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How many degrees to put a washing machine

Breeding washing without active friction and twisting, or what means a 30 degrees icon on the label

Compliance with the temperature regime of washing will help maintain the shape and color of your favorite thing as long as possible.

The manufacturer’s shortcut indicates all the necessary information about what temperature is allowed to wash. The main thing is to correctly decipher the icons and symbols.

In this article, we consider the washing icon at 30 degrees.

What is this program?

“Synthetics” is a program that is designed to wash things made of mixed fabrics and artificial fibers. Manufacturers of modern washing machines always include it in the list of main modes.

The program corresponds to the icon of an empty flask or hanger. Most manufacturers prescribe it verbally, so there will be no difficulties with the search for the program, and all conventions are deciphered in the user’s instructions.

Sorting things

Washing is preceded by sorting. On the label of clothes there are tags with laundry instructions: some things sit after washing in hot water, some clothes can be washed with substances that include bleaches. Some fabrics are undesirable to wash with chlorine.

  • Sorting by color. If clothing prone to molting falls into the drum with bright things, all things will deteriorate. The easiest way to sort by color is to divide into stacks: in one. clothes of light tones, in the second. dark.
  • Sorting by weight. In addition to sorting by shades, it is worth dividing things by weight so as not to spoil them. Sort light and heavy things by stacks. Many washing workers have squeezing linen, therefore, when washing heavy things with lungs, the latter may deteriorate.
  • Sorting by degree of pollution. Put the most stained things in one pile, and in the second. slightly contaminated. Things from the first pile may need additional processing before washing. Without processing complex spots, such things are not recommended in the typewriter.
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Manual washing jeans is laborious, but gentle.

Step.by.step algorithm of actions:

  • Prepare pants: remove all things and small garbage from your s, fasten lightning and buttons, turn the thing on the wrong side.
  • Fill a bath or large pelvis with warm but not hot water, dissolve the detergent in it. It can not be poured on his pants, and then rubbed with a brush.
  • Immerse jeans into the water without crushing and without coming them.
  • If there are complex pants on the pants, they are soaked for 30-40 minutes.
  • The spots can be additionally rubbed with a soft brush. Soap is applied to the stubble, not to pants.
  • After washing, the water is drained, and the jeans are thoroughly hung.
  • When the water is draining, the pants are hung out to dry.

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You should not twist jeans. Excess water can be removed with a terry towel, wrapping the product into it and crumbling it with your hands.

Choosing powder for washing, you need to use the one that is designed for manual tissue processing. Funds with the inscription “Automat” are not suitable for this purpose.

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When washing dark jeans, water will be intensively stained. This is a variant of the norm and will not affect the final color of the pants. Read about the rules for washing jeans in this article.

Additional wash modes

In addition to the main programs, additional functions are provided.

  • Additional rinse-a kind of leap wand to remove the residual powder. This function must be included if the family has small children or people prone to allergies.
  • Without an annex, they are erasing delicate things that can, as a result of rotation with large revolutions.
  • The delayed rinse extends the total washing time due to the simple stay of things in water without movement. It is used in cases where there is no way to hang underwear in time after washing.
  • The postponement of the launch helps to launder laundry after a pre.agreed period of time, the most convenient for the hostess.
  • Half loading allows you to save water and perform work with a small volume of linen.
  • When the function “without ironing” is turned on, the linen is obtained without folds due to the full water that is not drained in full.

Features of manual washing

Manual washing implies a careful attitude to fabrics. This allows you to maintain their quality and appearance for a long time. If you perform it with hands, then some skills will be required, since the process consists of a number of interconnected actions.

First you need to decide on the place where washing will take place. Usually a bathroom or kitchen acts as it as it. After that, you will need to sort items by color. This procedure is performed for both manual and machine washing. Otherwise, the fabric will lose their color, white will acquire another shade. So, it is necessary to wash each group of things separately. white, dark, colored, children and others.

After that, the inventory is prepared: basin, powder, soap, air conditioning. Determine what water temperature should be, is not difficult. It is enough to look at the tag on things. It indicates the type of washing, temperature and other parameters that are recommended for this type of fabric. After that, it is necessary to dial water into the basin, pour the powder, thoroughly dissolve it and load dirty linen.

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To increase efficiency, you can slightly rub the fabric about each other and leave in the water for a while. If the pollution is strong, then laundry soap will help to fight it. Grate the stained fabric well, then rinse things in clean water. This is better to do in another basin. Squeeze things and hang dry.

The process is described above, which is carried out manually. If you want to save your time, then use the Automatic Washing Machine. She will do the same, but much faster and better. The device imitates it from beginning to end. You only need to load linen and hang.

