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Freeze plum for the winter in the freezer

Freezing is a popular, practical way to preserve fruits and vegetables for the winter. Many housewives choose this method. It takes very little time to prepare the fruit for freezing, and even less time to cook it into a final product.

Before starting the process, the hostess must decide how the plum will be used in the future. For example, if you are planning to make compote from it, then it is more convenient to store it in bags, pouring exactly as much as you need for making a drink. Pips may not need to be removed.

How To Freeze Plums

Plums as a filling for sweet cakes should preferably be sliced. It is convenient to store it both in bags and in special containers for freezing. For decorating sweet desserts, fruit in syrup or sugar are better suited.

Freezing should be done in small portions, laying the fruit in one layer. If the layer is 2 cm thick, freezing takes from 3 to 4 hours; if the layer is thicker (4 cm), then it needs 10 hours. A quality product is obtained only if the original raw material meets certain parameters:

According to hostesses, Hungarian is excellent for freezing. The following varieties are no less good in the frozen form: Renklod, Great Duke, Anna Spet.

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How to freeze plums for the winter in bags

A plastic bag is the most common container for freezing. Plums can be pitted or sliced, as desired. You can even mashed potato them in bags. Whole fruit or slices are pre-frozen on a tray before being placed in a bag, only then are packed. Portions are calculated so that the defrosted product is enough for a single use. Before placing in the freezer, air is removed from the bag with plums through a tube or vacuum pump.

The modern method is to freeze plums in a vacuum. For this you need to have special bags and a device. vacuum cleaner. The fruit is completely covered in foil without access to oxygen.

Why fruit should be frozen?

The richest harvest can be harvested as early as the end of summer. Alas, but plucked fruits literally in a couple of days begin to wither and spoil. There are many methods to preserve the plums’ vitamin complex. So, you can preserve plums, dry them and freeze them.

In this case, freezing plums for the winter is considered the most preferable option, because this method allows you to save all the useful substances that are in the fruit. The main thing is to choose the right fruits for freezing. Try to choose ripe plums which can be eaten. The plum variety Hungarian is excellent: dense structure, juiciness, fleshiness. that’s what makes this variety excellent for freezer storage. The main thing is that the fruit should be clean, not dented, resilient and not overripe.

  • Useful substances are preserved as much as possible, because frozen plums lose only 20% of their vitamins. And when boiled the fruit can lose up to 40-50%.
  • Ease of preparation. this method does not require much time for the owners.
  • The possibility of storing the fruit in small portions. Agree that it is much harder to arrange 10 jars, and for this will have to allocate a fairly large piece of space.
  • Frozen fruit can be made into anything you like: purees, compotes, and jams.

Now it’s time to learn how to freeze plums for the winter. this process is quite easy, the main thing is to follow our recommendations exactly.

How to freeze a plum for the winter

How to freeze a plum for winter? For this starter, choose a sweet, ripe plum, with a sour skin and dense flesh. This makes it easier to work with when you remove the pips.

Step 2:

Peel the plums from the twigs and wash them under running water. This should be done carefully to remove as much impurities as possible. Flip the plums in a colander to drain all the water. When frozen, excess moisture will give a lot of frost in the packages.

Step 3:

Use a small knife to make vertical, lengthwise cuts in the plums. Take care not to cut your hands!

Step 4:

Turn the resulting halves in opposite directions relative to each other around the pit. This way you can easily and quickly remove pips from your plums. By the way, I do the same thing when peeling any fruit with a large stone, especially avocados and mangoes.

Step 5:

So, remove the pips from all the prepared plums. The skins can either be removed or left on. That is purely up to the discretion of the customer. The cutting of the fruit can also be completely random. Be guided by what kind of dishes you plan to add the plum to. I will be baking my favorite pie with this plum, so I will keep the halves.

Step 6:

Divide the prepared plums into small portions, about one dish. And distribute in a single layer in thick bags designed specifically for freezing. You can use special vacuum bags, zip-lock bags, or even freezer containers instead. The main rule: small portions and proper stacking so that the fruit doesn’t clump together.

