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Error d3 on the washing machine Samsung

How to fix a DE error on a washing machine

The owners of Samsung and LG washing machines are often faced with a combination of letters on the display as a combination of DE. But not everyone knows that this combination is not dangerous for the device? Masters say that this code signals a loose door. This means that the user should not worry about the performance of the unit. In most cases, opening and then closing the boot lid solves the problem. But, there are also exceptional situations, which professionals will tell you about.

Samsung washing machine error codes

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These are the most common fault codes for Samsung washing machines. The error code is displayed in the form of a numeric code, exactly as it is given on the site below.

If the pressure sensor marks a frequency lower than (25.20kHz) in 10 minutes after the start of draining, this error occurs. This error code is very common, it can also be read as SE or 5E depending on the state of the digital display.

Reset the error by pressing the “Start/Pause” button, after which the washing machine will restart and try to drain again.

  • Check the drain pump filter for debris, clean if necessary
  • Check hose for punctures, kinks
  • Check the air chamber and pressure sensor hose
  • Water pressure sensor may be defective
  • Check the drain pump
  • Check the connection for the water drainage system

Washing machine could not fill up with water within the set time frame. If the water pressure sensor does not register frequencies at 100 Hz for 2 minutes and if the water level does not reach the set level within 10 minutes, this error occurs.

Reset the error by pressing the “Start/Stop” button

  • Check water supply, hoses may be frozen
  • Check the air chamber and pressure sensor
  • Check water valve for foreign objects
  • Check the main control board

The error code means that either the door is open, or the door lock or locking mechanism cannot tell the electronics that the door is closed.

  • Check if the door is closed correctly
  • Check door handle for damage or wear
  • Check the door fuse, if it is not working you need to replace the door lock
  • Check door lock wiring

Washing machine detected unbalanced load. This error code is more for information. Washing machine is telling you it can’t spin properly without risk of damage due to unbalanced load.

If tachogenerator signals do not appear within 2 seconds, this is an error.

  • Check motor for foreign objects
  • Check tachogenerator
  • Check all connections and assemblies in the motor (wiring)
  • Check the connections on the main control module
  • Check main control module

Could be a short circuit in the motor. If the tachogenerator registers 300 rpm for 1 second when the set speed is 90 rpm, this error occurs.

If a pressure sensor registers a frequency of abnormal water level more than 21.00kHz, the machine stops and turns on the water drain, until the frequency reaches 25.00kHz.

  • Check if there is too much foam (can occur if the wrong detergent is used)
  • Check water level sensor
  • Check the wiring and contacts on the water pressure sensor
  • Check the controller
  • Check water valve for foreign object

If the water level is below the safe water level of the heater more than 4 times during operation, this error will occur.

For this error code, check water heater or thermistor. Generally, the washer reports a heating circuit fault with this error code, but it can’t tell exactly where.

Possible HE1. overheating, HE2. no heat

  • Check the heater
  • Check thermistor or temperature sensor
  • Check thermistor resistance
  • Check wiring to the heating element
  • Check the connection of the heating element and the temperature sensor

Error appears if the thermistor circuit is faulty or if the voltage on the thermistor is lower than 0.2 V or higher than 4.5 В.

  • Check thermistor or temperature sensor
  • Check resistance of thermistor
  • Check wiring to the heating element.li
  • Check the connection of the heating element and the temperature sensor.li

If incorrect frequencies are registered for more than 5 seconds, a pressure sensor error occurs. If an error occurs, the water drain starts for 3 minutes.

  • Check water level sensor
  • Check wiring to water pressure sensor
  • Check the water level sensor wiring
  • Check the main controller

Drainage occurs if abnormal water temperature is detected at the start of the priming time.

If pressure sensor frequency is higher than 25.20KHz. Water will be drained by the drain pump.

If the pressure gauge reads a frequency lower than 25.20kHz, 10 minutes after starting the drainage this error occurs. This error code is very common, it can also be read as “SE” or “5E” depending on the state of the digital display.

Reset the error by pressing the “Start/Pause” button, then the washing machine will restart and try to drain again.

  • Check the drain pump filter for debris, clean it if necessary
  • Check hose for pinholes, kinks
  • Check the air chamber and pressure sensor hose
  • Water pressure sensor may be defective
  • Check the drain pump
  • Check the connection for draining water into the sewer

If the pressure sensor registers a frequency of abnormal water level more than 21.00kHz), the machine stops and starts the water drain until it reaches a frequency of 25.00kHz.

  • Check whether there is not too much foam (can occur if you use the wrong detergent)
  • Check water level sensor
  • Check the wiring and contacts on the water pressure sensor
  • Check the controller
  • Check water valve for foreign object

Washer detects unbalanced load. This error code is more for information. Washing machine is telling you that it is unable to spin properly without risk of damage due to unbalanced load.

The error appears if after turning on the heating element, the water temperature in the tank changes by more than 40″C within 5 minutes, or it changes by less than 2°C within 10 minutes.

Error appears if after turning on the heating element, the water temperature in the tank during 5 minutes changes by more than 40 ºC, or during 10 minutes by less than 2 ºC.

If incorrect frequencies are registered for more than 5 seconds, there is a pressure sensor error. When an error occurs, the water is drained for 3 minutes.

