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Error hei in a washing machine Samsung

Sometimes the H1 error is caused by a system failure of the control board and other minor malfunctions. They can be fixed by yourself:

  • Check the power cord. Perhaps the plug is poorly inserted into the socket or there are problems with the cable.
  • Unplug the unit for 10-15 minutes. A long reset can clear up system glitches. If the control unit reads the problem code incorrectly, the washing machine will work fine.
  • Check the loops. They should fit tightly to the control module in special grooves. Failure may have occurred if the unit has been recently disassembled or moved.

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Listed methods are suitable for self-repair. If they did not help, it is better to call a master of washing machines.

Error codes H1, H2, E5, E6, HE1, HE2 in Samsung washing machine

Automatic washing machines have their own error coding, in particular, the washing machine Samsung shows error codes H1 / H2 / NE1 / E5 / E6 / NE2 on the display. These signals are shown in the first third of the washing cycle, but sometimes even in the blink of an eye after turning on. In this case, the device is able to work on programs for cold water. In some cases, the heater boils water, which aggravates the wear and tear.

The user sometimes confuses this class of errors with the 2H service message, which is harmless and simply marks the remaining time of the washing cycle. Other common service errors are 5E (drain error) and 6E (turn-on error). These codes were used till 2007 inclusively, in new models there are already other designations.

If there is no screen in your Samsung washing machine. the machine flashes all the mode and temperature indicators. The program thereby indicates to the user the need for urgent repair and to stop the laundry.

To decipher the signals is simple. The group of codes H (H1, H2, HE, HE1, HE2) is reserved for errors of the temperature sensor with the selection of the optimum water temperature. That’s why you can wash in cold water: a broken heater won’t turn on and disrupt the operation.

Error code HI / HEI show either if the water heats too sharply or approaches the boiling point (the machine does not work in boiling water, the components will fail instantly). Error H2 / HE 2, on the other hand, shows practically no heating. It is better to fix such a failure by calling a service technician at home.

Group of codes H can try to fix it yourself, but only if the user is sure that the breakage is not fatal. Here the standard tips of checking the connection, the reliability of the fuses are helpful. Adapters as such manufacturer is prohibited, include immediately in the socket from the power cord of the device. It is necessary for homogeneous resistance and clean contact. Sometimes the error is eliminated by resetting the “brain”, the electronic control unit. To do this, the washing machine Samsung should stand disabled.

Below you can use the data from the table to determine the type of error by code and the possibility of its elimination. If you can not solve the problem yourself please contact Real Service Company. Experienced professionals will repair the washing machine in Kiev and region.

  • water does not heat up;
  • Overheating or boiling is occurring
  • In programs not related to water heating programs, the washing works without errors
  • Blows out the plugs on the switchboard

If nothing helped, you need to call a free repairman at home or go to the service yourself. Specialists from the company “Real Service” have a wealth of experience of repair, so they always suggest the best way to solve the problem and quickly replace or repair the damaged part.

Main types of errors

Self-repair is a great opportunity to save money in your own budget. If someone tells you that your washing machine is very complicated and you can’t repair it yourself. run away from this person, he is incompetent in matters of repair. To fix a broken washing machine in most cases you can do it with your own hands, since the most complex node here is the control module. All the rest does not represent anything complicated.

When error code H1 appears on the display, it indicates that there is some kind of error in the water heating system. But this would be too vague interpretation of the fault, so several separate codes have been provided:

  • H1 on a Samsung washing machine means the temperature is rising too fast or exceeds its limits. If the water has heated more than 40 degrees in two minutes, or the temperature has approached the boiling point, code H1 (or He1) appears on the display;
  • Error H2 in a washing machine Samsung (or He2) indicates too long heating. If within 10 minutes of turning on the heating element, the water has heated up to less than 2 degrees, this indicates a heating element failure.

Error He2 Samsung washing machine most often indicates a breakage of the heating element or the lack of its power. in this you will have to figure out yourself, because more accurate information from the diagnostic system you will not get. As for the code He1 (or h1), it appears when the heating is intensive. this happens when the heating element is broken, when its internal resistance drops and there is obvious overheating.

