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Instruction instructions Indesit dishwasher

It is better to think about how to use a dishwasher. If you have a large family or often guests, then buying a dishwasher is quite justified. The main thing is to correctly decide on the optimal volume and power for you when choosing a technique.

A constant headache for many housewives is the need to wash the mountains of dirty pots, plates, cups every day

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Security measures

We will not describe a specific model, present the overall picture. what sections are presented in the description, what moments should be paid close attention to.

At the very beginning, there is always safety precautions, on which your health sometimes depends. It consists of two sections:

Many users miss the first pages without even reading into the text, but in vain. it is here that all measures are listed that must be strictly performed. In order not to pay a lot of money for repairs later, it is better to spend a few minutes and study all points. believe me, many of them affect the guarantee of the product.

Distinctive features

Most of Indesit dishes are designed to build in a kitchen set. There are fewer separate models, but among them there are quite decent copies.

The manufacturer took care of consumers, combining a number of features in each machine:

  • Delicate mode. Not all manufacturers of the Economy and Standard technology provide for such a function. In the camera you can safely add crystal and dishes made of thin glass, since the machine will not damage them.
  • Regulation of shelves. There is such an opportunity in all models regardless of the cost. You can change the height without taking out the shelves.
  • Simple management. Convenient navigation panel is one of the main advantages of Indesit equipment. Even a child can easily cope with the dishwasher.

Types of dishwashers

The dishwashers Indesit are convenient in operation, have several modes and are equipped with additional functions that will delight each housewife.

The lineup includes fully and partially built.in cars, as well as separate models. When choosing a technique, you should get acquainted with the features of each of them.

Completed completely

The dishwasher is intended for the building in the niche’s headset and cannot be installed separately. There are full.size and narrow models that can be placed above.

These cars fit well into the interior: they are covered with a countertop on top, in front. facade. The machine is completely hidden from children, so they will not have a temptation to click on the buttons. Another plus. due to furniture, the noise level is reduced.

The only drawback is that the machine must be built into the headset. It will not work to put it separately, since it does not have decorative panels. The technique is more expensive than a separate state with similar characteristics.

Built.in partially

By the functions and the method of installation, the models do not differ from fully built.in.

The difference is in appearance: the control display is located outside, not hidden by the panel. The best option for those who do not want to hide the beauty of technology behind the facade.

Models are narrow and full.size. Thanks to the variety, everyone will find a suitable dishwasher for themselves.

Separately standing

The equipment does not need to be hidden in the headset, as it has a stylish and complete look. A dishwasher with a decorative facade and a door that can be placed in the kitchen, in the pantry and other rooms. You can choose a suitable model taking into account sizes and functions.

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Repair PMM “Indesit” with your own hands

If you want to repair yourself, prepare a machine. Put it out of the niche to inspect the case and facilitate disassembly.

The dishwasher does not gain water

Inspect the aggregate pouring hose. Maybe he pushed or leaned, so the water does not get into the tank. Twist the shut.off valve, it should be completely open. Check the pressure of the pressure in the crane. If you turn off the water, wait for the feed restoration.

Now proceed to a thorough examination and cleaning. Prepare the container and turn off the hose from the body. Behind it is a filter grid that blocks the entry of small garbage into the chamber. Clean both elements from blockage.

many, minutes, dishwasher, indesit

Check the inlet valve. If the mechanical part is clogged with garbage, remove it. When blocking electric coils, replace the valve. Disconnect the hose from it and turn off the wiring chips. A similar element is made to replace.

Water does not merge

Why is the drain in the PMM does not work? The main problem is blockages. Pieces of food, napkins from dishes fall into the filter, scoring it. Sometimes an extraneous object blocks the work of the impeller, then the pumping of the liquid stops.

  • Open the loading door.
  • Pull the trays from the hopper.
  • Twist the filter at the bottom. Rinse its net with warm water, clean the brush.
  • Remove the liquid from the hole behind the filter.
  • Remove the lid and clean the pump impeller.
  • Disconnect the drain hose from the sewage system.
  • Remove the garbage from the hose. Blockage is often formed in the plastic knee of the sewer.

