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Heavy Rain Guide

A sword is never a killer, it is a tool in the killer’s hands. Heavy Rain game guide contains full walkthrough of the game (in my opinion. most optimal way) and all 17 endings fully described in terms of how to see them.

The Heavy Rain Unofficial Game Guide provides a detailed description and walkthrough of all available chapters in the game. This is a very non-linear production and in the vast majority of the available stages, decisions and behaviors influence the shape of the game. In our guide we have discussed all important choices and moments. Also, we have included additional warnings for all scenes that could lead to the death of one of the heroes or the omission of selected chapters of the game (e.g. because not enough tracks have been collected). Our guide is richly illustrated. Important locations or items are shown on the pictures attached to the guide. Our guidebook also explains all QTE (Quick Time Events) sequences. They play an important role, because failure of the QTE scene can make it impossible to perform any action or even result in the death of the Hero.

heavy, rain, android, game, gamers, decide

Due to the extreme non-linearity of Heavy Rain, we have prepared a special chapter with list of available game’ endings. We described in detail all epilogues, i.e. TV news, the content of which depends on the choices made during the whole progress of the game (e.g. whether someone died or whether a serial killer was caught).

In the next chapter you will find a trophy guide to Heavy Rain. It contains a full list of achievements / trophies. We divided the trophies mainly according to the chapters in which they can be unlocked. However, there were also descriptions of achievements related to various decisions made throughout the game. Reading our trophy guide should help you in unlocking the platinum trophy.

On which platforms can I play Heavy Rain?

You can play Heavy Rain on the following gaming platforms:

  • On Playstation 3. It is available in two versions, the standard version and the Move Edition version, which uses Playstation Move controllers to control characters.
  • On Playstation 4. It is sold separately and as a package with another Quantic Dream studio game. Beyond: Two Souls.
  • On PC. In this case, Heavy Rainis the exclusive title of the Epic Games Store.

Can I play the demo of Heavy Rain?

Yes, Heavy Rain has a demo version. These are available for PS3 versions (separately for standard and Move Edition) and for PC version. The latter is available for download from the Epic Games Store.

Right after the release The Heavy Rain PC demo caused problems for some users and made it impossible for them to start the game. This problem should be already solved.

Is Heavy Rain going to be available on Steam?

No, there are no plans for such release. All recent Quantic Dream studio games, i.e. Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit, are exclusive titles for the Epic Games Store. It is a full exclusivity, not a temporary one.

What are the PC system requirements of Heavy Rain?

Minimum system requirements of Heavy Rain:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or newer (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 3,4 GHz or better
  • Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or better (2GB VRAM)
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • DirectX 11

Recommended system requirements of Heavy Rain:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or newer (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-2700K
  • Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 or better (8 GB VRAM)
  • RAM: 12 GB
  • DirectX 11

Be aware of high recommended system requirements. Launching the game in the highest details or high resolutions may force you to have a strong hardware configuration.

How controls look like in Heavy Rain?

Heavy Rain is not a type of production for which classical key bindings can be prepared. The exception is to move the characters (where allowed) using the left analog knob. In all other cases, the buttons change depending on the action.

You may be forced, for example, to press a button, hold it down, or move the controller. In the latter case, the game forces the whole controller to move, e.g. when it simulates moving objects or dodging. All such actions should be well practiced, because the failure of some QTE scenes can have serious negative consequences, including the death of the controlled character.

Can I unlock all endings of Heavy Rain in a single run?

Heavy Rain is a very non-linear game. You cannot see all the endings by repeating only the final stage of the game. Some endings become available through decisions made, for example, in the middle of the game. They can also be mutually exclusive. Luckily, you don’t always have to start playing from the beginning. You can, for example, go back to a stage where an important branching occurs and continue from that point.

For more information, see the Game Endings list page and the following chapters of Epilogues. There are a total of 17 different epilogues to unlock.

Who is the Origami Killer?

The game will hide this mystery for a very long time and even try to confuse you with the events of some scenes. You’ll only know the Origami Killer’s identity when you play through the final stages of the game. Get interested in such scenes like Take my hand and Killer with origami.

Why a scene from walkthrough didn’t launch during my game?

