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Hair dryer brush with automatic rotation of the nozzles

Polaris PHS 1002. large diameter brush for long hair

The model comes complete with two nozzles with different diameters (50 and 36 mm). One of them, a large one, is perfect for women with long hair, because it provides more comfortable styling.

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The nozzles are covered with a special ceramic compound, which allows the surface to retain heat, but not to overheat and not to overdry the hair. The high power reduces the drying time in half.

The hair dryer-brush has three speed and as many temperature modes. The rotation can be performed in two different directions.

  • high power. 1000 watts;
  • protection against overheating;
  • automatic rotation;
  • does not tangle the hair;
  • 360 degrees of rotation of the cord.

Rating TOP 12 hair dryer brushes with rotating nozzle: review of the best models with and without automatically rotating nozzle

Hair dryer-brush with a rotating nozzle. necessary for modeling a beautiful hairstyle device. With a choice of device will help review popular models.

It is almost impossible to create a spectacular hairstyle without a powerful tool for styling.

A great helper in the battle for beauty will be a hair dryer-brush with an automatic rotating nozzle or a simpler device without automatic rotation.

hair, dryer, brush, automatic

Now you can create a fashionable look at home by yourself.

What to look for when choosing a hair dryerbrush for hair styling?

The device combines a hair dryer and comb. Because of this, it has a number of features:

  • Power.Depending on the model, there are hair dryers-brushes with a power of 300 to 1200 watts. The most powerful devices are more productive and recommended for drying and styling long, thick hair. With short and medium hairstyles cope with devices with less power.
  • Modes of operation.Many hair dryers have a combined airflow speed and temperature control. Independent tuning is encountered in professional models. Built-in cool air mode to hold hair in place.
  • Nozzles.Hairdryer-brushes are completed from one to six nozzles. These are primarily brushes, but also diffusers, concentrators and more specialized accessories. The nozzles are responsible for a particular type of styling, hair drying. Some models have rotating brushes, which is very useful for curling and straightening curls.
  • Ionization.Ionization system fights static electricity in the drying process. Negative particle generator gives the hair smooth, soft, healthy and well-groomed look.
  • AC cord.Many models of hair dryers-brushes are working on the network, and the cable length to connect can vary from 1.2 to 3 meters. For greater ease of use a number of models are equipped with a system of rotation of the cord.

How to choose a hair dryer from Rowenta?

When choosing a hair dryer-brush from the company Rowenta professionals are advised to focus on such features and parameters, as:

  • power of the hair dryer-brush indicator affects the speed of the air flow and the maximum temperature of the air. For a quick drying of short hair will be sufficient 500-600 watts, and for long hair and medium hair experts recommend buying a device with an indicator of 1000 watts;
  • the number of interchangeable nozzles and their diameter usually each hair dryer-brush from Rowenta comes with two nozzles of different diameters. When choosing a brasher for the purpose of creating strokes of any level of complexity, it is advisable to look at models with multiple attachments;
  • Additional features in addition to the standard set of programs and functions of modern models are equipped with the option of filing cold air, ionic conditioning or the ability to humidify curls of steam;
  • The number of temperature modes обоудование from a German developer usually has 2-3 operating modes, which is enough for efficient drying. Improved devices can have 5 modes, but they cost a little more;
  • The manufacturing material the coating of the element can be made of ceramic or tourmaline. Ceramic coating provides fast heating and is good for the hair, but the second option costs significantly more, while the tourmaline coating ensures thorough care of your hair.

It’s a miracle how easy it is! Or the horror of how hard it is to!

If you want to choose a spinner (as affectionately dubbed such models on the network), focusing on reviews on the Internet, you will be faced with diametrically opposed evaluations of the convenience of using this technique.

Rotating round brushes simultaneously lift, curl and comb your locks all you have to do is hold the brush the right way by squeezing the nozzle rotation button. That’s the problem.

