressure of the steam does not change, only the state of the poured water changes.

Cold brewing

The classic method described above. in the lower part of the coffee pot it is necessary to pour not boiled, filtered or mineral water without gases. This method is more duration, since “raw” water can boil up to ten minutes, depending on the type of stove. This method is called classic.

Hot brewing

During hot brewing, the water poured into the lower compartment must first be brought to a boil in an electric kettle to accelerate the boiling process directly in the device. This option is suitable for those who want to save time.

How to make coffee?

Brewing is performed in several stages.

  • Remove the upper part, filter.
  • Pour water into the lower vessel.
  • Pour ground coffee grains into the filter.
  • Collect the device.
  • Install on the stove, heat 5-10 minutes.
  • Pour the finished drink immediately into cups.

You need to correctly prepare your geyser coffee maker. All its details should be clean, dry. If necessary, rinse them before use, so that the finished coffee does not have an extraneous taste.

It is necessary to pour water into the tank either to the mark on it, or so that it does not reach the safety valve a little. Italians recommend using warm or hot water. so the aroma will be better to open. As for other cooking methods, water quality is important. It should be clean, not too hard.

Ground grains simply fall asleep, they do not need to compact them in a filter, otherwise holes may clog. The filter roller is installed on the lower tank, and then the upper part is tightly fastened.

Heat the collected geyser coffee maker on the stove. The first few times it is better to use small heating, gradually choosing the optimal duration, temperature for cooking. Usually the whole process takes no more than 10 minutes. At this time, the geyser coffee maker makes gurgling sounds. If they stopped, then the drink is ready.

Heating rate affects extraction. The lower it is, the slower the water passes through ground grains, the longer the extraction is running. This makes the aroma and taste more saturated. The faster the water heats up, the faster the drink is prepared, but it turns out not so saturated.

When the coffee is ready, remove your geyser coffee maker from the stove or turn off the heating. Carefully open the upper container, mix the drink. Immediately after that, pour it into cups.

  • Before the first application, check in the instructions if there are special recommendations or requirements.
  • Bake fresh coffee each time, do not brew it again.
  • Details of geyser coffee makers can be very hot. Keep care so as not to burn yourself.
  • Immediately after use, you need to wash all parts of the device.

What to do if water remains in the lower tank?

After using a geyser coffee maker, a certain amount of water can remain in the lower tank, and this is normal. When preparing a drink, not all water should rise and pass through the filter. Just pour it when you wash the lower tank.

You can use a geyser coffee maker only for brewing coffee. Do not fall asleep into the filter tea, cocoa, herbs or chicory. this can ruin the filter or other details. Even if the filter does not clog, it will not work to prepare a delicious drink. the principle of operation is designed specifically for coffee, and for tea, cocoa or chicory, the extraction rate will be inappropriate.

Types of geyser coffee machines

Geyser coffee makers are produced by other companies, for example, Bellman, Alessi, Cuisinox, Volturno. But Bialetti still remains the legislator.

Part of the models of geyser coffee bears Bialetti are made of stainless steel: Musa, Class and Venus. Such devices are suitable not only for gas and electric, but first of all these are coffee makers for induction plates. Also on sale there are electric geyser coffee makers.

Bialetti Brikka is the only model using which you can make coffee with foam. In its case, increased pressure is created, and a special valve is laid on the nose of the tube through which coffee comes out.

Bialetti Mukka Express. Geyser coffee coffee maker for cappuccino. Milk and coffee are beaten in the upper tank using a special nozzle-kapuchinator.

Bialetti Mukka Express 2

Moka device

The geyser coffee maker consists of three parts: the lower reservoir where the water is poured, the mesh filter roller, in which the coffee is poured, and the upper tank where the finished drink is turned out. Hot water from the lower part is displaced by steam pressure, passes through a filter with ground coffee, and the drink is in the upper part-the whole process takes two to four minutes, depending on the volume of the coffee maker.

