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Haier refrigerator squeals and clicks the relay

Elimination of problems in the refrigerators Hayer

In operation, Haier A3FE742CMJRU refrigerator. After turning on, the temperature was automatically set. Everything is cold and frost, but when trying to set the temperature in the freezer manually, it was found that the desired button (sensory) did not work. That is, there is no switch between setting temperature refrigerator. Frost. Help, tell me what is fraught with? The temperature suits, but the fact that something does not work strains. Let him live or better get rid of him?

Stick on the buttons, there something was written in the instructions. I remember when I tuned it, there was some difficulty, the setting did not match the instructions.

Hyer HRF 317FWAA Side by Side with a complete No Frost and electronic control with red glass frame. On the board gives an error E0. Maybe tell me what the reason is and what needs to be replaced?

Error E0 in these models means a malfunction in the temperature sensor of the refrigerator. Which sensor has failed to check, maybe the air, or maybe the evaporator sensor.

Haier BCFE625AWRU two.chamber refrigerator does not turn off, the compressor works continuously. He also began to freeze very much, despite the fact that the adjustment handle is in the right position. What is the reason for the problem?

Most likely, the thermostat was failing, which is responsible for turning on and off the compressor. You need to replace the thermostat.

Two.chamber refrigerator Haier A2F635CRMV No Frost, Hill. The camera does not cold, the freezer is freezing, MK has a lot of snow and ice. After defrosting, it takes about 10 days and begins everything back. HC does not cold, how to determine what the problem is: either the thawing sensor or the heater of the evaporator?

If defrosting helps for 10 days, then the case is in the system of the evaporator’s tightening. To determine that the malfunction sensor of the tickling or the heater of the evaporator is very simple. Measure the resistance of the heater of the evaporator, in good it from 150 to 200 Ohms. Measure the resistance of the touch sensor, then heat it, for example, in hot water and measure it again if the resistance changes. then he is working.

Tell me, please, how to determine the size of the facade doors for the built.in refrigerator of the combi Haier BCFE625AWRU? The instructions are somehow not entirely clear.

Your model can be built into a standard 60cm niche, and, accordingly, the door size needs 60 cm in width. Doors size. 625 mm and 1040 mm.

I have a two-chamber refrigerator Haier HRF 409A with one compressor engine and electronic control. Burns F1 (error of the refrigerated compartment sensor). Burned a sensor that is soldered into foam. You can tell you where to cut the wall to find a damaged sensor?

Error F1 in this model means a malfunction of one of the temperature sensors x-ka. It is necessary to determine which one failed. All brands have sensors in the same places. In the Hill. The camera is the left side wall (stuck).

Fully built.in, two.chamber refrigerator Hyer BCFE625AWRO No Frost in two chambers and mechanical control and sizes 54.0×55.5×177.3 cm. He stopped turning on and freezing. What could it be?

Perhaps a fault of the tie tier is faulty. It is usually located near the evaporator and prevents its possible overheating.

AFD631GW refrigerator for the third two days gave an error E0. I turned it off today, there is no cold at all. I bought it in January 2013. Installed and works in April (month of work). Please tell me what happened to him?

E0. The communication error between the modules (display and control module AFD631GW) caused by the lack of contact in the connective cable.

Haier A3FE742CGBJRU refrigerator, one.compressor, with the No Frost function. The refrigerator does not cold, the freezer is freezing, the HC temperature display controls is a dash, and the MK temperature display shows.22, when pressed on the button of fast cooling on the temperature display, HC shows.4, but HC does not cool what reason?

Check the freezer, and if there is a lot of snow and ice in it, then the matter is the malfunction of the system, the evaporator’s hidden (a heating sensor or a heater of the evaporator). If there is no ice and snow, then the point is a malfunction of the engineer or control module.

Tell me, what malfunctions indicate codes of errors of refrigerators Haer?

