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Fireplace stove for a wood-fired home

Wood-burning fireplaces and stoves

Wood-burning fireplaces in the interior is an incredible comfort, convenience and beauty. It is difficult to imagine another piece of interior, which would give so much warmth in the literal and figurative sense of the word. Near the fireplace is nice to get together with the whole family on long, cold evenings, listening to the soothing crackling of the fire or have a romantic date, full of charm and mysterious beauty.

The heating function of modern wood-burning fireplaces is actually sidelined in favor of aesthetics. In most cases, fireplaces are used primarily as a decoration, a stylish accessory that gives a house a special charm and serves as a central element for creating a classic design of a large cottage or country estate.

Despite the relatively high cost and laborious installation of the fireplace, requiring the arrangement of the chimney, wood-burning fireplaces continue to gain popularity, due to the positive factors of their use in the interior. Installed in a spacious living room, dining room or lounge, the fireplace will become a favorite place to gather together the whole family.

The main structural elements of the fireplace is the furnace, made of heat-resistant cast iron, and the portal (or cladding), which performs a decorative function.

The main advantages of the wood-burning fireplaces presented in the catalog:

  • high aesthetic qualities;
  • Different sizes and configurations that allow installation anywhere in your home (against the wall, in a corner, prism, panorama, tunnel, guillotine, etc.).);
  • wide price range, in which you can choose budget models available to a large number of consumers, or products belonging to the premium class;
  • high power and heat capacity;
  • reliability;
  • complete tightness of heat-resistant doors;
  • security;
  • versatility of the fuel used (firewood, wood/coal).
  • Online store MirCli presents you a stunning collection of wood-burning fireplaces, represented by models of different types, made of cast iron and heat-resistant glass ceramic, with natural and artificial stone, wood finish and other materials.

You can buy both complete sets, and separate elements for installation: stoves, furnaces, facing. Our online store offers you wood-burning fireplaces at the lowest on the market and guarantees prompt delivery in Moscow and to other regions of Russia.

Wood-burning fireplaces

You can watch three things for a long time: water running, cumulus clouds and dancing flames. Fire has a life-giving power. It warms a person, causes a sense of admiration, attracts to him, cleanses the soul and charges with positive energy. That is why many people today have started to use fireplaces for living room furnishings.

In ancient times, wood-burning fireplaces for the home or stoves wood-burning fireplaces for country houses were considered luxury and prestige items and were available only to wealthy people. And yet, they were primarily installed to heat the room. Wood or coal were used as fuel. But with the advent of centralized heating systems, the need for them was eliminated.

Today wood and coal-fired models have been replaced by their electric counterparts. These safe devices are easy to install and maintain. They are made of environmentally friendly materials.

Stylistically and functionally, modern electrical heating devices fully imitate classic fireplaces. But unlike wood and coal-fired models, electric ones do not require chimneys and materials that support combustion. To make this equipment work, you just need to plug it in.

The advantage of modern models is that they can be installed in any room. Another tangible advantage of this equipment is the complete absence of fumes and smoke. It should be said that today it is no longer used for heating, but as a dominant element of the interior, creating around itself a special home atmosphere of comfort and coziness. This design solution does not look pretentious, but very stylish, original and beautiful. In addition, on a rainy or frosty day, it is very pleasant to sit at the hearth with the whole family.

In order for the electric fireplaces to blend in with the interior and not to look like foreign elements, they need to be framed in harmony with the furniture and the finish of the walls and floor. And also these devices should correspond to the size of the room. In addition, it is very important to properly identify the location of the source of heat and comfort. You can see floor, wall, built-in and corner models on sale. Buyers are offered complete decorative devices, as well as a large selection of hearths and frames for them. Buy a fireplace wood for the country is always a challenge. As a rule, in a country house, especially not settled, there is no gas, and sometimes even electricity is rare.

How to heat such a house?Strangely enough, but there are many options. For example, making a fire in the middle of the living room. And what else is not an option for you?? Do you think that not only the fire will burn down but also the house itself?? To some extent, you’re right, but it is easier to buy a fireplace stove for dacha wood-burning or cast-iron wood-burning fireplace to buy, it will give not only heat, but also decorate the cottage. There are many options: wood-burning stove fireplace, metal wood-burning fireplace, pendant wood-burning fireplace, angular wood-burning fireplaces for country houses, angular wood-burning fireplaces for houses and mini wood-burning fireplaces for country houses.

