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Facial steamer how to use

Let’s go to the bathhouse: Spering face mask

You apply it on your face and immediately understand. it works! You feel pleasant warmth, sometimes tingling. but also pleasant, and imagine how the pores are cleansed, and the skin becomes beautiful and fresh. Squeezing mask is a pure relaxation. And, in our opinion, at least once every 7-10 days it must be used by everyone.

What is RF face lifting?

Radio wave lifting is an effective hardware cosmetology procedure, during which the skin affects high.frequency pulsed current, which warms up the deep layers of the epidermis. It is warming up that causes positive changes in the tissues and skin cells. The body perceives an increase in temperature as stress and includes a protective reaction. Warm radio waves stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Under the influence of heat, the old collagen fibers gain lost elasticity and compressed. As a result, the density of the skin increases, the young skin frame forms, the amount and severity of wrinkles decreases.

In addition to a pronounced anti-aging effect, using RF lifting there is a correction of cellulite and local fat deposits. The device helps the destruction of adipose tissue, activates metabolic processes in cells, improves microcirculation, enhances cell nutrition and removes excess fluid from the body. Thanks to these properties, the volume of adipose tissue in the “second chin” and in the problematic zones of the body is reduced.

In its effect, the RF lifting is comparable to the surgical surgery for skinning, with that difference, then instead of a scalpel there is a radio frequency effect. The procedure does not cause any unpleasant sensations, you can only feel light warm. To achieve a noticeable effect, it is recommended to terminate RF lifting. The optimal amount. 20 sessions that are held for four weeks. After a full course of procedures, the anti.aging effect increases, after which it is gradually neutralized. The course of procedures is recommended to repeat 2-3 times a year.

During RF-lifting, safe heating of tissues occurs (not higher than 45 degrees), which provides a delicate effect and only on problem areas. Also, during the procedure, you can adjust the depth of penetration of radio frequency heat waves and configure the device to individual skin needs. Overheating of the epidermis is completely excluded, so RF lifting is well tolerated even with a low side of sensitivity. The first changes are noticeable after the first procedure, and due to the lack of damage and rehabilitation period, the radio wave lifting can be carried out at any time of the year.

facial, steamer

How to steam your face

A steam bath is one of their most effective home.made facilities for facial skin. With its help, you can clean the pores, remove the rugged upper layers of the epidermis, refresh the complexion, get rid of many other cosmetic disadvantages.

  • – cashier or device for steam baths;
  • – towel;
  • – healing plants;
  • – essential oils;
  • – a dressing on the head or hair clip;
  • – timer.

Preparation of steam vanning is a special cosmetic device for taking steam baths for the face and inhalations. Pour into a container intended for liquid, water or a decoction of herbs, drip essential oil, turn on the device and wait for the vapor separation to begin. Adjust the intensity of steam and start taking a bath. If there is no such cosmetic device, then remember how in childhood you were forced to “breathe over potatoes” and try to reproduce this method. To do this, put a pan filled with water on 1/3 on the fire. After waiting for a boil, reduce the fire to a minimum. Then add 1 tablespoon of gathering healing herbs to the water or drop 10 drops of essential oils per 1 liter of water. Turn off the fire completely, wait for 2 minutes and proceed to accept the procedure.

Used herbs and oil oeches of steam bath use plants and essential oils. So for oily skin, chamomile, linden color, birch leaves, oak bark, mint are perfectly suitable for oily skin. Essential oils of juniper, tea tree, cypress, lemon, sage will help strengthen the effect of the bath. It is better to offer the skin with various defects to offer a bath with a calendula and tea tree oil, and a bath with oregano flowers is suitable for highly contaminated skin. Dry skin carefully cleans through a steam bath with a licorice, dandelion, trench, rose and zest of orange. For normal skin, it is better to brew thyme, lavender, chamomile or cuff grass. It will be good to add 10 drops of geranium essential oils, lavender, sandalwood or bergamot to the decoction.

facial, steamer

Methodology for the adoption of steam bathtub cleanse your face, remove the hair in the tail or under the bandage. Prepare a steam bath. Lubricate the eyelids with oily cream (with dry skin it is better to apply the cream to the whole face), then comfortably arrange over a vessel with water or a device for steam baths, close your eyes and let the couple do your job.During the procedure, it is best to cover your head with a towel. At its end, wash yourself immediately, rinse your face with cool water and apply a cream that corresponds to its type.

