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Floor Fan fs 1238 how to assemble

Hi all!

When a fan breaks down in the blistering heat it’s a disaster. I had to look for another one in a hurry. I hastily read the reviews of some models, did a little analysis and comparison, and my choice was the Electrolux EFF-1002i. Bought online at m.video. I got a great deal on it, so instead of 5990 I paid 3870, shipping of 1

In 3 hours the courier delivered the goods to the address specified.

And now let us constructively analyze all the features, assembly, as well as the pros and cons of this model. Let’s go.

Compact box made of heavy cardboard.

The country of the brand is Sweden, but it is produced in China.

Small parts lay in individual pouches, and large parts were wrapped in bubble wrap.

Display: Yes

Number of blades: 5

Timer: 8 h

Display Type: Informative Led

Type of base: Square

Remote control included: Yes

Number of bottom racks: 2

Batteries for the remote control need to be purchased.


The color of the decorative plate: White

Country of production: PRC


Warranty period: 24 months


Noise level at a distance of 1m: 33dB

Effective for placing. Area up to: 24 m2

Scope: Home Appliances (for home use)


Max. Power Consumption, W: 45 W

floor, 1238, assemble

Max. capacity: 2600 m3/hour

Modes and functions

Number of operating modes: 1

Number of speeds: 3

Safety and security

Dustproof class: IPX0


Fan type: Axial

Power cord with plug: Yes

Location: Vertical

Installation (mounting): Floor

Power supply voltage: 220,0. 240,0

Weight and dimensions of goods

Diameter of blades: 40 cm

Max. height: 126 cm

Base size: 40

Goods weight (net): 4.5 kg

Height of goods: 1.26 м

Overall product dimensions (WDG): 1,260,40,38 m

Product depth: 0.38 м

Product width: 0.4 м


Fan speed control: Step-by-step

Control Type: Remote Wireless

Off timer: Yes


Power indicator: Yes

I’m a curious girl, so I decided to check how easy I could overcome the stage called “build a construction set yourself. The husband was in the next room just in case.

For some reason I prepared a Phillips screwdriver, which was later not needed.

The instructions were pretty detailed about the whole sequence of steps. After reading carefully and trying to figure out what to do, I decided to assemble a fan with a high “leg”.

We put the back grate base on top and snap it with the plastic clips in a downward motion.

Screw the nozzle counterclockwise as far as it will go.

Next, take the top grate case and push it in slightly so that the plastic clips are on top. For peektionists: align the brand inscription (the grille is easy to rotate in the clamped grooves).

Now the stand. Take one of the two “legs” and put it in the base.

On the back side press the metal plate and turn clockwise the latch.

We have the head and the torso. Now we just have to make them work together.

Slide one into the other so that the notch is against the hole. Screw the valve all the way in.

I’m actually a creative type of person and have no experience with technology. It was so easy and simple for me, that I got a little frustrated, because the whole process took about 15 minutes at the most.

I like minimalism, so I was immediately attracted to this model. Laconic, airy and without any extra “frills”. It fits perfectly into the interior.

Small but bright display, large numbers that are clearly visible from the couch.

A small and lightweight remote control powered by 2 lithium AAA batteries.

  • Easy to assemble. Even a child can cope.
  • Stylish and discreet design.
  • There are several operating modes: weakest, strongest and strongest.
  • There is also a horizontal rotation mode. The fan “wiggles its head” and thus covers much more space than in a static state.
  • The remote control or feel like God. With the remote control you can turn on / off the device, change the mode and set the timer. Except for changing the vertical degree of inclination of the head. In this case, you still have to get your butt off the couch.
  • Comes with an extra foot for table top use.
  • Convenient timer function from 1 to 8 hours. I programmed it and forgot.
  • Easy to clean. For general cleaning it is necessary to disassemble the “head”, which is not difficult, and for everyday cleaning you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust.
  • “Die Hard. I have a 8-pound Bess Maine Coon at home. He managed to drop the fan by jumping on the scratching post. It’s on wheels, so it accelerated into the fan and it collapsed. No damage to the body, not a single dent on the grid, it does not work worse.
  • Adjustable “head” tilt. Four modes.
  • Rubberized feet protects against slipping on the floor and adds stability.
  • Easy. Easy to lift the fan to the 2nd floor without assistance and grumbling.
  • Simple controls and few buttons. Intuitive and understandable icons.
  • Economical. In all time of use the bill for utilities have not risen, although, used the fan on a regular basis.
  • 24 months warranty.
  • The difference between the 1st and 2nd mode is noticeable, and not so much between the 2nd and 3rd modes. I’m picking on you, of course, but they could have just made two modes.
  • Not stable. The long “leg” can easily be dropped.
  • Noisy.
  • When I turn the unit on, the remote control works every once in a while.
  • If there is a foreign object in front of the display (a chair, an open cupboard door, etc.), it is difficult to see.д.) The remote control will not function. So you can’t turn it off from another room.
  • No control from a smartphone.

