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Gas meter installation standards in an apartment

Norms for installing a gas meter in an apartment

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So, as promised in our previous article about the selection of gas meters, in today’s article I will tell you about the basic rules (criteria) for installing a household gas meter (hereinafter GSH), what materials are needed and the general order of actions for the initial installation of GSH.

But first things first. What are the requirements for the room (according to the standards) where you plan to install a GSH? First of all it must not be a living room. Installation of any gas-consuming equipment and the gas metering stations in residential areas is strictly prohibited. Usually in a private home, the meter is installed in the furnace room, porch or kitchen. In an apartment. kitchen. The room must have natural ventilation, in other words, a window with a window vent. The meter should be installed at a height of at least 1.6 meters above floor level. Distance from door and window openings to the BSG must be at least 0.5 m. Distance from the BSG to any gas appliances must be at least 0.8 m. Installation over the gas stove, as many people want, is prohibited. The meter must be located outside the heat and moisture generating area.

Next, I’ll answer the frequently asked question: What materials should be purchased for the installation of a gas meter in an apartment building (apartment)? In addition to the gas meter, you need a gas hose and two ball valves (papa-mama and mama-mama). Of course, all of the above materials and a wide range of gas meters you can find at our lushev.com.ua.

You have decided to install a gas meter, where do you want to start?? You should start with a trip to your city or region’s Department of Gas Utilities. There you write an application for the installation of a gas meter and negotiate the details with the installation site or an outside organization licensed to perform this type of work. You must remember that when you install a gas meter you must be given a certificate and the meter must be sealed with a security seal.

Locating a gas meter in the room

A gas fitter will not install a meter on a pipe with a surface temperature above or below 60 °C.20 °C. The installer may require the homeowner to move the stove, even if it is at a safe distance. Disputes often arise between the parties on this subject, but it can be solved simply by moving the stove forward. The same requirements apply to the ambient conditions, although there are no rooms with these temperatures in the dwellings.

The gas installer will start installing the meter when there are no technical obstacles, and from that moment the owners should control the process.

The device is attached only in an accessible place, regardless of the opinion of the tenants. In turn, the owners nothing prevents them from ordering the installation in a half-empty kitchen, and then. to close the counter in the hinged furniture.

There will be no wrongdoing in such actions, because the supplier’s representative will be able to see the readings. In this sense, the owners sometimes cause inconvenience to themselves. To take a reading himself or allow the checker, you will have to repeatedly move objects or take everything out of the kitchen cabinet. Therefore, so that in the future you do not have to transfer the gas meter, it is better to immediately place it in an accessible place.

You should not agree to an additional waste of time if the master is against installing the meter on a curved section of pipe. The meter readings do not depend on its shape.

Meter location affects the convenience and appearance of the room. The device will be inserted into the pipe as the consumer wishes. vertically or horizontally.

The master will determine the place of installation and indicate the cost of the work. The price is affected:

In the law there are mutually exclusive norms about the party responsible for the material provision of the installation. Legally it all comes down to the fact that the consumer pays for the service. It is still his choice to buy the parts from a gas fitter or to buy them himself. The second option will cost 30% less.

Still, there are categories of people who are entitled to free installation of gas meters. Read more in this material.

The master of a specialized company will install the counter only if there is a project. The document specifies the location in the room, height and distance from the gas and electrical appliances. At the gas service of the distribution organization will certify the project. Gas workers will then come to the house, seal the meter and issue a certificate of commissioning.

What you need to know about installing gas meters

Constantly rising utility rates have a negative effect on consumers’ financial moods, so they try to optimize their consumption and, consequently, their costs. But reach a consensus on this issue can only be achieved if there is a possibility of control, and achieving this is quite easy if you install a gas flow meter.

In accordance with the Federal Law 61 of November 23, 2009, installation of gas meters is mandatory for consumers using gas boilers. In this case, if a gas stove is installed and operated in the house or apartment, even in tandem with the gas water heater used to provide hot water, the presence of meters is not mandatory. However, this solution is temporary and its validity has been extended only until the end of 2019. But, even after this deadline, consumers without meters, although they become potential violators, but for them there is no developed system of enforcement measures and fines. At the same time, despite the loyalty of the law and the rather protracted in time period for the installation of meters, the need to install flow meters is an urgent task for consumers of all categories, so one should know the basic rules and requirements for the installation and commissioning of gas meters.