In a wooden house, the installation of heating is more complicated than in a conventional house. Heating with wood in such conditions is much easier to arrange. Fireplace wood stove price, first, not very expensive (there are budget models), in a wooden house with wood will not be a problemAnd seriously, it is much easier and cheaper to buy wood than to pay for gas supply, and then still pay each month a decent amount of utilities. Since country houses are usually built in villages where even buses sometimes don’t go, it’s a big problem to bring gas there. Why create unnecessary headaches?? Heating a country house with ordinary wood is still popular. Fireplaces wood burning stoves for your home. very good solution.

Do you know what the advantage of a wood stove? You can cook on it. Wood-burning fireplaces for the country house, can also be equipped with this function.Agree, in the absence of electricity and gas, it is a very advantageous option, and almost free, given that the furnace can be heated with dried wood. Fireplaces for country houses wood-burning long burners is not difficult to buy, for small country houses such a stove will cost only a few thousand, but in a large house it is better to use more modern technology, they will heat large rooms more effectively. Although the coolant (water) can evenly warm a large house, but then you need more wood, and accordingly, such a house will cost more.Fireplaces for cottages wood-burning long burners to buy, as well as fireplaces for the house wood-burning photos can be found on our website. A large range with a full description of the models our specialists have prepared especially for you!

The main advantages of wood-burning fireplaces

Such a design has always been considered source of increased fire danger. But modern models, manufactured in factories, have significant advantages over traditional ones:

· Compared to brick structures, their heat output is higher and is up to 70%. For comparison, in classic fireplaces, this figure is about 20%;

· It can be used to heat several rooms;

· They not only help to warm up your home, but also to ventilate it;

· To heat a fireplace, you can use ordinary wood. In some models, the firebox is designed to use a different type of fuel;

· Outdoor models may have a grill or barbecue grate;

· They are a functional element, not just an imitation;

· They are practical, durable and reliable, and therefore earned excellent reviews.

Wood burning stoves and fireplaces

Heating furnaces for houses and cottages “Teplodar” perfectly suited for heating rooms of different volumes. from 50 to 300 cubic meters.м. Due to such diversity of the whole presented range it is easy to choose a wood stove for heating a large country house, cottage, compact garage, porches, warehouses, etc.д.

The distinctive advantages of “Teplodar” wood-burning stoves for houses and summer cottages:

  • The possibility of precise target selection of stoves for heating according to place of use (garage, house, cottage).
  • High efficiency of heating stoves for heating helps to save on fuel and still get a stable and high-quality heat.
  • Metal wood-burning stoves with a hob surface allow you to expand the functionality of the equipment and save space in small rooms (garages, porches, tents);
  • Special design of some models with afterburner system allows stoves to work in the mode of long burning and maintain heat up to 8 hours on one load of wood.
  • Panoramic door in some models allows you to use the furnace also as a fireplace, watching the living flame of the furnace.
  • Metal casing convector protects from the spread of strong thermal radiation, and self-cooling door protects from burns, making the heating stoves “Teplodar” safer.
  • Wood. an economical and environmentally friendly fuel, its use is not particularly difficult and therefore valued by users of heating stoves for home and cottage.
  • Compact size allows easy dismantling and transportation.

You can buy wood stoves “Teplodar” for home and cottage inexpensively in the official company stores or from representatives in almost all regions of Russia, as well as in the countries of the near abroad. A detailed map of sales outlets is presented in the “Nearest stores” section. Check the current for metal heating furnaces in the stores on the telephone numbers listed above.

Also on the site a permanent online store. you can order the selected model of oven with delivery to the object by the selected transport company (unloading done by the customer). Delivery terms and costs depend on the region and the distance from the storage site. Exact terms can also be found by phone or through a special feedback form on the site

Wood-burning stoves

Wood-burning stoves-fireplaces. versatile, which can be used to decorate the room, as a backup heater in case of gas or electricity outages and as the only heating device in a private home.

more favorable price and easy installation, if compared with the arrangement of a classic fireplace (no need for a foundation, facing);

economically use the free space;

Working stoves-fireplaces can be left unattended;

When you move, the equipment can be dismantled and taken with you;

many models can replace not only the heating boiler, but also the kitchen stove;

Depending on the material, the entire array of stoves-fireplaces can be divided into three groups.

