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How long does an intensive Ariston wash cycle last

HotPoint-Ariston washing machine-instructions for use

Ariston washing machines have many models that differ among themselves not only design, but also functional filling. Each of the existing laundry modes allows you to choose special conditions that effectively clean the product without harm to it. According to the instructions, the basic washing programs are:

  • Cotton. designed to work with dense things made of cotton. Differs in high heating temperatures and a large number of revolutions when pressing. Effectively copes with small pollution and long.standing spots. Includes standard and intensive modes.
  • Synthetics. uses small heating temperatures, and the squeezing indicator is slightly reduced due to the ability of synthetic tissues to quickly lose color and deform.
  • MIX 30 / MIX 15 / Fast washing 60 / Fast washing 30. designed to refresh things, but does not provide for the excretion of serious pollution. Differs in low water temperature and high speed. The time of cleaning things takes 30, 15 and 60 minutes, respectively.

Ariston washing machines have worried about their consumers and, in addition to the basic ones, included many special modes in the device. details their characteristics are indicated in the instructions attached to the washing machine. Consider their features and main differences of each other:

  • Antibacterial cycle. two stages of rinsing passes, has a high speed of speed during spin and effectively fights the remnants of detergent, microbes and ticks.
  • Night. the program is aimed at almost silent work and consumption of the minimum amount of water and electricity. For drain and sealing, you must re.press the “Start” button.
  • Children’s things. as in the case of the antibacterial program, involves the use of more water and directs the action to active rinsing of the remains of powder from matter.
  • Silk. intended for delicate, thin and delicate things. A small heating indicator is used and does not provide.
  • Wool. used for cashmere and woolen things that need special conditions. The water heats up poorly, the drum rotates slowly, and the outcome provides for no more than 600 revolutions.

According to the instructions, additionally in Ariston, you can put a rinse, ordinary and delicate squeeze and drain. They will contribute to more thorough cleaning, leaching of the detergent or obtaining almost dry things at the output.

The main modes of Ariston

They are most often used. But do not forget that the capabilities of the lubricants are not limited to the main modes. besides them, there are also a lot of functions to adjust the conditions of the process.

  • Strongly contaminated things are erased in water heated to 90 ° C. Pushing at maximum revolutions.
  • For color things from x/b and linen. Heating. 60 ° C.
  • For not very dirty things. You can wash delicate fabrics

Purpose of the “Fast washing” regime

This function is designed for the phased performance of washing, rinsing and squeezing in about half an hour of work, but there are such models of SMA that can wash things with a super-fast cycle in just 15-20 minutes.

Literally in a matter of minutes, the linen will be completely clean and squeezed. Watering things look no worse than those that are painted in a regular program.

In what situations can be used by fast washing:

What is the cycle of the washing machine

During the work, the automatic machine goes through several stages. The cycle consists of:

Often during washing this cycle is not carried out 1, but 2 or 3 times. This will depend on the mode and the selected program.

In addition to the main 3 stages, there are also additional ones, on which it also depends on how long the automatic machine was erased: preliminary washing and additional rinse. There are these steps in some programs, somewhere they are missed. Also, time will also go to heat water, its drain and set. There are many such additional factors, so you should dwell on them in more detail.

Useful functions of washing machines

In addition to a standard set of operations and modes, washing machines of various manufacturers can have useful additional functions that will help to make washing even more convenient and effective. Drain without spin and additional rinsing. these capabilities of the modern consumer cannot be surprised, but there are some possibilities of washing machines that should be said a little more about.

  • Drying linen. Such a function is in Candy CSW 105, HotPoint-Ariston Armxx D 129, LG F1496AD3, BOSCH WVG30461OE. Allows you to pull out dry linen after washing. This possibility of a second heating element and hot air flows was implemented. Do not dry delicate canvases or products with heat.sensitive fittings, acrylic drawings and stickers.
  • Half loading. Presented at Samsung WF8590NMW9, Zanussi Zwy 1100 and others. At the same time, electronic sensors independently calculate the water level required for washing.
  • Protection from children. Extremely useful function. Completely excludes the ability to switch the program during operation.There are Whirlpool AWS 63013, Electrolux EWC 1350, Indesit IWSB 5085 (CIS) and many others.
  • Starting the start of the Whirlpool Tdlr 65230, Beko Elb 67031 PTYA, Hansa AWS510LH. Convenient regime that saves time for busy people. You can get a fresh wash in the morning or after returning from work.