Rules for installing a gas meter in an apartment step-by-step instructions

The fact that the gas meter significantly reduces the cost of utility services, almost everyone knows, and there is not even a need to make any calculations. Even the “lazy” already write and say that our energy tariffs are greatly overstated. Simple logic dictates that if you pay according to the actual consumption, rather than the norm, the amount will be much lower. And the practice proves it convincingly.

It should be understood that the gas equipment belongs to the category of products of increased danger. That’s why the meter should be installed only by certified specialists. In other words, there are a lot of competent people in the country, but this does not mean that a relative or neighbor can install such a meter, if he is not officially authorized to do so.

And the expert should work in the organization that supplies us gas. Otherwise the meter will not be registered, that is, not taken into account. Therefore, the order of work to install a meter in your apartment is as follows.

How to install a gas meter

  • First. You need to contact the information service of the organization that supplies us with gas. Her contact phone numbers are on the back of the monthly gas bill. The service specialist will explain which specific address is used to receive applications. Will even tell you the number of the office.
  • Second. You must go in person to the gas office and write an application. You will need to show your passport, a document proving ownership (or rental agreement) for the place and a receipt for the “gas” bill for the previous month. If the apartment has several owners (in shares), any of them can write an application. The specialist that receives the application will tell you when to expect the meter reader’s visit.
  • Third. Think about where you want to install the meter. It is necessary to keep in mind that it must not be located closer than 80 cm to the gas appliances (stove, if there is a gas column). Plus, the height from the floor (not less than 120 cm) is defined by the regulations. And for the rest. you can choose a place anywhere. Sometimes it happens that a specialist comes and “pokes” in the place where the counter will be. But it’s his decision. Is it convenient for us?? Therefore, the landlord has the right to choose the place of installation himself, without violating the specified parameters. Naturally, the longer the length of gas pipes (to and from the meter), the more you will have to pay for materials and work. But it’s not a lot of money. If desired, the counter can even be built into the kitchen cabinet, a hanging shelf. These questions and it is necessary to discuss with the master when he will make measurements.
  • Fourth. At a specified time, you must again visit the gas service, pay the cost of the project and work. It is necessary to discuss with the installer the time when the repairmen will arrive to install the meter. And that’s it. The rest of the work will be done by the representatives of the gas service.

You can buy a meter on your own, if there is information that it is sold somewhere cheaper than in the gas service (in their store). Only in advance you should ask the master what type of counter and with what parameters you need to buy.


First, you need to buy a meter. And before buying, agree the model of the metering device with the gas company and check that the device is included in the state register of metering devices. There is some truth in this, because each device has a resource, after which it must be verified. The longer the life span, the less frequent the verification at the gas office. These periods are listed in the certificate of the device. As a rule, it is within 5-10 years. Here we get to the documents that are required to submit to the gas office to apply for the installation of the meter:

  • The civil passport of the homeowner;
  • subscriber’s book;
  • A standard project of gasification of the house or approved plan of the apartment;
  • the documents that come with the device;
  • Maintenance contract for gas appliances.

Rules of installation of individual gas meters in Ukraine

This year the Law of Ukraine “On Ensuring the Commercial Metering of Natural Gas” 533-17, wording of 20.01.2018. which prescribes the rules for equipping residential premises with individual natural fuel metering devices. Portal Domik.ua informs about the rules of installation of gas meters in residential premises.

The law specifies that the full commercial accounting of natural gas should be provided by installing individual meters in dwellings. Gas supply companies must equip homes that use the energy resource only for cooking, until January 1, 2021.

Installation of gas meters in apartment buildings

In December 2017 people’s deputies of Ukraine amended the law and prohibited gas supply companies from installing home gas meters. The document provides for the possibility of installing an all-house gas meter with the consent of co-owners of the apartment building. The tenants of a building should hold a meeting and make a decision on equipping the building with a gas metering device.

W h. 3 st. 2 of the law states that the commissioning of new or reconstructed residential buildings with gas supply system is allowed in the presence of nodes metering natural fuel.

Compensation for having a gas meter installed in your home

Ukrainians have the right to install a natural gas meter in their dwelling at their own expense with further compensation of consumption at the expense of the funds they pay according to the tariff for distribution of natural fuel. “The procedure and amount of compensation for the purchase and installation of individual natural gas meters for fuel consumers. The tariff rates of natural persons shall be set by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine”. is spelled out in the law.