  • Check water level sensor
  • Check wiring to water pressure switch
  • Check connection of water level sensor
  • Check main controller

An error occurs if the water temperature in the SM has exceeded the preset values within the allotted time. 60°C (or more) for synthetic fabrics, 45°C (or more) for delicate fabrics, 45°C (or more) for wool. If this error occurs, the drain pump is forced to start for 3 minutes

If the water level falls below the safe water level of the heater more than 4 times during operation, this error will appear.

If tachogenerator signals do not appear within 2 seconds it is an error.

  • Check motor for foreign objects
  • Check tachogenerator
  • Check all connections and components in the motor (wiring)
  • Check connections at main control module
  • Check the main control module

There may be a short circuit of the motor. If tachogenerator registers 300 rpm for 1 sec. when the set speed is 90 rpm, this error occurs.

Could be a short circuit in the motor. If tachogenerator registers 300 rpm for 1 sec. when the setpoint is 90 rpm, this error occurs.

  • Check voltage
  • Check main control module
  • Check motor
  • Check if the door is closed properly
  • Check door handle for damage or wear
  • Check door fuse, if faulty replace door lock
  • Check door interlock wiring
  • Check that the door is closed correctly
  • Check door handle for damage or wear
  • Check door fuse, if not working replace door lock
  • Check door lock wiring

Responsibility for your safety, if you with the help of recommendations on the site will harm yourself or the washing machine Samsung, lies solely on you. All manipulations you perform at your own risk.

The site presents generalized causes of error codes, and there is no guarantee that the recommendations will solve your particular problem. You should also understand that the error codes are not a panacea, they only point in the right direction and are no substitute for professional diagnostic skills.

In most cases, the error codes will tell you enough to research and diagnose the cause of the breakdown.

I work in a service center for repair and maintenance of household appliances. In over 10 years of activity, I have dealt with solving a large number of problems with Windows, peripherals, home appliances, game consoles Playstation, etc. д.

Faulty heating element (E6, E5, HC2, HC1, HC, HC2, H1, HE3, HE2, HE1 and HE)

It will not be a revelation to anyone that the washing device has a heating element. a heating element by which the water acquires the desired temperature for washing things. Errors in the heater operation are indicated by the appearance of codes E6, E5, HC2, HC1, HC, HC2, H1, NOT3, NOT2, and NOT.

They appear on the display as a result of the following malfunctions:

  • there are faults in the internal network caused by a broken wire or a short circuit;
  • The tubular electric heater (TEN) is broken;
  • The temperature sensor has failed;
  • Errors occurred while performing the steam function;
  • The machine is incorrectly connected to the power grid.

There is not much you can do in this situation, except to check that the unit is connected to the power grid correctly. If all is well with this, and the codes continue to be displayed on the screen, call a specialist.

Samsung washing machine error codes

If your Samsung washing machine has a display, the error will usually appear as a combination of symbols with the letter E (Error). On mechanical models, errors will be indicated by a combination of light bulbs.

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In machines without display, all wash mode lights are flashing or on continuously, temperature mode indication is 40 degrees

Error in the process of draining: washing machine Samsung does not produce a drain

  • Drain pump (pump) breakdown.
  • Drainage connection blocked.
  • Control board (electronic controller) is broken.
  • Wiring or pins in the pump circuit are faulty.
  • Drainage filter can be disassembled and clogged.
  • Check if the sewer is not blocked
  • Eliminate the cause of bends or blockages in the drain hose.
  • Eliminate possibility of blocked drain pump.
  • Switch machine off and on again (may be a one-time control module malfunction).

Washing machines without display have flashing indicators of all washing modes, and the lights of 30°C, 40°C or 60°C temperature are lit

Occurred error when heating water during washing: Samsung washing machine does not heat or, on the contrary, heats water very strongly

  • FET is defective.
  • The temperature sensor (thermostat) has malfunctioned (defective).
  • The control board (controller of the washing machine) malfunctioned.
  • There is a fault in the wiring or contacts in the circuit of the heating element.
  • Check that the washer-dryer is correctly connected to the mains.
  • Turn off and turn on the CM again, if the problem no longer manifests itself, it is probably a temporary control module failure.
  • If these causes are excluded, it could be a more serious malfunction (heating element, controller or temperature sensor failure).

All wash mode lights on models without display blinking, all temperature indicators are lit.

Samsung washing machine hatch locking error: The door can not be closed or opened

  • The device for blocking the hatch (UBL) malfunctions.
  • Faulty control board (electronic controller).
  • The door hinges are deformed or blocked.
  • The door lock mechanism is mechanically damaged.
  • The contacts have come loose or the wiring in the door locking circuit is damaged.
  • Door may not be closed tightly: check if it is closed and make sure there are no foreign objects in it
  • Inspect the hinges securing the door to the machine. It should move easily without obstructions.
  • Open the door and close it again, restart the wash cycle. If all is well, it may have been a temporary failure of the electronic module.

If there is no display, all mode lights are flashing and the 30°C cold water temperature gauge (first from bottom) is lit.

