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Gas stove burning designation of oven numbers

Combustion slab gas degrees on the oven

Experienced cooks, which for many years prepare the same dishes and use the same oven, easily determine the heating temperature, without even paying attention to the tags of the thermoregulator. It is enough to set the handle in the usual position and after a few minutes to enjoy the result. But if a new oven or the recipe requires accurately observing the temperature regime, and the thermometer does not work or is completely absent, then you will have to deal with the scale of the thermostat on which there are completely no designations.

How to find out the temperature in the oven by marks

How to determine the temperature in the oven by marks, without a thermometer, if the minimum and maximum indicators are not suitable for categories of “medium”? In addition, some models have a more accurate temperature adjustment and the number of divisions on the handle reaches 9 or 10 units. There can be only 5 divisions in others and choose the most accurate temperature is quite difficult. That is why manufacturers of some gas stoves attach tables to their products, which will help to figure it out if there should be 180 degrees in the oven, how many units are on the regulator.

Breaking on the scale is also proposed according to other temperature regimes most in demand in cooking.

TMIN. 170, TMAX. 266, number of divisions: 5

Division on the handle-regulator t, ° С
one 170
2 230
3 236
4 253
5 266

TMIN. 135, TMAX. 270, number of divisions: 7

Division on the handle-regulator t, ° С
one 135-165
2 150-180
3 170-200
4 180-215
5 205-235
6 220-250
7 240-270

TMIN. 135, TMAX. 250, number of divisions: 8

Division on the handle-regulator t, ° С
one 135
2 150
3 165
4 180
5 195
6 210
7 230
eight 250

TMIN. 150, TMAX. 280, number of divisions: 8

Division on the handle-regulator t, ° С
one 150
2 160
3 180
4 200
5 220
6 240
7 260
eight 280

TMIN. 140, TMAX. 280, number of divisions: 9

Division on the handle-regulator t, ° С
one 140
2 150
3 160
4 180
5 200
6 220
7 240
eight 260
nine 280

Advice! A suitable table is best placed in the kitchen so that you can easily determine the temperature in your oven.

Gorenje BO637RORAB: Description of heating modes and cooking tables

If in the cooking tables you did not find the necessary dish, focus on the data of the similar

Data is given for cooking at the same level.

In the table the temperature is indicated in the range from the minimum to the maximum value. First

once set the minimum temperature, and if the dish does not cook enough, next time

Cooking time is indicated and may vary depending on the conditions

Asterisk sign means that the oven must be pre.heated in this mode

The preliminary heating of the oven is required if this is indicated in the recipe or in the cooking table

In this instructions. A lot of electricity is spent on heating an empty oven, so you can

Save electricity if you bake small pastries and pizza one baking sheet after another,

Use dark enameled or covered with silicone, as they perform well

When using baking paper, make sure that it is resistant to high temperatures.

With the simultaneous preparation of a large amount of baking or baking a large piece of meat

A large amount of pair is formed in the oven, which can condensate on the oven door.

This is normal and does not affect the operation of the device. At the end of cooking, rub the door dry and

You can turn off the oven 10 minutes before the end of cooking to use

The formed heat and save electricity.

Do not cool the dishes in the oven to avoid condensate formation.

Upper and lower heating elements

evenly radiate heat inside the oven.

You can use enameled dishes, firewood dishes, clay and cast.iron

dishes. Do not use stainless steel, as they reflect heat.

When preparing meat, it is necessary to add liquid so that fat and meat juice do not burn. In

Cooking time Turn the meat. If the meat is baked under the lid, it will remain more juicy.

Frying pork 1500 2 190-200 120-130

Beef hot 1500 2 190-210 120-140

Cook the chicken in this heat mode if the oven has no mode

Prepare pizza in this heating mode if the oven has no mode.

Use only one level of guides and dark baking sheets. In light baking sheet pastries

baked worse, since heat is reflected from light walls.

Install the forms on the lattice. Remove the lattice if you use the baking sheet attached to

kit to the oven. Pre.heating the oven reduces the cooking time.