How to cook coffee in a geyser coffee maker correctly

Как на счет того, чтобы приготовить вкусный кофе без дорогостоящей кофемашины? Гейзерные кофеварки или как их еще называют в Европе «Мока экспресс» готовят на плите такие же насыщенные кофейные напитки как в кофемашине и турке, но без гущи в чашке, выкипания и траты больших денег.

Оригинальная, но очень простая конструкция была изобретена в 1933 году итальянским инженером Альфонсо Биалетти. С тех пор это самый популярный инструмент для приготовления кофе в Европе. С его помощью вы сможете сварить основу для латте, капучино или макиато без использования дорогостоящей техники. «Мока экспресс» можно ставить на электрические и газовые плиты, а самые стойкие из них варят кофе на открытом огне, что делает их отличным выбором для похода. Сегодня говорим о том, что такое гейзерная кофеварка, чем она отличается от турки, и как правильно ею пользоваться чтобы сварить лучший кофе в своей жизни.

В чем лучше варить кофе в турке или гейзерной кофеварке?

Турка — емкость для приготовления кофе в форме бочонка, у которого диаметр горлышка в 2 раза меньше чем основание. Узкое горлышко не позволяет кофейным маслам и природному аромату улетучиваться во время варки. В нее наливается молотый кофе и необходимое количество воды. В центральной части сосуда, называемой горлышком, незадолго до закипания появляется кофейная пробка, которая сохраняет интенсивный вкус и запах напитка. Гуща остается на дне бочонка. Приготовление кофе в турке требует особого внимания. Вам придется стоять над плитой и полностью контролировать весь процесс. Стоит отвлечься, и кофейная гуща выльется на плиту.

Гейзерная кофеварка также требует воды и кофейного порошка, но варит напиток без вашего участия и оповещает о его готовности шипящими звуками. Важный нюанс — кофемашину необходимо каждый раз загружать молотыми зернами по максимуму, независимо от того нужно ли вам приготовить 1 или 4 чашки. В турке можно приготовить ровно столько порций, сколько надо.

В турку и гейзерную кофеварку можно добавлять специи, чтобы разнообразить привычный вкус экспрессо. После турки в чашке остается кофейная гуща, что усложняет мытье посуды. С гейзером такой проблемы нет, потому что в нем установлен фильтр.

Гейзерная кофемашина более удобна и не требует контроля, тогда как турка варит быстрее, но нуждается в пристальном внимании и сноровке. В турке можно приготовить очень крепкий экспрессо с горчинкой, в гейзере варится напиток средней крепости. Если турку достаточно ополоснуть под краном, но гейзер требует тщательного очищения фильтра.

Types of geyser coffee machines

Geyser coffee makers are produced by other companies, for example, Bellman, Alessi, Cuisinox, Volturno. But Bialetti still remains the legislator.

Part of the models of geyser coffee bears Bialetti are made of stainless steel: Musa, Class and Venus. Such devices are suitable not only for gas and electric, but first of all these are coffee makers for induction plates. Also on sale there are electric geyser coffee makers.

Bialetti Brikka is the only model using which you can make coffee with foam. In its case, increased pressure is created, and a special valve is laid on the nose of the tube through which coffee comes out.

Bialetti Mukka Express. Geyser coffee coffee maker for cappuccino. Milk and coffee are beaten in the upper tank using a special nozzle-kapuchinator.

Bialetti Mukka Express 2

much, coffee, geyser, maker

How to choose a geyser coffee maker

Bialetti produces coffee makers for 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 servings of coffee. A feature of the design of the device. a strictly defined amount of coffee is prepared in it: if the coffee maker is designed for 3 servings, it will not be possible to cook more or less at a time. Portion volume. 40 ml. To prepare such a amount of coffee, 60 ml of water is poured into the lower tank.

The coffee maker cannot be disassembled while it is hot, otherwise it is easy to burn yourself. A model designed for heating on the stove can be forcibly cooled under a stream of water. But if the coffee maker is electric. you have to wait until it cools down. Therefore, if there are many guests in the house, quickly (in several visits) to prepare coffee for them in a small electric coffee maker for them.