  • The water inlet valve of the washing machine may be defective.
  • The washing machine control board (electronic controller) has malfunctioned.
  • The water level sensor is defective (t. н., The pressostat does not “know” that the machine is not primed.
  • Contacts in the fill valve circuit are loose.
  • Check whether there is water supply to the water mains.
  • Make sure that the shutoff valve, through which water is supplied, is open.
  • Check hoses for kinks, kinks and other deformations. If they are there. fix the problem
  • Check that the strainer mesh in the water intake valve is not blocked or calcified. If yes, you should take it out and wash it, remove the lime.
  • In a case if the mentioned recommendations didn’t help. the problem can have more complicated reason.
  • The water level sensor (pressostat) is defective or has broken.
  • The foam sensor has malfunctioned (the error is only relevant to the advanced, newest and most expensive Samsung models such as WD80K52E0AX, WW90M74LNOO, WW10M86KNOA).
  • Partially clogged drain tube, by virtue of which the water goes, and the foam remains inside the machine.
  • The electronic control board (controller) of the washing machine is out of order or has temporarily malfunctioned.
  • Remove partial blockage from drain filter by taking it out and rinsing thoroughly with water and nonaggressive detergents.
  • Make sure there are no partial clogs in the drain hose by unscrewing and rinsing it under the faucet with high temperature water.
  • Make sure that the detergent is chosen correctly (it is designed for automatic machines, not for hand washing and added in sufficient, but not excessive amounts).
  • Make sure you select the adequate washing mode for the type of fabric: fluffy, feathery items, as well as porous materials (eg, tulle) require a special mode.
  • Use only quality powder from a verified manufacturer.

Older Samsung models have blinking lights in all modes of washing; 60°C temperature indicator is on

The machine does not rotate the drum due to improper load on its axis and stops in spin mode

  • The electronic controller (control board) has malfunctioned.
  • The SM bearing is worn or deformed due to wear and tear.
  • The drive belt that rotates the drum is worn out or has come loose.
  • Tachogenerator (tachometer) malfunction.
  • Electromagnetic motor brushes are worn out and out of order.
  • Evaluate the amount of laundry loaded in the machine: it should not be too much, otherwise the drum may malfunction, the drive belt, bearings, etc. may wear out and become unusable., It should not be too low.
  • Spread the laundry evenly in the drum and do not allow it to curl up into lumps; otherwise it will create imbalance in the drum.
  • Make sure that the machine is positioned correctly, level and exactly horizontal (use the level).

On models without display light bulbs blink on all washing modes and glow at the extreme (lower and upper) indicators of cold water temperature 30°C and 95°C

Water leaks out of the washing machine or “self-drain” occurs. the machine draws and immediately drains the water from the tank.

  • The manhole seal is damaged and is leaking.
  • Drainage tube deformed.
  • The water level sensor (pressostat) is broken or defective.
  • The washing machine control card (electronic controller) is defective.
  • The aquastop has tripped (relevant for models equipped with a leakage protection function).
  • The drain hose is defective.
  • If it is a new or reinstalled washing machine the connection could be faulty.
  • Contacts in the aquastop or pressostat circuits are soldered out.
  • Check that the washer-dryer drain filter is screwed tight.
  • Ensure that the end of the drain hose is correctly connected to the drainage system or lowered into the tub.
  • Check all the machine‘s hose connections with the sewage system and water pipes.
  • Check that no leaks or fittings are found.
  • The water may be leaking but not foam: change the detergent to a suitable one and adjust the amount of detergent for the next wash.
  • If the self-help methods noted above do not work, there is likely a more serious malfunction.

In older washing machines without display, the lights in all washing modes are flashing and the temperature indicator lights are lit at 40°C and 95°C

The washing machine spins the cloths very slowly: the drum does not spin fast enough or spins poorly or spins very fast

  • Tacho sensor (tachogenerator or hall sensor) is defective, it can not work properly, and therefore the corresponding command is sent to the electronic module.
  • Washing machine motor malfunction.
  • The timing belt also fails.
  • Motor brushes are defective
  • The control board has malfunctioned.
  • There is a short circuit in the wiring or pins in the tachogenerator (Hall sensor) circuit.
  • Cancel the wash and check the number of items loaded (probably caused by an overload of laundry).
  • Restart the washing process, watch the operation of the SM. If the error does not appear, there was probably a one-time failure of the control board.
  • If the above measures do not eliminate the error, there is a more complex problem.

Eb (for Samsung models manufactured before 2007)

On machines without display (e.g. model S1021), all the washing light flashes simultaneously and all except the second light from above; 30°C (cold water), 40°C and 95°C are ON

The machine begins to rinse immediately after starting and one of these error codes is set, or the machine does not start at all and sets an error code immediately

  • Triac defective Motor control triac.
  • Tachogenerator (tachometer or hall sensor) failed.
  • The power button or a key on the control panel is stuck or otherwise defective.
  • Control electronics board “fails”.
  • Faulty wiring or contacts in motor circuit or control panel.
  • Check the machine for misoperation of front panel buttons.
  • Switch the machine off and on again to check that there is no temporary failure of the control board.
  • Check the correctness of the connection of the SM to the power supply, as well as the serviceability and integrity of the socket, cord and plug.
  • If the above measures didn’t help, the problem is more serious.