Our solution describes all possible stages and chapter of Heavy Rain, although there is no guarantee that you will play them all while playing the game. This is not a result of any mistakes, but a conscious decision of its developers. Access to some scenes may be locked as a result of your actions. The main reasons for skipping a scene from the walkthrough may be caused by the following:

  • Death of a playable character. If one of the heroes dies, the next scenes in which you were supposed to control him will not launch.
  • Effect of a previous decision. You can skip a stage, for example if the Hero has not been caught by a law enforcement officer and is not in custody.
  • Penalty for mistakes or failures. A given Hero may not appear in the next scene if, for example, he did not solve a puzzle correctly.

All information about the availability of the scenes can be found in our walkthrough.

Authors: Marcin Yuen Konstantynowicz, Patrick YxU Homa (www.gamepressure.com)

heavy, rain, android, game, gamers, decide

About Heavy Rain Guide

Author : Marcin Yuen Konstantynowicz for gamepressure.com

Guide contains : 58 pages, 443 images.

List of achievements

Use the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Heavy Rain Video Game

  • genre: Adventure
  • developer: Quantic Dream
  • publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • platform: PS3
  • rated: 18

About Heavy Rain

Fear, sadness, anger – games often depict emotions and situations we wouldn’t call positive. And still, we are enthralled by those games. Where does that contradiction come from?

Sometimes, a poor game with mediocre plot suddenly becomes something amazing. Everything can change with an extraordinary ending. Here are the 10 most powerful ones!

Good games must have good plot, right? Right!? Unfortunately, not. The industry has repeatedly shown us that good developers are enough to earn one’s place in the annals on interactive entertainment. Script? I don’t know, just cook up something, kthxbye.

A visionary and a masterful storyteller. David Cage, best known for Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain, is sporting a venerable status among us, players. Which really makes me think because has he ever made a game, where the plot would make any sense?

The saving system in Kingdom Come: Deliverance has recently caused much fuss. Some called it a redundant and artificial hindrance; others thought it a splendid way to spice things up. Where’s the truth, if there’s any? Mine is certainly not in the middle.

[Top 10] Games Like Heavy Rain (Games Better Than Heavy Rain In Their Own Way)

Remember those nights you stayed up late trying to solve the Origami killer case? Remember the goosebumps when you found the first victim?

Your fingers shaking right before making a decision knowing it could affect the rest of the storyline, I remember all of those. I took real-life altering decisions with less hesitation than my choices in Heavy Rain. I finished this game more than once trying to save all of the characters, and trying to go through all the possible endings I can. And after that, I went through a journey of research to find games that will keep me on the edge of my seat like this one did.

Here is my recommendation for a similar experience if not better!

Twin Mirror (2020)

Available on (Playstation, Windows, and Xbox)

Exactly just like Heavy Rain (ARI) or added reality interface which was used by the FBI to reconstruct crime scenes to investigate them further. In Twin Mirror, journalist Sam Higgs kind of does the same, only with his memories, he enters a dream-like state in which he starts to navigate his memories to solve the mysteries of his rural town which he returned to after the death of his friend. Just try not to spike his anxiety because that dream state can also be a nightmare!

Even when you are not in the dream state you will also Hallucinate another person (his twin hence the name) who acts like either a devil or an angel over his shoulder, and it’s your choice to either follow his suggestions or not!

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered (2015)

Available on (Playstation, Windows, Xbox, and Android)

This game is only not higher on the list due to the old graphics, but if you’re like me this kind of graphics will leave you nostalgic for the days you cut out school and go home to your old pc and spend hours playing videogames, despite the graphics this game has a weighted storyline and hefty decision paths.

Not only will you be baffled by witnessing Lucas Cane committing murder but will also be shocked knowing that he is being possessed by a supernatural entity, A mystery story where you will try to investigate the crime with the help of the other three playable characters.

This masterpiece was the first-born child for Quantic Dream, the studio behind heavy rain and other games on this list.

L.A. Noire (2011)

Available on (Playstation, Windows, Xbox, and Nintendo)

Inspired by real-life crimes, in Hollywood’s most notorious era, you get to play the detective, Cole Phelps, An LA detective circa 1950, will not only solve crimes but also will try to untangle conspiracies.