Scaling on the heating element is caused by the presence of many impurities in the water, which settle on the heating element. To avoid this, you can install a filter on your incoming water.

Deciphering codes

All modern Samsung automatic washing machines are equipped with a display, which displays a numeric code for the error that has occurred. Older models have different methods of indication, usually with blinking LEDs. Let’s review the most common trouble codes in detail.

Leakage alarm. If this code appears, it means that the water level sensor has detected four times during the wash cycle that the water in the drum is insufficient for safe heater operation. On some models, the same failure is indicated by the LC, LE, or LE1 codes.

Fix HE1 Samsung Washing Machine

In these cases, in machines without a display, both the upper and lower temperature indicator and all the washing mode lights light up.

This signal means that there are problems with draining water from the drum after completing a scheduled washing program.

Models not equipped with a display will indicate this error by illuminating the program LEDs and the lowest temperature indicator.

When the machine gives out such a code, it means that its power supply voltage does not correspond to the voltage necessary for normal operation.

Some machines signal the same problem with signals 9C, 9E2 or E91.

This designation on the display indicates that the water overheated in the process of entering the selected washing mode. Some models report the same situation with signals H1, HC1 and E5.

If this index appears, it indicates that the appliance is unable to fill the tank with water. Some Samsung models report the same problem with codes 4C, 4C2, 4E, 4E1 or 4E2.

This error is present on some machines instead of error E2 and indicates a problem with the draining of the appliance.

This message is displayed when the door is open. On some models, the code ED, DE or DC is displayed instead.

On models with no display, all panel lights are on, including program and temperature lights.

This message is displayed when the machine fails to heat the water in the tank to the desired temperature.

Models without display show the same situation with fully lit program guide lights and the two middle temperature lamps illuminated at the same time.

Reasons for this message are completely similar to error H2.

Other possible indications for the same problem are HC2 and E6.

This code means the water level in the drum is too high.

Other possible codes for the same problem are 0C, 0F or E3. Models without display indicate this by all programme lights and the two lower temperature LEDs illuminated.

This error message appears if there is water on the bottom of the device.

This is also indicated by the LC1 code on some machines.


Let’s consider less common error messages, which are not common to all Samsung washing machine models.

  • 4C2. The code is displayed when the water inlet temperature is over 50°C. Most often the problem is caused by accidental connection of the machine to the hot water supply. Sometimes this error can indicate a broken temperature sensor.
  • E4 (or UE, UB). the machine cannot balance the items in the drum during the washing. Models without a screen tell the same problem by the fact that all mode lights and the second temperature light on top are lit. Most often the problem is caused by overloading or, on the contrary, insufficient loading of the drum. Solved by removing / adding things and restarting the wash.
  • E7 (sometimes 1E or 1C). no communication with water sensor. The first thing to do is to check the wiring to the sensor and if everything is OK, then the sensor is broken. It can be replaced by an experienced technician.
  • EC (or TE, TC, TE1, TE2, TE3, TC1, TC2, TC3 or TC4). no communication with the temperature sensor. The causes and solutions are similar to the previous case.
  • BC. motor does not start. Most often occurs due to drum overload and can be solved by removing the extra laundry. If this is not the case, then either the triac, motor wiring, control module, or motor itself is broken. In all these cases, you will have to contact the service center.
  • PoF. power failure when washing. Strictly speaking, this is a message, not an error code, in which case you can simply restart the wash by pressing “Start”.
  • E0 (sometimes A0-A9, B0, C0 or D0). indication of test mode enabled. To get out of this mode, press and hold down the “Setting” and “Temperature Selection” buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds.
  • Hot: Models equipped with a dryer display this message when, according to the sensor, the temperature of the water inside the drum exceeds 70°C. In general this is a normal situation and the message will disappear as soon as the water has cooled.
  • SDC and 6C. these codes are only displayed by the machines, which are equipped with a control system from a smartphone via Wi-Fi. They appear in cases where there are serious problems with the autosampler, and in order to solve them, you will have to call a master.
  • FE (sometimes FC). appears only on machines with dryer function and reports fan failure. Before going to a technician, you can try to disassemble the fan, clean and lubricate it, inspect the capacitors on its board. If the capacitor is blown, it must be replaced with a similar one.
  • EE. this signal also only appears in washer-dryers and indicates a defect in the dryer’s temperature sensor.
  • 8E (as well as 8E1, 8C and 8C1). vibration sensor failure, which is identical to the other types of sensor failure.
  • AE (AC, AC6). one of the most unpleasant errors, which appears when there is no communication between the control module and the display system. Most often caused by breakage of the controlling controller or the wiring connecting it to the indicators.
  • DDC and DC 3. these codes are only displayed on machines with additional door for adding items during the washing process (Add Door function). The first code reports that the door was open during the wash, then closed incorrectly. This can be corrected by properly closing the door and then pressing the “Start” button. The second code indicates that the door was open when the washing started, to correct it, close the door.

