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How long is the freezer gaining temperature

long, freezer, gaining, temperature

How much time the freezer is gaining cold?

Within three hours, a not very loaded refrigerator should dial the displayed temperature and start working with interruptions. If this did not happen within at least four hours, then you may have to refuel with freon. The average dialing time of the cold in the refrigerator occurs from 1 hour to 4 hours.

long, freezer, gaining, temperature

How long does the refrigerator work after defrosting? The compressor of the refrigerator will work actively until it cools the space of the chambers to the desired temperature. This happens about the same time as cooling at the first turned on after the purchase-from 2-3 to 8-10 hours.

How much the freezer should work?

Normally, the refrigerator should operate for 20 minutes and rest for 5 minutes if the Biryusa freezer or Indesit is constantly working, this does not yet mean a serious malfunction. First of all, you need to check: what mode is selected.

The compressor of the refrigerator will work actively until it cools the space of the chambers to the desired temperature. This happens about the same time as cooling at the first turned on after the purchase-from 2-3 to 8-10 hours.

Why the compressor is heated

A normal refrigerator can operate up to 10-15 years. During this time, his details wear out. The working properties of the compressor deteriorate. As a result, the part spends more energy on heat exchange. Very old refrigerators require major repairs.

long, freezer, gaining, temperature

What are the reasons for overheating of the compressor:

  • Too many products in the refrigerator. Because of this, the supercharger intensively begins to download Freon. The coolant cannot pick up all the heat from the chambers due to a violation of air circulation.
  • Hot compressor due to the constant operation of the device in deep freezing mode.
  • The door closes loosely, and the tightness of the camera is disturbed. Warm air enters the refrigerator, forcing the supercharger to work longer.
  • Settings on too low temperature mode.
  • Incorrect placement of dishes. You can not put glass, metal or plastic items close to the back wall. The compressor spends additional energy to cool this dish.
  • The door often opens, and the entire cold leaves the camera.
  • Possible malfunctions in the compressor operation.
  • Warm or hot food is placed in the refrigerator. Because of this, the temperature in the chamber rises, the motor stops less often and does not have time to cool down.
  • The tubes often burst through which Freon passes. The circulation of the refrigerant is disturbed due to the leakage. As a result, the load on the engine increases.
  • The technique does not freeze in time. The walls of the freezer are covered with a thick layer of ice.
  • The temperature sensor does not work and the refrigerator continues to work without stopping.

Signs of a fault of the refrigerator compressor:

  • The supercharger stops working immediately after turning on;
  • An ice crust in the freezer appears too quickly;
  • The refrigerator beats with the current;
  • Cameras are filled with warm or hot air;
  • Condensate appears on the inner walls.

You can not put the equipment close to the wall, next to gas burners and other heating elements.

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How to turn on the refrigerator for the first time?

The main rule of the first inclusion of the refrigerator is to wait time from the date of delivery. The pause depends on the method of transportation and temperature on the street and ranges from 2 to 8 hours: if the device rode in the “lying” position in the frost, then the liquids will take more time to return to the normal state.

It really cannot be turned on the refrigerator immediately after transportation. The refrigerator should stand within a few hours. This is necessary in order for glass oil in the compressor.

The first connection to the mains

Preparing for the first turning on the refrigerator for power supply, you should adhere to some tips:

  • Often, technology sellers advise buying a network filter to preserve the unit from voltage drops. But if there is a good outlet with ordinary grounding contacts in the house, such a filter is not required. By the way, if you have a house of a regular extension cord, you can also not buy a network adapter. Modern extension cords have all the contacts grounding, and they cost an order of magnitude cheaper than the filter.
  • If, in addition to the refrigerator, it is planned to connect several more devices at the same time, it is better to use network adapters from possible overload, in addition, they are usually equipped with a large number of sockets.
  • If the refrigerator was purchased in the cold season, after delivery home it is strictly forbidden to include it on the network for the first 3-4 hours. During this time, all parts of the device will warm up well, the condensate that has arisen will evaporate and it can be safely included in the network.
  • At the first connection, it is not recommended to clog the refrigerator with products. It is necessary to give him the opportunity to gain the necessary temperature inchor. This can take about 5 to 10 hours. Only then fill the refrigerator with a small number of products. The refrigerator should be included in the normal mode of operation gradually. In a few hours, the unit will be filled with coolness, the freezer will accumulate a sufficient amount of cold, and the refrigeration unit will be able to start working at full power.