Household consumers who equip their homes during 2018 are entitled to compensation. Payment term. 12 months.

In what cases gas supply companies have the right to cut off gas to consumers

Companies that supply gas to homes, may stop the supply of gas from January 1, 2021, if the consumer refused to install individual meters for energy.

If the gas supplier through his fault did not install a gas meter before the approved deadline, it is prohibited to cut off gas supply to residential premises. The sum to be paid for the time consumed in this situation will be calculated according to the norms of energy resources consumption.

It is also forbidden to disconnect gas in an apartment building if the co-owners refused to install a collective metering device.

Possible swindlers in installation of gas meters have been revealed in Kiev

PJSC “Kyivgas” reported that possible swindlers deceive elderly consumers. “They offer to buy a gas meter at a significantly inflated price. Pensioners are explained that the next day the employees of “Kyivgaz” will not only install a meter but will also compensate the full cost of the device. The company’s press service said in a statement on its official page on the social network

The company “Kievgaz” said that all subscribers will be provided with free apartment meters until January 1, 2021.

To discuss the benefits of equipping your home with an individual gas meter and tell how much energy the family uses according to the readings of the individual meter is possible on the forum All about housing and communal services in Ukraine

Installation relative to gas appliances

There are quite specific regulations governing the location of the gas meter in relation to gas appliances installed in the kitchen. As a rule, it is a gas stove (or built-in hob) and the gas boiler (in the case of an autonomous system of hot water and heating). Gas meters in any case should not be placed directly above the heat source. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to place such appliances directly above the gas stove. over, a minimum distance of 10 cm between the appliance and the counter must be maintained when placing the gas meter in the vicinity of the gas stove or cooktop. This helps prevent the gas meter from being affected by high temperatures caused by the gas stove during its operation. With regard to the gas boiler, the minimum distance in a straight line or diagonally must not be less than 80 cm.

How to install submeters in multi-unit residential apartment buildings


After completing the installation work, the specialists check the operability of the device. No obstacles in the flow of fuel through the appliance. Absence of gas leaks. Serviceability of the device is also checked.

Does the wasted fuel get measured? Meter commissioning is complete and the homeowner receives a certificate of commissioning.


Now the owner of the apartment has all the necessary documents. The next thing to do is to buy a seal. Then within 5 working days a specialist will visit the house. He will make sure the device is properly installed.

On the basis of the application for a gas meter installation and the documents received after the installation works, the sealing takes place.

A machine that has not undergone this procedure is considered illegal. Its readings will not be taken into account when paying for gas supply services.


This procedure allows the gas supplier to ensure that the mechanism performs measurements without deviations upward or downward. According to the law the gas accounting device is subject to initial verification before putting it into service and after repairs.

Also in the passport of the device specifies the period after which this procedure must be repeated. In turn, the homeowner is obliged to provide the meter for verification within the prescribed period.

Read how to install the meter with your own hands.

Peculiarities of gas meter installation

Since gas controllers belong to the category of devices of increased danger, they must be installed only by specialists who have been certified.

Step #1. selecting a firm to provide services

In Decree 10 of the Government of 14.05.13 the range of organizations, which are allowed to work with gas equipment (installation, repair, replacement). This includes companies that transport natural fuel to the connection point of the network.

Before contacting a specialized organization, try to find out the following information:

  • Whether the installation company has permission to carry out work related to gas networks?
  • How much experience in this area has the organization; how long has it been engaged in similar work?
  • What guarantees apply to the installation of gas equipment?

When choosing a contractor should not be guided only by the low cost of the work. Worth watching out for low for services: this may indicate insufficient qualification of staff or the use of cheap materials of inadequate quality.

Step #2. applying to install the gas meter

You can easily find information about the gas service by using your gas bill, on the back of which you can usually find the phone number of the service organization. Calling on the specified number, you can consult with a specialist, to learn from him the address of the gas supply service, as well as the schedule of work.

After that, you should visit the selected company to submit an application for the installation of a gas meter in the apartment or house.

At the same time, you need to bring such documents as:

  • passport ;
  • You should bring either a title or rental agreement;
  • A paid gas receipt proving that you are not in debt.