Small baking of puff pastry 2 200-210 25-30

Bake baking in the highest place with a wooden stick.

If there is no raw dough on the stick, baking is ready.

You can turn off the oven and use the residual heat.

Next time add less fluid to the dough.

Observe the time to knead the dough, especially when

Use a dark shape next time.

Put the baking of one level below or at the end

Preparation Turn on the lower heating element.

Next time reduce the temperature and increase the time

A deep baking sheet in the preparation of baking cannot be installed on

Heating element and infraveter,

The grill operates with an infraveter, which

The infraveter must be previously warmed up for 5 minutes.

Constantly monitor the preparation in grill mode, since due to very high temperature meat

The grill is suitable for the preparation of low.fat sausages, pieces of meat and fish (steak, shnitzel, salmon, etc.

When preparing meat on the grille, grease the grate with vegetable oil so that the meat is not

Hard and set to the 4th level. Under the lattice at the 1st or 2nd level, set the baking sheet for

When preparing meat, it is necessary to add liquid so that fat and meat juice do not burn. In

Each time after cooking on the grill, clean the oven and accessories.

stove, burning, designation, oven

SHNITSILE FREE OF PWICHICH 180 g/pcs. 3 240 18-22

Chop on a bone 180 g/pcs. 3 240 20-22

SHNITSILE FREE OF PWICHICH 180 g/pcs. 3 240 19-23

Chop on a bone 180 g/pcs. 3 240 20-24

Chanels made of veal 180 g/pcs. 3 240 19-22

When preparing meat, it is necessary to add liquid so that fat and meat juice do not burn. In

Trout dry a paper towel. Put parsley, salt and garlic inside and grease on top

vegetable oil. Put the fish on the grate, do not turn over during cooking.

Grile preparation is made with a closed oven door.

Due to the high temperature, heating elements, grate and

other accessories and parts of the oven are heated greatly, therefore

Use kitchen mittens or tacks and special forceps for

Cooking on a spit (in some models)

The maximum permissible temperature when cooking on a spit 240 ° C.

Install the frame of the vertel to the 3rd level

below, and insert deep to the 1st level

Prepared meat put on a spit

Screw the handle to the spit. Sharp end

Twatela insert the motor in the clutch (hole

on the back wall of the oven on the right), which

Closed by the lid. The front part of the spin

Set in the recess in the front of the frame.

Grile preparation is made with a closed oven door.

At the same time, the upper heating

Designed for cooking meat, fish,

Half of the chicken 600 2 180-190 25 (from ONE. stor.),

Gas oven. operating instructions Gorenje Gi3356W

Turn off the burner and wait for at least 1 minute.Then repeat the ignition.

Note! Make firewalls (belongs to triple and

Double burners, as well as to mini-vok) is recommended by the utensils seized on them.

To turn off the burner, turn the handle to the right in

Gas crane cluttered with power

If you need to put the dishes on the stove of a small.legged dishes, install an additional grate (included) on a lattice above a small burning sensation.

Correctly selected dishes provide the optimal brevation of cooking and gas consumption. The most important thing is a diosa diameter.Flame languages ​​that extend through the Krylovka of small dishes can damage the dishes.Gas consumption is also large.For combustion, air is also necessary, which is a few.part with too large dishes and the Communist Party less.The instruction of the lattice (only with some models) use the instruction of the lattice when preparing a dish of a small diameter. Place it on the lattice of a small burner.

Do not lift the oven with aluminum foil, not

Put the baking sheets and other dishes at the bottom of the oven, so the fact can be damaged due to overheating.

Fruit juices, falling on the enamel, can cause

The burner of the oven thermoelectrically protected. If a

The flame of the burner will disappear uncontrollably, the submarine will be automatically blocked.

The temperature of the oven regulates the thermostat. Adjustment

possible only with the closed door of the oven.

The bottom of the oven during work should always be

Do not leave food to cool in the oven. So

in the way the oven is prevented and corrosion is prevented!

