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Floor electronic scales incorrectly show weight

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Why electronic scales show different weight

It happens that several weighings made in a row have a different result. This problem is often found and upset users. Its reasons lie in the improper operation of the equipment and even in small nuances during the weighing process.

Libra should stand on a perfectly flat floor. Any unevenness makes the operation of the sensor incorrect. In this situation, you need to place the scales in another, more suitable place. It is also necessary to get on the scales correctly: exactly, without pressure or skew on one of the sides. The feet must be put in parallel to each other, on one level. It is advisable to stand on the platform with each weighing, placing your legs equally and evenly distributing its weight. The correct location of the feet on the scales

Legs should stand on the platform with the entire surface of the foot. The body at right angles to the horizon. Point pressing with heels and/or fingers can significantly distort the result. Electronic scales work using sensitive sensors

Negative environmental influences, such as serious changes in the temperature in the room, can affect the accuracy of measurements. It is noted that near heating devices, the scales can also show the result that differs from the real. It is important to properly care for electronic scales. In particular, washing them using aggressive detergents is strictly prohibited

Chemistry can negatively affect sensors and electronics converting measuring information. For use in everyday life, glass scales are best suited: they are quite accurate and just care for them. It’s easier to care for glass scales

Factors affecting measurement accuracy

For the device to show the exact result, it must be correctly operated and some nuances know.

  • We must weigh in light, for example, homemade clothes, and not in a coat, with a handbag and a large amount of massive jewelry.
  • During weighing, you need to stand on two legs evenly, straight, with a flat back.
  • For a while, you need to fix the pose. Movement on the scales platform can distort the result.

You can get on the scales only after the appearance of zeros on the display. If you do this before, the result will be incorrect. If it happened, you need to wait for a complete shutdown of the scales and start the process from the beginning.

To weigh, you need to stand on the platform (on its center) with two legs, evenly distributing body weight. For the measurement of the device, you need a few seconds, after which the result will be displayed on the display. The display will be active for about 10 seconds, after which the device will automatically turn off.

If ERR marking appears on the display, the scales are overloaded. The platform must be released, t.to. Constantly excessive pressure on it can lead to a malfunction.

The best option is to set up before each weighing. So the result will be as accurate as possible.

The main nuances in the repair of weights

All devices of this type are based on the same principle, which means that absolutely all malfunctions have the same nature. If you are at least a little familiar with the basic laws of school physics, then you will not be difficult to restore the former performance of the device. The most important thing is to be patient.

Important! In demand for household appliance, kitchen scales are also. A huge number of models from different manufacturers are sold, therefore, to understand their differences, click on the link how to choose electronic kitchen scales.

It is also worth noting that independent repair will save you on the services of a qualified master. In addition, very often problems are solved in a couple of minutes, and you will not even need to look for rare tools around the house. It so happens that the battery just sat in the device or the time has come for a new calibration.

In order to repair floor electronic scales, let’s start with their filling.

Important! If the repair of your device is impossible or unprofitable, with the rating of the best models of floor scales.


Answering the question why your electronic scales show different weights to the grave, we can safely talk about two factors. First: your electronic prototype is a mechanical fake. Second: the surface of your gender is not completely even. If both of these factors are absent, and the scales all show the wrong results equally, it is worth contacting the master, most likely your tools are broken.

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Possible breakdowns

If electronic floor scales show different weight, most likely the device broke. You can determine the type of breakdown by certain signs:

    Lack of data on the display. the most likely reason is the absence of constant nutrition. Simply put, sat batteries. Batteries need to be removed and replaced with new. Often such a problem comes out in the form of an error on the display, so it will not be difficult to eliminate the malfunction. How to independently replace batteries in floor scales, read in our article.

The main problem arising when using electronic weights is the device shows a different body weight.

By what criteria to choose the exact floor scales, read in our article.

External manifestation of a malfunction of the scales

I had to repair the floor electronic scales Tefal 5242, which incorrectly showed weight and reported an error. At the same time, if the pressure did not pin up the scales, then the indicator did not show.

With an appendix of force, the indicator came to life and showed weight.

But the measurement result was much less, the real weight of a person. Instead of 70 kg, Libra showed 29.7 kg.

Sometimes, when weighing, instead of a random number, the letter “e” (error) indicating the measurement error was shown.

If you stand on the scales and quickly go down, then zeros were stably highlighted, which corresponded to reality.

Libra did not have the possibility of calibration or other settings. It was only possible to set the unit of weight measurements from the bottom of the UNIT button, in kg or pounds.

Possible breakdown of electronic weights

If the floor scales are operated correctly, and the result is given different each time, they are very likely to break. The preliminary diagnosis of a malfunction can be carried out according to the following signs.

How To Repair Scale ???

    The scales are not turned on, information is not displayed on the screen at all. This may indicate that the device is not recorded, that is, his power supply (battery) sat down. To solve the problem, it is enough to replace the nutrition elements with new. In advanced models, a sowing battery gives out a specific error code.

Avoid the repair of domestic floor electronic weights under warranty. Not a washing machine, but expensive models, designed properly, are repaired by professionals.

Private firms are engaged in severe cases. Restore the performance of electronic weights. Events are accompanied by calibration. Another option for eliminating a malfunction. Tarming. a scientific word is alien to the hearing of most citizens. The meaning of the process is limited by the correlation of the physical states of the sensor with numbers.

The coming age of microcontrollers makes hypothetically it is possible to create smart devices by ordinary citizens. Unique Internet information expands the horizons, helping to master unfamiliar professions. Algorithms programming requires a special mindset. You can train everywhere: shop, logistics of your own movements, calculations mentally. Professionals prevent interference from outside. The basics of science are transmitted by a narrow circle of people. The Internet helps to change the obsolete traditions.

What to do if the electronic scales are displayed

As soon as LO appears on the scales display, it is necessary to change the power element. Otherwise, the device cannot display the correct body weight or completely stops working at the most inopportune moment.

  • The scales turned off are turned upside down. a special compartment is located at the bottom;
  • The lid is removed from the nest, depending on the model you need to either put the plate from the corresponding grooves, or unscrew the screws holding it with a screwdriver;
  • Singing batteries are removed from the weight compartment if they are held too tightly, they can be picked up with manicure scissors, nail files or the tip of a knife;
  • new elements are installed in the vacant place, placing “plus” and “minus” according to the hints inside the nest;
  • The compartment is again covered with a lid;
  • return the equipment to the working position.

When floor or kitchen electronic scales show LO, the battery must be bought by a new one, exactly what is required for specific equipment. This means that it is impossible to rearrange the batteries from other devices. Partially spent batteries will give unstable tension and, moreover, can be generally too weak for the device.

To buy a new battery correctly, you can take an old element with you to the store

The service life of the power elements is quite large, usually their charge is enough for about a year, depending on the manufacturer and the intensity of using the device. But it is better to change batteries more often, once every six months, even if the device has not yet shows LO. The absence of an error does not mean that the equipment determines the mass absolutely accurately, when the charge is reduced, the device can slightly distort the results.

Important! With a long.term non.use of battery technology, it is better to extract from the compartment. Otherwise, they can leak, and this will lead to both the corresponding error and to more serious breakdowns.



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