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Haier refrigerator warm the side walls of the refrigerator

Haier refrigerator why the side walls heat up?

When the compressor is operating, which drives the refrigerant through the system, heat exchange grilles heat up, and this heating can be strong enough. Therefore, where the heat exchange grilles are built on the sides of the refrigerator, the walls are heatedly warming up. This is normal and not a temporary phenomenon.

When the refrigerator is working, the grate is heated by the warmth of the chambers and is cooled by the surrounding air on the samsung refrigerators are installed not from behind, but on the side, and are closed by a sheet of metal. That is why the side walls are heated. the lattices remove heat from the refrigerator chambers and heat the metal.

Why the side walls and partitions between cameras heat up

First deal with the structure of your technique or look into the instructions. In Soviet.made refrigerators, a grille was located on the back wall. capacitor. When the engine began to work, the back of the grate was heated, and then cool.

In modern two.chamber refrigerators, the capacitor tube is located inside the side wall, which leads to its heating. Why is it done? During the operation of the freezer, the minus temperature is created, in the places of the door adjacent to the body, cold air finds the output. If the temperature is high in the room, then condensate can form on the walls, which eventually leads to corrosion and mold on the seal.

The capacitor located behind or on the sides of the pipe allow moisture to evaporate.

So the system works. For what reasons, the walls of the refrigerator (LG brands) are basking too much:

  • The room is too hot, bad ventilation. For the normal operation of the refrigerator, the distance between the case and furniture should be 5-7 cm minimum.
haier, refrigerator, warm, side, walls
  • The technique has recently been defrosted. Then it will take time to cool and the temperature resumes. The same thing happens after loading in the department of warm products.
  • The silicone (rubber) seal in the freezer is heated, which makes the door fit tightly to the body. As a result, cold air does not leak to cool the walls.

In some refrigerators (“Nord”, “Indesite”), a partition between the refrigerator and freezers is heated. This is a normal phenomenon, because moisture is most often formed here. It is recommended to take care of the side walls of technology, if they are always dry, then the breakdown does not threaten you.

How to fix a breakdown

If you still do not reveal the reason why the refrigerator on the sides is very hot, then we recommend that you contact the experienced craftsmen in the service center or call on the phone for warranty service, it is written in the warranty sheet. Just keep in mind that your equipment is corrected for free, you will need a proprietary printing of the store and the seller’s signature at the warranty coupon. Important! After purchasing the refrigerator, do not throw the box from it, since in the case of a production marriage, you will be taken away and exchange it only if you have a full package of documents (instructions, technical passport, warranty sheet) and in the company box.

Let’s summarize

Even the most innovative models of refrigerators with the No Frost (or Frost Free) system also tend to heat up. Before you call, or run to the service center, turn off the equipment from the network, it must completely cool if the walls remain hot for a long time, then you need to immediately contact professionals.

Previously, the freezers had the freezer at the top. Now the layout has changed, and it is more profitable to put freezers below. Firstly, it is more convenient, and secondly, there should be more cold in the freezer than in the refrigerator. It begins to be produced below and immediately goes into the freezer. such a system is most rational.

We are used to the fact that the refrigerator holds cold in itself, which means that it should be cold. But here’s the bad luck, sometimes you can touch the walls of the freezer feel that they are not at all cold, but on the contrary, warm.

Many users immediately begin to panic, because it seems strange. Do not be such a panic, do not rush to call the master. In fact, heating the walls of the freezer and the entire refrigerator as a whole is not critical and the repair of the refrigerator is not required. Let’s look at the technical process to understand where the heat is warm and the freezer is heated.

Diagnosing Haier Refrigerator

This is a natural process when heat is released from the inside out. In the freezer, the temperature decreases and the products begin to freeze. The fact is that Freon constantly circulates according to the system. He has a property as the absorption of heat. For the circulation circle, Freon gives the cold and takes the heat, which again goes into thermal tubes. Previously, the tubes were only at the back of the refrigerator, so we did not often check whether the rear wall is warm. Now the refrigerators are more compact and therefore the tubes are not only behind, but also in the walls. And since the tubes heat up, heat is transmitted to the walls, here the refrigerator chambers are heated and warm.