When choosing a coffee maker, you need to watch how convenient the pen is. It is better if the model is made of non.heating material (for example, bakelite).

The first 5-6 servings of coffee prepared in the new aluminum coffee maker, the manufacturer recommends pouring. They are considered “test”. Only after the metal is saturated with the aroma of coffee, the drink in the coffee maker will be tasty and fragrant.

Choice features and the best coffee for moki

How to choose coffee for a geyser coffee maker is the most important of questions.

You choose a specific variety and degree of frying coffee grains depending on your taste. It is known that the geyser uses a more aggressive way of cooking coffee and that it cannot be boiled in it by espresso. However, the universal rules that you need to take fresh and high.quality coffee grain, you need to choose the right grinding, you need to use soft water, it works here. Only in this case you can brew delicious coffee in a geyser coffee maker.

For a geyser, you can ground coffee grain on your own, using a millstone coffee grinder with adjusting the degree of grinding, since such coffee grinders give a more homogeneous grinding, the drink will be tastier. You can also use the services of coffee houses and specialized stores where you will be silent at your request.

Demand does not fall on MOKA-Express, and therefore some manufacturers included a special product in the assortment designed precisely for this method of preparation. It is recommended to buy coffee with the inscription on the package “MOKA”.

Some make a special rating of brands of coffee from which you can prepare a drink on a geyser. The choice is large in the market. You can try all types of freshly ground coffee.


Medium-sized coffee is the best option for geyser-type devices.

Degree of grinding and dosage of coffee

Manufacturers of such devices initially lay the ratio of coffee and water, so you do not need to worry about this. Just fill the filter to the brim and without top. And the water should be lower than the valve level for dumping.

Moka Express is intended only for ground coffee. Other types of coffee, as soluble or flavored and so on, are not suitable. The essence of flavorings can lead themselves differently with aggressive effects of steam in a geyser coffee maker.

And spices (cinnamon, cloves and cardamom), ground to the same extent as the grains of coffee, are poured along with coffee powder into the filter basket before cooking.

The coffee maker can ruin other varieties of drinks.

How to grind coffee and how to choose the right degree of grinding can you read here.

The grinding of a grinding to the touch should be slightly smaller than sand or with the size of the crystals of sea salt. This directly affects the fortress of coffee. In the case of MOK express, the smallest grinding in dust will not come in handy.

How much to pour coffee, the suitable volume of the filter was considered by manufacturers.

But you can reinstall your skill in cooking using different degrees of grinding. Much thinner grains of coffee give a stronger drink. Experts advise using much thin grinding in small coffee makers, and in coffee makers for large portions, much larger than grinding.

The ground coffee on the filter cannot be tamped: through a layer of coffee, the water will not be able to leak and a high pressure is created in the bottom vessel of the geyser. The preventive valve is designed to lower steam in such cases. Also, coffee powder of smaller grinding can score the valve, so it must be cleaned from time to time with a thin stick.

You need to thoroughly blow the grains of coffee from the edges of the filter. Coffee powder, falling on the sealant, creates a lered connection between the coffee makers compartments. Hot steam supplanting water will come out of the junction.

How to cook coffee in a geyser coffee maker with cold water

The subtleties of the difference in coffeeching thousands. To get delicious coffee, you will have to experiment a lot.

Someone uses cold water. In this case, the “cup of Joe” is preparing longer and the extraction process is slow. Therefore, coffee will turn out to be more bitter. However, many note that no difference. You can experiment yourself.

Hot water brewing

It is also recommended to immediately pour boiling water into the MOK Express. In this case, it is obvious that the coffee on the filter does not heat up longer with the metal parts of the device and the water rises up faster. In addition, the preparation of the drink will accelerate and it will not have a taste of bitterness.

Hot water rises 4-5 minutes after the start of heating. Time depends on the volume of the coffee maker and power.