Time for the adoption of steam bath varies: 5-7 minutes for dry skin, 10-15 minutes for normal, 20-25 minutes for oily. The number of procedures per month also depends on the type of skin. For oily skin, 3-4 procedures per month are shown, it is better to “steam” dry no more than 1 time in 4-5 weeks.

Contraindications of steam baths exist a number of contraindications. So this procedure is prohibited for people suffering from heart diseases, asthma, as well as with dilated vessels on the face and pink eels.

How to steam your face correctly

There are several ways to steam the skin of the face before applying the mask. All of them are completely compatible with any masks.

Steaming is necessarily carried out before cleaning the skin in the cabin. © Getty Images

Facial steam generator

This is a real beauty gadget. The action is similar to a humidifier of air, which, by the way, is also very useful for the skin. helps to save it from dehydration in the overdurous air of apartments and offices.

The pluses include an additional function of air ozonation and hydro ionization as a result of the formation of super.dry drops, which penetrate the pores of the skin.

Squirreing the skin has become a fashionable home procedure. © Getty Images


The face is held above the container with hot water or decoction, covered with a towel. The main thing is to make sure that the steam is not too hot. Bath is the simplest way to carry out a steaming procedure at home.

You can add a decoction of chamomile or calendula flowers to the water. © Getty Images


A terry towel or any other soft natural fabric is wetted in hot water (not boiling water!). Having checked the temperature, the fabric is applied to the face as a compress, and hold it until it starts to cool. This is the fastest way to steam the skin, but the effect is less pronounced than in the previous versions. In addition, it will not be possible to use the additional benefit of herbal decoctions or essential oils.

If we are talking about anti.aging masks, then their effect will improve both steaming and just a slight warming up. You can attach even a dry clean towel removed from the battery to the face. This will also expand the pores and improve microcirculation, increasing the susceptibility of the skin. For oily skin, it is more important to process moist steam.

Thermactive cosmetics

Cosmetics with the “Sauna effect” is well known to those who fight against cellulite. However, in the facial means of this technique, this technique is also used. It is obvious that when using a mask with steaming effect. such as, for example, a mask with zinc “clean leather”, Garnier, preliminary steaming of the skin is not required. The effect is created thanks to thermactive magnesium and other similar components.

Review of facial skin care products after steaming

After steaming, you can use any mask: clay, gel, tissue. Here are what options we offer.

Fabric mask “Moisturizing comfort” for dry skin sensitive, Garnier

It is saturated with gel with hyaluronic acid with the addition of a soothing chamomile extract.

Black fabric mask “Cleaning coal, black tea leaves”, Garnier

Moisturization, detox, matting. in just 15 minutes one mask provides as many as three effects.

Face mask “Clay magic. Cleansing and matting “, L’ Oréal Paris

Includes three types of clay, cleanses the skin well, mattrates and helps to fight black dots. Eucalyptus extract is known for antiseptic properties. Recommended for all skin types.

Cleansing Matting Mask Effaclar, La Roche-Posay

And again, two types of absorbent clay, this time with the addition of corporate thermal water, which is famous for a large number of antioxidants.

Mineral Cleaning Pore Mask Pore Purifying, VICHY

Contains two types of clay (bentonite and kaolin), which are pulled out of the pores all superfluous. Allantoin and aloe extract provide hydration and prevent skin drying out. important quality for clay masks.

Moisturizing mask with anti-stress effect Hydra Zen Jelly Mask, Lancôme

It has a refreshing texture of cream gel, contains peony extract and pink water to moisturize, soften and soothe.

Facial Facial Sauna 2017 New Popular Thermal Facial Sauna SPARYER SKINEWAWL Refresh Mist Warm Steam Travel Face Steamer Massager EU Plugug. review

Greetings to all readers and writers IRECOMMEND!

I bought this face for face to help in the fight against advanced pores and eels. With its help, you can steam your face quickly without taking a bath, soul or bath, this is exactly what is needed with our crazy pace of life. In addition, this face sauna can perform the function of an inhaler, for this there is a special nasal nozzle in the kit.