If the cleaning did not help to eliminate the problem, it’s time to check the drainage pump.

  • Disconnect the device from power.
  • Cross the water supply.
  • Pull the towel and turn the car to the side.
  • Dismantle the lower panel.
  • Disconnect the leakage sensor wiring.
  • Attach the multimeter probes to the pump contacts.
  • Indications from 200 Ohms indicate the serviceability of the part.
  • To replace the node, pull the wiring chips.

The technique does not start

The car does not respond to commands and presses? The bulbs do not glow on the panel and the water does not climb? Check the electric part of the PMM.

  • Cable and fork. Any damage to the insulation of the cord should lead to replacement, and not to repair. This is dangerous for both the device and your health.
  • Sockets. If the outwards are not visible, include another device in the outlet. Works? So she is working.
  • Capacitor. It serves to smooth out interference on the network. There is a part near the circulation pump. When bloating and podgars, a capacitor is required to replace.

Lastly, the control module is checked. You should not repair it yourself, unless you understand the electrical circuits. But you can replace the part.

There was a leak

  • From under the loading door-wear of the seal.
  • Behind the case. a poor connection of a flood or drain hose.
  • From under the case-pumping of the pump.

Corrosion can lead to a leakage of the bunker itself. In this case, it is better to call a specialist. With the leaks of the hoses, the Aquastop system usually works. The car is squealing when working or displays an error code on the scoreboard. Check the pouring hose. If the defense has worked, then it needs to be completely replaced. Tighten the joints and tighten the clamps test.

The sealing rubber of the door is replaced simply. Remove the old cuff and attach a new one to the same place. The pumping of the pump also changes during wear or damage.

Lack of heating

The heating element burns out with tension changes or the abundance of scale on the surface. In Indesit dishwashers, a flowing heating is in conjunction with pomp, so you have to dismantle both elements.

  • Fix the clamps of Ten and pump.
  • Pull both details.
  • Turn off the ground wire.
  • Scroll the heater, removing it from the engine.

Do not rush to put all the panels in place. Run the idle cycle to make sure the tightness of the compounds.

Thus, the main malfunctions of the dishwasher are repaired. You can prevent breakdowns. But for this it is not enough to buy and install the dishwasher. It is important to comply with the operating rules:

  • Clean the dishes before loading.
  • Do not overload the camera.
  • Delete pollution from the filter after each sink.
  • Use voltage stabilizer (recommended if desired).
  • Use high.quality detergents.

What to look for when choosing

If you take into account all the moments listed below, you will be able to choose a car sink, excluding the shortcomings that are discussed above.

Corps dimensions (type)

Choose the dimensions of the machine. 45 cm (narrow) or 60 cm (full.size). is actually easy. It is worth being guided by several criteria:

  • Does the kitchen all allow you to install a full.sized model.
  • What is the volume of dishes and at what frequency are you going to wash. if your family consists of 2-3 people, you may have enough a small machine.

Classes of washing, drying, energy consumption

Do not chase additional advantages standing near the letter A on the sticker of energy efficiency. For the technique to work economically, class A is enough. Class A, A and A are more expensive, and their purchase is justified during intensive operation or work from a flowing type heater. As for the washing and drying process, today you rarely find PMM with classes below A, especially in the Model “Indesit“.


If 10 years ago on the market it was possible to meet 2 types of control: mechanics and electronics, today all manufacturers, without pronouncing, introduce exclusively electronic control. The difference is only in one: either the user panel is equipped with a display, or there is no screen.


Despite the fact that different types of connection are presented in the lineup. to cold or hot water, the masters insist on a classic connection (cold). This is simply explained: the quality of hot tap water leaves much to be desired, so the leading parts will accelerate the scope. Such cars are guaranteed to last 5 years less than the due date. over, the savings are dubious, given the current tariffs with heated water. The maximum that you can agree to is a combined connection to both water pipes.


