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How to choose a washing machine filter?

Poor-quality water from the water supply in fact on the whole territory of the Russian Federation is the worst enemy of washing machines. In it a large amount of magnesium and calcium salts, as well as other mechanical inclusions (rust, sand) promotes clogging of internal elements and the formation of lime scale on the main mechanisms of the washing machine. To prevent premature deterioration of equipment, the elimination of the problem must be in time. This raises a fairly common sense question: how to soften the water and how to purify it? In this case, the use of a specialized household filter for water softening in the washing machine will be an indispensable option for the cleaning device.

What to pay attention to when choosing?

In order to assess the quality of water must first perform its full chemical analysis. To do this you need to send a small amount of liquid to the laboratory for examination. The results will indicate the level of hardness of the water, as well as what impurities it contains elements. This will help to determine exactly what type of filters are suitable for the washing machine.

If users do not want to complicate the procedure of selecting a cleaning device, they can pay attention to universal options. Mainly these include mains and polyphosphate filters.

It is recommended to use two types of filter elements at once to achieve the maximum cleaning effect from contaminants.

filter, washing, machines, dishwashers

The pre-filter helps to keep the efficiency and performance of the washing machine for a long time. Although they need to be replaced quite often, they are effective in trapping large-dispersed objects that can damage the mechanical parts in the washing machine.

