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Homemade boiler of prolonged combustion on coal

Independent assembly of a wood.burning wood boiler

Homemade solid fuel boilers are inexpensive heat sources where there are still no gas highways. Burning firewood in their furnaces, they release a large amount of thermal energy consumed on heating of residential premises. But they require constant attention of users, which is associated with the rapid combustion of fuel. Let’s see how the boilers of long burning on firewood with their own hands are gathering for 24 hours that do not require frequent fuel loading.

  • The main features of wood boilers;
  • Principles of the implementation of prolonged burning;
  • Varieties of prolonged combustion boilers working on wood;
  • Independent assembly instructions.

After reading this review, you can decide which boiler can be assembled with your own hands.

Advantages and features of prolonged burning structures

From ordinary boilers, analogues with support for prolonged burning are distinguished by the presence of two working cameras at once. In the first of them, directly laid fuel is burned, and in the second. the released gases. An important role is played by timely supply of oxygen. A conventional fan with uncomplicated automation can be used as a device for pumping air.

Basic elements of prolonged burning heating boilers

Of the advantages of units, it should be noted:

homemade, boiler, prolonged, combustion
  • the minimum number of fuel bastards;
  • high efficiency of work;
  • the use of various types of solid fuel;
  • a small amount of soot in pipes during operation;
  • Reliability of the design.

Note! Of the shortcomings, it is necessary to mention the complexity of independent manufacture. Although when using ready.made drawings of solid fuel boilers of long burning with your own hands, to make an unit still real.

Making a boiler of solid fuel long burning: reviews and algorithm of action

Before starting work, study the opinions and tips of real users. As their reviews testify, equipment of this type with the correct implementation of technologies can be made yourself.

To create a design without unnecessary difficulties, finished products with the desired parameters are useful. A metal pipe is suitable with a diameter of 350 mm, 1.5 meters high, with a wall thickness of at least 3 mm. Of course, you have to make the appropriate adjustments of some other sizes.

The bottom cut from leaf steel is welded to it. Do not forget about the legs. They must withstand the weight of a heavy structure without damage. For some input and output holes, segments of pipes with suitable dimensions are suitable. Strengthening and mounting units of attachments are created from segments of the channel.

The finished design is cleaned. To protect against corrosion and good aesthetic characteristics, it is covered with soil layers for metal and paint. Use such types of coatings that are resistant to high temperatures. After installing the winch and other additional devices, check the performance of all mechanisms and drives. The boiler is connected to air supply systems, water supply and heating, chimney, electric network 220 V of. Carry out a trial start and eliminate the identified shortcomings

note! You know how to make a solid fuel boiler of long burning, but doubt the accuracy of individual operations? In this case, the creation of welds and other complex actions must be studied in advance. This equipment during operation should be reliable, so it is better to exclude unnecessary risks.

The principle of operation of the boiler

The heat in Kholmov’s boiler turns out to be two types of heat generation:

The pyrolysis boiler is designed in such a way that the incoming air flow does not give a sufficient volume of air for good combustion. Therefore, a certain amount of fuel simply burns, and part simply smolders. Due to smoldering there is a lot of smoke with a large m and resin. Gases of smoke, when they pass through hot coals, are additionally enriched with substances and create even more active gases.

Mid.type pyrolysis boiler Kholmov

Such a mine.type boiler on firewood can steadily operate about 12 hours on a single bookmark, which is several times longer than standard units on coal or firewood. Just because of this, Kholmov’s boiler is called a long burning boiler. The device of the device is very large and contains much more fuel than the camera of classic solid fuel boilers.

CWS burning process in a coal boiler

The aggregate with a power characteristic of 15 kW has a furnace chamber for 180 liters of fuel. Burning is carried out only in the lower 20 cm of the entire bookmark. The “backup” fuel is waiting for the fuel from above, while the fuel is burned out from below and gradually takes its place. Smoke gases accumulate at an altitude of 30 cm above smoldering coals. The larger volume of incoming air moves under the grates and passes under them in another furnace of pyrolysis burning. This air attracts gases of smoke that are above the combustion layer. Smoke moves through the coals and enriches, thereby improving the quality of pies.

The second and first mines are separated by a vertical partition. Only below this wall is a small clearance. Through this hole with the help of traction, the fire is sucked from one chamber to another. Here, a complete burning of wood gases occurs below, and a convection heat exchanger is located at the top. The highest heating is achieved in the lower part of the second chamber (temperature up to 800 ° C). Most of the heat in this area passes into the water shirt of the heating unit as a radiation radiation. The rest of the heat from the burning gases is assembled by a convection type of water grinding meter.