The device of the technique is such that it cannot but noise, but noise indicators in each individual model may differ. The optimal comfortable range is 44–49 dB. Below. expensive, higher. noisy. Planning night operation? The lower noisiness, the better.

On a note! Look into a technical passport before buying and deliberately add a couple of decibels. the equipment can work more noisy than stated.

Review of modes

The standard list of programs includes (look for a more detailed description in the instructions):

  • Ordinary. standard cycle for everyday launch. Suitable for removing contaminants of moderate severity, you can load any dishes. both plates and pots.
  • An intensive cycle is an equally useful program that is able to cope with fat and soot.
  • Express washing-the fastest mode. It delete simple pollution, the time and resource consumption. minimum.
  • Delicate program for processing especially fragile dishes. If you do not plan to wash crystal or FAOR, you can refuse to enter this function into a software set.
  • Soaking or preliminary sink. a significant plus to the main cycle. Helps to wash the most dirty utensils.
  • Economy. will not be useful if there is a quick cycle in the set. Experts claim that this is an extra waste of money.
  • Bio. according to the manufacturer, in this mode, organic contaminants are perfectly split. But there will be no application if your arsenal already has an intensive sink.

Protection against leaks

In this parameter, in no case can you save. Partial protection machines are cheaper. fact. But the cost of repairs. your and your neighbors from below. will significantly exceed the amount that you will save by refusing to protect the full type.

Additional options

Additional functionality is far from in every unit. usually for all functions in excess of the standard package you have to pay extra. What could it be?

  • “3 in 1”. Given that the tablets and capsules came out in the first place in the field of household chemicals for PMM, it is worth immediately taking a car that is ready to recognize these funds. But if you are a convinced user of powders or liquids, this opportunity will be useless to you.
  • Indication. It is very convenient when the technique itself recalls that it is time to load the regenerating salt or rinsing. Ray on the floor is a more controversial option and, judging by the reviews of the owners, rarely remains in demand and useful. Unless you have a fully built.in machine and the entire panel is hidden behind the facade of the door. then such an indicator would not be superfluous, but this is a master’s business.
  • Partial load. With a half loading function and you can not collect a mountain of dishes and use twice as many resources. with it washing will be quick and economical.

Popular models

Consider models with the highest rating according to Yandex.Market “.


Disr 16B. Absolute Leader. According to the specified resource, I scored 5 points out of the possible 5 and deserved exclusively praise of customers.

For what “merits” the dishwasher fell into the top of the rating, we learn from the main characteristics:

Type, installation Narrow, fully built.in
Bunker capacity, sets ten
Energy efficiency class BUT
The presence of a display Not provided
Water consumption for the cycle, in liters ten
Noisiness, dB 51
Number of modes 6
Half loading Not
Protection protection, type Partial (only body)
The ability to use “3 in 1” Not implemented
Salt indication/rinseum Yes Yes
Dimensions (ShHHHV), centimeters 44x55x82
Price, rubles 18 490

This model is somewhat outdated, as can be seen from the list of its parameters, nevertheless, in some Internet and offline stores it is still sold. So, for example, we met her on the “electronic shelves” m.Video.

  • Just understand how to use.
  • Price.
  • Large list of necessary programs.
  • Not too noisy.
  • Well collected.
  • Has a lot for his dimensions.
  • Economical.
  • Wash well.

There are practically no negative points. Buyers complain about the absence of many useful options, which, a priori, are not characteristic of economy class technology, so we will not consider such opinions objective, as they say, “knew that we bought”.