Error F1. The temperature sensor does not work in the coal detachment. Need diagnostics. Error F2. The external temperature sensor does not function. Error F3. Freezer sensor does not work. Error F5. Refused the sensor responsible for the formation of hoarfrost. Error E1. The fan does not work in the freezer. Check the contacts of the fan, you may have to replace it. Error E2. In the Hill. the department does not work fan. Error ER. The device designed for ice preparation does not work. Most likely, the device will have to be replaced.

Why doesn’t the light bulb on Hayer A2F635CCMV go out? The door sensor turned off and checked the tester. Closes and opens.

It is necessary to check the control module. But it is better to check the wiring to the base of the light bulb.

Refrigerator with clicking noise problem.mp4

About two years ago I acquired Haier C3FE744CMJRU. After a few months of operation, the light began to rot when opening the door. And then Holler. The camera stopped cooling. I was replaced by the door for a new. They said that the cable from the door to the x-ku was frayed, it changes only with the door, except for the light, it also controls the compressor work. After replacement for a long time, everything was in order, the light was not rotten. Recently the malfunction was repeated, the light goes out again when the door is opened. Could you explain why the cable is constantly rubbed? In which place? Is it possible to improve the design?

Most likely, we are talking about the lower limiter of the door of the refrigerator. In the case of a door overdoor, the limiter must be rearranged on the opposite side (where the loop is currently installed).

Tell me, the Hyer Model AFD634CX installed a compressor Embraco. it is inverter or not?

In the AFD634CX model Inverter compressor.

I have a three-chamber refrigerator Haer AFD634CX with one motor-compressor, electronic control and No Frost in all cameras. The refrigeration department turned off how to turn it on again?

If the Hill does not work. camera, check the snow and ice in the freezer. If there is a lot of snow and ice in the freezer, then it interferes with the rotation of the Knou Frost system fan. In this case, the evaporator tackle system is faulty (the thawing sensor or the heater of the evaporator). If there is no snow and ice in the freezer, then the fan motor or the HOLD temperature sensor can be faulty. cameras.

Why the refrigerator is cracking

In most cases, the crackle of the refrigerator during operation indicates technical problems. Therefore, in order to eliminate the malfunctions, it is important to understand the reasons for its appearance.

Make a freezer

The crack in the refrigerator may indicate malfunctions in the work of the freezer. Perhaps the cooling tubes occurred. The refrigerator ceases to cool the camera qualitatively, and icing appears inside it (at the refrigerant leakage). The damage is also indicated by the constant operation of the refrigerator without a shutdown mode.

Yourself to perform the first two steps is quite realistic. We wrote about this in the article on how to find and eliminate Freon’s leakage. With the replacement of refrigerant and oil is more and more complicated. If there are no certain skills and equipment, call a specialist.

Clamping of wiring, relay breakdown

If the refrigerator is cracking during operation, perhaps in the windings of the engine there was a short circuit. In this case, the refrigerator begins to crack when turned on, then a click is heard, and it turns off. Activation of the protective mechanism of the starting snout, which does not allow the refrigerator, is activated. In this case, it is necessary to replace it.

If you are sure that the reason lies in this, it is easy to replace it. The relay is located on the compressor, on the left or right side (see. a photo). Pick the desired model by the catalog number and manufacturer on the case. After that, disconnect the terminals of the old, remove it. Connect the terminals to the new and install it instead of a faulty.

Management problems

When the refrigerator is cracking, the cause may be a breakdown of the control unit. The main feature is cracking, and then cotton. The refrigerator turns off and does not turn on. To eliminate this reason, a payment is diagnosed, which will identify burned radio elements. This will replace them with new. If the damage is more serious, the fee is replaced completely.

It is difficult to diagnose the cause of the management malfunction. You can determine that there are malfunctions in the control unit method. To eliminate the breakdown, call the refrigerator or contact the service center.

Flashes light when the refrigerator is turned on

If the light flashes during the refrigerator or when it is turned on, this can be caused by serious breakdowns due to the uneven supply of electricity. In other words, the lamps blink due to voltage drops in the network.