At machines without display of old brands flashing indicators of all washing modes and lit top two lights of temperature: 60 ° C and 95 ° C

Machine does not heat water at all or heats it strongly

  • The temperature sensor (thermostat or thermistor) has malfunctioned: no signal to the control unit from the thermostat or thermistor.
  • The heating element (TEN) is defective
  • Control board (controller) malfunction;
  • The temperature sensor (thermostat or thermistor) of the drying element must be defective. Only valid for Samsung models with dryer, e.g. WD70J5410AW, WD80K52E0ZW, WD80K52E0ZX, etc.д.
  • Other temperature sensors in the washer-dryer models (condensation flow thermistor, fan housing temperature sensor) are defective.
  • Wiring or contacts in the water heating circuit or when drying

To solve the problem on your own, you can recommend disconnecting the machine and restart the washing process, specifying whether there was not an accidental one-time failure in the control module of the washing machine (controller). Since here we are talking about important components of the technique, no other self-repair measures will not be effective. Most often, when these parts fail, they have to be replaced with new ones.

In older models, all the washing cycle lights flash and the 30°C (cold water), 40°C and 60°C temperature lamps light up (three from the bottom).

This type of error is always characterized by an incorrect amount of water in the machine. It does not take on water at all or takes on not enough water, does not want to drain the water from an overflowing tank, the laundry is wet, there is water in the tank.

  • The sensor (relay) of the water level, pressostat is broken, and therefore the washing machine “does not understand”. How much water is inside the tank.
  • A problem with the control board (controller).
  • Wiring or contacts in the pressostat circuit malfunction.
  • Check that the water inlet hose is not pinched.
  • Check if the pressostat tube (water level sensor) is disconnected or kinked. To do this you will need to partially disassemble the washing machine, at least by removing the top cover of the washer (for models with horizontal loads: WD80K52E0AX, WD806U2GAGD etc.).).
  • Turn the machine off and restart the process of washing because it could be an accidental malfunction of the controller.

On models without a display, the lights on all washing modes flash and the 30°C and 40°C temperature indicators are on

Washer draws too much water.

  • The inlet valve is defective and the appliance overflows.
  • The pressostat (sensor or relay for determining the water level in the washing machine) has malfunctioned;
  • The control board (controller) of the washing machine malfunctioned.
  • Damaged wiring or contacts in the pressostat control circuit.
  • Use only detergents for automatic washing and not for hand washing.
  • Carefully adjust the amount of detergent: too much detergent may well cause this problem.
  • Only use high-quality detergent.
  • Check if the washing machine’s drain is correctly connected to the sewerage system.

Uc, 9C,9E1, 9E2

All top lights of machines without display blink, including lock indicator

Washing machine suddenly stops washing (at any stage of the cycle) or does not turn on at all.

  • Control board (controller) malfunction
  • Power failure (occurs if mains power is cut off). If it happens suddenly because of a power cut, the error will disappear on its own after the power supply is restored).
  • The washing machine has reacted to too high or too low mains voltage.
  • Do not use an extension cord to connect to the mains.
  • Do not use the washing machine without an external adapter. High-tech models are very sensitive to power surges, and therefore there is a risk of breakdown.
  • Check the power supply and do not use old or weak plugs.
  • Make sure there are no problems with the mains voltage and electricity supply (using another electric appliance as an example).

Washing machine does the job properly, but display shows these symbols.

  • 2H. 100 to 180 minutes to the end of washing (not to be confused with H2. error indication of water heating!).
  • 3H. 180-240 minutes to end of wash.
  • 4H. at least 240 minutes.
  • Wait for end of cycle.
  • Often appears when selecting a long washing mode and shows how many minutes remain to the end of the cycle.
  • In order to avoid mistakes, if it is fundamental, it is better to set a shorter time.

AE 13E AC ACb (AC6)

The machine does not respond to pressing the buttons, or it starts the washing process and then stops. The machine may not turn on at all or washes for one cycle but then does not wash

  • This is most often caused by a communication error between the control board and the display system.
  • Control module (controller) may be failing.
  • Display module itself is experiencing problems.
  • Broken wiring or disconnected contacts between modules.
  • Check buttons for sticking.
  • If it didn’t help, switch off and re-start the washing process. If there is no effect, the cause of the malfunction can be assumed to be very serious.

Only for Samsung models with dryer (e.g. WD80K5410OW, WD80K52E0AW, WD70J5410AW)

Washer does not dry laundry or suddenly interrupts drying process

  • Drying fan malfunction.
  • Control module fails to operate once.
  • Broken wiring or contacts in the fan circuit.
  • Switch machine off and on again in “Dry” mode.
  • If the result is unsatisfactory, the failure requires professional diagnosis.

Only valid for washing machines with a dryer function (e.g. WD90N74LNOA, WD806U2GAGD and other models)

The washing machine does not dry or does not finish drying the laundry

  • Dryer temperature sensor of the washing machine is defective.
  • The heating element in the dryer is defective or has malfunctioned.
  • Restart the drying process, if everything is normal, there is most likely a one-time failure of the control module or the drying temperature sensor.
  • Check the wiring and contacts in the dryer heating circuit.

is only relevant for Samsung washing machines with “Add Door” function (e.g. WW 10M86KNOA AddWash, WD80K52E0ZX)

Improper use of the door Add Door for additional load of forgotten laundry during the washing cycle.

When using the “Add Door”, it is necessary, by pressing the “Start/Pause” button, to wait for the machine to stop completely, finish the forgotten things. To continue washing, close the door and press the “Start/Pause” button.

