New skywalk constructed with ‘jaw-dropping vertical views’ over one of the Rock’s highest points

THRILL-SEEKERS take note; a new skywalk has been completed in the Gibraltar Nature Reserve.

The attraction sits on the site of the former Bofors gun platform in one of the Rock’s highest points.

It is one of several new developments planned, including upgrades for the nearby Douglas Path and O’Hara Battery.

Martein Platenkamp, the project manager at construction firm Boavis Koala JV, believes what when the new walkway opens it will allow visitors to experience Gibraltar like never before.  

“The beautifully designed walkway will allow Gibraltarians and visitors from all over the world to enjoy the incredible views of Gibraltar even more,” he told the Olive Press.

“The walkway gives the additional thrill of jaw-dropping vertical views through the glazed flooring at the steeply dropping terrain below.”

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£700 Raised for Cancer Relief Gibraltar at Bovis Koala Coffee Morning

Bovis Koala JV organised a coffee morning to raise funds for Cancer Relief Gibraltar and are proud to announce that we raised almost £700. Many baked their own cakes and we had a very successful turn-up for a great cause!

Coffee Morning
Coffee Morning 2

New Offices Complete

Bovis-Koala JV are pleased to announce that the new offices are now complete. 

You can visit the offices at 1B Line Wall Road, Suite 1, Gibraltar. 

Bovis Koala Offices Gibraltar 2
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Bovis Koala Offices Gibraltar 3
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Bovis Koala Offices Gibraltar 4
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Bovis Koala Offices Gibraltar 5
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Bovis Koala Offices Gibraltar 8
Bovis Koala Offices Gibraltar 7
Bovis Koala Offices Gibraltar 9
Bovis Koala Offices Gibraltar 12

July Newsletter 2017 - Skywalk & New Offices

Skywalk nearing completion

We are proud to present the latest addition to the continuously improving Gibraltar Nature Reserve, a skywalk constructed at the site of a former Bofors gun platform in one of the most elevated points on the Rock, close to Mount Misery. This beautifully designed walkway will allow Gibraltarians and visitors from all over the world to enjoy even more the incredible views that Gibraltar has to offer and gives the additional thrill of jaw-dropping vertical views through the glazed flooring at the steeply dropping terrain below.

The suspended walkway has been constructed in such a way that is it completely detached from the original monument, cantilevering from the newly laid foundations and rock anchors. The skywalk consists of 2 no. different levels, first being the glass walkway, which can be accessed by means of a disabled friendly lift and an Upper Level platform constructed on top of the existing monument which can be accessed by the 2 no. of newly installed stairs. The skywalk will be part of further improvements around the same area which include Douglas Path given access from O’Hara Battery, and is due to be inaugurated in the near future.

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Bovis Koala JV moved office!

Bovis Koala JV has taken up office at the building known as Shell House, 1A Line Wall Road. The new office offers our employees ample work stations, a relax room fitted out with a complete kitchen and two top notch boardrooms for meetings with our clients. The building has been completely refurbished internally and externally and will allow our company to expand and continue to be at the top of the construction industry in Gibraltar.

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Cortes visits new viewing platforms at Gorham's Cave

Minister for Heritage, John Cortes, who has responsibility for the Gorham's Cave Complex World Heritage Site, has visited the new viewing platforms at the site.

During his visit he was briefed on the progress of the works, which are expected to be completed this month.

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First phase of Wellington Front completed

Phase one of the Wellington Front project was opened by the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and the former Minister for Heritage Steven Linares yesterday.

“This now looks like a magnificent restoration of an area that should have never fallen into the disuse that it had,” said Mr Picardo.

“We have this jewel back to how it should be,” he added.

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Sky Walk Wind Challenge

The completion of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve’s Sky Walk at Mount Misery has encountered delays due to the wind experienced at the site over the past few months.

The safety of workers on the project was paramount, the project manager from Bovis-Koala JV Martin Platenkamp said, and as a result, works were halted several times.

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The Windsor Bridge is now open

The Windsor Bridge, Gibraltar’s first suspension bridge, was officially opening by the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo yesterday.

Governor Edward Davis, Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia, Minister for Tourism Samantha Sacramento, Minister for Environment Dr John Cortes and Chief Executive of the Gibraltar Tourist Board Nicky Guerrero, were also present.

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Suspension bridge highlights Rock features

Local firm Bovis Koala undertook the task of constructing a 71-metre long suspension bridge over a 50-metre gorge at Royal Anglian Way and its project manager, Martin Platenkamp, had the task of bringing materials to the “logistical nightmare” location.

The issues encountered were solved by a selection of methods including pure manual labour.

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Rock sky walk poses logistical challenge

Gibraltar’s unique landscape has made construction of a sky walk at Mount Misery “the most logistically difficult” scheme of its type in Europe, according to the project manager.

Challenges ranged from negotiating a sharp, 180-degree bend at St Michael’s Cave to getting a five-tonne crane up to the knife-edge site, and Martin Platenkamp, the project manager from Bovis-Koala JV, had to face them all.

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Suspension bridge nears completion

Work on Gibraltar’s newest enhancement to the Upper Rock and new tourist attraction a 71 metre long suspension bridge at Royal Anglian Way is set to be completed by the end of March.

The constructed over a 50 metre gorge, has been undertaken by local firm Bovis Koala and is part of the Gibraltar’s Government refurbishment programme of the Upper Rock within the Gibraltar Nature Reserve.

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£60 million inward investment with potential for new economic activity

The Government says it welcomes the establishment of a project to create a unique wine storage facility inside the Rock. The facility is expected to house over £60 million worth of investment wines in the first phase alone. 

The natural limestone of Gibraltar provides the perfect environment for investment grade wine to mature. Within the miles of tunnels created by Royal Engineers pre WW2, the state-of-the-art wine storage facility will offer every conceivable innovation and technology, including military grade security.

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Second phase of Northern Defences project is completed

The Government has announced the completion of the second phase of the Northern Defences project. 

This phase has consisted of the clearing up of the King's, Queen's and Prince's Lines. During the last twelve weeks sections of tunnels, steps, barracks, magazines and galleries have been cleared of debris and vegetation. This second phase was initiated by a team of Royal Engineers who very kindly agreed to start this part of the project.

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10 Years & Counting!

As 2014 draws to a close, it marks a major milestone for one particular local company, as Bovis-Koala JV celebrates its 10th anniversary. The story of the company’s success is a heartwarming one. It reinforces the belief that with passion, drive and good old-fashioned hard work you can triumph. Founding director Patrick Cabezutto started Bovis-Koala JV in 2004 and he smiles proudly as he says it was “pretty much a ‘man in a van’ operation” with just two tradesmen employed to assist him. Coming from a family with renowned business acumen and having the full support of both his parents, Peter Joseph and Clemence and his brother Peter (well known directors of established local companies), Patrick quickly realised that the scope for growth in Gibraltar was definitely there and that if he endeavoured to establish the company’s reputation for delivering sound, reliable work “on time and on budget” then grow they certainly would. Clemence, proved to be the backbone of the fledgling company and worked tirelessly to keep the financial side of operations on track and running smoothly.

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