Reviews on Geyser filter for washing machine, 3/4

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Popular reviews Eugene January 28, 2022. I installed a filter for my dishwasher. Started to use after about 2 months. I turn on the dishwasher and no water comes. I took off the dishwasher hose and it is clogged with gel compound from the filter. I had to remove the filter and connect the hose directly. The result is a waste of money Sergei Gavrilov Good afternoon! Thank you for your feedback! We will send this information to the supplier! We will be glad to see you in our store Dmitriy December 17, 2019. Do not purchase this product. it is useless. And also fragile. You will flood the neighbors Disadvantages: The inclusion has not dissolved in 5 years. The feeder burst Lyudmila Kharchenko Good day! You can return or exchange the product within 100 days after purchase according to the cash voucher and within 1 year according to the Service/Professional card. To make the procedure of return or exchange, you will need to bring the product that you want to return and, depending on how you pay for the goods, an ID document (passport / driver’s license) or a bank card which paid for the goods. Dmitry Shitikov Recommended June 06, 2021. Good filter, water does get a lot softer. Using your washing machine as an example, the saving of powder is very tangible, not to mention the more gentle operation (less limescale). Leaks even if you install two gaskets, but it seems to me that this is because there is a longer thread on the filter, in my faucet it is not much. Tied up the plumbing. Attractiveness: Price, ease of installation Disadvantages: leaking, very little complete info on installation (washed or not, how often to change the filler) With Sergey Recommended December 12, 2021. Installed the filter, checked, nothing drips. He didn’t turn off the tap. In 4 days I saved up the laundry and decided to run the machine. After 20 minutes, I went into the boiler room, where the machine is located and. In short, there are two trickles of water from the filter and a puddle of water on the floor. I take the flashlight and see a crack on the body. Could not withstand the poor thing at 3 atmospheres. Before I started the wash, everything was dry. What, I’m sorry, is it made of? Service life. 20 minutes Disadvantages: Cracked the body Leroy Merlin Perm Customer Service Project Manager Good day, Sergey! Most likely you have faced with a manufacturing defect, we will certainly pass information on the quality to the supplier. You are welcome to visit the store at the customer service center for the exchange / return of the product. We apologize for any bad experiences. VG Vladislav Gustaev Recommended March 14, 2021. Bought, installed, forgot! Installation is easy, does not leak anywhere, the o-rings are good. The flask itself is without defects. According to reviews look someone leaks, probably not the right installation, a lot of force applied, the force is not needed here, here decide the collars! Advantages: Easy to install, all O-rings included, the quality of plastic is good. Disadvantages: All normal. Leroy Merlin Petrozavodsk Hello! Very pleased that you were satisfied with the quality of the goods. Thank you for your helpful comment, your feedback will be very helpful for our other clients in making their decision. In Victoria recommend August 08, 2021. The filter is great, I took three of these in a private house and an apartment for washing machines and dishwashers, installed myself without any problems, the main thing is to screw in the thread accurately and not over tighten, two gaskets from the kit is enough for that, no rubbernets or threads, as a result nothing broke, no leaks and drips, now I feel safe for the equipment, especially in a private home with hard water. Thank you, Leroy❗ Advantages: Quality price Disadvantages: No M Michael Recommended February 02, 2022. In a private home there are 2: one for the washing machine, the other for the boiler. Easy to install, just in case installed mechanical leakage valves. I change the polyphosphate every year. Its money justifies itself. Advantages: It works. No limescale. Disadvantages: The housing is weak. Inconvenient to change the backfill. Paul February 24, 2017. Bought for a new washing machine, fit the size and seating. Lasted five washes before it leaked from under the blue cover. Put it on with flax and paste. But it soon whistled a trickle from the middle of the case. Wanted to solder from the inside, shook out the filler and saw that the entire case was originally cracked. With the filler you can not see it. Advantages: Not big, does not take up much space Disadvantages: Totally substandard, fault on fault. It will fail anyway, it is designed for it to leak Alexandr Krasavin Goods Proposal Specialist The reply from the manufacturer is received for you: Good day Pavel. The quality of the products from the supplier of these enclosures has been a criticism. We refused to work with him. Now we are buying these products of good quality. We can replace your filter. Looking forward to seeing you in our store. I hope that the answer from the manufacturer was helpful to you. Respectfully, Alexander. A Alexei Recommended January 05, 2018. All joints should be sealed with fumnite or sealant.к. the gasket that came with it. nonsense. If you connect “out of the box” there will be fountains. At the inlet to the house / apartment be sure to put a valve that protects against water hammer. I didn’t have. The bulb was torn. Worth taking if you are a vasovodder, indentor or just not afraid of pain. Advantages: Relatively cheap Disadvantages: Deep threads on the inlet, gaskets fail inside, flask bursts from water hammer. Busygin Nikolay Good day. Thank you for your review N Nicholas May 19, 2018. I bought two, one for the washing machine and one for the water heater. The gaskets in the kit had to be replaced immediately, pressed inside when installing. After six months the housing cracked one, after a month the other. both in the trash. money down the drain. Advantages: Price disadvantages: low quality Alexander Krasavin Specialist of the product for you has received the answer FROM THE MANUFACTURER: Hello. In order for the connection to be durable and