Cast iron stoves are attractive because of their reliability and durability. Alloy is not afraid of temperature fluctuations, so the stove does not “behave” even when sharply heated and cooled. Yes, cast-iron fireplaces take longer to heat up, but they warm the air more evenly and give off heat long after the wood has burned through. The design of cast iron models is mostly classical with baroque and gothic elements. But you can find models in the modern style, in particular, there are many such products among the brands Vesuvius, Etna, Dovre, Invicta, Liseo and Supra.

Steel stoves are lighter than cast iron ones. compact models can be installed on the upper floors of the house without additional reinforcement of the ceilings. They have a more diverse range and more interesting design (many products with decorative cladding). Steel stove-fireplace can warm up the room in 15-20 minutes, which is valuable for those who rarely go out of town: no need to wait long to get comfortable in the cooled down house without outerwear. But also the stove-fireplace cools down quickly. Steel is more “capricious” than cast iron: it tolerates temperature fluctuations and humidity worse. Although these disadvantages are almost negated by the combustion chamber lining and external cladding.

Combined stoves-fireplaces. with a steel body and a cast-iron firebox (sometimes also with a stove/door/grate pan) or, less frequently, vice versa. Combine the advantages of both materials. They weigh less than fully cast-iron products, while winning over steel stoves in terms of heat output and durability. Cast iron and steel models may also have linings and cladding that improve the performance and appearance of stove-fireplaces.

How to choose a wood-burning stove by function

First you should decide what exactly you need a stove-fireplace for. This will help you understand what functions are important and what you can save on, and fine-tune the filters in the catalog.

If you are planning to heat a stove-fireplace house or part of a country house, the first priority is the power of the equipment. On average, the heating of 20-25 m3 requires 1 kW of power. Accordingly, you need to calculate the volume of rooms in need of heating (area × height) and divide it by 20 (by 25). But that’s in the ideal (read. almost unattainable) conditions. In reality, the power is “taken away” by poor insulation, large windows, complex configuration of the house, low quality wood. Therefore, in order not to freeze in winter and to avoid overspending fuel, it is worth to pick up the stove-fireplace with a power reserve of 10-30%.

Recommended features and options:

All-welded/integrated body, small, tightly closing door. The fewer joints and seams, the better the tightness, respectively, the draught and heat dissipation;

Air is taken from the street to eliminate the lack of oxygen;

Long-heat mode; the water circuit can be connected (when the house has many isolated rooms, it is difficult to “deliver” heat to all corners by means of convection).

If you like to look at the fire, choose stoves-fireplaces with glazed doors and sides. If installed against a wall and in a corner, models with panoramic or prismatic glass, with two or three panes of glass; in the center of the room. with two parallel or four panes of glass. Not superfluous would be a system of “clean glass”, which will save a tedious struggle with soot.

If the wood-burning stove will stand in the basement, garage or kitchen and perform purely utilitarian functions, you can choose a product with a blank door or with a small glass. These models are affordable, compact, unpretentious in maintenance and durable, so there is a great demand for them.

Wood-burning stove-fireplace. A convenient and safe alternative to standalone gas stoves (working on propane tanks) for summer residences, which are not connected to the gas and electricity. In addition, if you cook with the same equipment that heats the house, you can save on fuel.

There are two types of stoves for the kitchen. only with the hob and with the hob and oven. The latter are inferior to the first in terms of style diversity and cost more. But you can treat the family at the cottage with homemade casseroles, stewed porridge and soup, baking with berries from your own garden.

stove material. what suits you best, “unbreakable” cast iron, practical steel or elegant glass ceramic;

the size of the hob and the number of burners. If you plan only to heat food and boil water, then one burner will be enough; it is more convenient to cook on stoves with two burners;

oven dimensions. in high ovens (e.g. ovens La Nordica Italy, Hark Regina), you can cook on different levels and put 2 dishes (3-4 trays) at the same time;

whether there is a cover to protect the cooking surface from dust (necessary if you use the stove infrequently).

The efficiency of the stove-fire directly depends on the competent installation. You can not only choose the model suitable for your purpose from more than 2000 options (with certificates and warranty from manufacturers), but also order professional installation of heating equipment.

fireplace, stove, home

determine the best place to install the stove and how the chimney is routed;

choose a chimney and accessories for installation;

will make a heat-resistant base, if necessary, and fireproof wall cladding(s);

will deliver, assemble and install the stove-fireplace, connect to the chimney;

Will conduct a test run and demonstration of the stove-fireplace capabilities.