DSR 15B3

This PMM is also rarely found on sale, but it can be found on the Eldorado chain of stores and online markets. Options:

Type, installation Narrow, floor, stationary
Bunker capacity, sets ten
Energy efficiency class BUT
The presence of a display Not provided
Water consumption for the cycle, in liters ten
Noisiness, dB 53
Number of modes 5
Half loading Not
Protection protection, type Partial (only body)
The ability to use “3 in 1” Not implemented
Salt indication/rinseum No no
Dimensions (ShHHHV), centimeters 45x60x85
Price, rubles From 17 599

On “Yandex.Market »DSR 15B3 rating. 4 points out of 5. Let’s see what the owners liked:

  • Easily fit in the kitchen, a simple installation scheme, does not make noise, does not beat the dishes.
  • Price, size, spaciousness.
  • Wash well, just manage.
  • Complain about the lack of a display, the functions “3 in 1” and partial loading (at the same time praise the price. draw the conclusions yourself).
  • The electronics burned at the end of the warranty. the repair costs like a new machine.
  • For a long time of work, low sink quality.

On a note! Experienced housewives verified that the quality of laundering of pollution directly depends on household chemicals. The more it is, the higher the cleaning indicators. Perhaps in the pursuit of savings (cheap PMM budget chemistry), users do not receive poorly washed dishes due to the fault of the manufacturer.


Another PMM “For four”. Characteristics:

Type, installation Full.sized, stationary
Bunker capacity, sets fourteen
Energy efficiency class BUT
The presence of a display Provided
Water consumption for the cycle, in liters 9
Noisiness, dB 44
Number of modes eight
Half loading There is
Protection protection, type Complete
The ability to use “3 in 1” Yes
Salt indication/rinseum Yes Yes
Dimensions (ShHHHV), centimeters 60x60x85
Price, rubles From 26 630

Despite the fact that the parameters are better than that of predecessors, buyers have found several negative moments:

  • Issues an error code F15 after 2 years of work.
  • Price.
  • Dishes with old pollution launders for several cycles.
  • Noisy.
  • Dry badly in the upper box and tray with cutlery.
  • Speaking.
  • There were owners assuring that the car is quiet, you just need to set in level.
  • Clear designations.
  • Convenient screen.
  • Delayed launch.
  • Beautiful.
  • Small water consumption.
  • Many modes.
  • Stops the process when opening the door, if you need to report something.

ICD 661 s

A small table dishwasher for a family of 2-3 people or a small kitchen. It provides for mechanical management, which is very rare today. The parameters are as follows:

Type, installation Compact
Bunker capacity, sets 6
Energy efficiency class BUT
The presence of a display Not
Water consumption for the cycle, in liters 9
Noisiness, dB 55
Number of modes 6
Protection protection, type Partial (only body)
Salt indication/rinseum Yes Yes
Dimensions (ShHHHV), centimeters 55x50x44
Price, rubles 18,000–19,000
  • Eco is the most economical program, but also the longest. At 50 degrees, the process lasts almost three hours.
  • 65 degrees. long.term mode (160 minutes), perfectly cleanses any type of dishes with subsequent drying.
  • The program for 50 degrees (40 minutes) has no drying, but it copes with its task perfectly. In the process of rinsing with hot water, when opening the cover, steam forms, processed products after excretion become dry in a few minutes.
  • Ten.minute rinse in cold water. This mode is relevant, if the device has not been used for a long time, he grows the dishes pre.water before thorough washing.

Reviews about the dishwasher “Indesit DSR 15B3″ indicate the quiet operation of the unit and high quality processing. information is posted in the instructions that are attached to all models.

How to: Adjust Your Dishwasher Basket

Modification DFP58T94 canx

The device is equipped with an inverter configuration engine that is practically noise. In the reviews of the owners of the Indesit dishwasher, there is a tendency that it pleases with low noise, high performance, safety and guaranteed destruction of bacteria.

  • The maximum number of sets. 14;
  • Resource consumption. 9 liters/265 kW;
  • work class. “a”;
  • control. electronic type;
  • The display is equipped with an indicator of time;
  • Dimensions. 85x60x60 cm;
  • noisiness level. 44 dB;
  • Protection against leakage. type “aquastop” (full);
  • purification programs. 8 pieces;
  • delayed activation. up to 24 hours;
  • Caulr. silver;
  • Additional functionality. a cycle for children’s toys, adjustment for objects of different dimensions, the presence of a special basket.