Door lock “Add Door” error. Only applies to washing machines with this function (e.g. WD80K5410OS, WW70K62E00S, WW90K54H0UX)

Door with additional door not closed or cannot be opened. The washing process has stopped.

  • Door locking device (ODL) “Add Door” has failed.
  • Various mechanical damages of the door of the additional door loading (lock, hinges),
  • Control board malfunction.
  • Wiring or contacts of the “Add Door” door locking device are defective.
  • Close the “Add Door” before washing and after placing the laundry again.
  • Inspect the door for foreign objects in the closing device, as well as the door hinges and fasteners.
  • Switch the appliance off with the “Power” button and then switch it on again. This will help if the cause is a one-time failure of the electronic circuit board.

8E,8E1, 8C, 8C1

Relevant to new washing machines younger than 2013, equipped with a vibration sensor (in older models it is a tachogenerator)

The drum of the washing machine rotates at an inadequate speed (does not rotate at all, rotates faster or slower than it should), things are squeezed out badly.

  • The vibration sensor has failed.
  • Malfunction of the motor.
  • Failure of motor brushes,
  • The control board (electronic controller) is malfunctioning.
  • Problem with wiring or pins in VRT vibration sensor circuit

Switching the machine off and on again. This rules out the possibility of a temporary control board malfunction. All other cases are more serious problems.

Machine stops washing, all indicators are off. Is now displaying one of these errors.

The electricity supply was most likely interrupted and then restored

Press “Start / Pause” to continue the program.

The machine displays one of these errors and does not wash.

It is not a mistake to switch on the factory test mode

To solve the problem, press and hold the “Temperature” and “Option” buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.

Machine has high temperature inside (over 70 degrees) while drying

Not an error. Machine reports that drying is proceeding normally.

Do not turn off the washer-dryer, allow it to continue the drying process. Wait for end. The message will disappear on its own when the temperature inside the washer is lowered.

CE, AC, ACb (AC6), 4C2

On machines without a display, all washing modes flash and the top temperature indicator light is 95° (or Bio 60°).

Machine draws water but immediately releases it without doing a load.

The water temperature is too high.

  • Temperature sensor defective.
  • There is a wiring problem or a faulty contact in the heating circuit.
  • Heating element (heating element) is malfunctioning.
  • Control board malfunction.
  • Check that the machine is properly installed, and specifically, make sure that. That the fill hose is connected to cold water, not hot water.
  • Turn off the machine and restart the washing process to eliminate the possibility of temporary failure of the control module.

6C, SdC (5dC)

Automatic dispenser error (appears only in Samsung washing machines with Wi-Fi function, for example, WW65K42E00SDLP, WW70R62LATX)

Restart the washing process, thereby eliminating the possibility of a temporary failure of the control board.

Error codes of washing machines Samsung

How to decipher the error of washing machines Samsung

In new generation Samsung washing machines, the error codes are displayed on the screen. In washing machines that do not have a display, the error is calculated by the glow indicators of temperature mode selection, in addition, all the washing mode LEDs are blinking. At first let’s consider the SM, which has a display, the fact is that in these washing machines, the codes are much more, that is, the function of self-diagnosis, is already more modified and therefore more accurately displays the error on the scoreboard, that is, we start with the difficult and end with the simple. It is also necessary to take into account that with the development of progress the washing machines get more and more new functions, for example AquaStop mode. By the way in my practice, there was more than one case where the owner of the washing machine, paid to repair the housing to a neighbor who lives under it, because of the flooding. So, such protection as AquaStop, protects you and your washing machine from unauthorized water leaks from under the nozzles or tank, and in the case of a leak, it automatically stops the washing. Now you can begin to read the error codes and their deciphering

Error codes for the washing machine Samsung with a display

Did not drain the water for a certain period of time. For more information about this I explained here

  • First of all it is necessary to clean the filter, for this unscrew the plug, take a flashlight and dedicate to the impeller of the pump, very often different small objects fall under it. If you can get to the impeller with your finger, then try to turn it
  • It is necessary to blow out the drain hose, do not immediately do this. First you have to unscrew the pump filter and only then blow into the hose. The point is that in the pipe that runs from the tank to the body of the washing machine pump, is a plastic ball, so if you blow into the drain hose and do not unscrew the filter, this ball can fly from its seat
  • It is necessary to clean the pipe which goes from the tank to the pump housing
  • Check how the pump turns on, it is better to remove it, sometimes threads get wrapped around the impeller and interfere with its rotation. Be sure to look at the play on the impeller, if it is big, then it is possible that the water does not drain, because of this

If all of the above has not helped, call the master, rarely, but there are problems with the control module

In general, I wrote about this problem in detail in this article

The washing machine tank has not been filled for a certain period of time

  • Unscrew the hose from the washing machine, dip it into a basin and check the pressure
  • In the valve body there is a filter, a small sieve, it should be taken out and blown and also check the mesh on the filling hose, if it is cleaned too
  • Blow out the pressostat hose
  • Check the pressostat
  • Check how the valves work