Depending on what functions are suitable for you, and it is worth choosing a washing machine for yourself. The choice of models is wide and it is difficult not to get confused in all this diversity, but knowing your tasks and requirements for the washing machine, it will be easier for you to choose the best option for yourself and not overpay for an unnecessary optional.

  • Sort products by color and type of fabric;
  • Use quality washing products and water softeners;
  • Do not forget to periodically clean the launder of scale with special means;
  • Remove coins and other small objects from your s so that they do not wake up in the drum during washing;
  • Follow the weight of the things that you loaded into the tank. it is better not to allow surpluses.

If you follow all the rules of operation and recommendations of clothing manufacturers, then washing will always bring an excellent result, and the washer itself will last a long and uninterruptedly. Different laundry modes in the washing machine will help you carefully and carefully care for your clothes, shoes and textiles. A well.selected washing mode is the key to pure things and neat owners!

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The choice of the program

How to install and how to set up a program, read in the instructions. But even without it you can easily guess how to control the device. Typically, in the models “Ariston” there is a selector who choose the program. Separately, you can add the options for the drain, spin and others. The duration of the cycle will depend on the program and on the additional functions added by the user.

Before choosing and starting this or that mode, carefully study the tags attached to things. These shortcuts indicate data that helps to decide on the choice of washing conditions. There, in particular, the type of fabric is indicated, the maximum washing temperature, as well as the ratio of the product to detergents and bleaches.

Knowing the washing modes allows not only to carefully and effectively wash things, but also to save all resources. Thoughtful pressing of the buttons. at random, can lead to damage to products, revenge of resources and accelerated wear of the apparatus.

The main recommendations for working with Ariston washing machines

In the instructions attached to the product, all the nuances are not always told regarding its operation. There are several general recommendations for working with Ariston washing machines that will help extend the life of the mechanism and ensure its quality operation without breakdowns:

  • The washing machine should stand on the flat floor so that the body does not shift during the spin.
  • No need to load the drum half or at all turn on the Ariston unit for one product. This will lead to the wear of the working system.
  • You should not overload the drum so as not to give too much load on the washing machine.
  • If things do not have persistent and serious contaminants, use heating no higher than 30 degrees to save on the supply of electricity.
  • It is desirable that the pressing level varies from 600 to 800 revolutions. With the constant active operation of the drum of the machine, the condition of the oil seal and bearings deteriorate.
  • Do not fall asleep a lot of powder into the container so that a large amount of foam does not form during the washing process
  • Twist the selector exclusively clockwise.
  • Do not forget to look after the hatch cover and wipe it dry at the end of the process. Otherwise, plaque will be collected on the glass, the state of rubber will deteriorate from this, and the liquid will seep under the cuffs. Ariston drum itself and rubber should also be dried with a rag.
  • After the end of work, turn off the device from the network and close the water supply crane. This will eliminate the appearance of problems with the wiring that occur during malfunctions in electricity.
  • Also, after all manipulations for cleaning products, open the powder containers to let the washing machine ventilate.
  • Check the drain filter from time to time.
  • Ariston machine needs periodic cleaning of raid, small pollution and solid particles. Once a month or two, start an idle wash by throwing a small amount of a small amount of funds from scale. In this case, the heating indicator should be maximum. it is written in the instructions.

Programs, program table. HotPoint Ariston ARXL 105 operating instructions

Night öèkë: slightly pierced delicate colored linen.

Orthic linen: highlighted delicate colored linen.

 ø ç çKANKY: for silk products, viscose and underwear.


Õëïîk: highly planted white and durable colored linen.

Õëïîk (2): highly planted white and delicate colored linen.

Õëïîk (3): highly planted white and colored delicate linen.

Ñ ​​ñ è è & strongly stained underwear durable colored linen.

Ñ ​​ñ è è è….

Mèkñ 30 ‘: for rapid refreshing of low.stranded laundry (not for wool,

Mèkñ 15 ‘: for rapid refreshing of low.stranded laundry (not for wool,

(program 7). A disinfectioning program with a high temperature, which provides for

Using a bleach at a temperature above 60 ° C. For bleaching, pour a bleach detergent

remedy and additives to the corresponding cells (see paragraph “Distributor of detergents”).

