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Gel for depilation how to use


If you have never used a product you have bought before, it is wise to check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. It is not necessary to make a serious test by the doctor. in most cases it is enough to put a small amount of the product on your wrist and wait at least 20 minutes. If after the specified period any undesirable manifestations like itching, burning or reddening in the testing area is not observed, it means, they should not be in the area, planned for epilation.

Although the gel procedure is rightly one of the easiest for the girl to care for herself, the preliminary preparation of the skin still do not interfere. Another thing is that the sequence of actions in this case is very simple. you do not even have to take an anesthetic or get nervous because of the different length of the hair, as long as it is longer than 0,8 mm.


How To Use: Veet Hair Removal Gel Cream

Experts advise to use the gel about once every 4-5 weeks, with the optimal period. the middle of the monthly cycle, and the schedule can be directly tied to the calendar of menstruation. Some procedures can only be performed much earlier than gel hair removal. for example, Botox injections under the skin means that you cannot epilate hair with gel in this area for at least a week and a half, and peels require waiting for a week.

Knowing this, plan the corresponding procedures in advance, too.

One day before gel application on the surface to be treated it is necessary to stop using any greasy creams and oils, if they are included in your cosmetic bag as important ingredients. Finally, immediately before the session is necessary to take a bath or shower. full penetration of the gel into the skin is possible only if the skin is completely cleansed from any impurities.

Unlike all other methods of hair removal hot water is not welcome in the last 6 hours. although the gel penetrates the skin, we are not interested in it being too deep.

In addition, the skin should not be dry, so for the same few hours it is not recommended to use alcohol-containing substances, in particular, deodorants.

How many sessions are needed

Your first appointment will give you perfectly smooth feet, clean armpits and soft hands. The effect lasts 4-5 weeks. New bristles sprout slowly, becoming weak and discolored. Each successive geling suppresses the growth and over time leads to the complete disappearance of the hair cover on the treated areas forever. Depending on the physiology you will need up to 12 times 4-6 weeks apart. But it can be repeated after three days to achieve the goal sooner. Stingy brunettes take longer to get rid of, while blondes take less time.

Specifics of use

When choosing a good product for hair removal, you should carefully read the instructions for use. Depending on the concentration of active ingredients, each cream has its own soaking time on the skin after application. The fast-acting product is very aggressive. It is easier to use cosmetics for sensitive skin with caring components. Although the result will have to wait longer, but the risk of irritation is minimized. The best depilation products always have in their composition a lot of additives that take care of the skin. But such products, respectively, cost more.

Remember also that for each part of the body there is a different cream with a different concentration of aggressive reagents. This is due to the fact that the skin surface has a heterogeneous acid-alkaline balance and the structure of the hairs varies everywhere. So when buying, you need to look carefully at the label and choose the right product based on the destination.

Before starting the procedure of removing unwanted vegetation on the body with a chemical agent, it is necessary to test it on a small area of the skin. In this way it is possible to check whether you are allergic to aggressive ingredients. To avoid damaging the nails on the hands, you must first wear gloves.

The drug is applied to the hair surface evenly, in a thin layer, but just enough to completely cover the hair. This is done with the help of a special plastic spatula, which is included in the set. Do not apply depilatory on the mucous membranes, it can cause burning and chemical injury. Keep the cream on the skin should not exceed 15 minutes, otherwise there may be irritation.

After the required time the cream is removed with the sharp side of the spatula at the root of the hair. This ensures maximum smoothness of the skin. Next, the treated area should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water (not hot). Do not use soapy detergents and alcohol-based cosmetics, because the skin is already quite dry.

After this procedure on the skin may leave an unpleasant chemical odor, which is difficult to mask. Between home chemical hair removal should take a break of at least 3 days, so as not to dry out the skin.

Because of the aggressive chemical components, depilatory cream is not recommended for use by pregnant women or persons who have skin diseases, various wounds.

How to use depilation cream?