You can read about all of this, but in more detail, in this article

The temperature of the water that is poured into the machine exceeds 50 O C

As the saying goes, “there will be no more cinematography.”. Going out on a call I have very often seen that the owners connect the water to the washing machine, from the gas water heater. Now ended lafa, if the module will see that, in the tank receives water over 50 degrees, he will stop washing. As you know, when you turn on the water heater, it is almost boiling at first, and only then the temperature stabilizes. In general, now Samsungs are not suitable, in order to connect them to the water from the gas boiler

Too much foaming in the tank

From my observations, such a failure is observed when people wash small portions of laundry, like the powder is the same, and a lot of foam. In general, you need to change the powder or put a little less. If you look at all modern washing machines, I do not mean just Samsung, then we see that they are stuffed with all sorts of crap that I personally wonder how they can wash

No even distribution of laundry in the drum

It is clear that the first thing to do is to unplug the washing machine and see if the laundry is crotchless. Usually this problem occurs when washing duvet covers, just in the middle there is a hole in which the laundry, which is washed with them. If such cases are more frequent, then it is necessary to look at shock absorbers, that is, they no longer muffle the vibration in the machine

First you need to check how high the drain hose is raised, in general about the formation of a siphon, I wrote a whole article. Which I think you will find interesting to read. In this article we discuss why the washing machine can constantly drain the water

Washing machine does not see the motor shaft rotation

  • First of all it is necessary to remove the belt from the pulley of the drum, and try to spin the drum, if it rotates normally, it is necessary to check the following parts
  • Check the tachometer
  • Check the motor shaft rotation
  • It is necessary to check the wires for breaks and contacts for oxidation
  • Engine brushes

In general, check everything that is associated with the rotation of the motor, if everything is normal, then call the master, most likely the problem in the module

High or low voltage in the network

Fault is very common, especially in the former Soviet Union, just recently went to the application. In the house where I made the repairs, voltage measurements showed 280 volts in the network, and it is not spikes, and a constant voltage. Got out of it by installing a 3kW stabilizer. It is important to understand that the washing machine consumes about 2.5 kW, so less than that can not be put. The regulator will simply burn out

First you must check the serviceability of the locking mechanism on the hatch itself, that is how the hook springs, which presses the lock mechanism, and pay special attention to the lock LED, when the door is closed it should not flash the same way as when it is open. If everything is alright with the door, then do the following procedure

  • Take a screwdriver
  • Plug the washing machine into the socket
  • Try using a screwdriver to simulate the hook of the door, that is, you must press the lock mechanism so that it snaps into place
  • If you hear a click and the water begins to pour, then you need to look for a mechanical problem associated with either the lock or the hook

I draw your attention to safety precautions, all this must be done in rubber shoes and rubber gloves, and in general, if you never did it. better not get involved, and call a master

A lot of water in the washing machine tray

The first thing to do is to check the pipes, it is possible that under them went a leak. You must also pour water into the tank and see if any water leaks from it. In short, check everything connected with the leakage of water from the system. There is another reason, the fact that inherently AquaStop, this is a plastic float, which in the case of a water leak rises and presses the micro switch, which in turn shuts off the washing machine from the water supply. In general, under this float is sometimes clogged, some muck, it is necessary to get to it and see if there is anything under it

You need to check the wiring and contacts on the water level sensor. Of course the best way is to replace the pressostat. Do not forget that this sensor is electronic and to check it an ordinary person, without knowledge of electronics and the right tools is almost unrealistic. On Samsungs, even though the sensors are good, but sometimes they fly. In general, look for any machine Samsung, put there your sensor and check the pressostat on this brand the same

First of all, pay attention to how all the buttons on your CM are pressed, just poke them with your finger. Usually such a state of affairs occurs in consequence of repair works in an apartment or in a house. It often happens that the buttons stick because of the presence of sweet substances such as syrup or sweet tea. In general, such an error is the result of careless attitude to the washing machine

There is no connection between the main control module and the control panel

There is nothing to be done here, you have to call a craftsman. Only an experienced person can deal with this detail, I mean the control module. Almost all the control units on the washing machine Samsung, filled with silicone, and novice masters make a lot of mistakes when they start to pull out the main unit from the case, you can not do this in any case, as a law in such cases, the board is broken, as a result of restoring it is almost impossible

Before draining, the water has an increased temperature

That’s the funniest error I’ve ever heard. Its essence is not clear at all. Perhaps the bourgeoisie had in mind, the high temperature level in the washing machine or untimely switching on the heater. In short, until the water cools and you, it will not drain, this error will hang like an open one. I have never met with such a failure, but I think the first thing to check the thermistor, that is, the water heating sensor, it is possible that this error could be caused by a sticking heater relay. In general, you need to look at the circuit that controls the water heater. And in general, I read somewhere that it can occur as a result of connecting a washing machine to a gas boiler

Simply put, the tachometer is out of order. First of all you need to check it, the best way to do this is to replace the motor. Try to blow out the motor with air, sometimes it happens that water gets on the tahodatch, and as a result it closes. Check the motor pins well, pick up a hair dryer and dry the motor pins. In general, the Samsung motor is located in a place where it is possible to get water on it from all sides. In general, dry the engine well, if you have the opportunity to change it, then try to change it, if it is not possible, it is better to call the wizard

As you understand, this error is designed only for washing machines which have a laundry drying function. It is necessary to stupidly check the sensor, the wire breakage and contacts