Description of the main washing modes in the machine

Different brands of machines have functions with different sets of characteristics. But all manufacturers provide for three main types of modes:

  • The first type includes programs that allow you to regulate the process depending on the type of underwear.
  • The second group is economical programs to reduce the washing time. Using them, you will save on water consumption and electricity.
  • The third group. functions for care for health. These include: washing linen for allergy sufferers, disinfection and others.

The table below has a description of all programs, how they differ and what are needed for.

Basic (standard) modes

It is used for washing highly planted things from cotton and linen fabrics, bedding.

4 temperature regimes for different things are provided: 30, 40, 60, 90-95 degrees. For example, for white laundry, washing at high temperatures is suitable, while color fabrics can be polished when washing above 40 degrees.

The longest mode in time, includes 4 rinses, since linen from natural fabrics absorbs moisture harder, and is worse rinsed. Rinsing is carried out in cold water.

Manual and delicate programs are slightly different. If “manual washing” is indicated on the label of clothing, then the drum in this mode will be neatly and slowly turning at at a temperature of 30-40 degrees.

Eco-program-linen is erased at low temperatures. Allows you to save up to 40% of electricity. ASCO cars can have “savings/efficiency”, in Samsung. Yeso.

Time saving (AEG) makes it possible to reduce the time of the cycle.

The mini-program lasts for 20-30 minutes. Allows you to refresh new or slightly matured things. In various models, the name may vary: Mihel-“New things”, Gorenje, Ariston, Indesit, Whirlpool-“Daily Washing”, ASCO-“Express-Stir”, Samsung-Quickwash.

Additional modes

Guarantees accurate care of woolen and cashmere things. With a small amount of water, the drum sways slightly. The program prevents the formation of catches, does not allow things to sit down.

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In different brands, the program can be called:

Immediately at low temperatures, preliminary washing is launched. It is recommended to use biopuros that carefully wash complex spots.

It also has the name “hygiene”, “hypoallergenic”, “superpowers”. In some models, the regime provides for washing at 60 degrees for 30 minutes. Due to this, all allergens are killed. Before installing the program, look at the label of the clothes.

Intellectual functions

Varieties of the program: Logic Control, Intello-Washer, Prologikal, Eisy Logic, Dialogic.

This means that the washer is equipped with a control board that analyzes the type and weight of linen, water hardness. Then he selects similar washing methods next time.

Secrets of washing modes

The most “hot” are the laundry of “cotton/linen” or oriented on baby underwear with boiling (90-95 degrees). However, in most washing machines, it is precisely these modes that are used for washing quite contaminated objects of clothing and linen (for example, men’s shirts, t.shirts, as well as towels and bedding). It should be noted that it is precisely in the modes oriented towards the washing of natural fabrics that multiple rinsing is used, as well as the surplus at high speeds. This is due to the fact that the powder is quite poorly torn from them, and the fabrics themselves are very hygroscopic.

One of the popular models of washing machines that differ in a wealth of washing programs is Eurosoba 1100 Sprint Plus. There are not only all the default programs, but also special modes. for example, for jeans, down and sports things. In addition, there is a bioenzim phase here that allows you to actively use enzyme detergents when washing, perfectly washing any protein pollution, such as blood spots, chocolate, etc.

Fast washing icons on washing machines

Consider how the fast program is indicated by different manufacturers:

  • There are several varieties of this mode in the Bosch washing machine. Fast washing for mixed linen, which does not require special care. It is indicated by the icon in the form of a dress, shirt and body. Another short program “Superbound washing” is provided, 15 minutes long. Indicated by the dial.
  • Manufacturers of Samsung (Samsung) briskly took care of convenient navigation, so they simply signed all the modes. For weakly pinched linen, the “Fast 29” mode is included.
  • For HotPoint-Ariston (Ariston) machines, two programs have been developed: “Fast washing 60 and 30”. One program allows you to wash things at 60 degrees, the other at 30.
  • Siemens control panel (Siemens) has two designations of the “Super” mode. duration 15 and 30 minutes. This is the dial icon on the panel.
  • LG manufacturers (Elji) also decided not to come up with the designations and signed the program “Quickly 30”. At 30 degrees you can wash cotton and synthetic things.
  • The icon on the SM Indesit (Indesite) is made in the form of a dial, which means “fast 30”.
  • A basin with a number 32 on the Candy (Kandy) panel means that you can start a quick program.
  • Symbols on the washing machines of the eyelid, zanussi and electric luxury are exactly the same as other models.

Having figured out, you will properly care for things, choosing the desired wash mode.



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