Washing tool

Choosing a cleaner is not an easy task. Usually you have to experiment before you find what is right for you. Consider the most popular offers:

  • 3-in-1 or 7-in-1 tablets. Convenient use: do not scatter, already contain a freshener and salt. According to the manufacturer, nothing needs to be added anymore. However, a tablet is not always convenient to use. When loading a compact dishwasher or choosing a half load, you will not be able to reduce the dose. Although some housewives cut the tablets into 2 parts (this does not apply to capsules with a liquid gel).
  • Powders, gels. Quickly dissolve even on short cycles, are inexpensive, more economically consumed.

Choosing a program in PMM

You loaded the dishes, filled the detergent. It’s time to choose a sink mode, on which it depends on how much water the technique consumes. Focus on the degree of dishes of dishes. The stronger it is, the more long a program is better to install.

If the devices are not accumulated for full loading, set the 1/2 mode. Then the machine will consume 30% less water and electricity.

Consider the main programs that are used most often:

  • Daily (50-65 degrees). You can wash different dishes of medium contamination.
  • Delicate (30-40 degrees). For fragile materials.
  • Economical (50 degrees). For weakly warmed instruments. Saves resources.
  • Intensive (70 degrees). Helps to get rid of strong pollution, soils.
  • Machine. The system independently selects the optimal mode based on the load and the degree of contamination.

If you have a model without embedding, then press the necessary keys on the outer panel.

Ariston dishwashers Principle. The principle of operation of the dishwasher

We will briefly talk about the processes that occur after the launch of PMM. Details about how the dishwasher works. Read in a separate article.

  • After loading dishes, laying detergents and choosing a program, the machine launches a cycle.
  • The main module gives the signal to the valve for water intake.
  • The press.steast control controls the necessary water level in the bunker and sends a signal about the end of the fence.
  • If the PMM is connected to a cold water supply, then the flow passes through the heater, reaches the required temperature.
  • The circulation pump supplies water to the rocker.
  • Devices are washed through the nozzles of the jet.

Advice! When buying a car, look at the uniform of the sprayer. Better when the bar is curved and the nozzles are located at different angles. In this case, the dishes will wash off better.

  • Water flows into the pallet, cleaned with a filter and again fits into the spray.
  • At the end of the sink, the exhausted liquid is pumped out and merges.
  • The fence cycle is repeated again, and rinsing begins.
  • Drying is launched. The door is opened, and cool air circulates through the chamber.
  • A sound signal is given about the end of the program or flashes a ray.

It remains to get the devices and place them in places.

If you delve into the essence, then there is nothing complicated in the work and device of the equipment.

The model for serial release was presented by the German brand Miele (Mile). The modernized technique had a quite nice look, was something like a cylinder and rode a kitchen on three wheels.

The principle of operation of the dishwasher is a mixture of cleanliness and environmental friendliness. At the same time, the device works almost inaudibly (the noise level ranges from 43 to 65 dB) and consumes few resources. the maximum of 2.8 kW/hour. There is another plus that all manufacturers try to adhere to. the safety of natural resources. That is why samples from the last lines consume less water and electrical indicators: about fourteen sets of dishes can be washed in only eleven liters of water.

Such indicators will not compare with the consumed resources manually.

Dishwasher device principle of operation repair. The principle of operation and the implementation of basic functions

The work of the dishwasher is hidden from the eyes. You just put dirty plates and cutlery to the baskets, add the detergent, close the front wall and turn on the Start button. But to know what is happening inside the unit, when it washes the dishes, it will not hurt at all. this will allow you to determine the cause of the failures much faster and correctly eliminate them.

The work of the dishwasher is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • Starting water drain.
  • Bay of water.
  • Start of the Moika.
  • Adding detergents.
  • Water heating.
  • Sink of dishes.
  • Draining.
  • Bay of water for rinsing.
  • Rinse.

