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Gas water heater burns but the water is cold

This requires removing the water-gas unit from the device and dividing it into a water component and a gas component.

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When the hot water valve is opened, diaphragm deflection will occur. And the rod of the first component moves and presses against the rod of the second component of this unit.

The microswitch goes off. The control unit generates a spark and blocks the flow of gas to the burner by means of a solenoid valve (EMK).

When the hot water valve is closed, the gas movement is stopped by the spring of the gas mechanism. The diaphragm goes to the start position and the microrelay opens. However, the stem of the gas unit does not follow to the initial position. “closed”. Then the control unit does not isolate the EMK, because the burner fire does not go out and heats the flame presence indicator.

To solve this dilemma yourself, you need to study the structure of the gas unit:

Investigate which spring causes the stem to close. The appliance must switch off automatically. If it continues to work, the rod is restricted in movement.

It should be pressed with a screwdriver. If it starts to move more freely, then there was a modest problem. It is possible that dirt can get on this element.

If the movement is drafty, you cannot do without replacing the gas mechanism.

The gas column goes out

Gas water heater goes out for various reasons, in order to understand what causes it, you need to understand whether it goes out immediately after ignition or during operation. Below we will look at malfunctions in which the burner goes out. You will also learn what to do in such situations.

Once you notice that your water heater after ignition goes out, it is recommended to shut off the gas and remove the batteries from the gas water heater, this will ensure the safety of the occupants not only of your apartment, but also of the whole house before the arrival of the master for the repair of gas water heaters. We do not recommend to make repairs by yourself.

You can repair many problems yourself, but it should be remembered that the gas boiler is a complex unit that runs on GAS and improper maintenance can lead to an emergency situation and even an explosion. Stay alert.

Below you will find a description of malfunctions, in which the gas water heater turns off and ways to fix them.

Other malfunctions

One of the easiest failures, because of which the auto-ignition flow heater doesn’t work, is a dead battery. Approximate service life of batteries. 1 year, but sometimes their charge ends earlier, it depends on the quality of products. Ignition from the hydroelectric generator requires a certain water pressure in the system, and if it is not present, then the unit once again will not start.

Sometimes there are popping noises in the combustion chamber due to a clogged igniter nozzle. The flame becomes weak on the exchanger and a higher gas concentration is required to ignite the burner. When this is reached, the fuel in the chamber is already high enough and a popping occurs. The presence of a faint yellow light on the igniter indicates that the nozzle needs cleaning.

In some situations involving the overheated water, the gas valve is triggered by the temperature sensor. The kettle ignites when the heat exchanger is already cooled. Here it is necessary to consult a specialist, because it is necessary to understand the causes of overheating. In addition, operation in extreme mode causes the safety valve to trip, water is constantly dripping from it.

Why a gas water heater does not heat water well causes and common breakdowns

Gas water heater. a common option for heating water in homes with free access to gas. The equipment allows for unlimited water heating. But in the device there can be failures that disrupt normal operation. The following is a look at why a gas water heater doesn’t heat water well, and the causes of the breakdown and a plan to restore the unit’s operation.

The blue fuel water heater is often installed in the kitchen https://kingbuy.ru/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/gazovyj-kotel-main2.jpg

Cause 3. Clogging jets

In semi-automatic models with piezor ignition the main flame is ignited from the wick (the reasons why the Demrad gas water heater wick does not light, are described here). If it is clogged or improperly located, the intensity of its combustion may not be enough to ignite in a timely manner.

It should be cleaned. To do this, remove the casing and clean the hole of the nozzle with a thin wire. You should also check its location and move it closer to the burner if necessary. When the wick is lit, its flame should go over the edge of the burner.

Why the gas water heater goes out during operation: the main causes of shutdown

Blue fuel water heaters are a popular appliance in gasified homes. Despite the robust construction of these devices, the flame may go out immediately or after a short period of time after switching on. To find out why a gas water heater goes out during operation, you need to familiarize yourself with the main malfunctions and their causes.

The gas-fired column may go out immediately after being turned on or during brief operation https://tvsamara.ru/upload/iblock/569/5697034b18fd8727a97bbaa86673d364.jpg

Causes of shutdown of the gas water heater after start-up: why it shuts down after a few minutes of operation

Hello, dear readers. Why the gas water heater turns off after a few minutes, worries many owners of such equipment. There are simple explanations and more complex ones. In the first case you can fix the problem yourself. The second is the master’s prerogative.

Owners of gas-fired boilers are often faced with the problem that their units go out immediately after start-up. The reasons for this malfunction can be numerous. The most common of them are presented in this article.

First aid

Before you look for a breakdown and call a master, check that all the conditions for normal operation of the speaker are fulfilled.

  • If the water is not heated enough, check the temperature regulator and, if necessary, turn it up to the desired value;
  • If the device works at maximum, the pressure is very good, but you need to make the water hotter, open the tap halfway;
  • Check to see if the gas tap is fully open, especially if you’ve recently turned off the gas because of repairs or a trip away;
  • If the heater operates on liquid gas, call a master to inspect the cylinder and check its working order;
  • Check to see if the cold water is on somewhere;
  • Compare the temperature of the hose at the speaker and the faucet. If it is different, the faucet must be cleaned;
  • Check if the filters are clogged.

If all of these things work properly, but the water heating system is still not working properly, you should look for a breakdown in the appliance itself.

Solution methods

The following reflect the dilemmas outlined and how to solve them.

Solution: since the position of this filter is in the inlet section of the technical maintenance system, the elimination of the problem comes down to the removal of this component and its thorough cleaning. To do this, the part is placed under a strong stream of water. To clean it a stiff brush is used.

If this process reveals a breakage of the filter, it is replaced.

  • Limescale in the TO. It can be insignificant, or it can be a multilayered sediment. In such cases, the water in the gas water heater has a weak pressure, or the device does not ignite at all.

The solution: No special limescale removal products are needed for this type of appliance. They are quite aggressive and have a damaging effect on metal walls and surfaces.

Optimal variant. the use of the composition on the basis of citric acid. For a liter of warm water, it needs 50-70 grams of citric acid.

  • Clogged hot water pipes. To fix the problem, you can act on your own. If the actions do not bring the proper effect, then call a master.

An independent solution is to start the reverse movement of cold water: remove the plug, put a container of water under the machine, open both valves.

Then the spout is clamped with a finger. In this process, the reverse flow of water should push the clog forward.

  • Faucet malfunction. They occur when small contaminants pass through the pipes of the heater and end up inside it. The most vulnerable are
  • filter,
  • faucet bucket,
  • hose with thin rubber walls.

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The solution is due to the disassembly of the faucet. It is necessary to visually inspect each element for dirt. Its accumulation is not difficult to remove with a stream of running water.

It is not uncommon for many owners to install special hydroaccumulators, pumps and additional water tanks. This helps to solve not only the problem with the water pressure, but also the water supply for a short period (in the case of pumps).

The last option is to put a 500 liter tank inside the pump.



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