As in the previous point, determine the part for serviceability. First of all look at the wiring, contacts, and only then try to supply 220 volts to the fan, if it will work, then most likely it is necessary to look for a fault in the control module. If it does not work, change the fan

Automatic detergent dispenser does not turn on

This error occurs only in those washing machines which are connected to the Internet by means of Wi-Fi. How ridiculous it sounds, check your router and your Internet connection, or better yet, do not use this function

In short, the same as in the previous paragraph, only here more accurately indicated that you need to look at the drive, this damn dispenser. And again, the function is only available on machines connected to the Internet via WI-FI

Samsung washing machine DE error code Door lock fault

High temperature in the drum when drying the laundry

First of all, you need to check the dryer temperature sensor, it is possible that its nominal value does not correspond to the norm. Check the heater relay on the control module, it also happens. In general, this error appears only in those washing machines that have the drying function

Error PoF occurs after the power was turned off during the washing, and after it is turned on, these three letters appear, as a law, usually brains require restarting the program, it is necessary to select a new program and turn on the washing machine again

How to Read an Error Code from a Samsung Washing Machine with No Display

First of all, you should not be intimidated by what you do not know. Here everything is much easier than you can even imagine. The code is read by the glow indicators of washing modes and temperature selection modes. In case your washing machine has generated an error on the control panel, then all the washing machine indicators are blinking and any of the temperature selection LEDs are lit. Pay attention to the photo below, I think it says it all clearly. Some lights are blinking and others are on. It is very important that you understand that any error blinks all the washing mode LEDs. In this case, I will not decipher the codes in detail in the table below, as they are identical to those I have decoded above, if something is not clear, see the table above

Error D3 Samsung washing machine (Samsung)

In different models of washing machines Samsung error codes may vary. Improvement of diagnostic system, constant implementation of new features to facilitate the washing process leads to changes in the programming code of washing machines Samsung. The appearance of the error code d3 on the display informs the owner or a Samsung washing machine repair technician of problems with the loader door. Similar problems that prevent the normal functioning of the appliances can be displayed as DE, Ed, De1, DOOR codes.

Ed code is rarely seen on washing machines. This designation was used in machines produced before 2008. In today’s line, the Ed error on a Samsung washing machine has been replaced by the symbols De.

The code can be supplemented with numbers, the full list of possible errors:

Some Samsung models use error codes with additional letter “c”:

On some Samsung washing machines instead of fault codes use the full verbal notation. door error or just door.

In machines not equipped with a display, similar failures are signaled by flashing diodes and backlighting of all the water temperature indicator lights.

What to do if the washing machine fails and shows one of the above symbols on the display. we will try to explain.

Possible problems at Ed

When the Samsung washing machine’s display lights up Ed, a number of difficulties can arise with the technique:

  • the hatch cannot be closed;
  • If the machine gives an error Ed at the end of the washing, the door can not be unlocked;
  • the washing machine closes, but the lock does not work.

Depending on the behavior of the washing machine, the problem may be minimal or require professional repair.

Errors of the Samsung washing machine

If you are the owner of a washing machine Samsung and you have had a breakdown, then perhaps you can fix the situation yourself, because the manufacturer has taken care and has equipped their washing machines with the function of error display. Samsung washing machine error codes can tell you about many things. Here you can find the description of the malfunction as well as troubleshooting suggestions.

Error Codes Of Samsung Top Load Washing Machine | How to Rectify Them With Subtitles

All errors are divided into categories, depending on the type of fault and which unit of the washing machine fails. If your Samsung washing machine gives you an error, below you can find the possible cause of the error and how to fix it.

If you can not find your error in this table, then you can ask a question in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

  • The pressostat is mechanically damaged or cracked.
  • The pressostat tube may be jammed or clogged with something.
  • Contacts of water level switch are worn out.
  • Contacts connecting to level sensor oxidized.
  • Pressostat tube not connected.
  • A problem with the washing machine control module.
  • Perform an external inspection of the water level sensor, it should not have any chips or other mechanical damage.
  • Check supply pipe is connected.
  • Remove the tube and check if it is not clogged.
  • Clean contacts that connect to relay and clean relay contacts.
  • If relay is defective, replace it.
  • Oxidized or damaged motor connection pins.
  • The tacho contacts are oxidized or damaged.
  • Motor windings open or short-circuited.
  • Motor rotor is jammed.
  • Check continuity of motor connecting pins. Clean them if necessary.
  • Check tacho contacts for continuity. Clean them if necessary.
  • Check to see if the motor is jammed. If rotor is jammed, remove cause.
  • Check motor wiring for continuity.
  • Tachogenerator problem or malfunction.
  • The motor contacts are oxidized or damaged.
  • Motor can’t cope with too much laundry. Overloaded.
  • Reduce amount of laundry and repeat program.
  • Check motor contact continuity, clean if necessary.
  • Check tachogenerator function.
  • Check tachogenerator contact continuity.
  • Check relay and tachogenerator itself for faultless operation.
  • Tacho sensor gives wrong signals.
  • No signal from control module.
  • Distances between direct drive parts are broken.