Focus very hard on the suspect’s faces and try to find out who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. This is the best game that will move your inner detective skills, plus the face scan technology that is used to make this game with real actor’s emotions and facial expressions will give it a whole different taste of a game.

Life Is Strange (2015)

Available on (Playstation, Windows, Xbox, Nintendo, Android, and iOS)

This game is a little different, which makes it so much more special. This is the only game on the list where you will not only make decisions for the present, but also will decide what goes in the past and the future.

You will get to play Max Caufield, a photography student with special powers to control time. You will use her powers to investigate a missing person’s case. Just try not to mess up the future or be the reason for the world to end!

The Wolf Among Us (2014)

Available on (Playstation, Windows, Xbox, Android, iOS)

In a world of fables and what we thought are just creations of a writer’s imagination, you will witness, everyone, from the big bad wolf and snow white to the three little pigs. The game events occur in 1987 in Fable Town where you play Bigby Wolf (The Big Bad Wolf) a snarky detective who tries to solve the case of a serial killer targeting all our loved characters while trying to prove to everyone that he is not just notorious of being a vicious monster as his story originally said.

A game that will show you the dark side of our beloved children’s stories. Just try to not get so attached to anyone because they might be the next target.

Tell Me Why (2020)

Available on (Windows, Xbox)

Another game by the same studio that made Life Is Strange. An adventure that follows the twins Alyson and Tyler investigating the death of their mother, after uniting for the first time after ten years.

You get to witness their past and how they remember it, which might not always be true as they both might remember it differently. A story-driven intense drama that will make the fact that both twins can telepathically communicate with each other just a cherry on top.

Until Dawn (2015)

Available on (Playstation, Xbox)

Ever watched a horror movie and were devastated about the dumb decisions the protagonists are taking in the movie? This is the chance to prove that you can make better decisions under huge stress and while being chased by an unknown creature with no good deeds. This horror drama game will put you in the shoes of eight young teenagers on their annual vacation in Blackwood Mountain, and not only will your decisions decide who lives and dies but will also decide the relationship between the eight main characters.

Beyond two souls (2013)

Available on (Playstation, Windows)

Ever daydreamt about having superpowers? this action/thriller exactly will show you the realistic version of having one.

The story catches Jodie Holmes, a young girl with psychic powers given to her by an unknown entity named Aiden, as she was raised as a lab rat in government facilities, she managed to escape and stayed on the run in a journey of search for the truth of Aiden, and her psychic powers.

You will enjoy the gameplay and the interactions with other supernatural entities, and most important your control of Aiden.

The Last of Us (2013)

Available on (Playstation Exclusive)

This game is not as interactive as the others, but it earned its second spot for the action sequences and storyline. This game follows young Ellie in the post-apocalyptic USA, where she partners up with Joel a father who lost his daughter, to find a cure for a plague that nearly wiped up the whole human race, in nerve-wracking gameplay where you get to build weapons from scratch and stay quite as much as possible so THEY can’t detect you.

And save your bullets because each one counts.

Detroit: Become Human (2018)

Available on (Playstation, Windows)

This is one of the best games I have ever played whether in this category or a different one. This game has it all, the amazing gameplay, the solid storyline, and the emotional factor. You will deeply get attached to all the playable characters.

The game is about a futuristic city where Android is taking all the dangerous and unwanted jobs from humans, and as they get developed, they get more conscious, you get to follow three different stories of three different robots where at the end all the storylines meet at the point of proving that they are more than pieces of metal, in a journey full of excitement and jaw-dropping action and tears. No other game is more worthy of your time.

Heavy Rain Review: a masterpiece in the gaming history

I admit: making a Heavy Rain review was not easy for me. This game impressed me deeply when I tried it. In a nutshell, I think it’s a masterpiece, a game that has led indirectly to the development of other famous games.

Why am I so excited to write this review? Well, read on and you’ll find out

Heavy Rain review: what kind of game is it?

First of all, I want to talk about what kind of game Heavy Rain is. It is an adventure game, but its gameplay is remarkable. Not surprisingly, this project was developed and published by Quantic Dream. The French software house is known for making original and unique video games.