For control of the oven is a job for a job chopping handle. After pressing the handle to the paneling control, it can be turned to the right or to the left.

Heating the oven with a gas heater

With this mode of operation, the oven is heated with the help of the gas burner of the oven. Preparation of meat dishes of property products is possible only at the same level.

Heating with a gas infrared heater

(only in some models) with the mode of operation, the infrared heater located under the ceiling of the oven, radiates the heat of the heap of food. During its work, the temperature of the oven is unregulated. the infrared burner will all the time work at full power!

Infrared heating (electric infrared heater)

(only in some models) heat the electric infrared heater heats, which is located under the ceiling of the oven. This mode is best suited for the preparation of the gray pieces of meat, for example, steaks, sausages, screws, ribs, etc.D. Infrared heater can be used to prepare a chicken on a spit (only Extract models). Press the heating mode to the paneliomation and set it to the infrared.drift/spinning position. Infrared heater Ivertel is turned on (only in some models). The cooking temperature using an infrared heater is 240 ° C. After reaching the above temperature, the heater will turn off. A temperature of temperature below 240 ° C again turns on the infrared heater. The red signal light signals its work.

Gorenje B 7585 E instruction manual

will start cooking automatically, depending on the inhibited time.

Example: Current time = 12:00, cooking duration = 1:30, completion of cooking. at 14:00. This means that the oven will begin work at 12:30.

The alarm clock performs only the warning function, unn notes the oven.

After pressing the button (1), the inscription 0 will be displayed.00 will be blinking a symbol (s1). Using a handle (5), the established time. After a few seconds, the symbol (S1) will stop flashing, and the countdown will begin.

On the control scale will be shown the current time in the oven in the oven (if it works at this moment).

By clicking on the button (1), you can check the remaining time, and amphening it at will.After the set time, the symbol (S1) will appear, and the sound signal will be heard.The sound signal will turn off on its own 5 minutes if you do not abolish it by pressing anywuckle.

Canceling any installation of the time of the ITEMTERATURE

All time or temperature settings, except for the wiper, can be canceled at any time, for this, a stitching of 3 seconds should be pressed on the button (4). Time and temperature settings will be automatically exchanged.Attention: if you press the button (4) during the operation of the oven for 3 seconds, the installed temperature will be canceled, and the oven will automatically turn off.

LG Gas Double Oven Range with ProBake Convection

Do not lift the oven with aluminum foil, not

Put the baking sheets and other dishes at the bottom of the oven, so the fact can be damaged due to overheating.

Fruit juices, falling on the enamel, can cause

For controlling the oven, pebbles/shutdown and selection of the operating mode of the oven, as well as an electronic programmer with indicator indicator, are designed

The temperature can be set in the range from 50 ° C to275 ° C.- Select the desired heating mode using

Will be displayed ‘0 ° C’, and the symbol ° C will blink

her in this position. The specified temperature’180 ° C ‘will be displayed (the symbol (S2) will be displayed and will blink’ ° C ‘).Set the desired temperature and lower the handle (5).After a few seconds, the symbol of ‘° C’ will stop flashing, the goaty will begin to work.

The temperature in the oven will be shown, namely:

How to operate a Maxi gas cooker and burner

Approximate temperature in the oven, which changes with a step of 5 ° C.

stove, burning, designation, oven

The symbol (s2) will go out and the installed test will be displayed and highlighted.

You can turn on the oven lighting separately with flavoring other function.Practical application: when cleaning the oven or reconciling of residual heat at the end of cooking.When choosing the rest of the operating modes of lighting, it will turn on automatically.For some models, for illuminating the oven, placed electric bulbs: one is installed on the posterior tuft at the top, and the second, additional side light bulb is located in the middle of the right side wall.

Heaters on the upper and lower side, the heat of the oven, extensively emit the heat inside the oven.Preparation of flour products or meat is possible in one level.

The infrared heater is operating, which is located the top of the oven.This mode is best suited for baking pieces of meat, such as steaks, sausages, shnitzeli, ribs, etc.D.

