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Hot water from the boiler is bad

Solving the problem of the weak pressure of hot water from the gas heater

For normal operation of the heater, a stable water supply is required. In case of malfunctions, work is violated. He stops turning on. Water from the column when continuing to work the boiler and overheating is hot. Therefore, you need to start correcting the situation. The solution to the problem of the weak pressure of hot water from the gas heater depends on the cause.

The principle of operation of the columns from different manufacturers has no significant differences. Technical characteristics differ.

What are the models in terms of:

  • Manual. Found on old models. Most modern manufacturers prefer not to use this type of ignition. To turn it on, you need to set fire to the burner on your own match.
  • Piezorozzhig. To turn on the heater, pressing the button is enough. In a few seconds, the water from the column will be hot.
  • Electronic ignition. Allows you to save gas, as the automation turns off and turns on its feed.

Two types of heaters are distinguished by the type of installed burners. With constant power, manual temperature adjustment is required. With a variable, automatic adjustment occurs. Modulating burners serve a single temperature.

The power of the column is one of the main selection criteria. Minimum value.16-19 kW. Maximum-28-32 kW. The heater with small power will heat up to 10 liters of water per minute. This is not enough for a large family. You can only wash the dishes. Average indicators increase the volume to 20.

In order not to encounter the fact that there is no pressure of water in the gas column, you should choose trusted manufacturers. German and Italian company gained confidence in the market. But there are domestic popular brands. The Neva gas column combines the proven quality and affordable price.

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Principle of operation

The method of functioning of a flowing gas water heater is as follows:

  • Gas burns, heat is released.
  • The heat exchanger is heated, which transfers thermal energy to the water.
  • Heated water stream is sent to the pipeline.
  • Combustion products go through a smoke car.

The usual column consists of such elements:

  • Frame. It is made of heat.resistant metal alloys, hides parts. Some models of water heaters contain an electronic display that helps to track the operation of the equipment. When a device breakdown on the screen, a warning signal appears on the screen.
  • Thermostat. Supports the constant temperature of the water.
  • Heat exchanger. This is the main heating element.
  • Gas valve. When the tap is turned on, it provides fuel supply.
  • The combustion chamber. In it, gas is converted into heat.
  • Ignition system. There is a mechanical, automatic.
  • Battery.
  • Gas-burner.
  • Chimney.
  • Fan. Accelerates the output of waste.
  • Water valves (entrance, day off).

If the gas column does not warm the water, the root cause often lies in the damage to one of the above elements. To normalize the operation of the water heater, it is necessary to fix the spoiled part or replace it with a new.

Users are recommended to study the device of a modern gas column in order to successfully operate it, repair the EUROSANTEHNIK source on their own.ru

Other malfunctions

Code E04 means a malfunction of the thermostat of the heating circuit.

  • A short circuit and break sensor, measuring the resistance using a multimeter;
  • The connection of the wires and the serviceability of the connectors from the sensor to the control board, connect the wires; The control board of wall boilers Thermona
  • management fee. If it is faulty, replace the fee.

Code E07 appears when the outer thermal attemptor is faulty. Check the resistance of the thermostat for a short circuit and break, the connection of wires and connectors, correct if you find a break or oxidation.

In the case when the unit is noisy, there may be an incorrect setup of the minimum and maximum gas pressure on the nozzle of the burner, adjust the heat exchanger to be clogged in accordance with the instructions in the instructions, clean it.

  • The burner is clogged. Clean the burner;
  • Incorrect tuning for the minimum and maximum gas pressure on the nozzles of the burner;
  • The wrong position of the electrode of the ignition. Set it in a position at a distance of 3 mm from the burner.

User recommendations in the absence of hot water in the boiler

Some users say that hot water in a boiler can go to the neighbors as a result of the lack of valle or its opening. To confirm the hypothesis, you can see a hot or warm riser located below the valve. If the riser is hot, then its replacement is necessary.

Often the reason is a breakdown of a heating element or heating element. Microsemen may form in it as a result of the action of scale, which are becoming larger and more. Also sometimes he beats the current.

There are other reasons for the lack of heating:

  • A breakdown of a heating spiral. It is best to make a replacement of the device, abandoning the independent elimination of the malfunction by winding nichrome wire. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the devices are made. In the manufacture of them, they are covered with ceramic coating to prevent scale. Some models go with an unhappy heating. For dismantling, you need to hack a copper shell, and then steal or brew.
  • Low pressure of the liquid. The flow sensor does not give a heating spiral signal.
  • Clogging of the radiator installation. To check what condition the radiator is in, you need to turn off the heater from the network and disassemble. Rinse the radiator by any means from scale. If it is strongly clogged, you can soak it for several hours.

Often the reason is also the improper installation of the equipment or the selected heating mode, breakdown of the thermostat, the failure of the rubber gasket gasket. The phenomenon is rarely a fault of the cartridges, power cable, magnesium anode and adjustment handle. Electronics also breaks, as a result of which it is impossible to choose the mode. The problem may be improper use of a boiler installation or marriage.