Heavy Rain is the first of its kind. Why? Because, from my point of view, its gameplay is an evolution of graphic adventures. That’s right, in my vision, this game represents the successor of graphic adventures like Monkey Island or Broken Sword.

Of course, compared to classic graphic adventures, you’ll have more freedom of movement. Your character will move in a sandbox where he can talk to other NPCs, discover details through exploration, and interact with different objects. Every detail can be fundamental to your gameplay, so do not underestimate anything. Curiosity must be your extra weapon in this game.

Believe me, when I played Heavy Rain I felt like I was going to be a kid again and try a graphic adventure.

over, this game is suitable for those who want to get a game from the intricate and mysterious history. But later we will talk about the plot, without spoiling, of course!

The plot: thriller and mystery intertwine

At this point, it seems logical to talk about the plot of Heavy Rain. Of course, this can be an undertaking. I don’t want to spoil the experience. So, I’m going to try and hint at the plot.

There is a new serial killer in town. Everyone knows him as the Origami Killer. This mysterious character is at the center of the plot. In particular, Norman Jayden, an FBI profiler, tries to find such a serial killer who kills children.

The suspicions fall on Ethan Mars, a man once happy but now fallen into disgrace. Will the investigators can blame Ethan, or is he just an unlucky innocent? In a few steps, you’ll find out the truth, playing investigators first and then Ethan. All while the city is constantly hit by heavy rain that seems to be a metaphor for the constant drama that fills the story.

The development of the plot will leave you speechless. Between twists and unexpected revelations, I assure you that you will want to complete the game more than once. Plus, you should know that this game has several endings. Just like in Little Hope, your choices and actions will have consequences. I warn you, unlocking the “good ending” will not be easy, but it will be worth a try!

Heavy Rain review: good graphics for good characters

I also want to talk about the graphics of the game in this review of Heavy Rain. This title was released in 2010. Exactly, 11 years have passed since its debut. However, like good wine, it has aged well. Graphically, the game is pleasant to try.

Sometimes, you will experience the vintage effect. Regardless, remember that the technical aspect is not the main one. You’ll be so involved in the plot that you won’t realize the little technical flaws.

Besides, I liked the look of the main characters. The latter is modeled on real actors, just like it was in Quantum Break. Good work Quantic Dream!

Heavy Rain’s legacy: which games can be defined as successors?

Earlier I said that Heavy Rain was the first of its kind. To be honest, that’s not the truth. There is another game, created by David Cage, Fahrenheit, that can be defined in this way. Regardless, Heavy Rain is the first title to achieve international success. When launched on the market, this psychological thriller was acclaimed by critics and audiences. So, that’s why it’s right to consider it a triumph.

But what are the video games that can be considered the legacy of Heavy Rain? Well, there are several titles. First, all the games released by Quantic Dream after Heavy Rain are heavily inspired by this game.

The first title is Beyond: Two Souls. The latter is a video game with a mysterious plot, which has its roots in the paranormal. The dark style and dramatic tones make it a “spiritual sequel” to Heavy Rain. However, I think this game is of a lower quality than Heavy Rain, but it’s worth a try.

Then there’s Detroit: Become Human. In some ways, this game is a masterpiece. At the heart of this project is an interesting ethical question: how long can an Android be defined as a machine? Its strong point is the plot that follows the stories of three different protagonists. The player will always have to make the right choice, although sometimes this is more difficult than it seems. Detroit: Become Human is not a perfect game but it also seems to draw deep inspiration from Heavy Rain.

Finally, I want to mention Life is Strange. This game was not developed by Quantic Dream but it reminded me of Heavy Rain. If you want advice, add the legacy of Heavy Rain to your virtual collection, you’ll have quality games at your disposal!

Heavy Rain: what are your thoughts?

This was my Heavy Rain review. If you are convinced and want to try the game, you can buy it in our store at a special price. Besides, take a look at its trailer and decide whether to buy it.

Alternatively, if you already know this video game, what do you think? Do you think Heavy Rain is a masterpiece? Share your opinion with us just like…heavy rain!

The Italian Gun

I’m a big fan of videogames and I’m always looking for something new. I’m interested in science fiction games and all those works that can excite with a great story. My motto? Play and let play (videogames of course)

Rain World APK v1.1.1

Rain World is classified as an Indie adventure, survival game with 16-bit pixel design style, minimalism but not easy to play. You will often be angry with the slimy laziness of the animal you are controlling.