If the key or lock icon on the panel lights up or flashes, and all other indicators are working normally, it means that the door is blocked. If there are any abnormalities in the operation of the machine, then a lit or flashing key or lock can be part of the error message:

  • if the hatch won’t lock. its locking mechanism is broken;
  • If the door cannot be closed. the lock in the door is broken;
  • If the washing program fails, it means that the heating element is broken and needs to be replaced;
  • if washing doesn’t start or another program is running instead of the selected one, the mode selector or control module should be replaced;
  • if the drum does not start rotating when the lock is blinking and a rattle is heard, it means that the motor brushes are worn out and need to be replaced.

If the drum icon on the panel lights up, it means that it is time to clean the drum. For this purpose it is necessary to run on the machine the mode “Drum cleaning”.

If the start/start button is flashing red, the machine isn’t washing, and there is no error code, try restarting the machine.

If the problem does not disappear when turning off the device, then the breakage may be associated with the control system or display, and it can be solved only in the workshop.

What is the meaning of this phrase??

Each household appliance manufacturer has a different fault code. In Samsung machines, the coding of the breakage or failure of the program looks in the form of a Latin letter and a digital symbol. Such designations began to appear on some models as early as 2006, and now the code labels are available on all machines of this brand.

If during the operation cycle, the washing machine Samsung of later years of production gives out on the electronic display error H1, it means that there are problems related to the heating of water. Earlier models may have indicated this malfunction with the HO code, but that code is still the same problem.

Samsung machines have a whole series of codes that begin with the Latin letter H and look like H1, H2, and there are also double letter designations that look like HE, HE1 or HE2. The whole series of such designations refers to problems with the water heating, which can not only be absent, but also be too high.

Samsung washing machine error HE1

Error HE1 in a Samsung washing machine is fairly common and can appear at any stage of the “home assistant. There are not many reasons for this, but they all pose a great danger, and if the control module stops the washing machine, producing this error, it actually saves your property from serious damage. How this error is deciphered, what malfunction is capable of generating it and how to eliminate this malfunction, read about all this in this article.

Solution: Samsung washing machine errors

All Samsung washing machines have error display in case of malfunction. Knowing the error code, you can find the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it. You can find the codes for your Samsung machine in the instruction manual. Below we give the error codes of washing machines Samsung, which can be found on the official site.

Errors 5E, 5C, E2

These codes mean there’s a problem with the machine‘s water drain. Check the drain hose to see if it is bent or clogged. If the drain hose is okay, check if the sewer is not clogged. If there are no obstacles to drainage check that the drain pump is working.

Errors H1, H2, HE, HE1, HE2, HC, HC1, HC2, E5, E6

The problem is due to the inability to heat the water in the washing machine. Codes appear at a wash temperature of 40 degrees or more. The problem could be due to insufficient voltage in the electrical network, or heating elements (heating elements) for washing or drying are broken, which now need to be replaced.

Faults 4E, 4C, E1

The washing machine cannot draw water for washing. Turn the wash back on and listen to see if you hear water rushing in. If water floods. there is too much laundry in the machine. If there are not many items, the error is due to low water pressure. If you cannot hear water coming in, check that there is water pressure at the tap and that the water inlet to the washer is open. Inspect the hose for damage or bends.