Cosmetologists give many recommendations and tips on how to use depilation cream. Each product requires the exact fulfillment of the instructions, otherwise instead of a smooth well-groomed skin you will get a disappointing result with black spots or hair remnants.

Before the procedure, you need to know how the depilation cream works on the skin. Unpleasant sensations and incomprehensible symptoms will cause concern, but often such exposure is acceptable. A huge advantage of using a depilation cream is the absence of ingrown hairs after the procedure, and you do not need anesthesia before hair removal. The method is absolutely painless. The disadvantage is that no cream can remove the two-day stubble, but it will perfectly cope with longer hairs. Below we will tell you how to choose and use the depilation cream.


Before you go to the store to buy hair removal cream, you need to take precautions:

  • The product contains chemicals. And this means that it is not hypoallergenic and can cause an allergic reaction. Pay special attention to this aspect, if you are prone to allergies.
  • Decide in advance which body area you are going to depilate. This is due to the fact that all products differ in the area of application. In turn, this affects the chemical and its effect on the hair.
  • When choosing a depilation cream, pay attention to the moisturizing substances in the composition. Such a product not only dissolves hair, but also dries the skin. Therefore, a variety of oils are important to minimize the detrimental effects.

The principle of action of creams for depilation

Hair depilation cream is an innovation that has become widespread, both among women and men. A little later we will pay attention to the positive properties of this drug for depilation, but now it should be noted that the cream contains a variety of components of chemical origin. It is thanks to these chemical components depilation cream helps to weaken the hair structure.

The main action of the cream is aimed directly at the hair follicle, which contributes to its softening. When the hair becomes soft and elastic, it is fairly easy to remove, for which a special spatula is used. Therefore, to remove hairs it is enough to use a cream and a spatula.

Although the cream acts on the hair follicle, it does not affect the root system. This is because the chemical composition is not able to penetrate the layers of the epidermis, so only the visible part is removed. There are only some types of creams, which penetrate the upper layers of the epidermis and thus can remove up to 1 mm of invisible hair. This has a positive effect on how long hair regrows, and the structure of the hair: new hairs do not grow as stiff.

In addition to the chemical composition, depilation cream also contains a complex of vitamins, minerals, as well as soothing and calming components. All this composition has a positive effect on the skin, does not cause irritation, redness and peeling. At the end of the process the skin becomes light, smooth, soft and pleasant to the touch. Depilation cream has its own advantages, about which we will learn in detail.

Doctors opinion

I would not recommend this gel to pregnant or nursing women. A compound that penetrates under the skin and affects the hair follicle can also enter the bloodstream. There is no information on how the components of the gel will affect the health of the fetus or infant, and in general the composition is carefully hidden by the manufacturer. Although all the necessary certificates from the manufacturers are available.

Dmitry Pavlovich, dermatologist, Magnitogorsk

Any procedure that involves pulling out hair causes micro-traumas on the skin, which adversely affects not only the epidermis, but also on the nervous system. I do not advise to completely remove the hair cover, t. к. it is a protective layer. It prevents infections (in the bikini area), insect bites and overheating of the body. The gel, which is used during epilation, according to the manufacturer, has no toxic substances, but its composition is not disclosed, which leads to some interesting thoughts. I am, however, confident that the action of decoupling the follicle and the hair papilla cannot fail to have an impact on other tissues. Despite the ongoing research that confirmed the safety of the product, I would not recommend using this product.

Tatyana Fedorovna, therapist, Samara

Disadvantages of the hair removal cream procedure

Although suitable for sensitive skin, frequent use is not recommended. Sensitive body areas should not be in constant contact with a harsh environment.

  • The result after hair removal lasts for 5 to 10 days. These products remove vegetation not permanently. So the procedure will have to be repeated.
  • Ingrown hairs cannot be avoided after using the creams. To prevent this disadvantage in 2 days after the procedure it is necessary to apply a body scrub.
  • Destroys the structure of the nail plate. All procedures should be performed with gloves on.
  • Not applicable on tanned skin. It removes hairs and whitens the skin at the tanning point.



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