Introduce about Rain World

Little slug’s adventure under the pouring rain!

The story

In Rain World, you will be a sloth slug. The most terrible flood ever suddenly poured down, up to now, each rain is still pouring water on the ground. The poor slug was separated from his family and friends. The flood seemed to have washed it all away. From now on you are alone, searching for food throughout the day, shelter, and facing everything alone.

The dark rain screen and the surrounding slippery terrain always want to drown the little life that is you. It takes a lot of hard work to be able to fight through each level. The rain also revealed a new world that was hidden deep underground. You are accidentally drawn into this place, where an ancient civilization thought to be lost is now full of secrets.


You just want to find your family before you lose them forever. But unfortunately, you’re pushed into many undesirable situations that lead to a much bigger outcome.

Control that sloth slug to climb through ancient ruins, flee from waves of ferocious enemies, overcome strange creatures, fight them for a way to live, explore new lands, gradually equip Give yourself strong survival abilities, and you will gradually find the mystery buried here.

Rain World is an indie platformer game with minimal action and survival gameplay on a 16-bit classic aesthetic. You must constantly use your flexibility to help your cat friend overcome difficult levels. The speed of this game is difficult to say whether it is fast or slow. The slow movement of the slug makes you feel like this is a leisurely game, but in fact, the speed of everything around the cat happens extremely fast, most noticeable when you beat the boss over the scene. They are constantly changing, unleashing tons of attacks that keep you on the edge of the line.

Every enemy in Rain World is bloodthirsty and cunning. They chase boldly, always ready to open their sharp jaws to swallow you. Just a small slug, with nothing in hand, you’ll have to rely on your stealth and Smart-fit moves to gradually understand the ecology of each scene. Turn the environment to your advantage, turn the speed of your enemies into their weakness, Rain World will give you countless ways to survive, you must see it and know how to take advantage of it.

Accompanied by 5 interesting slug characters

Rain World also includes 5 additional characters that are 5 other evolutionary forms of slugs. Each species has its own abilities, style, and life story. Discovering each main character is giving yourself a new experience of the game.

5 evolved slug forms including Rivulet, can jump higher and run faster but has poor rain tolerance, Gourmet Gourmand can make his own power-boosting dishes but is slow and underactive. An artificer can explode enemies, and turn rocks into grenades, but eat a lot of food, and quickly starve. Spearmaster has a strong weapon, but eats poorly, so it takes a long time to regain strength. Saint can fly in the air but you have to be careful because it is very vulnerable.

heavy, rain, android, game, gamers, decide

The main actions of the character in Rain World are stealthy crawling, climbing, and dashing in forced situations. You must always switch back and forth between these forms to master the ecosystem and resist the aggression of predators.

heavy, rain, android, game, gamers, decide

Explore the world of Rain World

Rain World has created a vast platformer world filled with ancient secrets and many unknown dangers. You will constantly encounter primitive predators. They are intense and fast, most of the time Rain World always puts you in difficult reflex tests.

Rain World has a total of 10 open areas divided into thousands of small rooms. Each place has a different environment, weather, background, color, and character, drawing you into countless difficult challenges from all sides.

Remember, resources are always limited, and dangers are limitless, from both the environment and the enemy. Add the pouring rain that is always present as if to drown everything in the past. Rain World will be a game that challenges the constancy and acumen of players, including veteran players.

Game modes

Rain World features two major game modes: Challenge mode poses a slim chance of survival for the animals in a variety of pre-designed arena scenarios. You will have to pass each arena to go to more difficult levels.

Safari mode is where you will get a close look at the open ecosystem in the game. Review each previously explored area with an observer’s eyes. In this mode, you can control and play as other creatures in the same game.

Download Rain World APK for Android

Although made from 16-bit retro art, in Rain World, every small movement and every animation is carefully cared for. The deeper you get into the game, the more you forget you’re playing a 16-bit game because everything is inherently so harmonious, smooth, and high-quality. Rain World, a game with deep gameplay, is worth experiencing if you love platformer art.



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