Since service personnel may ask you to attach copies of documents to the application, it is better to make them in advance.

Stage #3. installation of a gas meter and payment for the work

The company’s staff will explain in detail how you can install a household gas meter in the house or apartment, and after receiving the application appointment. He will determine the technical feasibility of installing equipment, as well as make all necessary measurements.

According to the opinion and measurements made by the installer you will make an estimate and purchase equipment including a gas meter suitable for the area.

After that, the customer again needs to visit the gas service to agree on the time of further work, as well as to make full or partial payment.

Step #4. the choice of device location

The place of installation is usually discussed with the foreman, who can offer his own option of placement. But he should not insist on it, if the choice of the host does not violate the key provisions of the rules of installation of a household gas meter in the apartment, which are regulated in SNiP 42-01-2002 and SP 42-101-2003.

According to the latter document, their location is based on the conditions of comfortable operation (installation, maintenance, repair). Gas meter controller is usually installed in the room where there is a gas stove, gas boiler or other equipment.

The meter can also be installed in a space adjacent to a gas supply point, even if there is an opening between them, whereas a recess is not permitted. The device can also be installed outside the building, but in this case it is desirable to hide it under a roof or in a special box to protect it from external influences.

The meter should be located no more than 0,8-1 meter away from a unit that consumes blue fuel (column, stove, boiler). There is also a standard height of 1.6 meters for the gas meter.

The gas meter should be separated from the wall by 3-5 cm in order to provide corrosion protection and soundproofing. The shut-off cock must be placed on the side of the stove with a maximum distance of two meters. If the upper distribution is provided, this part must be located on the descent.

The gas metering device should be in view, it is desirable not to cover it with interior items.

Natural Gas Main & Service Line Replacement with PE Piping

It must not be located directly above the sink or in other places with high humidity. The pipe branch to and from the gas main must not have a slope to the gas meter.

In addition, the room in which the gas metering device will be placed, must have good natural or forced ventilation.

Step #5. performing the installation of the device

On the appointed day and hour, the firm’s repair employees come to you to make all the manipulations.

A wide variety of elements are used for installation. First of all it is a mechanical or electronic gas meter (you can use different models, including some foreign ones). Before installation, it is necessary to carefully inspect the appearance of the appliance for defects and damage.

There are some other components. Let’s discuss them in detail below.

Thermostatic isolation valve (KTZ)

The peculiarity of this element is its ability to automatically shut off the gas flow to household appliances in the event of an increase in temperature. The part consists of a casing, inside which there is a spring-loaded shutoff element supported in the open position by a fusible insert.

As soon as the valve reaches a temperature of 90°-98° C, the sleeve melts and the element folds, cutting off the gas flow.

Gas valve for mechanical shut-off

This familiar detail is used for mechanical shutoff of gas access. Domestic gas taps, which are usually made of brass, are designed for use on low-pressure (up to 5 bar) gas pipelines.

Many models are available from manufacturers, differing in terms of control method (“handle”, “butterfly”), size and connection options (nut-to-nut, nut-to-nut). Therefore, even if it is necessary to perform a replacement, it will not be difficult to find the right tap. The main thing in the process of replacing this component is not to ignore the safety rules.

Isolating connection (IS)

A fixture that is intended for dielectric sectioning of a pipeline. Similarly, the system is divided into interconnecting sections, between which the flow of electric current is eliminated.

Isolation joints can be used for above-ground and underground gas pipelines. Their use helps reduce the likelihood of measuring equipment failure due to electrical discharges arising from various causes.

Gas hose (bellows pipe)

Flexible part is used to connect gas appliances (columns, stoves) to the gas pipeline. over, these tasks are often performed by the users themselves without involving a representative of the gas service. If you want to replace the hose with your own hands, with the rules of installation work.

Installing natural gas service: New home construction

In practice, for the installation of the meter can be used various options of hoses and liners: from the usual rubber elements to corrugated stainless steel, which has an extremely high strength.

Specialists performing the installation, should ensure that the threads of the nuts and fittings of the counter. When performing work, you must pay attention to the direction of the arrows on the bodies of parts.

The sealing ring of the connector may only be used once, with the use of paronite ПОН-2.0 (GOST 491-ZS) or 1-2 mm oil-and-gasoline-resistant rubber (GOST 7338-65).



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