A small temperature of the walls should not cause you anxiety. Another thing is when the walls are quite hot. In the book to the refrigerator, they usually write what the temperature of the walls can be. You do not need to be a thermometer, but if you feel that the temperature is much higher. it may be a malfunction. Call a master who will professionally diagnose and repair the refrigerator.

The first detail that can be “sinning” in this situation is a thermostat. Look, maybe you initially put the frost on the maximum indicator. If so, then you just need to put the regulator on the “Middle” mark. Another cause of heating may be a high temperature in the room. You need to slightly reduce the temperature in the room, because such “rigid” operating conditions will quickly disable the device, and the refrigerator will be repaired. If you tried everything that is written above, but there is no result, it is better to call the master who will conduct diagnostics and explain why the freezer is heated. It is better to fix the problem until the refrigerator breaks down.

Why are the walls of the refrigerator warming up

If the refrigerator began to frighten with its sounds or he began to “heat up for no reason”, then, of course, only the master can solve the problem and then, after examining the device. After all, it is difficult to give some advice “at a distance”, especially when the user explains the situation implicitly.

And yet, before calling or running to the workshop, asking a neighbor for help, you must first perform several simple actions.

haier, refrigerator, warm, side, walls

Defrost the device, wash it well and dry with a soft rag. Let the device rest a little. Perhaps the refrigerator began to heat up due to ice, snow fur coat.

Inspect the refrigerator, determine the places of the greatest heating. If these are the side walls or the end part, and the refrigerator is completely new, then keep in mind that the new models on the sides have capacitors, which they take heat. The refrigerator itself cannot generate cold, it can only cool the necessary areas due to the heating of its own parts.

Well, and the old models of devices, the “condenser” tubes are mounted behind the back wall. Therefore, the side walls cannot heat up. Only the back wall should be warm.

As you ask the question of why the walls of the refrigerator are warming up, read, carefully study the instructions and the accurate location of the pipes. It is worth knowing the desired temperature for them.

Heating a particular wall, the specified range is the norm. But, if the wall is heated stronger than the specified temperature is indicated, then there is a reason for concern. Such a device requires an inspection of a specialist, it is quite possible that a problem with a heat pump arose. often such a problem is observed after the sultry summer, very hot.

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You just have to imagine: summer is hot, the heat pump is trying to provide the desired temperature inside the device, and for this, it begins to work with a vengeance. And what happens? The walls from the heat and double work are very heated. Tip: Move the device from any flammable surface.

And that is why, new models that have condenser tubes on the sides cannot be placed very close to any surface, at least two centimeters. This is the main condition that must be observed, so that the walls are well cooled and ventilated, which will not happen if the device will stand tightly to the surface of any other device.

There are other problems on which the refrigerator is “warming up”. For example, an increased load on the unit, tightness is broken, there is a defect in the refrigerator.

Well, if the “partition” between the freezer and the refrigerator is greatly heated. Not only the partition itself is heated, while the entire perimeter of the freezer is heated. And he, by the way, is necessary. Indeed, due to heat, the condensation of moisture on the surface of the chamber is completely excluded. And moisture, it turns out, due to the difference in temperature in the freezer and air.