Attention! If the device is not used for a long time, it is necessary to make the entire removal of water from all hoses with sleeves. To prevent deposits, it is worth filtering water.

Hot water does not flow from the water heater or this does not happen as it should be, for various reasons: starting from factory marriage, ending with clogs and hard water.

Installation of high.quality gas columns

Poor pressure of hot water with a gas column is the main reason for the poor quality of the equipment. Modern boilers are compact devices responsible for the heating of running water. They are used in houses to which the gas pipeline is connected and there is no centralized hot water supply system.

The operated equipment is divided into flowing and accumulative varieties. Some heat the water as it moves through the system, while others accumulate a certain volume of water in the tank, where its constantly high temperature is maintained.

According to the characteristics of performance, heaters can be divided into such subcategories:

  • Low.power. heating about 10 liters of water per minute. from 9 to 16 kW.
  • The average indicator from 16 to 23 kW gives about 15 liters per minute.
  • High.power devices can increase the temperature of 20 liters of water in one minute (over 24 kW).

Performance indicators of low.power devices is enough to wash the dishes in the kitchen. Medium.fitting devices are more suitable for two.room apartments. The highest boilers can be installed in apartments from 3 rooms or more.

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In fact, there are not so many reasons for such a malfunction:

  • The pump is not included in the network: accordingly, the heating element quickly overheats, and the water does not circulate through the system, but is concentrated in the boiler.
  • The pump is included in the network, but faulty: water circulation is not carried out or is carried out, but very slowly (slower than heating).
  • Batteries are ascended: a large amount of air has accumulated in the batteries, which is heated by its nature faster than water.
  • Malfunctions in the thermostat: the controller burned out, or the wiring oxidized.
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Be sure to check the readiness of your own heating system for the first launch. Lack of the desired level of water and pressure leads to emergency shutdown of gas equipment.

Briefly about the main thing

So, why is hot water from a water heater not running, and what are the main reasons for this:

  • The reverse pressure valve is broken or clogged: often the valve is clogged with garbage penetrating through the pipeline to the water heater. In this case, you need to dismantle the device, check it for normal operation and the presence of contamination in it.
  • The pressure gearbox on the heater is incorrectly configured or broken: the equipment device was created so that what pressure when serving, such as at the output. It is necessary to perform the diagnosis of the device, and if it can be done optionally, then adjust the pressure.
  • The valve on the water heater does not open completely: this is a kind of pressure limiter, in which case the breakdown is decided by the replacement of the new crane.
  • The “grid” filter on the mixer is clogged: at the same time it is necessary to promote the equipment, and determine the presence of contaminants on the filter, probably this is the main problem.

The reasons why hot water does not flow from the water heater is both external factors that do not depend on its owner and the internal malfunctions of the nodes. One way or another, the intervention of the master will be required, since it is not worthwhile to even clean the heating element without experience. this often leads to fatal consequences. But if prophylaxis is in a timely manner, then the equipment will work for a long time and without problems.

A malfunction of the expansion tank

Sometimes the problem of pressure falling is associated precisely with an expansion tank. It can be mounted in the boiler housing, or can be outside it (then the water is poured manually through the tank). If there are signs of a malfunction of this element, pumping with pressure measurements will be required.

There are two main features:

  • You often have to add water to the system, but there is no leakage along the contour.
  • A sharp and spasmodic change in pressure on the dial of the pressure gauge when using hot water (only for double.circuit boilers).

Extensive tanks have a primitive structure, but even here malfunctions can occur that can reduce pressure in the boiler and provoke its off.

Common causes of reduced hot water at the tap with a combi boiler

Questions and answers

He called the master, and he tells me that the height of the flame is put wrong and this can lead to leaks in the near future. Does it make sense to intervene in the work of the burner?

If the master insists and sees a threat, then it is better to listen to the recommendations and do it until the same hour has come.

I often notice drops of water on the drive, but I don’t understand, the problem is in condensate or in the jail of the joint, how to understand and what to do?

Dry the surface of the entire drive, then attach a paper towel to the docking area. Hold 1-2 minutes. If there is a leak, then she will show herself. For such a short period of time, condensate can not form a priori. The drive can be slightly tightened with a gas key. If this does not help, then you need to completely replace it.

The boiler has flowed. The master said there are two small holes in the water heater and advised to replace it with a new one, since the boiler is nearly 13 years old. I would like to try to brew him so as not to spend money. Is it possible to do it and what is the best way to do?

If the master sees the need to replace the water heater completely, then it makes sense to listen, since the problem can not only be in the presence of through holes. Welding, including cold, can always guarantee the serviceability of equipment.

Summing up, it should be noted that a leak in a gas boiler does not always occur due to a crack in the water heater. You need to check all the joints of the heating system, as well as the serviceability of the radiators. If holes are found, it is better to replace, as welding will give a temporary effect, and still you will have to spend money on installing a new heating tank.



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