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How many bricks for a charcoal stove

Until recently, clay was widely used in the construction of stoves, including barbecues. It has one flaw. Stoves built with clay mortar should be protected from moisture. Clay is not suitable for binding bricks on the pipe it is replaced by lime, cement. In recent years, more popular are ready-made fireproofing mixes, which can be purchased in the store in dry form. Used after the addition of water.

Nevertheless, clay is a cheap building material that is environmentally friendly. For masonry we use burgundy or dark red clay. Checking the clay mortar for readiness can be done as follows:

  • Mix a 0.5 kg clay lump with 200 ml of water and knead it to a dough that does not stick to your hands.
  • make a small lump and throw it on a smooth wall or floor, if the lump cracked. the clay is fat, if crumbled. skinny (a lot of sand), normal clay would stick to the surface as plasticine.

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Consumption of clay mortar is about two to three buckets (volume of 25 liters) per thousand bricks. To increase the strength of the clay mortar for a bucket of clay, add half a faceted glass of table salt. In some cases, to increase the strength of the brick barbecue with their own hands in the clay mortar add cement 0.5 kg per bucket of clay.

The finished mortar, suitable for use, should resemble a thick rustic sour cream. When spreading it on the brick, it will hold well. In the process of work, the container with the clay mortar must be protected from the evaporation of moisture.

In recent years, dry mixes such as Vetonit have been widely used in construction of furnaces, but other mixes are also popular. The method of preparation and use of ready mixes, for masonry brick barbecue with their own hands, see the instructions on the packaging mix. Do not forget, there are compositions for different temperatures of heating of the walls of the oven. Therefore, there are mixtures for furnaces and just ordinary mixtures for the walls of the oven, fireplace.

How to calculate the size of a brick barbecue of different types

Before you start erecting a barbecue oven with your own hands, you need to decide on the size of the structure. On the basis of this, a drawing is made, the calculation of the required amount of materials.

The size of a brick barbecue depends on the functionality of the oven, the possibility of its compact placement in already built buildings, cost, and construction time.

Make a new wood stove and oven. From red bricks and cement

It is enough to determine the pros and cons of barbecue ovens of different sizes to understand whether it suits your needs. Below are described the nuances of selecting and building an ordinary oven and stove complex, as well as ways to deliver the necessary building materials to the site.

Brazier from bricks with their own hands

Nature lovers know that food cooked over a fire in the fresh air is much tastier and more fragrant than any cooked at home. Therefore, first of all, when building a cottage or country house, an open hearth is planned in the recreation area, preferably made of reliable and durable materials. Brick brazier will become a worthy decoration of any landscape.

Barbecue is a complex device used for outdoor cooking of meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and other food. The heat in the grill comes from the fire, the food is cooked over an open fire or with the help of hot smoke, smoldering embers and wood. The erection of such a structure requires careful preparation, taking into account many nuances and compliance with some technological features. In this article we will tell you how to make a barbecue from bricks with their own hands, give a step-by-step instructions, as well as demonstrate photos, diagrams and video materials.

How much does a brick barbecue cost: the price for the work and for the building material

Fireproof chamotte bricks are used for their manufacture. Blocks of fireclay have a yellowish-sand color and a noticeable grainy structure, they are highly durable, fire-resistant and resistant to chemical influences, such as soot and ash.

Given that chamotte blocks practically can not be cut, manufacturers produce them in different performance size, configuration. Which allows you to choose the form for the erection of structures of any complexity. Important: fireclay blocks with a lighter color than prescribed by GOST. this is a material in the manufacture of which the technological process was violated.

How to Make a Brick Charcoal Stove & Grill. DIY Install Brick

Choose a place for the erection of the brazier

To get a comfortable stationary grill, it should be at least 70 cm high from the ground, the best height. 84 cm, and the stove itself should be 10-15 cm lower. The design of the brazier is a stationary type grill with an open top. Skewers and kebabs are placed directly on top.

Creation of the foundation

Step by step instructions for the dacha modification of the grill. A slab foundation works best as a base. It will provide the construction with maximum strength and stability. You will also avoid carrying out impressive excavation work.

Choosing the right Bricks for building your Pizza Oven

First, on the area intended for the brazier, markings are made. Stakes are hammered in. A string of cords is stretched between them. Its size corresponds to the area of the building on the drawing.

Then a shallow hole is dug (up to 30 cm). The formwork is arranged in it. Pour the curing compound in it. To obtain it apply sand and cement in a ratio of 3:1.

The rods are placed in the foundation, when half of its planned volume is filled.

How many bricks are needed for the charcoal grill, how to calculate

How many bricks do you need for a brazier, a device under the barbecue, examples of calculations.

For cooking on an open fire, a charcoal grill or barbecue is well suited. What’s the difference? In general, both the charcoal grill and the barbecue are the hearths with open fire. However, the difference between them lies in the cooking process itself.

So on the barbecue vegetables, meat and other products, are grilled on a grate, which is placed over the coals. In turn, the charcoal grill is designed for cooking various foods, by stringing them on skewers resting on two edges over hot coals.

However, everything that concerns the construction then in the construction of a barbecue or barbecue, in principle, there are no differences, except for the device of the hearth itself.

There are two variants of barbecues and braziers:

  • Folding. This includes a variety of metal folding structures that can be purchased in the store.
  • Stationary. barbecues, which are built on a cottage plot or in the yard of the house,

Most often, stationary barbecues are built of brick, as this material is quite durable, and with proper masonry can last for quite a long time. Thus, there is a question about how many bricks you need for a barbecue. It is with this question and we will deal in this material, but let us start in order.

Preparing for the furnace

Before installing the stove, it is necessary to carry out a number of preparatory works:

  • If there is a gas line to the house, the location of the furnace must necessarily be coordinated with the gas and fire departments, so that the construction could be used absolutely legally. In addition to the location, you must also take into account the special features of the stove. for example, it may be built into a wall or located in the vicinity of combustible materials.
  • It is necessary to calculate and make a separate foundation for the stove. The perimeter of the foundation must extend at least 5 cm beyond the edge of the stove. Both reinforced concrete and ordinary silicate bricks can be used for pouring the foundation. In the latter case, the rows of foundation need to be reinforced with mesh, so the structure is not deformed. The soil under the foundation should be well compacted, and a sandy cushion of 5 cm or more thickness should be arranged on it.
  • The room must be properly ventilated. Even if there is no gas in the house, ventilation is still necessary. thanks to it the furnace will have a good draft. Lack of quality ventilation leads to vacuum in the room, due to which the stove noticeably “pops” when working.



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