Important! If the network is stable, a blinking lamp can lead to its instability, provoking a voltage jump.

If the network is unstable, the light bulb burns dull, becoming brighter. This is not difficult to notice without measuring instruments.

Another cause of blinking is the simultaneous inclusion of powerful electrical appliances in the network. If a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner and a drill with a mixer work at the same time, this can trigger blinking until a complete disconnection of the refrigerator.

The door button and its breakdown are another reason for blinking. Because of this, both an incandescent lamp and LED may fail. It will require replacing the button with good. It is better to entrust the work of the master. he will check the electric circuit of the refrigerator, find the reason for the failure and debug the camera lighting.

Possible causes of breakdown: before and after turning off the light

If LED, halogen, fluorescent or ordinary lamp burned out or blinked before the light turned off, or after that, do not rush to write off the failure of the refrigerator. They can break for such reasons:

If none of the above reasons has been confirmed, it is worth contacting the mechanics.

Malfunctions, repair and adjustment of Haier refrigerators

Tell me please. I bought a two.chamber refrigerator Haier C2F536CWMV with electronic control, No Frost in both chambers and one compressor. The problem is that I installed it, but it stands unevenly, and a little in the hives, that is, with a deviation of the back. I tried to align it, twisted the front legs of the holler, but this did not leve him. There are no legs in the back, only wheels to move it. So tell me, please, he can be so uneven? And what can be done to leve it?

Do not worry about the fact that the legs are not quite evenly adjusted, t.to. Tilt to the wall. It will be even better when completely loading this model.

My xk haer C2F536CSRG began to click and blink with light during this, but worked. After 3 weeks to work (freez) stopped and began to squeak, like open. Tell me what is with it and whether it is repaired independently?

If both cameras do not work, then the malfunction may be as follows: the compressor is out of order; Failure in the operation of the control module; Freon leak in the system.

I have a Khayer Khayer C2F637CWMV refrigerator with a lower freezer camera, I use it recently, everything seems to be normal, only water is constantly accumulating under vegetable boxes, it seems that there is a hole on the back wall where some black mass is clogged. moisture flows down the wall and floods the entire holler, how can it be fixed?

Try to really clean the hole.

Khayer refrigerator C2F637CXRG No Frost. The refrigerator does not cold, a fur coat forms in the freezer on the evaporator. The thawing sensor changed to the worker, the heater connected to 220, works. How can I check if the control module works?

Indeed, you most likely have failed a system of hiding the evaporator. In addition to the thawing and heating sensor, the tie.tier is also faulty or the fuse could burn out. The control unit can be checked using a multimeter for the presence of a supply voltage on it.

I have a two.chamber refrigerator Haer C2F637CCG know Frost. The refrigerator has stopped working and gives an error E1. Please help with advice.

Error E1 means a malfunction in the evaporator stripping system. It may be faulty. Sensor sensor, evaporator fan or evaporator heater.

Fridge Compressor Not Starting Replace Start Relay & Overload

Bought a new Haier C2F536CWMV refrigerator, but it does not freeze. What could be the reason?

If the unit is new, then the reason may be in its malfunction or in low power voltage. Check the network voltage.

Hayer C2F637CFMV with a lower freezer. When working the compressor, a knocking sound is heard (frequency of about 1 second). During the day it is not very heard against the backdrop of a general daytime, and at night it makes noise a lot. The exact place in which I could not localize a knock, but there is a feeling that in the area of ​​the posterior wall of the freezer. It is also clearly heard in the lower part of the freezer (inside the freezer). I myself assume that still strange sounds make a freon in the evaporator. Once, leaning my ear against the refrigerator’s body, I heard this knocking into the even, quiet hiss of Freon. I suppose that the unit should issue an even noise without knocking. So what is it? Defect?

No, this is the normal operating mode of the holler. Firstly, the sound makes a relay when the compressor is turned on. In addition, “noise” plastic during temperature compression and expansion.