Maintenance of hob firewalls

Selection of dishes

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the diameter of the bottom of the dishes is always painful of the crown of the flame of the burner, and the dishes themselves were covered with a lid. It is dedicated so that the diameter of the pan is 2.5- 3 times larger than the diameter of the burner, that is, for the burner:

  • small. dishes with a diameter of 90 mm to 150 mm,
  • medium. dishes with a diameter of 160 to 220 mm,
  • large. dishes with a diameter of 200 to 240 mm, and the height of the dishes should not exceed the diameter.

Correct attention is wrong!

It is not recommended to use kitchen utensils on the heating panel, which protrudes behind its edges. Use dishes with a flat bottom. It is not recommended to use dishes with a convex or concave bottom.

Ignition of firewalls without electrical adjustment

  • Start the gas with a match
  • set the desired flame (for example, “economical flame”)
  • Turn off the burner after preparing products, turning the handle to the right (the position is “off”).

Ignition of firefighting firewalls

  • adhere to the moment of gas,
  • set the desired flame (for example, “economical flame”)
  • Turn off the burner after preparing products, turning the handle to the right to the position “off”


In the models of the slabs equipped with a shield of external fireplaces from gas leakage, when ignition, 2 to 10 seconds are needed in the course of 2 to 10 seconds. Hold the hand in the “Big Flame” position to trigger protection.

The choice of burner flame

Properly adjusted burners have a flame of light blue and a distinct inner cone. The choice of flame depends on the installation of the position of the burner handle:

Depending on the need, you can smoothly change the flame.

GAZ-control protection work

Separate models are equipped with an autocratic system for disconnecting gas supply to the burner in the case when it was extinguished.

This system protects from gas release when the flame of the burner goes out, for example, as a result of filling.

Repeat re-ignition is made by the user.

wrong correctly

It is forbidden to regulate the greatness of the flame between the positions

The functions of the oven and its operation.

Information relating to the equipment of the oven with heating elements depending on the model of the plate.

The oven can heat up with a gas conte or electric stove. The oven operation is carried out using a single pen equipped with a dial displaying the installation of a thermostat.

2550 2400 2250 2100 1950 1800 165


In models of slabs not equipped with mole, the symbol on the control handle is.


All oven are equipped with gas cranes with a temperature regulator and protection against gas leakage. When ignition of the oven, as described below, the handle must be held about 3.10 sec. This time is necessary to heat the sensor and include protection. If the flame goes out, the actions should be repeated with a three second break. If the flame does not light up for 10 seconds, repeat the attempt after 1 minute, ventilating the overtime of the oven.

To turn on the oven you need:

  • light a match,
  • Press the handle until it stops and turn to the left to the mark of the selected temperature,
  • bring a match to a faint hole (figure below) and hold the handle pressed about 3-10 seconds from the moment the gas is tanned. If the flame goes out, repeat the actions after 3 seconds ,


Temperature adjustment is possible with the closed door of the oven.

The user must know that:

Protection against gas leaks leads to overlap the gas supply within 60 seconds after the flame disappears, the temperature in the oven is adjustable and maintained independently, after ignition- the cone works in full force up to the desired temperature- after its achievement, the thermostat will reduce the payment me, maintaining a given temperature.

Using a stove

Frying occurs as a result of the effects of infrared rays created by a warm-up grill.

  • Set the oven handle to the position indicated by the symbol “grill” ,
  • Warm up the oven for 5 minutes (with a closed oven door).
  • Put a tray with food products in the oven to the appropriate level of the level, and in the case of frying on a spit, position the pallet for the stepping fat directly below it (below the spinker),
  • Frying should be carried out with the closed door of the oven.

For the function “grill” and “enhanced grill”, the temperature must be set at 250 ° C, and for the “convection and grill” function by a maximum of 200 ° C.

When the oven is used, the steps can heat up. It is recommended not to allow children to the oven.

The user care of the current submission of the slabs clean and its correct impact on the extension of the period of its trouble-free work.