Mine boilers can work both on firewood and coal, pellet granules, briquettes, chips, sawdust. To increase the efficiency of the heating unit, the use of coal fuel is best made by minimal. The fact is that coal is a product of organic decomposition and when it is burned pies.

You can read in more detail about the gas generator boiler Popov in.

The principle of operation of solid fuel boilers and their device

Solid organic fuel is the most ancient source of energy for humanity. To abandon it completely, even in the modern world, is impossible. over, in addition to firewood and coal, many other types of combustible solids have appeared today:

  • Briquettes from TOA. dried and compressed then emits a lot of heat during combustion;
  • Briquettes from woodworking waste. compressed sawdust, chips and trees bark;
  • Birch coal. the same as for the barbecue;
  • redesigned garbage from landfills;
  • Fuel heating granules. small fuel obtained by pressing of sawdust. Can be supplied automatically;
  • Ordinary dry sawdust.

Various raw materials for use in solid fuel boilers

It is clear that all this fuel was obtained by processing various waste, which solves the problem of disposal in enterprises and goes in line with the “green” economy.

Helpful advice! The most affordable fuel, of the above, are wood sawdust. If you intend to use them for heating, make sure that they are with a humidity of less than 20%. Large indicators of this parameter will not allow pyrolysis gas, since most of the heating energy will go to dry fuel.

As a result of human activity, a colossal amount of waste is formed, which can be transformed into high.energy fuel, which led to the appearance of long.burning heating boilers on the market. Unlike ordinary furnaces, these units do not work on combustion of the fuel itself, but on its splitting as a result of heating. In the working chamber, such boilers burn gaseous decay products of solid fuel. This work scheme is several times more effective than the usual combustion of organic fuel. Pyrolysis gas, gives a large amount of energy.

The device of such a gas generator installation is not very complicated. You can even build a solid fuel of long burning with your own hands with your own hands. The drawing of the simplest option is as follows:

  • A closed cylindrical tank, which has a hatch for laying fuel, also blew a hole for installing the chimney;
  • Inside the tank is a distributor of air, which creates a twist of pyrolysis gas. He is attached to a mobile telescopic pipe. This whole design, similar to the piston, presses on the fuel from above. The combustion of the gas occurs above the piston, and the fuel smolders under it;
  • The heat exchanger is built in the upper chamber, where the maximum temperature is achieved.

Slow flooding of solid fuel occurs in the lower chamber. It is achieved by adjusting the air supply to the blow. The released gas intensively burns in the upper chamber and heats the coolant.

A scheme of the heating system of a private house using a solid fuel boiler

Helpful advice! Do not use the simplest design for the manufacture of a boiler, which will heat a residential building on an ongoing basis. To do this, you need to either purchase a finished product, or make a more complex and reliable option.

Long burning solid fuel boilers can be indispensable in private houses, in household structures, garages and greenhouses. They will be especially beneficial where there is a large wood.processing production, as waste at such enterprises is given almost free. These units are also needed in areas, where there are regular interruptions in gas supply. Such installations have many advantages, but there is one important drawback. a very high cost. That is why today it is relevant to manufacture with your own hands of boilers of solid fuel long burning. Drawings for this can be used of varying degrees of complexity. It depends on the level of skill.

Water heating of a private house with your own hands, structural schemes. Pros and disadvantages. The difference in natural and forced water circulation.

Solid fuel boilers for heating a private house

The basic models of prolonged combustion boilers with a water circuit on wood wood are distinguished according to the manufacturing material, the design of the firebox, heat exchanger, chimney, the method of loading and burning fuel.

A wood.burning boiler with a water circuit is equipped with a tubular (vertical) register or a heat exchanger of a shirt.type type. The case structure practically excludes the possibility of boiling water in systems with natural circulation.

The basis of a solid fuel boiler is the principle of long and economical fuel combustion

Steel wood.burning boiler for heating the house has small thermal inertia. The boiler circuit made of heat.resistant steel withstands sharp surges in temperature and pressure in the system. Disadvantage of the material. sensitivity to corrosion, which enhances the temperature voltage of the metal. The overhaul period of operation of the steel unit. 15 years.

The walls of the cast.iron heat exchanger of a wood boiler for heating a private house with batteries heat up and cool for a long time. A fragile alloy is not designed for critical drops of the working parameters of the system.

Solid fuel boiler in semi.automatic mode

The advantage of cast iron is due to the ammoicity of the material to oxygen corrosion. The life of the boiler with a cast.iron heat exchanger, with the proper operation of the unit, reaches 25 years.