We have been using the fan for more than 4 months. Despite the minuses I am satisfied with the purchase. I recommend it to those who don’t have small children. Otherwise, you’ll have to think about weighting it down, or enlarge the flat base, so that the child does not accidentally drop the device.

Thank you for your attention!

Hello and beauty to all!

I love climate technology, which is designed to make our lives more comfortable. Living in my own house, there are always some new climate needs) In previous reviews you can read my opinion on humidifiers:

Well, with the advent of hot May I suddenly realized that without a fan, the whole family just boil on self-isolation, and it was decided to buy 2 fans and an air conditioner (in the largest room). To be honest, it took me a long time to choose, the price varied greatly depending on the company, but in fact. All the factories are in China, and I had to navigate my own reviews. Technique Scarlett and Polaris was the most budget, but I’m frankly unlucky with it, it breaks down quickly, so I immediately crossed out, noting for myself floor column fan First of Chinese production.

After thoroughly investigating all the reviews on ozone, I came to the conclusion that the maximum inconvenience for its price. I will forget to put the remote control in the package. So I took a chance and ordered 2 at once. During the period of self-isolation, Ozon takes back nonconforming goods free of charge within 3 days, so there was nothing to worry about.

The delivery took 3 days, twice postponing the day of delivery without my knowledge, but it happened. 2 nice and tall boxes arrived.

I paid 7772 rubles for both fans, shipping over 5000 was free.

The packaging is solid, inside everything was protected by foam on both sides of the fan itself was wrapped in polyethylene.


fixation and deviation of 65 degrees

After taking the column fan out of the box, it seemed somehow unrealistically high. Completely white, no chips or scratches, it looks brand new, no blades, stylish and does not take up much space.

I specifically chose a column fan, so that it did not have noisy blades and strong air flow, from which all around fly away My cat is afraid of noisy fans. In this case. Columnar floor is the best choice. And the price is reasonable. It was also important to me that it was still rotatable. And this feature is there.

In addition to the fan came with instructions, blank warranty card and of course the remote control! All this goodness was carefully taped to the case))

I inspected both fans for factory defects visually. We didn’t find any major problems except for one: one fan on the dashboard was all straight and beautiful, and the other one had a little discrepancy between the panel cover and bulbs, and you can see that they are a little bit sunk. It doesn’t affect the function of the fan and is evident only when unpacking it, after 10 days of purchase I have already forgotten about it.

To get the fan in working order, the first thing to do after unpacking. is to build a platform on which it will stand and bolt the fan to it. The platform on which the fan is held consists of 2 parts that snap together to form a round stand.

Next, you need the work of two people. One holds the ventilator in place, the other holds it in place. screws in.

When all this splendor is assembled, you can plug the fan into a socket. What is great here is that the wire is long. more than 2 meters, I safely move the fan around the room.

The remote is a great help when it comes to air regulation: here we have:

  • on/off mode,
  • case rotation,
  • wave mode. it’s fading and rising strength of cool air, great for combining with sleep mode so you don’t get blown out at night;
  • The timer, where you can set the off after a certain time (maximum 7.5 hours);
  • Switching from the weakest to the strongest mode.

To transport the fan, it is best to use the special handle that exists on the back of the case for this purpose.

The same part is perfect for storing the remote control so it will never be lost.

For 10 days I have tried all functions of the fan and I can draw certain conclusions

  • At any mode of operation the fan First works rather quietly, when it is on all the household members fall asleep excellently;
  • The fan takes up little space, so it is suitable for small rooms (the second is in a 7 sq. m room);
  • The convenience is that it rotates more than 180 degrees;
  • Perfectly cools a large room;
  • There is a timer for operation;
  • There is a convenient handle to carry and store the remote control;
  • Intuitive remote control or fan control panel.
  • Complementing all this is the extremely low cost.