airtight we recommend when installing to lubricate the gaskets with silicone or those. Vaseline. Then there will be no problems with installation. Also it is not necessary to tighten the gasket too much. It creates excessive stress in the body and can lead to cracking in case of water hammer. D Dmitry April 01, 2017. The idea is really good and would use the filter always. Thank god I noticed this flaw right away. We don’t want to drown the neighbors with euro-repair) and we have just made a repair ourselves. The quality is not good. On the 7th wash it leaked in the area of the blue cover. On close inspection the threads are cracked. Crystals at the time of the crack remained 90%. As usual with the beginning of bought, then began to study the filter itself. Read a bunch of reviews that the case cracks. All subsequent washes kept an eye on the filter. Disadvantages: A total flaw. Alexander Krasavin Specialist for product offer We received the answer from the MANUFACTURER: Good afternoon, Dmitry! Since 2017 we have significantly improved the quality of this product, as we have completely switched to high quality raw materials in production. As you can tell from more recent reviews. All filters are tested for 5-fold overpressure and multiple liquid hammer, only after that they go on sale. Pavel recommended March 03, 2018. I don’t know about the reviews, but I don’t have any leaks. I took it for a dishwasher to test it, because after moving to another city the quality of washing deteriorated a lot. The filter should be installed strictly vertically. I have a faucet with a horizontal branch, so I had to connect through a flexible liner and invent a suspension (took a 3/4 pipe, screwed it into the filter on the standard gasket, the top of the corner with a slit to the width of the thread and tightened the nut, then screwed on the liner). It has been standing for a couple of months. The effect is not clear yet. Disadvantages: No way to fix it on the wall! Not every faucet allows screwing this filter. Either you do not have the necessary distance from the wall or the crane has a horizontal branch. About Oleg December 19, 2016. Lasted 3 months, 6 washings, 80% filler consumption, no leakage. Installation is correct. After 3 months the bulb cracked, the leak was found, fortunately, in time. Can’t fix it. I do not recommend this product. There is a high probability of accident and flooding with all the ensuing consequences. Strengths: Theoretically it should soften the water, but you can only check by chem analysis. Disadvantages: The material of the bulb is not appropriate for the conditions of the product.Knowingly provokes an accident. Alexander Krasavin Specialist for product offer You have received a reply from the manufacturer: Good day Oleg! After selling some filters we found out that they were assembled from low-quality housings supplied to us by the same company. Subsequently, we terminated the contract with it, attracted a more reliable supplier. Bring your filter in, we will be sure to replace it. I hope the response from the manufacturer was helpful to you. Sincerely, Alexander. About Olga Recommended December 08, 2019. Installed filter in May 2018, changed salt in filter in 2019. 7.12.19 There was an unfortunate incident, the filter cap burst and flooded everything with water. Otherwise, everything is satisfactory. Disadvantages: The body is weak Lyudmila Kharchenko Specialist for product offer Good day. Olga! This information was passed on to the manufacturer. P Peter January 13, 2016. Bought not long ago. Immediately disassembled and lubricated the body gasket with silicone, then reassembled and tightened. Installed it myself, but only on the second try. The lid was against the valve and the gasket was pressed in. I had to use flax and paste. Works or not, time will tell, but I’m satisfied. Advantages: demountable construction. allows replacement of the filler. Disadvantages: Seat size is too deep in the blue cap, because of which I had to put on the flax, as the gasket was pressed inside, and the body rested against the stopcock. Yu Yuri September 02, 2019. Budget filters are all like that, they don’t last long. For some people a month, for others half a year, but the result is the same. Burst or ran from under the threads. His new filter, I and the linen wrap under the blue cover and fumka dripped initially, I did not do anything with it, apparently roulette this, many wrote that the weak point is the attachment to the filter with a blue cover. I removed it, it is gathering dust now. Someone wrote that the phosphate in the filter very quickly “melts” if it is really in the filter, it has a huge resource, a couple of grams per cubic meter of water. Advantages: polyphosphate works when water hardness is low and only. Disadvantages: The design of the filter. Lyudmila Kharchenko Good day, Yuri! Manufacturers of filters to fix the leak, suggest using technical Vaseline (which is odorless) or silicone grease, which does not destroy the rubber. And Alexey May 15, 2020. burst two filters at the junction of the thread with the blue cap. And no load. Couldn’t fix it, the plastic is disgusting. The idea is great, but the quality does not match the price. Advantages: compact Disadvantages: Burst two filters without any load. Lyudmila Kharchenko Good day, Alexey! We received the manufacturer’s reply to your feedback: “Dear Customer, Good afternoon! We regret the situation due to the use of the 1PF filter. These filters are reliable and, when properly installed, fully meet the manufacturer’s stated specifications. Your case is not a standard one, and without examination one can assume two possibilities: 1. The force applied during installation was greater than necessary, which led to the destruction of the housing. This is indirectly confirmed by the fact that you have two burst filters. Т.е. Screwed too tight. But a robust plastic filter does not require the effort of metal plumbing equipment. This does not happen when these filters are installed by technician engineers. 