Step 7:

Store the plums in a freezer with the temperature.18 ⁰ C and below.

It’s best to keep such preparations in the freezer for no longer than 6 months. I keep frozen fruit on the same shelf as berries, mushrooms, and vegetables.

Plums practically do not lose their properties after defrosting, and certainly in baking you won’t notice any difference at all.

It is very convenient to make labels on packages with home-made frozen plums, which indicate what is frozen and when (use a pencil, because the ink from the pen can leak). That way you’re sure to know the shelf life and have no trouble finding what you need in a full freezer.

How to freeze seedless plums

Today I offer you a great recipe for freezing plums for the winter. It takes very little time to freeze seedless plums in home conditions, and as a result with these frozen fruits you can prepare pies, cookies, muffins, jams, a variety of sauces for meat or desserts, compotes, smoothies, marshmallows, etc.д. Any kind of plums that are not too small are good for freezing. I recommend!

How to freeze plums for winter

It is very easy to freeze plums for winter, but there are a lot of benefits from such a preparation. With frozen plums you can bake pies, pies, muffins, boil compotes, add to desserts, dumplings are also good with it. And in general, such plums can be used as well as fresh ones. In order to use a frozen plum, for example, in baking, it is not necessary to defrost it (take the frozen plum out of the freezer and immediately add it to the dough). If you have never previously frozen plums, then be sure to use this simple recipe!

How to freeze plums

As I have written many times before, I have two huge plum trees in my garden. They bear fruit one year after another: one year very abundantly, the second year a little. But even that little bit is quite enough to make small preserves.

And if they’re really fruitful, like this year, I just have time to bake pies and make jam. And put bags with kilos of frozen plums in the freezer, thankfully I have a big freezer with enough space.

Как Правильно Заморозить Вишню на Зиму для Выпечки и Вареников // Freezing cherries for the winter

Any kind of plums can be frozen. Very small plums, like a cherry plum, can be frozen with the pit in one piece and then made into a compote. The rest of the plums are conveniently frozen in halves.

In winter, plums frozen this way can be used in baked goods and sauces without first defrosting, as I do. Slightly stewed plums with butter and a pinch of sugar. A great addition to pancakes or pancakes, as well as to a pork chop or duck breast.

Pies, cakes, muffins, galettes. These are just a few of the recipes you can use your frozen plums in. You can make a quick jam from them using jolfix, make a spicy chutney or a hot sauce like tkemali for poultry and barbecue. The options are endless, experiment!

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  • Common.\Asset. Cooking time: 2 hours 10 minutes \ 10 minutes
  • Number of servings: 4 servings
  • Calorie value (100g): 42 kcal
  • Cost: very economical

Preparing berries for freezing

Before freezing it is necessary to observe two obligatory procedures: to wash berries and thoroughly dry them.

They are washed under the faucet or in a large basin, but usually they are almost clean, so a long soaking is not required.

Clean plums are wiped with towels until they are completely dry.

A simple way to freeze plums for the winter

Today I want to tell you how to freeze plums for the winter at home. As it turns out, not everyone knows whether you can freeze plums, and I’ll answer in the affirmative. After all, the more varied your preserves for the winter, the more different desserts, drinks and baked goods you can make from them, in the cold season. I don’t know about you, but I really like to have a lot of different things frozen in the freezer and I have a great assortment of preserves in the winter. Because it happens that on the street.It is 10 degrees, and I wanted a currant quiche or something similar. But here and nowhere to find it, and so I know that I definitely have it for any such case. So to such preparations I take seriously and try not to miss the season when it is the right time to do it.

Below I will tell you in detail how to freeze plums in halves, without pips, so that they do not change their appearance. For storage you can take a special bag for freezing with a clasp, which is very convenient, because you do not have to untie and tie the bags. And these bags are pretty tough and will not break while shifting and using. But if you don’t have these bags, you can get plastic storage containers, which is what I chose. But do not forget that if you choose the second method, they take up more space. Try to do it too, I think you will like it. Also see how to freeze apricots, which I also keep in halves.

Заморозил алычу на зиму Freezing cherry plum for the winter.



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