Котельная на угле \ Coal-fired boiler room

The principle of operation of the prolonged combustion unit is forced, sequential, directed downward, in which methane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen are released. Oxygen deficiency slows down flames. Additional thermal energy is formed when burning furnace gas. The flow of outgoing combustion products washes the surface of the heat exchanger at the exit of the boiler. The design allows the loading of firewood once a day.

homemade, boiler, prolonged, combustion

Table 1. The price of long burning boilers on solid fuel:

Boiler brand (manufacturer country)
Zota Mix. 32 (Russia) 38700
Stropuva Mini S8 (Baltic states) 58240
Solid fuel boiler of prolonged burning oror H 412 (Czech Republic) 51731

note! The average quality of the latest domestic developments of solid fuel boilers is decent competing to foreign analogues.

Pyrolysis boilers of prolonged burning

Pyrolysis units are one of the varieties of long burning boilers. The phased separation of the combustion process increases efficiency and extends the operating time of the gas generator. The furnace of the pyrolysis boiler is shared by a special nozzle. In the first compartment, under the influence of high temperatures, the laying of firewood emits combustible gas. The second serves to burn wood decomposition products. A minimum amount of ash is formed in the ash, and the chimney does not grow soot deposits.

Gas generating plants are designed for heating systems of residential buildings, the area of ​​which is more than 100 m².

table 2. The price of pyrolysis boilers of prolonged combustion with a water circuit:

Solid fuel pyrolysis boiler MS-16 (Russia) 132000
Steel pyrolysis boiler Buderus Logano S171-22 W (Czech Republic) 202250
Solid fuel pyrolysis boiler bourgeois-to standard 20 (Russia) 49800
Gas generator boiler CO12 (Russia) 52494

Pyrolysis wood boilers operate up to two days on one fuel load. The cost of the product depends on the brand of the manufacturer, the power and degree of equipping the unit automation.

Production of a long burning boiler

It is easy to make such a design at home, but this will require skills to work with a welding machine and a clear instruction.

Preparation of everything necessary

metal pipe Ø30 cm and more with the thickness of the walls of 4-5 mm;

The case can be made of sheet steel method of welding

After the preparation of equipment and consumables, you can start work.

Assembly of the structure

note! The boiler must be installed on a flat surface. If required, the concrete base is equipped (it all depends on the total weight of the structure)

The sequence of actions during assembly is the following.

The pipe that will serve as the structure of the structure is cut in accordance with the selected length (from 0.8 to 1 m). If the length is larger, it will make it difficult to load the fuel during operation. The bottom of sheet steel is welded and (if required) the legs made of a channel.

The air distributor is formed. To do this, a circle is cut out of the steel sheet, the diameter of which is less than the diameter of the structure by 2 cm. A hole is made in the center of the circle Ø2 cm.

A impeller with 5-centimeter blades made of the same steel is welded to the distributor. A pipe Ø6 cm is welded on top so that the previously made hole arises in the middle.

Boiler housing and air distributor

note! This pipe should be equal in height of the body of the boiler (you can more).

The pipe is equipped with a damper to adjust oxygen supply.

A door is equipped near the bottom of the boiler to remove combustion products. A rectangle is cut out from a steel sheet with a corner grinder, loops with a locking handle are fixed. Rectangle and will serve as a door.

The chimney pipe is attached to the boiler Ø10 cm. The first 40-45 cm pipe should go strictly horizontally, after which it is passed through the heat exchanger (the latter is made in the form of a metal container with water).

homemade, boiler, prolonged, combustion

A cover for a boiler is cut, a hole for the air distributor is made in it

It is important that the cover adjacent to the body as tightly as possible, otherwise smoke will go through the cracks.

Everything, the heat generator of prolonged burning is ready to use.

Useful video

If you want to make a TT boiler universal from the perspective of using raw materials, then for a furnace chamber use a pipe from heat.resistant alloy steel.

You can significantly reduce the consumption for the construction of the unit, if you take a seamless steel pipe of 20 brand.

So that the ash door is tightly closed, without giving access to the air, it is necessary to seal it well. To do this, lay the asbestos cord around the perimeter of the door.

If you perform an additional door in the boiler, which allows you to “help” the fuel without removing the lid, it also needs to be tightly sealed with an asbestos cord.

For the operation of the TT boiler, the scheme of which we attach below any solid fuel is suitable:

There are no special instructions on the quality of fuel. any. But take into account that with a high humidity, the boiler will not give a large useful action coefficient.

A little recommendations

If you need to create a heating system in a private house or in the country, carefully choose the boiler option. You can assemble a solid fuel model yourself or purchase it in a store.

This method of heating is perfect in the absence of communications into the house, and with the right choice, you can not carry out additional fuel loading up to 7 days.



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