How to use a geyser coffee maker

If you use this coffee maker correctly, you can get very tasty coffee. However, this method has features that should be taken into account. Geyser coffee makers are of different sizes: from tiny to exorbitantly large. You need to be especially neat with large coffee makers. If your heat source is insufficient, it will take more time to make coffee, which in turn will make it re.constructed. A large coffee maker requires larger grinding and more time for cooking coffee, otherwise the astringency and expressiveness of taste will be lost as a result of re.expression. In some geyser coffee makers, a valve is installed, which passes the water up when it reaches the desired pressure. It is also recommended to cook coffee immediately in the maximum volume. This is due to the fact that a small amount of water is faster faster steam upward, not having time to warm up to the desired temperature.

Preparation of coffee in a geyser coffee maker is a kind of art, if everything is done right, the result will exceed all your expectations. For moki, coffee of medium and dark frying is most suitable, you can also use grain for espresso light fry.

much, coffee, geyser, maker

Operating instructions for the Moka Express coffee maker from Bialetti

Moka Express coffee maker from Bialetti is made of aluminum alloy and can be used at any heat source. There are 8 modifications of the product of different sizes: per 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12 and 18 servings (cups).


Fill the lower part (1) to the safety valve (6) with water, insert a funnel.shaped filter (2) and fill it with ground coffee without compacting. Make sure that the filter plate and laying entered the corresponding nests, then tightly fasten the upper part (3) to the lower part (1). Put a coffee maker on fire and after about 4 minutes of coffee with a strong fragrant smell will begin to flow out of the column (4). When coffee fills the capacity of the upper part (3), remove the coffee maker from the fire.

Как правильно приготовить кофе в гейзерной кофеварке coffee in a geyser coffee maker 2018

Tips for Caring for the Moka Express coffee machine

Do not use various extracts, as they can clog the coffee maker filter. Spend the condition of the coffee maker regularly, changing the replaced wear parts (2.5). When parts with thread (lower part 1 and the capacity of the upper part 3) wear out, it is recommended to replace the coffee maker. Do not compact coffee in the filter. To wash the coffee maker, use water and soap; other detergents can damage the aluminum surface. To maintain shine, it is allowed to use liquid detergents for metals. Periodically carefully clean the inside of the column (4). Before using the coffee maker, check the presence of the valve in it and all the internal components, as well as the correct installation. The coffee maker is provided for a period of two years.

The new valve model will help to avoid closing clings from water: it is enough to move the piston protruding from the valve along its rod during the usual washing of the coffee pot.

Some parts of the geyser coffee maker are replaced. After several months of use, you may have to replace the rubber gasket or the entire filter. When emptying the mesh of the used coffee grounds, do not hit it. It can ruin the net. Instead rinse it under water.

Positive reviews about the geyser coffee maker

These models have two significant advantages, which are noted by both specialists and ordinary coffee lovers.

Firstly, it is the simplicity of managing the preparation process. Ready coffee does not “run away” and does not spread on the stove. The drink delicately moves into the upper container, as evidenced by the characteristic murmur. Accordingly, even without the automatic control function, the user can find out about the end of cooking.

Secondly, the taste of the drink is noted, which is prepared in a geyser-type coffee maker. Reviews indicate the fortress and saturation of coffee, which is achieved due to dense pouring water under a high pressure of steam. You can add the aesthetics of the device to these advantages. The original aluminum design may seem old.fashioned and even cheap, but the true connoisseurs of the segment will appreciate the appearance of well.groomed technology of this type.

Negative reviews about the geyser coffee maker

If such coffee makers are to blame, it is the whims of gaskets and filters. They have the most important task. to regulate the process of moving water, welded coffee and steam. It is obvious that the load on such contacts force the owners to regularly update them. According to experienced users, a geyser.type coffee maker also does not do without regular washing internal surfaces. including speakers.

If you start the process of formation of plaque and pollution, this can seriously affect the taste and aromatic properties of the drink.



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