Modern frosty devices are mostly equipped with computer control, all sensors are very sensitive to various changes and differences, and, accordingly, can fail faster.

On a note. Do not turn off the refrigerator for a period of time less than 1 minute. The compressor can jam and then you can not do without a master!

So, how much time the new refrigerator should work before its first disconnection?

This issue is very worried about the owners of both new devices and devices that have recently been in the repair or former for a long period. The fact is that the first time of its work usually has dependence on factors such as:

  • The temperature of the room.
  • The volume of the refrigerator itself.
  • Compressor performance performance.
  • The number of products loaded into it, their temperature.
  • Type refrigerant and t.P.

On average, this period can be about two hours. If desired, in order to determine the norm of time until the first automatic disconnection of the new refrigerator, it is best to leave it empty, put in a minimum position the temperature thermostat and not open the door until completely disconnected. Depending on the above factors, time can fluctuate from 30-40 minutes to 2-3 hours.

What is the cyclical work of the on the refrigerator

In the process, cyclic inclusion and disconnecting of the motor occurs. It turns on when the temperature inside is insufficient. How much the refrigerator should be disconnected depends on the speed of the temperature. The ratio of the time for the entire temporary segment is called the coefficient of work time. The higher it is, the greater the energy consumption by the refrigerator. It should turn on and cool every time you need to lower the temperature.

To correctly configure an empty refrigerator, set the parameters of the inclusion and off cycle, you need to set the necessary values ​​on the temperature control controller.

It should be borne in mind that the work of the motor is controlled by the actual temperature inside the container. If it is loaded with food, it has an additional cooling effect and leads to more rare inclusions of the motor. It will turn off immediately after reaching the desired temperature. How much time should the refrigerator work is determined by the. How quickly he will gain the desired temperature.

In most cases, the value of the cyclic coefficient is approximately 0.5. In such cases, the segments of the time, when the motor is turned on and off, approximately coincide in terms of duration. And how much the motor will work in a particular case depends on the characteristics of the model. After what time the refrigerator should turn off depends on the correct compliance with operating conditions.

Is it possible to turn off the freezer chamber?

Hello! Disconnecting only the freezer is not possible. Come as follows: approximately 4 hours before the defrost, turn on the supermination function so that the products are cooling to a very low temperature and can be stored longer at room temperature. one.

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Freezer or refrigerator works, stretching heat from the compartment. To start the process, the refrigerant. in gas form. is injected into the compressor, where the compression process makes it become very hot, it makes gas turn into a liquid. The gas enters the expansion valve already in liquid form.

How long does a new refrigerator gain cold?

After turning on the refrigerator on the network, it is not allowed to place products immediately inside, as the device is gaining cold. To catch up with the desired temperature regime, it will take him from 5 hours to a day, depending on the attitudes made by the user, as well as many other factors.

From 7 to 15 years old. Some companies do not bother at all indicating the service life in accompanying documentation. Individual companies provide information about the average service life, which gives the consumer conditional landmarks, what time the refrigerator can last.

What is the interval between the inclusion of the refrigerator?

Household refrigerators for one hour are included 4-8 times. That is, the duration of one cycle is from 8 to 15 minutes. The engine runs only 2-4 minutes, the cream air is bent inside the chamber.

long, freezer, gaining, temperature

Most likely, the motor-compressor was failed: there was a break in the winding, an interval circuit or the motor “jams”. The faulty motor begins to work, it is very hot, and a starting relay is triggered to protect against overloading the compressor, after which the engine is turned off.



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