(program 8). This is a silent cycle that can be turned on at night by saving electricity.

This program is designed for the washing of synthetic and x/b of things. At the end of the cycle, the machine

stops with water in the drum; For draining and pressing, press the start/pause button, otherwise

8 hours of the past, the machine will automatically drain water and seal.

(program 9). The program removes typical pollution of children’s clothing, guaranteeing removal

detergent from fabric in order to avoid allergies of sensitive children’s skin. This cycle is designed for

reduction in the amount of bacteria due to the use of a larger volume of water and optimizing the effect

special disinfectants of the old substance.

Upon completion of washing, the car will continue to slowly rotate the drum to avoid crushing the laundry. For

Cycle stops click the Start/Pause button.

(Program 5) Designed for quick washing of a weakly.built linen, the cycle lasts only 30 minutes,

which saves time and electricity. According to this program (5, 30 ° C), you can wash underwear together

different fabrics (with the exception of wool and silk) with a maximum load of 3 kg.

(Program 6) Designed for quick washing of a weakly.built linen, the cycle lasts only 15 minutes,

which saves time and electricity. According to this program (6, 30 ° C), you can wash underwear together

different fabrics (with the exception of wool and silk) with a maximum load of 1.5 kg.

The values ​​given in the table are approximate.

1) Management programs in accordance with the directive EN 60456: set the program 7 with a temperature of 60 ° C.

2) Long program for x/b linen: set the program 2 with a temperature of 40 ° C.

3) Short program for x/b linen: set the program 3 with a temperature of 40 ° C.

Programs, programs table, special programs. operating instructions HotPoint Ariston Ecot7f 129

Together, linen from different fabrics (with the exception of wool and silk) with a maximum load of 1.5 kg.

(program 6). A disinfection program with a high temperature,

providing for the use of a bleach at a temperature above 60 ° C. For bleaching, pour

bleach, detergent and additives to the corresponding cells (see paragraph “Distributor of detergents

(program 7). This is a silent cycle that can be turned on at night by saving

Electricity. This program is designed for the washing of synthetic and x/b of things. Upon completion

the cycle machine stops with water in the drum; For draining and pressing, press the Start/Pace button in

a contrary after 8 hours, the car will automatically drain water and squeeze.

Eco-programs make it possible to achieve excellent washing results at low temperature, contributing to a smaller

consumption of electric energy for the benefit of the environment and reducing economic costs.

11, synthetics 12 and fast washing 30 ’13) are designed for various types of fabrics and

To guarantee the optimal result, we recommend using a liquid detergent; Cuffs, collars

Продолжительность цикла, показанная на дисплее или указанная в инструкциях является рассчетом, сделанным на основании стандартных условий. Фактическая

продолжительность может варьировать в зависимости от многочисленных факторов таких как температура и давление воды на подаче, температура помещения,

количество моющего средства, количество и тип загруженного белья, балансировка белья, выбранные дополнительные функции.

1) Management programs in accordance with the directive EN 60456: set the program 6 with a temperature of 60 ° C.

Ariston A1636. Daily Wash 30°c

2) Long program for x/b linen: set the program 2 with a temperature of 40 ° C.

3) Short program for x/b linen: set the program 3 with a temperature of 40 ° C.

Is it possible to wash all the time in this mode?

Seduced by the efficiency of the process and the savings of all resources. water, powder, electricity, some users begin to wash at fast mode constantly. But this threatens the appearance of a musty smell in the tank. From time to time, the car should wash in hot water. so that mold and fungus do not get bred. These microorganisms love to settle in the Luke cuff, they are the cause of the unpleasant odor in the typewriter. And most importantly, then these microorganisms fall on clothes and linen, which will in contact with the body of a person.

A musty smell appeared? So, the process of propagation of molds has gone. it’s time to run the cycle with hot water.


At high water temperatures, the machine copes better with pollution. However, it depends on the type of spots and how old they are. In intensive washing mode, water heats up to a mark of at least 60 degrees. Some models of washing machines provide for the implementation of the program at a temperature close to boiling.

Important! The intensive regime is designed taking into account the characteristics that are needed to remove strong contaminants from the fabric. Users should be ensured directly by users. The result depends to a greater extent on the correctly selected tool. The use of staining vehicles increases the efficiency of the program.