Is the plug a solution to the problem of cutting the cable in the Haier C2Fe636CWJRU refrigerator? Judging by the instructions, the door is completely disconnected and the cable can be replaced.

No, it is not, since the cable was frayed on the site between the body and the door.

Two.chamber refrigerator Hayer C2F537CSG, released in March 2015, suddenly began to freeze products in the refrigerator. Having decent knowledge in the field of SBT, including by refrigerators, I immediately suggested that something happened to the damper. Apparently she stopped closing for some reason. I took it out of the lighting panel, connected it back into the connector, I turn it on to the network, the damper opens and immediately closes. On the indication panel, the displayed temperatures in the Hill are burning. chamber (6 degrees.), and in the cold. chamber (-18 degree). and silence. The compressor is silent, the damper is closed. All functions on the indication panel are installed normally (turn on/off/adjusted), all buttons and indicators work on them, the emergency signal for a long.term opening of the door is triggered (after the due time), and the lights out when closing the door in the chamber is closed. Waited 10 minutes, half an hour, hour. The compressor never turned on. Measured the resistance of temperature sensors, they, at 17 degrees, have the following indications: 1. Sensor Hol. cameras. 3.1 kOhm; 2. The sensor of the freezer. 3.2 kOhm; 3. Defrosting sensor (attached to the evaporator). 3.3 kOhm. Judging by the input dividers on the control board, all three sensors should be of one denomination. Or this is not so, and the problem is in any of the sensors? When clicking on a test button on the control board, the compressor turns on, and the unit begins to cool the cameras normally. With repeated pressing, the compressor is turned off, and the defrosting heater turns on, and after a while the test mode turns off, the temperature in the chambers light up on the indication panel, but the compressor does not turn on. It seems to be described everything, and now I ask the connoisseurs to tell you what the problem may be.

The problem of Haier C2F536CSRG can be in the damper or control connector, in any case it is better to call the master.

I have a Haier C2F637CCG (Nofrost) refrigerator with a lower freezer. There is an unpleasant odor in the plus chamber. I washed the vvs completely. When I removed the rear lighting panel. It turned out that the smell goes from the hole below this panel. Please tell me how to get rid of it?

You need to defrost the unit, turning it off from the power supply for a day, rinse everything and put a black loaf inside on each shelf to remove the smell. Also, you need to push it away from the wall and check the ship with condensate on the compressor, if it is complete and dirty, then drain the water and wash the ship from the dirt.

How to enable Reset on the Haier C2F536CSRG refrigerator?

You can restart the unit by taking it out of the power supply for 20-30 minutes, to reboot the processor of the control board.

Bought a refrigerator Haier C2F636CWRG 2 months ago. Almost immediately they found that it is turning off on its own (stops working). Turning off, then turn on the outlet again, it starts to work. What is the reason?

The refrigerator makes strange sounds. when it is normal

There are times when it bothers with a squeak, but at the same time remains absolutely working. Then it is necessary to exclude situations in which we are not about breakdown:

  • Check how tightly the door of the refrigerator or freezer is covered; she can interfere with her. The tilt of the case forward is not excluded, the cooral provokes the spontaneous opening of the refrigerator. To solve the problem, you need to adjust the legs so that the case is rejected a little back.
  • Perhaps you decided to do a lot of frost at once, which is why the temperature has risen inside the refrigerator. Unsload the shelves and cool the products in the parties or wait until the engine catch up with the desired temperature. Standard freezer is designed to freeze 6 kg of products per day. If you loaded 6 or more kg per day to save the compressor to turn it off for 1 hour every day of work.
  • Worries the signal of a brand new refrigerator? Do not worry: technology needs time to enter a full.fledged operating mode and catch up with the desired temperature level in the departments. For the same reasons, the refrigerator squeals after defrosting. in this case he also needs to give time to “acceleration”.
  • Look into the freezer. if you have not thawed the camera for a long time, then a lot of snow or ice could intend to intend in it. Ice or “fur coat” create interference for the sensor, so incorrect data receives it. Defrosting for 10-24 hours is required.
  • Perhaps the “super.commercial” has been launched. In some models, this function is disconnected independently after a few hours, while others require manual intervention and stopping the regime.