How to steam your face correctly

To make the effect it is important to steam the face correctly, I will describe how I do it:

    I include a sauna in a socket, pour water into the aluminum capacity, I add a drop of essential oil there, more often it is a tea tree oil sage or some other essential oil with a pleasant smell, so I combine the pleasant with useful, there will be no excessive disinfection of acne with evaporating essential oil. and also inhalation for the nose and lungs is obtained. I used to add a decoction of herbs, but the water container acquired the color of the decoction. brown, so I refused it.

5 Reasons You Should Steam Your Face.DIY Facial Steaming At Home. Grooming Skincare ✖ James Welsh

Then I wash off the product and mechanically clean the pores with a spoon of uno.

Of the steamed pores, their contents are much easier.

With the purchase of this sauna, I got the opportunity to do face cleansing much more often and better.

But there were no minuses: the very first minus is that when using the sauna, I almost burned the steam, lowering my face in the compartment for inhalations completely, do not do so. Remember that steam has a boiling water temperature, I don’t use a nose nozzle at all. hot!

I would like the cord more authentic (this is 1-1.5) since you don’t really “walk around” with this, if the device stands on the table, the cord reaches only to the outlet on the floor under the table, the ability to put the device is convenient for you. narrows

Geezatone 105S Facial Steam. review

Professional cosmetics in stores and salons costs sky-high money, but I buy 35-40% discounts as a cosmetologist directly for a distributor if it is interesting. Write in a personal. Better conditions


After giving birth, I abandoned professional cosmes. Six months procedures. Still, I signed up for a comprehensive facial cleaning session. I paid 4000 and was satisfied with a clean face. ✌ passed a month ! I look in the mirror and understand that it seems that it would not hurt to go again. But this is again 4000! And for 8000 I can myself. and the appliances needed to buy and missing cosmetics! Despite the fact that at home I have a blockage from Holy Land.

So, 2 reviews (this one and the review of the ultrasound apparatus) I devote to my history the refusal of a cosmetologist

The kit also includes an inhalation nozzle, but I have not at hand, so I will not show it

So, I chose between this sauna and a sauna with ionization. I chose all the same. Why ?

it is 2 times cheaper. I don’t really believe in the ionization function and other bells. Pair he is in Africa steam.

There is a large nozzle for steaming face. You see her in the photo. The bottom line is that you simultaneously steam your whole face and steam does not go anywhere ! As in the case of a more expensive version.

Extremely easy to use !

Essential oils and grass can be added to the reservoir, everything that your heart wants, if only the water of DR does not evaporate.

The care of the device is minimal.

facial, steamer

During this time, I only manage to wash myself with an acid washbasin Holy Land https: // IRECOMMMEND.ru/concent/podsushivaet-suzhaet. And the water boils

facial, steamer

I put on a nozzle, there is also a circle-drill with holes at the bottom. You can adjust the intensity of steam supply. I switch to mark 1 and.

The sauna is just wonderful. I have no complaints about the quality of plastic, assembly, work.

Further, after steaming, I spend ultrasound cleaning https: // IRECOMMMEND.ru/Content/Foto-Rezultata-Ya-Bo. I wrote about her here.

What is used for, effect

Gels intended for deep penetration into the skin layers enhance blood flow, but the result is achieved using special substances, and not high temperature. Therefore, traditional methods with exposure to high temperature are fading into the background.

Direct contact with the skin allows not only to remove keratinized cells, but also moisturize, calm and heal damaged areas. Gels have anti.inflammatory effects. After use, an unhealthy skin shade disappears, since the cells are healed and renewed. Skin pigmentation is also reduced.

Customer reviews

Noted the excellent results of the impact on the dermis after using the bleaching apparatus. The pores were really deeply cleansing, black dots disappeared. The face began to look significantly fresh and rejuvenated. I took on the practice the regular use of the device. Its generated flows even give pleasure from processing.

Veronika, 45 years old bought a person for a person for personal use through the official website of the company, since she was tired of the need to sign up for vaporization procedures. The device was used by me at home over the past two months and during this time I really felt a useful effect. The skin acquired characteristic velvety, softness. It’s nice to touch her. I was completely satisfied with the purchase. There is a real saving of time and money.



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