Dishwasher with a condensation type of drying

Moika programs. sequences of instructions performed by a microprocessor. differ in parameters as:

  • the presence or absence of a preliminary soaking function;
  • the degree of heating of water (50-75 O C, sometimes higher);
  • time of the program.

Michene machine programmer with a microprocessor

The work of a dishwasher with the implementation of the functions of your chosen washing program is performed in the following order:

  • The microprocessor checks the closure of the door and gives the flushing command to the drain pump.
  • After stopping the pump, a set of fresh water is performed, the level of which is controlled by a special sensor.
  • The circulation pump is turned on, which creates the pressure inside the case, the water enters the impeller, which begins to rotate under the pressure. In the meantime, the dispenser opens and enters the detergent into the interior of the machine.

Circulation pump of the dishwasher

Device and principle of operation of a dishwasher. The principle of operation of the dishwasher

Unfortunately, many do not understand what the principle of operation of the dishwasher (hereinafter also the dishwasher, PMM). That is why the misconception is that household appliances are not able to wash dirty dishes better than human hands.

Anyone who at least once tried to wash the dishes in the dishwasher, he no longer wants to do it with his hands

Users are embarrassed by the fact that the dishes are only sprayed with water with a detergent dissolved in it and is not subjected to mechanical effects. Many housewives do not believe that you can wash the spoons, forks and plates with dried food remnants. In fact, everything is not at all like. We will try to dissuade skeptics and tell how the dishwasher works and works.

How a dishwasher works

Before readers familiarize themselves with the principle of operation of PMM, its device should be described.

Many people believe that dishwashers are complex and capricious devices. In fact, there are not so many details in them. Before moving on to their consideration, read what you will see by opening the door of the dishwasher for the first time (see. picture).

Indesit IDF125 Dishwasher Review & Demonstration

The scheme of the approximate location of the parts in the basket and the front door of the PMM

The main details are located inside the lower part of the body of the dishwasher and invisible to the human eye. They can be divided into three main groups:

  • electronic control module. the brain of the entire device;
  • sensors that supply the necessary information to the control module for analysis;
  • Executive mechanisms.

Based on the schematic pattern presented below, the dishwasher consists of the following components and parts:

  • Upper basket in which the dishes are placed.
  • Return spring closing the door.
  • Upper and lower sprayers.
  • Thermallane with a water temperature sensor.
  • Carried and thin cleaning filters.
  • Drainage hose going into the sewer.
  • Safety valve triggered when the pressure exceeds.
  • Drainage pump that removes dirty water into the sewer.
  • Tank into which water is recruited.
  • One of the details of the Aquastop protective system, which prevents flooding in emergency situations.
  • Managing module.
  • Circulation pump, pumping liquid into spray and further along the contour during the washing of the dishes.
  • Capacitor.
  • A dispenser into which the rinseum is filled.
  • Locking.
  • A dispenser in which the detergent is filled or filled.
  • Inlet valve that controls the supply of water to the dishwasher.
  • Door.
  • Container cover where sodium salt is filled up.
  • Electric heater bringing water to the desired temperature.
  • The flood hose along which water enters the PMM.
  • Rollers with guides, along which baskets with dishes move.

Loading the car

The effectiveness of the product and the quality of washing depend on the correct placement of the dishes. Indesit manufacturers in the instructions for the dishwasher present special schemes indicating how to properly lay the dishes in order to fill the baskets and pallets as much as possible.

Separately given recommendations on the table silver:

  • All objects should be inserted into special adaptations with handles down;
  • knives and other dangerous tables of table setting. are located with handles up.

Grates for plates can be folded as indicated in the attached figure to install a more voluminous dishes. pots or pans.

Testing a dishwasher

When the long.awaited device appears in the house, the owner wants to immediately turn it on and check the performance.

Do not rush. First you should read the instructions so that the standard actions of the equipment do not seem signs of breakdowns.

The only difference between the test launch of the car from the worker is the lack of dishes in the basket. Otherwise, you need to do everything the same: load detergents, salt, rinser. It is advisable to check the technique on the cycle with the highest temperature

The work of dishes of different manufacturers may vary significantly, so the manufacturers of the equipment make detailed instructions for the first launch. Do not ignore their recommendations, otherwise you can encounter unexpected problems during the operation of the device.