If you don’t see your clear favorite in the catalog, our consultant can help you make the right choice. We have been in the stove business for over 10 years and we value our good reputation. Therefore, we do not set ourselves the task of selling more expensive or less marketable products, and focus on the needs and budget of the client.

Stoves and fireplaces in our online store ➦ Shop. ☎: 7(495) 902-57-82. Sandwich chimneys 1mm thick from the manufacturer. Low Prices. High quality. Delivery in Russia.

To order installation and mounting of the chimney for the bath, cottage, home CALL ☎: 7(495) 902-57-82.

Long-burning stoves for the home

Stoves-fireplaces quickly became a favorite of many owners of country houses and summer cottages. Much of their popularity is due to the fact that they create a cozy atmosphere at home. In the online store Pechi-tut.So everyone will be able to choose a suitable model at a bargain price.

Stove fireplaces

Modern stove fireplaces are famous not only for efficiency and convenience in use, but also for their elegant and stylish design, thanks to which they are often chosen not only for heating the house, but also for decorating the interior. If you decide to use them for the same purpose, pay special attention to the choice of their design.

First of all, pay attention to the general style direction of the equipment. Modern stove fireplace for a country house is often performed in the styles of modern, high-tech, minimalism, country. Stove fireplace for the house can be austere, luxurious, laconic, ornate, etc.п., so among the many models you can always choose the most suitable option. It is important that the style of design of the fireplace corresponded to the style of the interior of your home, because otherwise the device will not be in harmony with other elements located in the room.

After determining the appropriate style, pay attention to the shape of the body of the fireplace or stove. If you want to decorate a luxurious interior without a claim to originality, give preference to the classic version. the case, which from the front side resembles a rectangle stretched horizontally. For example, oven fireplace Bavaria, oven fireplace Vesuvius, oven fireplace Meta, oven fireplace Bakhta, oven fireplace Angara 12, oven fireplace Brandenburg, oven fireplace Kratki Koza k9, oven fireplace Enisey, oven fireplace Oka, oven fireplace Moscow 12 and other popular fireplaces.

fireplace, stove, home

For modern interiors in the style of minimalism, modern or high-tech are much better suited elongated in height, rounded, oval, cylindrical fireplaces or even models in the form of a pyramid. Pay attention to the location of glass-ceramic inserts: the luxury trendy models have them not only in the door, but also on the sides.

The next step is the choice of color. For luxurious interiors, the “expensive” colors are suitable. gold, ivory, etc. Calm styles, including country, gravitate more to the natural soft shades. straw, sand, beige, etc.п. As for the bright ultra-modern interiors, they can be decorated with the product red, silver, gray, white shades without additional patterns. Simplicity and brevity of such models are fully compensated by the play of light on their surface, as well as the purity of the shade. Keep in mind that when selecting the color scheme of the fireplace or stove should take into account the peculiarities of interior design.

Of course, the color and shape of the body are important, but do not forget about the texture of the surface. It depends directly on the choice of material, for example, tiles for tiling fireplace and stove heat-resistant has an important point for choosing.Among stoves and fireplaces, the cheapest models are often cast iron. However, their design is elegant, as you can see yourself by looking at photos of these devices.

Beautiful Old Wood Burning Stove with Crackling Fire Sounds (HD)

You can make the interior more stylish and cozy with the equipment, supplemented with majolica or steatite lining. These materials are distinguished by restraint and beauty of shades, as well as original texture, which makes them fit perfectly into interiors in country and eco styles. Finally, a great option would be devices with a steel body. They are well suited for ultra-modern interiors.


Furnace-fireplaces, as a subject of the interior, solve two problems. functional and decorative. They can run on waste wood, are economical to operate.

Furnace-fireplaces are an alternative to fireplaces as a finished product. They help to make the temperature in the room comfortable, add coziness and “zest” to the entourage, as well as emphasize the refined taste of the owner.

By price and quality

Stoves for resorts should not be powerful, because people usually do not live there for a long time On this basis, you need an inexpensive, simple, but effective heater.

TMF Statica tetra

Arguably the best furnace for heating your summer home for several reasons:

  • It has a closed type, which means that it is completely safe even for children.
  • The volume of the furnace is 41 liters, which means that one load is enough for a long time.
  • On top there is a cooking surface, so you can not buy an additional stove.

And the main advantage of “Static Theatre” that any dacha owner can do.