If the sounds continue or on the contrary, the technique does not squeak with the door open, the system clearly occurred. It will be useful for you to know the reasons for its occurrence for the operational elimination of the problem.

The compressor of the refrigerator turns on and immediately turns off

Different models of refrigerators Bosch, Sharp, Gorenje, Siemens are distinguished by time of work and downtime. It also depends on the temperature in the room, the presence of heating devices near the device, a given temperature regime. If the refrigerator compressor turns on and turns off after a few seconds, then the unit is faulty.

The refrigerator is working during operation for 11 minutes and rest within 15 minutes, but 2 minutes of work after 15 downtime. an indicator, far from the norm. With such work, the device does not reach a given temperature, which is poorly affected by storing products, it is necessary to repair the refrigerator at home.

The main malfunctions of refrigerators in the mode of operation:

  • A launcher.protective relay that protects the motor from overloads is malfunctioning. The refrigerator turns off, users hear a click. We need a replacement of the part.
  • The electric motor failed: the internal winding ended, a call call is required.
  • The compressor heats up, due to the fact that the winding of the starting relay breaks, the refrigerator is disconnected. In this case, the part is no longer repaired. The cost of replacement depends on the model.

Problems with the compressor engine

There are several options here. Carefully watch the refrigerator and determine which description is best suited to your case:

  • The refrigerator clicks, but does not work. After each click, the motor tries to start, but it stalls almost immediately. Then for some time the unit “rests”, and the attempt to launch is repeated.
  • The motor turns on, the refrigerator is buzzing for a while, but does not work. Then the launcher clicks loudly, and the compressor turns off. At the same time, the refrigerator does not freeze at all. The smell of overheated or burned plastic is possible.
  • Before disconnecting, clear and loudly, the compressor clicks once. Otherwise, everything looks quite normal. the temperature in the chambers is maintained at a given level.
haier, refrigerator, squeals, clicks, relay

The first two cases are similar. Their symptoms indicate a breakdown of the motor. He is either unable to start, or “spins”, but quickly overheats. The audible click is the triggering of the launcher, which forcibly turns off the motor when overheating.

The only solution to such a problem is to replace the compressor. It is expensive, but still cheaper than buying a new refrigerator. In some cases, it is also possible to repair the old, broken motor. But be that as it may, you can’t do without a master.

But the last case is easier. Most likely, the compressor did not break, but only “shattered”. precisely, under the influence of constant vibrations, its fasteners were ill. As a result, during operation, the motor “sways” on its springs so that it touches the elements of the case and turns off. At this moment, a click is heard just.

What to do? It is enough to adjust the position of the compressor. First of all, try to tilt the entire refrigerator back or go a little. It leases, vibrations will decrease, and the compressor will not swing so much. If this does not help, you should call the master. He will tighten the springs on which the motor holds, and the problem will disappear. The main thing is not to delay the repair, otherwise the compressor can simply burn.

The refrigerator clicks and does not freeze

There are several symptoms that indicate problems in the operation of the Ho motor:

  • The motor does not start, but you can hear the launch relay clicks. A short buzz of the motor is heard, then disconnecting again.
  • The compressor turns on, but there is no cold in the cell. After the relay command, the engine turns off.
  • The motor clicks loudly before disconnecting. Departments work as usual, the products are cooled.

When the motor does not start, this indicates its breakdown. What to do? In such cases, only the replacement of the part will help. If the clicks are heard before disconnecting, then the mounts of the engine itself are shaken, they need to be twisted.

As you can see, the causes of clicks can be different. It is important to pay attention to the signs of a breakdown, then you will rather be able to detect it and eliminate it. Sometimes extraneous sounds are the normal work of the refrigerator. But if you notice something strange, contact specialists.



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