Before cleaning the stove, you need to key, paying attention to the fact that all the handles were in position

“” / “0”. You can start cleaning only after the stove has cooled.

Burner, grille, plate case

  • In the case of contamination of firewood and grates, they need to be removed from the stove and washed in warm water with the addition of products that remove fat and dirt. Then wipe dry dry. After removing the grate, rinse the panel thoroughly and wipe it with a soft and dry rag. Particular purity must be maintained near the combustion holes of the flame of the flame, cm. The drawing is below. The holes of the flame of the flame must be cleaned with a thin copper wire. Do not use steel wire and expand holes.


Parts of the burner should be all dry. Drops of water can be released by gas and lead to poor operation of the burner.

Technical characteristics and functionality

The technique goes forward, and manufacturers seek not to lag behind time. Gorenje constantly improves its products, expanding its assortment, introduces technical innovations, complements the products with new functions and modernizes proven modern technologies. The company exists for its customers and, when developing new models, takes into account all their wishes. Gorenje built.in electric ovens has an excellent design, it is optimal in functionality, compact and fits into any interior.

  • All processes in the oven are subordinated to the ICHEF software electronic module with an original color display. The panel is color touch, controlled by touching the display icon. The oven knows dozens of cooking programs. Smart sensor is developed at the company “Gurning”, it works simple, reliably and with great accuracy. There are also mechanical control options, but with less accuracy.
  • In the cabinets there are several heating elements of the oven actually located on the entire inner surface of the oven, which allows you to use a large number of cooking modes.
  • There are one or even two fans creating blowing up prepared dishes. Ovens with fans are called multifunctional. They allow you to cook food on the grill. When the fan operation in programs with convection, the fan noise can interfere with the electronic program, then it freezes. But in this case, the “burning” provided for the reboot, which most producers of ovens do not have.
  • Maximum ovens to 250 degrees. For home use is no longer needed.
  • Protection against burns when taking out heavy pallets will provide telescopic guides.Special multi.layer glass will not let people be at a nearby oven. The larger the layers of glass at the door of the oven, the lower its temperature. The door opens smoothly due to GentleClose technology. In order not to damage the furniture in which the oven is built, the cooling function is provided.
  • Some ovens have a function of microwave ovens for preparation and defrosting.
  • The internal chambers of the ovens are mainly covered with special enamel Silvermatte, it is very smooth and persistent to high temperatures, which allows you to easily wash or even wipe the surface from pollution. For daily cleaning, steam cleaning is useful.

How to enable self.cleaning

Aquaclean mode. Put a baking sheet on the lower tier in the oven. Pour 0.6 liters of water into it. Select the desired mode. At the same time, put the temperature 70 degrees. After 30 minutes, the fat will soak, become soft and supple. And you can wash the walls of the oven with a damp sponge with a dishes for washing.

When turning on, the clock shows 12:00. To put them correctly, click on the Menu button. The indicator blows. With the help of and. choose the right hour and minutes. After five seconds, the function is activated, and the indicator will stop flashing.

Removing and installing the oven door

Close the door slowly until the latches are applied to the slot on the door.

Lift the door a little and remove the hinges from the nests.

Install the door in the reverse order. If the door opens incorrectly or closes, check if the excavations on the hinges sat in the nests correctly.

Mechanical door lock (depending on the model)

To open the lock, push it back to the right and at the same time pull the door to yourself.

When closing the door, the lock is filled automatically.

Blocking and unlocking door lock

With your finger, push the lock to the right 90 ° to the click. The door lock is blocked (in non.working state).

To unlock the lock, open the oven door and pull the lock on yourself with an index finger. The door lock is unlocked (in working condition).

Smooth closing of the door (in some models)

The door is equipped with a smooth door closing system. Easy enough pressing (to the angle of 15 ° relative to the open position of the door), and the door closes easily, smoothly and quietly.

Mechanical door lock (in some models)

To open the lock, push it with your finger to the right and at the same time pull the door to yourself.