How to choose a blow dryer brush for your hair

The hair dryer replaces several styling appliances at once. Depending on how it works, it can curl, straighten, give volume at the roots, or just blow-dry your strands. To choose the best technique for yourself, you need to consider a number of the following parameters:

  • Power. hair dryers have power from 400 to 1200 watts. If you want to not just dry, but also carefully arrange curls, you must give preference to models from 1000 watts. It is desirable to have several modes, otherwise the hair will over-dry.
  • The number of modes. it is extremely important that the technique works in several modes. This allows the speed and intensity of the drying process to be adjusted to avoid damaging the hair, and the airflow to be controlled. Combining modes, you get the opportunity to provide maximum comfort of use.
  • Ergonomics. styling takes a lot of time, so it is better to pick up a hair dryer-brush with a light weight, so that your hand is not tired. If you need to take a hair dryer on the road, pay attention to its weight. Ease of storage with hanging loop and carrying case.
  • Type of coating. ceramic heats more evenly and does not so dry out the strands, it is considered a more delicate coating. Models with ceramic nozzles are a bit more expensive. To save money you can choose enameled metal.
  • Length of cord. long cord with rotating feature is also an added plus. It will not curl during styling. As practice shows, it is best to buy devices with a cord 1.8-2 м.

Many people wonder what material of brushes is better. Synthetic models are more durable and also make the cost of the device lower. The natural bristles make your locks smoother and shinier, but they require special storing conditions.

Note that there are not only cord-cord operated models on the market, but battery operated models as well. The latter option is indispensable if you want to take the device on a trip.

Atlanta ATH-887

Hair dryer for the ridiculous price. just a gift! Which, by the way, you can make not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones. Atlanta ATH-887. device that will help you styling, without resorting to the help of professionals. The brush is very convenient and practical.

The Atlanta ATH-887 has two levels of drying intensity, protection from overheating. There is a loop for hanging up, which is very convenient. The product comes with two heads: thermal brush and brush-brush, which will be indispensable for your beauty!

  • lightweight;
  • does not have extraneous odors;
  • The transparent zippered bag is included;
  • The nozzles are plastic, so they do not burn the hair;
  • dries hair quickly.

Braun AS 530

  • Power 1000 watts
  • 3 temperature mode
  • Steam and cold air function
  • Ceramic coating
  • It comes with 3 nozzles
  • Protection against overheating
  • Cord length 2m

The next model for drying and styling hair deservedly occupies the golden mean in the top selection. The Braun AS 530 is the only dryer-brush in our review of the best that has a steam function. Innovative steam function from a small reservoir makes even medium-length thick hair a breeze. Also this useful feature freshens up dry hair in between washes. However, the steam styling must still learn how to use, in addition, the steam reservoir slightly protrudes from the body. Some users find it difficult to use.

hair, dryer, brush, automatic

Three different nozzles significantly expand the range of applications. Because they allow girls to experiment with the types and styles of hair, you can create large or small curls, as well as volumizing or volume. The brushes are ceramic coated and smooth, so no strands get stuck or crushed. The model has 3 temperature modes and cold blowing for better image fixation. According to customer reviews, the main advantages of the AS 530 are: convenient nozzles, steam function, blowing at a comfortable temperature. The device perfectly draws, but at the same time does not dry out the hair. This is one of the best models for thick, medium-length hair.

Hair dryer-brushes

By nature every woman strives to look the most beautiful and charming, so every day all the fair sex spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, smoothing or twisting hair, as well as styling it into a spectacular hairstyle. Unfortunately, many well-known methods, which were inherited from their grandmothers, spoil, dry and break the hair cover, which sometimes even leads to baldness. A great solution to this problem has been. which not only copes with its task of drying quickly, but also treat hair gently, preserving its shine and beauty.

In fact, they are indispensable helpers and favorites of all fashionistas. Despite the huge number of functions and options, these devices are not large in size and are quite easy to use. Depending on the purpose, you can buy an ordinary device with basic technical indicators or more powerful equipment, which is in no way inferior to those used by professionals during their work. Different in shape and size nozzles allow you to simulate all kinds of hairstyles, so the more there are, the better, but their number has a proportional impact on the cost of the device.

The most popular are considered those units, the nozzles of which rotate around the base. However, such models require special care and attitude, as they are quite fragile. The same applies to devices, the brushes of which straighten the hair, but it is worth it! Unlike smoothing irons, they do not cause any damage to the hair, but rather give it a healthy look. In this case you should not save, because a good hair dryer, made from quality material, will cost much more expensive than the usual one, which will serve no more than six months.


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