The purpose of checking the dishwasher

Before the first working inclusion, the dishwasher is tested without fail. one cycle is driven out without loading dishes.

  • Cleaning. After manufacturing at the factory, traces of lubricants, small particles of garbage remain inside the parts of the new equipment. While the car is in the store, it is inspected, touched with their hands, which leads to the appearance of stains. The test launch removes dirt and prepares the equipment for operation.
  • Checking functionality. During the first inclusion, defects in the manufacture of equipment are manifested. If it was damaged during transportation, this will also become obvious.
  • Monitoring the correct installation and connection. In life there is always a place for annoying accidents. Installers could be mistaken when installing, connecting to a water supply or sewage system. Sometimes they just forget to remove transport elements. The test will identify shortcomings.
  • User training. Even if not the first dishwasher is bought, you still have to adopt the new technique. Machines of various manufacturers have their own characteristics, and you need to deal with them before the device is put into operation.

For test launch, a starting set will be required. detergent, salt and rinseum. It is either bought separately specifically to check the machine, or the one that is planned to be used to wash dishes in the future is used. This will help to determine the amount of salt, the type of detergent.

Already with a test launch, it is necessary to do everything the same as when washing dishes: loading household chemicals, choose a regime. Thanks to this simple actions, you can immediately deal with the features of the car

Sometimes users make a mistake: drive the first cycle without detergents, loading only salt. Thus, they try to save an extra pill or dose of gel. Do not do this. Hot water will wash off technical lubrication, but traces of the fat composition can remain under the elastic bands.

Procedure for idle start

First of all, the dishwasher is carefully inspected. You need to make sure that it is not damaged, and there are no extraneous items in the cell. Sometimes the foam sealing inserts, stickers, etc.D. If everything is in order, you can include the car in the network, unscrew the valve overlapping the water.

Salt improves its water quality. It is important to correctly calculate the amount of softener, focusing on its rigidity. To do this, use test strips included in the operation of the machine

  • Check if the machine is installed exactly.
  • All filing and drive hoses must be reliably connected, and joints are sealed. Make sure that.
  • Open the camera door. It is necessary to check whether the spray is freely rotated. To do this, you need to crank it several times.
  • The drain filter is removed, thoroughly washed with running water with household chemicals, and then installed in place.
  • When selecting detergents, you need to find those that will not damage the details of the machine. The required amount of salt and rinser is calculated immediately to set the program for the future.
  • When all the preparatory work is completed, the car is installed on the longest mode of washing dishes without loading the basket. It is important that the temperature is as higher as possible.
  • It remains only to close the door tightly, start the dishwasher and monitor its work. If everything goes fine, you do not need to interfere and try to improve something.

So that the regenerative salt does not stick together during the operation of the machine, a liter of clean water is poured into an empty compartment.

Only after this procedure can it be filled out. Recommended amount of liquid-300-500 g.

If the dishwasher is not disconnected from the network, the set parameters (type of chemistry, the amount of salt, rinseum) will remain unchanged. But in the case of the termination of the supply of electricity, this data will have to be entered again

If the dishwasher itself does not determine the chemistry, you need to manually add the type of funds and the supply mode of salt in the settings. Modern machines remember the introduced parameters.

Aspects requiring attention

While the dishwasher of the dishwasher in test mode lasts, you need to control the following functions:

  • The supply of water is normally entered uninterruptedly, the car does not stop;
  • heating. you should make sure that the heater is in order; It cannot be checked in the store, so problems is capable of identifying only a test launch;
  • Plum. water should flow completely and without delay;
  • drying. you need to control whether moisture remains in the chamber after the end of the cycle.

If there are no complaints about the functionality of the dishwasher, it can be launched into full operation. Do not load the dishes as soon as the car finished the test cycle. She should cool, so it is better to wait a couple of hours.



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