Brave cabinet modes of burning

Gorenje oven have such a great demand not only for their beauty, but, of course, for the quality and opportunity to prepare in different modes. Different models, in addition to the main operating modes, have a number of additional functions. And the more modern the model, the more there are. This is what the main preparation modes in electric shock cabinets can be.

  • Classic heating (200 ° C). With classic heating, two heating elements (heater) are included: at the top and bottom of the oven camera. Using this mode, you can cook almost any dish. from meat delicacies to cakes and pies, but only at an average level.
  • Lower heating (160 ° C). Only the lower heater is involved. Recommended for dishes with a long period of cooking. Well suited for one large product, if you put it on the average level.
  • Upper heating (150 ° C). Only the upper heating. This mode will come in handy when the dish is almost ready, and there is no desired brood on it yet. On the heating on top, vegetables, cakes, puddings are prepared on top. (240 ° C). The central infranentifier is heated. Need to make small portions of dishes. So you can cook at moderate temperature, which will save electricity.
  • Large electric grill (240 ° C). The upper heating element and the infraveter in the form of a large powerful frame are turned on, which, as it were, seals the product with hot air, then the juice almost does not flow, and with the crust formed the product inside remains delicate. On a large grill you can cook good pieces of meat and barbecue.
  • Large grill fan (170 ° C). In fact, the same large grill, but thanks to the fan built into the back wall, you can evenly fry large pieces of food without even turning them over.
  • Ventilation heating / convection (150–190 ° C). Operate an annular heating element and fan. Heated air quickly spreads through the chamber, creating the same temperature everywhere, which means that the food will warm up evenly from all sides. In this mode, it is good to cook pies, pork legs, cakes, hot and any other products. When convection, you can prepare at once at several levels, and everything will be the same as a program. Use it to defrost products. This mode helps save time and electricity.
  • Lower heating fan (180 ° C). The fan operation is added to the work of the lower heater. The cooking process is faster. It is recommended to prepare open pies on it. The bottom of the pies will be crispy, the filling will not dry out. It is not recommended to cook in forms with large sides. It is also used for preservation. Use the first and second chamber levels.
  • Upper heating fan. The upper heater operates, which is supported by the fan. This mode makes it possible to form with a fried crust on top with uniform warming up the rest of the dish. The process of working with the fan is much shorter than without it. Used for casseroles, meat, lasagna and other dishes. ventilation heating (160–200 ° C). Involved in the ring and lower heating elements, supports the fan. In this mode, baking of cottage cheese, cakes with fruit from sand dough, pizza are prepared in this mode.
  • Fast heating of the oven. In fact, all the hets work. Designed to warm up an empty oven to the temperature set by the user. Up to 150 degrees the oven heats up in a couple of minutes, taking electricity to a minimum. You can quickly heat the oven, and then cook in the right mode or use it for the preparation of frozen products.
  • Defrosting. Only the fan works. It is used for gradual complete or partial defrosting of various products: meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, cakes.
  • Eco.preparation. The ring heater with fan support. The oven is heated to 210 degrees, the air washes the preparation product. Basically, meat and pies are baked in this mode.
  • Autobake, automatic preparation. The oven program is still a little less than ninety recipes for cooking dishes. If you choose the number of your products, fried and time of the end of the process on the display, then the oven will prepare a dish without your participation.
  • Canning. This process is possible provided that you have glass jars and glass covers for them. About one liter of hot water (70 ° C) is poured into the baking sheet with high sides and 6 cans with tightly closed lids are installed in it, so that they do not contact. When the liquid in the banks goes by bubbles and boils, you can remove the jars. The conservation regime greatly simplifies and facilitates work on the harvesting for the winter.

After cooking, the oven can be polluted by fat with food and products. For cleaning the device, water is poured into a deep container and the lower heater is included. After half an hour, the oven is opened and wiped with special napkins.

The burning always improves the proven classical operating modes of the wind cabinets and is constantly developing new ones, facilitating routine homework.



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