Error 4C2, CE, AC, AC6

Washing machine receives hot water instead of cold water. Check that the washing machine is correctly connected and connect to cold water.

Error SUD, 5D, SD

The code means there is too much foam in the wash tank. The problem is due to the powder. Maybe the powder is not of good quality or designed for hand washing. Use only automatic detergent for washing machines.

Error UE, UB, E4

Samsung washing machine can not distribute the items in the drum evenly. This is to reduce vibrations while washing. The problem could be due to too little or too much stuff in the drum. Add/remove items or distribute items evenly, individually by hand.

Error LE, LC, E9

Water drains out of the washing machine by itself. The problem is due to the wrong location of the drain hose, or not correctly connected to the sewage system. The hose should be attached to the back, almost at the top of the washing machine Samsung. A crack in the tank could also be the cause of these codes.

Error 3E, 3C, EA

Washer motor is blocked or broken. Check if machine drum can rotate, if there are no foreign objects in the motor unit of the machine. If there are no foreign objects and the drum rotates freely, replace the motor.

Fault UC, 9C

Problem with the mains voltage. Voltage is either too high or too high. Wait for a stable voltage in the network or use a voltage regulator.

Error DE, DC, ED

Loading door problem. door not closed tightly. Close the door all the way. If it did not help. problem with the closing mechanism.

Error LE1, LC1

The code means water in the bottom of the machine. The problem is caused by a leaking drain filter, hose connections, door cover or powder container. Check the tightness of all systems.

Error TE, TC, EC

Washing machine does not receive a signal from temperature sensor. Sensor or wiring problem. Check wiring and replace temperature sensor if necessary.

Error 0E, 0F, 0C, E3

Too much water in washing drum. The drain to the drain is not correctly connected or the water intake valve may be stuck open. In the latter case we will need to replace the valve.

Error 1E, 1C, E7

No signal from water level sensor. The problem is with the sensor or its wiring. Check wiring and replace water level sensor if necessary.

Error BE, BC2, EB

Buttons on control panel stuck. Fix jammed keys on panel. Also possible oxidation of contacts on button. disassemble and wipe board with alcohol.

Error AE, AC, AC6

One of the electronic boards is not available. It is recommended to leave the washing machine off for 10-15 minutes and then turn it on again. If error recurs check all wiring to boards.

Error 8E, 8C

No signal from vibration sensor. Sensor or wiring problem. Check wiring and replace vibration sensor if necessary.

PoF error

The error appears after the laundry has started, but then the power was disconnected. To continue the wash, press the “start” button.

BC error

The electric motor does not start. Triac (triac) of the electric motor must be replaced.

Samsung washing machine gives out an error HE2

Error HE2 in a Samsung washing machine is quite common. We can safely say that the error with this code or a code with a similar decoding occurs more often than others. Why does this occur?? Yes, because the part of the Samsung washing machine that causes this error is its main weak point. Even novice masters know about it. Read about what kind of part this is, how this error code is deciphered and how to fix the problem that caused this error in our publication.

Why the Samsung washing machine shows error H1

If the H1 light on a Samsung washing machine is on, it means one of several problems. You can list a few of the most common causes of failure:

  • Failure of the heating element. If the Samsung is old and in active use, the heating element can fail due to heavy limescale or burnout.
  • Faulty temperature sensor. In some cases code H1 means that the heating element of the machine is fully operational, but the sensor, which is responsible for measuring the temperature of the water, is not working. In this case, the appliance control module receives incorrect information and shuts down the washing machine.
  • Damage to the wiring. H1 error can occur when the contact between the heating element and the control chip is broken. In such cases, the code often appears and disappears for no apparent reason. When the heating element actually fails, the machine cannot independently return to normal operation in principle.
  • The fuse melted. If the heating element in a Samsung washing machine has heated up too much, the high temperature can burn out a special fuse. In this case, the unit will give an error, which will indicate the need to replace the fuse.

Sometimes in Samsung H1 washing machine error code means that the main control board is out of order. This failure belongs to the category of the most unpleasant, because it can be eliminated only with the help of an expensive repair at the service center.



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