What to do

Depending on the cause and place of heating, the solution methods differ:

  • If the lateral parts become hot, the reason may be compressor damage. It will have to be replaced. This is also due to the fact that too many foods or hot dishes are loading into cameras. They can heat up because the refrigerator door opens very often. If you do not make such errors, the problem may be solved.
  • When the back wall is too warm, it is worth checking if the grate is not contaminated. Outside, it is worth cleaning it, turning off the device. It is important not to damage the capacitor. If this did not give a result, you need to check if the temperature sensor itself is good for the condenser.
  • With constant heating of the capacitor, the problem is often a malfunction of the heat exchanger or temperature sensor will have to be replaced. Sometimes there is enough complete defrosting and proper use of the device.
  • In order to avoid strong heating, the partition should be engaged in repairing the heater or replacing the seal, if it does not fit tightly enough.
haier, refrigerator, warm, side, walls

The refrigerator in the partition between the cameras is heated

At the time of turning on the motor, a small heating of the partition between the freezer and refrigerator chambers occurs. This part heats up to avoid the formation of condensate and its further drainage along the internal walls. But often they call the service center with the question: should the partition be heated so that it is difficult to hold your hand? No, if the device is very hot between the cameras, this indicates a malfunction of the valve or depressurization of the circulation system.

If you have determined that the specific part of the housing of household appliances is heated, you need to find out if it should be heated in working condition. If the answer is negative, you do not need to think for a long time what to do. It is enough to call a refrigerator repair master who will diagnose. The specialist will find a breakdown and indicate possible options for eliminating equipment malfunctions.

If you are energetic, responsible, independent!

You have experience in the repair of household or industrial equipment, then join the strongest league of professionals! Call or send a resume.

Heat pump

Those users who are a little familiar with the device of household appliances can know that the refrigerator is a kind of thermal pump. Roughly speaking, special equipment thermal energy of a substance (refrigerant) is pumped from one place to another. Speaking of refrigerators, this pumping occurs towards the freezer (or main chamber) outward.

haier, refrigerator, warm, side, walls

The side walls of the refrigerator are heated when turning on

If the refrigerator has a regular compressor, then it periodically turns on and turns off. A slight increase in the temperature of the walls at the same time is a normal phenomenon. But heating should be no more than 1-2 degrees.

Strong heating when turned on the compressor means that the temperature in the refrigerator increased by 2 or more degrees. If the sidewalls or the back wall begin to heat up hard. there are several options:

Check the cleanliness of the sensor and clean it yourself. In the main chamber, it is usually located in one block with a backlight lamp. In the freezer, the temperature sensor is usually located behind the back panel.

But there may be options, so look at its location in the instructions. If the sensor is frozen, we advise you to read an article about the causes of ice and snow in the refrigerator.

The location of the temperature sensor in the freezer of the Hirlpool refrigerator.

If this does not help, it is better to call a specialist. You can find a good refrigerator on the PROFY masters search portal. There is a search for all cities and regions, and the level of specialists is quite worthy.

If the walls of the refrigerator heat up when the first turned on after downtime, this is absolutely normal. The system begins to cool the camera to normal temperature. In this case, there is an active heat selection. Heated freon gives it through the walls, heating them.

In what cases it is worth calling the master

If the body of the equipment is constantly heated, first check the refrigerator settings. Then they pay attention to compliance with the rules of operation of the device and eliminate all the shortcomings. If this did not give a result, they turn to the search for technical problems. First of all, the rubber seal is checked. To search for other malfunctions, it is better to invite a specialist who will diagnose and eliminate problems. Independent repair can lead to more serious breakdowns.

Advice. Before the arrival of the master, turn off the refrigerator from the electric network, remove the products and defrost the unit.

The reasons listed in the first list are not critical and easily eliminated. If the refrigerator costs near heating devices, it can be found a new place, and the problem will be eliminated. But technical breakdowns cannot be fixed independently. a qualified specialist is needed here. In most cases, such a malfunction as the constantly hot sides of the refrigerator are eliminated by the master on the spot. But you must prepare the unit for repair before its arrival. remove all products, turn off the mains, let it defrost when open doors, and then thoroughly wash it from the inside. The repairman’s unhindered access to the refrigerator from all sides, including the rear wall, should also be ensured.

Important: If you have found on the Internet instructions for repairing your refrigerator model, do not try to embody the theory in practice yourself! Without having the appropriate experience and knowledge, you risk your health.



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