2. The threads at the installation point are deformed, which leads to the destruction of the filter housing. Casing is made of strong plastic that cannot be brazed. The price is fully consistent with the quality, subject to proper operation in accordance with the instructions. You can contact the manufacturer on his website through the feedback form, which after examination will decide on the replacement of filters or a refund, provided that there was a violation of the quality of production of products.” R Roman Recommended January 25, 2018. It’s been standing for over two months now. Installed on the washing machine itself, when installing used fumlenta, t. The gaskets do not seal. Washed daily, no problems with the bulb breaking or cracking, everything is normal. No leakage. Salt lifted a little, but still a lot, I do not know whether there is a real effect from this salt, but after reading and watching it I decided to put on a new washer. In general, it is still. Advantages: I hope they are ️ Disadvantages: I used fumenta on both threads, the gaskets do not inspire confidence and after the first run the fountain. Yu Yuri Recommended November 07, 2016. Bought a filter for the dishwasher. Installed it and water started whistling out of it on the side right away. It turned out to be defective and there was a crack in the wall. Replaced with a new one. New one stood for about a year and broke again on the threads under the blue cap. Flooded the kitchen. Do not recommend due to the very fragile plastic bulb. Advantages: Small Disadvantages: Flimsy plastic. Alexander Krasavin Specialist Product Suggestion for you received a reply from the manufacturer: Hello, Yuri! We encountered an enclosure supplier who made a defect in their production and terminated the contract with them. We switched suppliers and now they deliver quality enclosures. Of course we will replace your filter. I hope that the answer from the manufacturer was helpful to you. N Nikolai Recommended November 19, 2016. I bought one of these for my car 10 years ago. The backfill is still lying around, t.к. I bought it with stock. This filter itself has long since been thrown out, t.к. I was leaking forever. Advantages: None Disadvantages: Low quality M Mikhail January 29, 2016. Cons: Installed it on the pipeline with a pressure of about 6 kg it does not seem to burst. Although I was worried it would burst, until I figured out this filler even I had a machine for 3 days without work and the water was in the filter, 3 days later I came home and look and half of the filler in the filter already gone. I have to refill it every week? Or you need to drain the water from it so it does not dissolve there? And Anton May 19, 2019. I don’t understand the benefit yet. Worth about 3 years, for two washing machines, the second is the same separately for the dishwasher. Washing machines are used daily, but. In three years the residue is 80% of the factory fill. Advantages: Price: Disadvantages: Always leaking. The problem is the blue cap in the threads on both sides. The quality of the material is not good. Filters are connected through a pressure reducer, the pressure is 2-3. Leroy Merlin Istra Hello, Anton! Thank you for your honest review. Sincerely, Leroy Merlin. M Maxim August 29, 2019. I have bought this filter twice. Both were leaking. The first one was leaking, I had to gradually tighten the connection, but still the leak did not pass. Ended up pulling to the point where the threads broke. Thought my hands are crooked and bought a second one of the same. I did it accurately, not just with rubber tape, but with Tangit Uni-Lock yarn. Still leaking. Had to throw it out and buy a more expensive filter. Maybe I did something wrong, but this is my experience. Advantages: Reasonable price Disadvantages: Couldn’t get it to stop leaking. Lyudmila Kharchenko Good day, Maxim! Manufacturers recommend using petroleum jelly (which is odorless) or silicone grease, which is not destructive to rubber. P Paul October 12, 2018. Very low quality Advantages: none Disadvantages: Installed with the fifth time, as the o-ring did not fall into place. I installed it and at night it leaked and flooded the boiler room. Took it apart, the ring is intact and in place. Very low quality Alexander Krasavin Specialist for Product Suggestion Here’s the answer FROM THE MANUFACTURER: Good day, Pavel! For the connection to be durable, airtight and easy to assemble. We recommend to lubricate the gaskets with silicone or ether when installing the filter. Vaseline. Then there is no problem with installation. This filter should be installed vertically. In addition, it is not necessary to tighten the seal. It creates excessive stress in the body and can lead to cracking in case of water hammer. Sincerely, Matovnikova Svetlana of the Geyser Group We hope that the review from the manufacturer was helpful to you. Good luck with shopping. I Ivan July 12, 2020. Under no circumstances should you buy this “product” (I want to call it coarser of course) advised the consultant without looking I bought, then tried to put it leaks, then I looked at the reviews and everything fell into place.In no case do not buy “it” if you do not plan to arrange a pool at home or the neighbors.I do not understand why they sell it.very upsetting loss of time and money (although it costs pennies) Advantages: cheap Disadvantages: case Lyudmila Kharchenko Specialist in product offer Good day, Ivan! We are sorry for the situation that has arisen in connection with the use of the filter. These filters are reliable and, when properly installed, will perform up to the manufacturer’s specifications. Your case is not a standard one, and without an examination we can assume two possibilities: 1. Installation forces beyond those required, causing the body to collapse. The robust plastic filter does not require the forces exerted on metal plumbing fixtures. This does not happen when these filters are installed by the engineer technicians. 2. The threads in the place of installation are deformed, which leads to the destruction of the filter housing. The case is made of strong plastic, which is not solderable. The price is in full compliance with the quality, considering the correct operation in accordance with the instructions. You can contact the manufacturer on his site through the feedback form, which after examination will decide on the replacement of filters or a refund, provided that there was a violation of quality of production. Show more