I am very happy with my purchase, I heartily recommend it!

Types of fans

There are different varieties of fans, which are divided by the way they are mounted into:

The last two do not need to be assembled after they were purchased. The last type (ceiling-mounted) is installed in specially prepared mounting place.

Types differ from each other by power, size, number of speeds, different additional functions and so on.

The first type of fan is one of the most popular methods to cool. The main reasons for such prevalence are low cost, ease of use and installation, low power consumption, mobility, versatility. Floor fan does not take up much space in the room.

According to the method of operation floor fans are also subdivided into:

  • Axial. These are units that have an electric motor and blades. These blades make the airflow move during rotation.
  • Bladeless. This variety is a round frame with a motor. The air flow is first sucked in and then expelled with acceleration.

Axial floor fans are the most common type. The entire room is not blown out, but only a part of it.

Mounting the support

Actions to be performed to install the support:

  • Unpack the device first.
  • The crossbars of the support, which is arranged in the form of a cross, are inserted into each other perpendicularly.
  • The connection of the crossbars and the lower part of the vertical riser, which is located inside the tube, is carried out. Four bolts are used for the connection.
  • End parts of the supports are fitted with plugs. The end caps are in contact with the floor.
  • Then the telescopic tube is extended and locked. The tube is fixed by means of a plastic nut at the right height.

In the case of the disk base, bolts and nuts are also used.

Summer has not yet begun, and I have already run to get a fan. The summer was supposed to be hot, and remembering the heat from hell and the lack of fans about ten years ago, I decided to make such a purchase in advance. There were no fans in hardware stores, but in the “Lenta” almost from the winter. My limit was 4000, I did not have any special requirements, the main thing that works steadily. I chose between two models of the homeclub brand. the fs-806 for 2400 and FS-1603 for 1200. On the latter I decided.

I will not hide the fact that not the least role played, and already at a discount of 1200. Cheaper only for free, as they say.

In the box was the instruction manual and the fan. It was enough, assembled very quickly, even a person who is not familiar with technology can cope with it. The only thing better is to read the instructions, we didn’t do that and lost a few minutes because we forgot to screw one screw and that’s why the noise appeared.

There was also a problem with the base, we did not immediately think how to make the feet more stable, the parts did not want to be inserted.

All of our past fans were white, this time took what we have, but I ended up being satisfied. It looks stylish, if I may say so.

For more than a thousand dollars the fan can not be perfect, it is logical. If the fan runs too long, it can overheat and smell of plastic. This probably applies to any fan, just make sure that it does not work all day without stopping, give him a break.

Periodically, when you turn the fan can rattle, it is annoying and not everyone can stand this rattle. After a day of work, I sometimes sweated in a stuffy room, because I had no strength and no desire to listen to this chattering. If the fan is not particularly stable or you don’t have at least one part for a foot, the rumble will be amplified.

There’s not much to say, it blows air well. Again, I’m satisfied with the first speed, in past fans this was not the case, often turned on the third speed. The power is good. I can’t call it compact in size, but this is the size of my previous fans.

  • Low Price.
  • Stylish design.
  • There is a timer.
  • For the money it is powerful enough.
  • If it is used for a long time, it gives off an unpleasant odor.
  • Rattles from time to time.

For the money it is a good fan, what can you buy now for the money. Yes, there are significant shortcomings that will not suit everyone, but if you are looking for a cheap fan in your home, you can pay attention to this model

When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always

In case of damages, caused through not paying attention to this in-

The warranty expires at once. The Manufacturer/Im-

floor, 1238, assemble

porter does not accept any liability for damage caused as a result of

Ignorance of the user manual, careless usage or the usage against the

This Product can only be used according to its rated information print-

Make sure the national Voltage supply is in compliance with the rating

Label information. If you have any doubt about the way of operating

the product or you are not sure about the compliance of the ratings

with the national power supply please contact an authorized electri-

The socket must be designed that the attached plug will fit into it.

This Product is for indoor use only! It is not suitable for outdoor use.

Please prevent the product to be exposed to excessive dirt and humid-

Any other way of operating the product, except the described one, will

lead to dangers as, short circuit, fire or else. It is not allowed to modify

this product in any way and the housing has not to be opened, other-

wise the product will not be any longer in compliance with its safety

Never connect or disconnect the plug with wet hands.