Minor modes

The software set of any modern washing machine is not limited to the listed list. In addition to it, there is also a secondary set of modes that significantly facilitates the washing of things.

  • Antibacterial washing is suitable for strong contaminants. You can wash white and colored linen. But you need to adjust the temperature. For color things, the temperature should not exceed 60 degrees. At the same time, white fabrics are erased for 2.5 hours, and bright about 1 hour 20 minutes.
  • Night washing is ideal for dark time of day when everyone is sleeping. The washing machine works almost silently. But such washing will take more than 4 hours.
  • Children’s things require special care. The program is arranged so that a large amount of water is typed in the drum, all the clothes are washed well from the powder. It is washing 110 minutes at a temperature of not more than 60 degrees.
  • Wool is erased in water not hot 40 degrees. For such clothing, slow rotation of the drum and low squeezing speed are provided.
  • Silk requires a delicate attitude, so water heats up only up to 30 degrees. In conclusion, nothing is squeezed.

In addition to programs, there are also various functions that allow you to adjust the default settings depending on which materials are loaded into the drum. The above modes enable the user for each type of fabric to choose the most favorable and gentle washing conditions.

Functional modes?

Any washing machine Ariston brand machine has a certain set of additional functions. This, for example, is an additional rinse for a thorough “flushing” of things from powders and air conditioners. An individual program is also included here, it enables the user to introduce any, most frequently used mode or simply definite settings in memory. This will significantly save time when launching washing.

Language change Ariston washing drying machine AQUALTIS AQD1071D 69

Additional selection may have several settings options. Its duration takes an average of 10-15 minutes. Plum. little in demand function. But it will be needed in cases where the washing is completed, and the machine did not drain all the water from the drum.

The use of the considered functionality will help to significantly facilitate some points in washing things. The main thing is not to forget about their presence and apply all the possibilities in a timely manner.

Why the cycles time can be different?

Although the time of all components of the washing cycles is laid in the program by the manufacturer himself, it periodically differs even in the same mode. It depends on additional options selected simultaneously with the care program.

  • Washing temperature. The higher it is, the more time it will take to heat the water, and the longer one or another cycle of the regime itself will last. So, in order to wash linen in hot water, a washing machine will take a quarter of an hour more than with delicate care in water with a temperature of 30-40 degrees. The longest is the boiling mode.
  • Preliminary soaking. This function is used for very dirty things or linen with dried, “old” spots. Any mode supplemented by this option will last 15 minutes longer.
  • Supervision. The higher the speed, the more dry linen the hostess receives, but the longer the washing machine works. So, push things out at 1200 revolutions, the device will take 4-5 minutes more than with delicate 400.
  • Intellectual mode. Present in more expensive models and is designed to independently choose the laundry mode by the household appliance depending on the load of the drum, such as fabric and pollution of things. The quality of washing in this mode is better, but the operating time of the unit increases significantly.

The duration of the household appliance is affected not only by the modes and additional functions, but also by the state of the unit. So, the lime plaque formed on the heating element during the operation of the washing machine increases the time of heating the water to the desired temperature, which extends the time of its operation. It is noteworthy that when choosing low temperature conditions, this does not happen.

How much is the washing programs?

Regardless of the models and manufacturers of washing machines, the time of washing modes in them, on average, is the same, and the differences are insignificant. Standard programs include:

  • Fast washing-express mode, used for slightly contaminated things (still has the name “Daily washing”) and lasts an average of 14 to 35 minutes;
  • Shoes. it will take about 40 minutes to cleanse sneakers and sneakers;
  • Delicate mode. takes about 50 minutes and is used for things made of thin, delicate fabrics that require low temperatures and reduced spinning speeds;
  • synthetics is one of the types of delicate washing, but with the use of higher temperatures and lasting about 1.5 hours;
  • cotton is the longest mode that takes about two hours and is designed for natural, dense fabrics;
  • Intensive mode. necessary for very dirty things, usually includes an option of preliminary washing or soaking, which extends the operation of the device up to four hours.

There are also a number of special modes in modern washing machines. A program for large.sized things makes it possible to clean the blankets, blankets and outerwear at home, and the “children’s mode” allows you not to worry about the quality of washing clothes for the smallest members of the family. Large things are erased an average of 1.5 hours, children’s-2-2.5 hours, since they must be added to additional rinsing.



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