Choice of Purification System

After a chemical analysis of tap water, you can choose one of the popular water purification filters for washing machines from the list presented on the modern market. The amount of impurities and the hardness of the water in the central water supply is usually known.

Geyser 1-P

Geyser offers a main-line filter for purification of cold tap water. It separates large and small impurities. The device is equipped with a replaceable polypropylene foam cartridge that can withstand pressure up to 30 atm. After use the element is replaced.

Aquaphor Stiron

Use of a compact and easily connected polyphosphate water filter for washing machines ensures saving of detergents, effective hardness reduction, corrosion and scaling prevention. Its use also makes it possible to remove lime deposits previously accumulated on the heater. One fill of 300 is enough for 300 washes. Thanks to the transparent housing, you can clearly see how much reagent is left. Can also be installed in the dishwasher.

The manufacturers Geyser and Atlantic also make polyphosphate filters, worthy of attention.

Aquasheet Pro

Electromagnetic filter NPI “Generation” works on the basis of magnetic force irradiation of water. Reagent-free water treatment is an indisputable advantage. The device consists of a plastic case with a microchip and a microprocessor inside. On the body there are buttons that can be used to change the frequency of electromagnetic waves within 50 kHz.

There are two emitter wires departing from the body and wrapped around the pipe in opposite directions. The device itself is also attached to it. Power supply is from 220 V mains. Consumed power is not more than 5 kW per month.

Aquaflow electronic flocculating device

Device without reagents, but comparable in effectiveness to chemical water purification, works by using high frequency electrical pulses. An electric field is created across the pipe, charging suspended particles of impurities with the formation of large flakes, which are then filtered out in the fine filtration system. In addition, the device suppresses certain types of microorganisms and bacteria.

Maximum efficiency is achieved if you install an additional fine filter in the system, which is not included. The devices are used by businesses as well as ordinary consumers who can afford to buy them.

About the filters for the washing machine

If the water in the house or apartment is of poor quality, containing foreign impurities, it is recommended to complete the washing machine with filters. There are several types available, and there are even more manufacturers, so this article will give recommendations on how to choose.

The differences between the filters. the place of installation and the functions they perform. Effective designs, proven to work in poor water conditions:

  • main. This device is not specific to washing machines. Its action. a general direction. The mainline filter cleans all the water that enters the home. Such a powerful device is installed on the inlet water pipes. The function of this water purifier is to prevent foreign matter from entering the water. That’s just the chemical composition it can not affect in any way, so the hard water does not become softer;
  • deep cleaning. This device is designed specifically for washing machines and is installed in front of the filling hose. Its task is to retain rust, iron, sand and other substances that can penetrate into the water used for washing the laundry. At the same time, the filter does not affect the hardness of the liquid;
  • polyphosphate. These water purifiers are the most popular. Sometimes you meet their other name. salt, because in the flask is a substance that looks like salt. The function of this device is to soften water. That substance, sodium polyphosphate, belongs to the consumables, so it will have to be replaced from time to time. Loading the flask to the brim is enough for 10,000 liters of liquid. At the same time, the device is inexpensive and additionally protects the heating element of the washing machine from scaling;
  • Magnetic. This device is also designed to soften water. The filter of this type is not installed, but simply fixed in front of the filler hose. Magnetic cleaners have a beneficial effect on the chemical composition of water, making it softer. It stops limescale forming on the parts of the appliance.

What you need

Many washing machines already have an integrated coarse cleaning system. As a rule, it is located next to the drain hose.

It successfully copes with detention of large debris, but the small inclusions are unable to remove, for this purpose already buy water purifiers.

filter, washing, machines, dishwashers

Using a water filter is a justifiable expense. Although the device costs sometimes impressively, it has a significant benefit. it prolongs the life of the household appliance.

  • Foreign substances do not enter the drum or other components of the washing machine. Without a filter, the “internal” cleaning system will quickly become clogged with dirt, leading to a decrease in pressure and water absorption capacity;
  • Sand, rust and other elements are removed from the liquid. If you leave everything as it is, the drain hose will get clogged before the deadline, or it will break down;
  • corrects water hardness.

The situation with bad water is found in older homes where the water pipes have not been repaired for a long time. The fluid passing through such pipes “sucks in” harmful elements that, accumulating in the nodes of the washing machine, lead to premature failure.

Selection criteria

First of all, the water is taken for analysis, and based on the elements it contains, they choose a filtering device.

In short, if the liquid has many foreign inclusions (rust, sand, etc.), which precipitate out, it is worth to put the main cleaning device, which acts on the entire housing. If this fails, the alternative is a filter installed in front of the washing machine.

Therefore, it is better to stand at once two filters for the washing machine:

But in order to avoid unnecessary manipulations, it is worth to take the water for analysis once and make conclusions based on the results.

Hardness parameters

Hardness is a physical and chemical property of water due to the presence of metal salts. calcium, magnesium. in the dissolved state.

You can tell that water is oversaturated with salts by the following signs:

  • appearance of unpleasant odor from the inside of the machine;
  • to the accumulation of powder residues in the detergent tray, seal rubber, drain spigot;
  • the absence of foaming during the cycle;
  • The appearance of gray-white deposits on the glass of the car door, on the walls of the tank;
  • The presence of streaks on clothes, the definition of washing quality as unsatisfactory, including the fact that the increased consumption of detergent is noticed.