Professor Butakov Student

The younger model in the series of stoves from “Professor”. It only costs 12 thousand, but it can heat as much as 150 square meters! At this price, it is possible to regulate the intensity of combustion, the maximum time of which reaches 8 hours.

The main disadvantage is the strong heating of the door. Children are better not allowed to the stove. over, it is difficult to buy it, as Butakov makes small batches.

Vesuvius B5C

And if you want to both save money and get a combined stove with a cooking surface. try “Vesuvius”. Store start at 11 thousand, and you can heat 100 square meters!

Burning takes place behind a glass door, so you can watch the flames and toss wood in time. Heating is fast, and the body does not get too hot. The main disadvantage of this heating stove for the house is a small ash drawer.

Up to 50 m3

Here are the best long-burning stoves for dachas, which are suitable for heating small areas. Often they are used as an auxiliary heater for a garage or porch.

TMF Cinderella 2016

Small floor stove on long burning wood. Has a closed type furnace, so it is completely safe and low heat.

You can safely leave it all night without worrying that a child or pet will get burned.

  • Very tiny size: 27 kilograms and a height of 46 centimeters.
  • Has a cooking surface for cooking.
  • Very affordable

The disadvantages: the unattractive design (the usual gray box) and a small door for loading.

TMF Cinderella Lite

Another Cinderella, but this time even cheaper. Price only 6 thousand, and you do not need more for country living!

The hob and the glass window in the firebox have been simplified. Otherwise, it is the same stove for the house, but with an even more unsightly design.

From 60 to 100 m3

Long-burning stoves for such a house already have a larger size, high efficiency and fuel consumption.

Breneran AOT-06/00

“Breneran” is unlikely to become a decoration in your home, but with the heating it copes with “hurrah”. The body is made of good cast iron, which actively gives off heat, and heats up to incredible temperatures.

Other advantages include the following:

  • The firebox is large, so you can load very large pieces of wood.
  • The stove burns for a long time and does not require constant monitoring of the amount of fuel.
  • There is convection, which allows the air to spread evenly.
  • Maintenance is very easy, although it does produce a tar sludge


“GONY BATARE” is a powerful unit for heating houses with the area of 100 square meters. This series of wood-burning stoves uses fuel efficiently, so you don’t need to keep a firebox close at hand.

To spread the heat evenly, convection batteries are provided on the sides. The door is equipped with a tempered glass panel.

There is a cooking surface on top. The volume of the furnace is small (only 35 liters), but the fuel is used very carefully.

And the most important plus and you can buy the stove at any heating appliance store.

From 110 to 150 m3

To heat a house more than 110 meters on firewood requires “heavy artillery”. Listed below are the best stoves that can heat even a large cottage.

TMF Fire Battery 7

In fact, this is a strengthened version of the previous model “Fire Battery 5”. Here the following has been improved:

, Which is to increase the efficiency of 1.5 times is not much.

fireplace, stove, home

Vesuvius B8

This stove looks unsightly and boring, but its sparse design is compensated by excellent characteristics:

You can find the “Vesuvius” in any stove store, so there will be no problem with its purchase.

TMF Yauza

And if you need beauty and design besides efficiency. look at the model “Yauza”. It’s a complete fireplace that’s chic for decor.

The body is protected with fireproof boards, so it doesn’t get hot at all. In addition to heating the main rooms, it is possible to connect ducts for branch heating.

According to the manufacturer, the coverage area of the stove is 150 m2.

The window is made of tempered heat-resistant glass. Under the furnace is a small firebox.


From 160 m3

Below you can find the TOP of giant stoves designed for huge rooms. from 160 meters.

TMF Engineer

“Engineer” has a coverage area of 250 m2! And that means that he can even manage a two-story penthouse. Combined with a system of continuous burning. the series can be called the best in its category.

The stove is omnivorous and can work with firewood, toe, wood chips and even coal. The lid is flat and heats up more than other parts of the oven, so it can be used for cooking.

It is worth noting that the “Engineer” is a relatively small stove. It weighs only 113 kilograms, which is very little by the standards of this category.

And the main advantage of the model !

Guca Arina Low

The Gusa company did not focus on efficiency, but on design. The stove resembles an ancient fireplace with a huge glass on the furnace. Model coverage area is 210 m2, which is enough for large cottages.

The ashtray is retractable, so cleaning is no problem. The stove runs exclusively on wood or wood briquettes.

The price is not low, which is not surprising.



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