Never unplug the plug by pulling the power cord. Always pull the plug

During Installation/Cleaning, please pay attention that the power cord

Always disconnect the appliance from the mains and allow the product

If you are not going to use it for a long period of time

Clean the product itself with a slightly damp cloth.

Never replace a damaged power cord by yourself. In such case, or in

In case of malfunction, contact an authorized electrician/Service center

For examination, repair or adjustment because special tools are re-

Products, which are operated on main supply, do not belong into the

Children or in firm person should not be allowed to use this product

How to Repair a Cooling Fan at Home

An electric household fan is an electrical appliance designed to move air in a given direction to cool the human body at high ambient temperatures.

Axial fans with an impeller are most common in the home due to their simple design and low cost.

Design of a typical floor fan

On the agenda repair of the floor fan with their own hands! It is necessary to start small: the simplest fans do not have a grounding terminal. The appliance does not have a degree of electrical safety. The design of a floor fan includes a housing made of plastic. If water gets inside, expect a good shaking. A floor fan of this variety must not be used near water. Starting with an aquarium with fish to a flower vase. Particularly dangerous where small children live. The gizmo will fall, the child will guess to pour milk inside Conclusions do yourself:

Nothing is likely to happen if the floor fan falls. Let’s dive into the design. Let’s leave aside for now the speed control features of the motor and the button. Let’s talk about the gearbox. The Krasnodar floor fan carries one asynchronous capacitor motor. The front side of the shaft through the pin, the nut with the left thread is connected to the blades, the back side goes to the gearbox, formed by two gears, one double.

The shaft is equipped with a thread that catches, rotating, the teeth of a large wheel. Torque is transmitted to the small wheel that drives the flywheel. The crank pinion is hand-diameter, so the rotation is inferior to the speed of the original shaft of an induction motor.

floor, 1238, assemble

Through the cardan gear, the crank is hooked to the foot, the motor housing is mounted on the axle. When rotating the shaft of an induction motor, the blades move smoothly to one side or the other. It is possible, however, to stop the process. The double pinion has a shaft attached to the larger pinion by two balls with a spring inserted in a through hole. If you pull the knob directly connected to the axis, the latch slides up. The connection between the pinion, the shaft is lost, the rotation stops. The mechanism implements fall protection: there are six grooves cut into the inside landing hole of the drive pinion. Balls are getting loose. Six positions are obtained, the mutual transition is accompanied by a click, the axis rotates relative to the gear, the balls hit the walls, slipping into the grooves.

You hear clicking noises, there’s a good chance the floor fan has fallen over. The drive is jammed, the safety mechanism works by clicking, keeping the motor from burning out.

We believe the mode is disadvantageous to the floor fan, do not turn off the device, the thermal fuse of the motor is sure to break. Gearbox is fastened with three screws to the motor, cut with a pair of lubrication holes, through which you can grease the plastic gears. Applies to the drive, rotating at the speed of an asynchronous motor.

Headache how to fix the floor fan and reassemble. We see the layout: wrong mutual position of the reducer, legs through the gear, the head of the floor fan will move asymmetrically relative to the front plane. Can be annoying. Attach gearbox, check product by plugging in power. Be careful not to electrocute, try to visually determine the correctness of the assembly.

How to take apart a non-disassembled fan?

It is time for routine cleaning and lubrication of the computer. One of the fans was, so-called, indestructible. At least that’s how such fans are called on the Internet.

I tried to find information on how to disassemble these fans on the net and read such nonsense that I decided to disassemble the fan and describe the process. Read more at https://oldoctober.com/en/

Problems with the blades

Since the blades are made of plastic, this part of the fan is very susceptible to external mechanical effects. As a result, the blades are often deformed and break if any foreign objects get behind the grid. In this case, to fix the fan, the owner must remove the protective mesh. The back cover can stay in place. There is no need to remove it. The protective grid is held in place by a special plastic cap clip. It’s easy to turn with just your hands. After the clamp has been twisted and the protective mesh has been removed, the special pad that secures the blades is detached. This step of the work can be done without tools. The blades must be replaced if they are severely deformed. If during the fan operation there is a slight rubbing of them against the protective grid, they can be easily leveled by hands. According to fan owners, plastic blades bend very easily.



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