All of the above mentioned troubles occur more often after processing the laundry at temperatures starting from 60°C, with slight heating to 30-40°C, no formation of limescale is noticed. However, the latter circumstance does not cancel the use of media softeners in conditions of high salt content.

I work in the sphere of household appliance repair. Great experience in the restoration of washing machines and dishwashers.

The fact of excess of magnesium and calcium compounds in the water also confirms the appearance of the film on the surface both in case of complete dissolution of soap in it, and in case of ordinary sedimentation without adding detergents.

How the polyphosphate filter is designed

Thus, the water is softened to the required hardness. Devices with dispensers may have a function to change the water softening level, and single-jet filters bring the liquid to a specific, non-adjustable parameter.


The installation process is simple and does not take much time and effort. For installation it is necessary to unscrew the inlet hose of your equipment, connect the polyphosphate filter to the water supply hose or tap using the threaded hole in the filter cover and connect the inlet hose to the second threaded hole in the cover or body of the filter. On the first test run, make sure that there are no leaks through the connected elements.


Let’s try to calculate an approximate average purchase and maintenance cost of a polyphosphate filter using a washing machine as an example. The average purchase price of a polyphosphate filter for a washing machine is 350 The filter already contains a filling, which according to the manufacturer is sufficient for 300 washings at a low water hardness.

Taking into account that an average family with children does the laundry once every 2-3 days, this filling should be enough for 150 days, i.e.е. At just under six months of use. Next, you need to buy the backfill, the average cost of which is 200 per container of filter. That’s a total of less than 550 a year

Polyphosphate filter salt

During operation, water gradually dissolves sodium polyphosphate crystals, so the filter must be periodically filled with this filtering substance. Typically the sodium polyphosphate is replaced every 3 to 6 months, depending on the raw water.

For polyphosphate filters technical sodium polyphosphate is used as backfill for water softening. Among all other polyphosphates, it is the most active water softener with high chelating ability.

Sodium polyphosphate forms stable complexes in a shorter time and at lower temperatures (20-40°C) than sodium tripolyphosphate and other phosphates. Its advantages are also low caking during storage and its anti-corrosion properties.

How do you know when you need to change the filter mat?

Over time, the polyphosphates are completely consumed by the binding of calcium and magnesium ions, and then the filter ceases to work. At this point it is necessary to change the filter head. To understand when exactly this process occurs visually quite difficult, because not always fill is dissolved completely, and the binding of calcium and magnesium ions may no longer occur. The only way to accurately determine when to replace the polyphosphate fill is to analyze the water. But no one in the household will do regular water analysis. This is why you should change the bedding at intervals stated in the instructions.

Waterscience IRIS WMF-617 Washing Machine Filter Review

The solubility of the bedding depends on the fraction. If it is a coarse fraction, it dissolves, but not as fast. However, over time a film will form on the surface of the crystals, which looks like rust and begins to interfere with dissolution. That’s why they say in the manual that it’s recommended to change the load every six months.

The life of the polyphosphate filter cartridge depends on its capacity and the hardness of the water. Approximate terms of replacement of the filling should be specified in the technical passport for the product. The average replacement of the filling is six months. If the water hardness is high, the filling can dissolve completely in 2-3 months. With softer water, the cartridge can last a year.

Washing machine filter: which one is better to choose

Today’s washing machines (CM) are manufactured using increasingly innovative technology and engineering solutions. But their total protection against breakdowns does not exist. The most common cause of accidents is damage to the heating element. It helps the water reach the required temperature during the washing. The most common cause of heating element damage is the poor quality of water used for washing. This is generally caused by tap water. The internal elements of the machine are covered with limescale and the heating element is soon damaged. To protect against limescale, it is necessary to use a powerful filter for SM. It will clean the water thoroughly before use. Do you need an additional filter or something else?? Learn more about.

General principles of selection

To determine the quality of water in the apartment is recommended to make an analysis of tap water and already on the basis of its results to decide on the choice of filter. If there are impurities, dirt or rust in the water, then the best option is to install a main filter for the whole apartment. In the absence of such a possibility, another option is to install a deep cleaning filter for the washing machine. If, as is often the case, the water is hard, then there is a need to install a polyphosphate or magnetic filter in front of the washing machine to soften it.

So, in most cases, you may need to install two additional filter elements:



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