Samsung washing machine dE error code

  • Check integrity of contacts and tachometer itself.
  • Check control module connections, clean if necessary.
  • Measure actuator clearances and compare with a reference.
  • Bad contact in motor or tachogenerator connections.
  • Tachogenerator defective.
  • Motor malfunction.
  • Check and deburr all connections.
  • Check tachogenerator for damage. Check washer motor.
  • Filling valve blocked by foreign object.
  • Valve not connected or broken contacts.
  • Hot water connection instead of cold water.
  • No hose connection to the powder collector.
  • Unscrew the inlet hose and check whether the valve is not blocked with a foreign object, if so, remove it.
  • Check valve connection pins, clean if necessary.
  • Connect the appliance to the water mains in accordance with the instructions.
  • Check the hose up to the powder hopper is connected, not blocked or damaged.
  • Connection to hot water instead of cold water. Hoses are mixed up.
  • Water supply temperature in the washer dryer is above 70°C during the drying program.
  • The drain hose is blocked or pinched.
  • Drain pump impeller blocked or damaged.
  • The drain line is blocked.
  • Drainage hose is frozen.
  • Drain pump does not work.
  • Ensure the drain hose is in the correct position, check if it is not blocked.
  • Drain pump is not blocked Check for small objects in drain pump.
  • Check that the water flows normally down the drain.
  • If the temperature in the room where the drain hose is, is less than 0 °C, the hose can freeze.
  • Check the contacts and function of the drain pump.
  • Malfunction of the motor tachometer, causing the motor itself to rotate incorrectly.
  • Contact on the motor connection disturbed or oxidized.
  • Problems with the control circuit.
  • Check the tachometer for proper functioning.
  • Check and, if necessary, clean the motor contacts.
  • Problems with the electrical network of the washing machine.
  • Rarely, the control module is defective.
  • Need to check the voltage during the operation of the machine, to do this, connect a multimeter to the inner contacts and during the washing program, measure the voltage at them.
  • If you are using an extension cord to connect the washing machine, it could be the cause of this error, so try connecting the unit directly, eliminating it.
  • You need to check all the connections to these modules, the quality of the contacts.
  • If necessary, replace the damaged module.
  • Button may be jammed because of deformation of the control panel plastic.
  • The error also occurs if the panel screws are tightened too much.
  • Can occur if plastic control panel is deformed
  • The error also occurs if the panel screws are screwed too tight.
  • Contact problems in the relay on the control module.
  • Relay may be permanently closed.
  • If the water temperature in the washing machine is over 55 °C and it is necessary to drain it, this error appears, t. к. Water of this temperature or higher is not drained for safety reasons.
  • The temperature sensor does not work properly or does not work.
  • The error will disappear automatically, and the water will be drained when it has cooled to the correct temperature.
  • Check if the sensors are connected correctly and if they work properly.
  • The contact of the switch to close the hatch is broken because of the distortion of the hook.
  • Occurs during the heating of the washing machine due to deformation of the door from the temperature.
  • Door lock connector error.
  • Control module not working correctly.
  • Check the insulation of the wire going to the connector.
  • Check if the interlock connector is connected correctly.
  • Check integrity of the plug itself.
  • Cooling fan doesn’t work or is blocked.
  • Cooling start condenser not working.
  • Check if the fan rotates by hand and the blades are not blocked. possibly need to grease or replace it.
  • Check the wiring to the fan, as well as the continuity of the contacts.
  • Check if the start-up condenser connector blew out when the top cover of the washer was installed.
  • Replace the condenser, t.к. It is not possible to check its performance with standard instruments.
  • Dirty heating element (short circuit, breakage) or no contact.
  • Damage to the temperature sensor.
  • Error can occur if the water temperature is more than 100% or if there is no water in the tank at all.
  • Check the resistance of the heating element and its contacts.
  • Check temperature sensor for proper functioning.
  • The error means there is water leakage from the washing machine tank.
  • Or the water leak sensor is broken.
  • The heating element has not come out of its seat; it may be leaking there.
  • There is no damage to the tank around the transport screws.
  • The drain pump filter is screwed in correctly.
  • Is the air hose in place?
  • The hose to the powder hopper is correctly connected.
  • You may have poured too much detergent and it is now leaking because of the foam formation.
  • Are all necessary gaskets in place and intact?
  • Check the drain hose for damage.
  • Water level sensor failure.
  • The hose to the water level sensor is clogged.
  • Water valve does not close and water is constantly coming in.
  • Check the water level sensor tube for blockages.
  • Replace the water level sensor.
  • Check to see if a foreign object has entered the water valve.
  • The heating element or its contacts are defective.
  • Temperature sensor defective.
  • The water temperature has exceeded 100°C.
  • Check the serviceability of the heater and temperature sensor.
  • Check that they are connected correctly and that the contacts are in good condition.
  • The laundry in the drum is crumpled in one place, causing imbalance.
  • Unbalanced washing machine.
  • Distribute the laundry evenly over the entire drum.
  • Find the cause of imbalance and fix it.
  • Large amount of detergent in the machine has created a lot of foam.
  • Or use detergent for hand washing.
  • The error does not need to be corrected; it will automatically remove the foam and continue normal operation.
  • Use automatic laundry detergent.

As you can see, with the help of fault codes in the washing machine, the manufacturers of Samsung have provided an opportunity to determine the breakdown very quickly, and thus accelerate the time to fix it.

Explanation of error se

If the machine Samsung Diamond, Sensor gives out a code se, in some models, this code is comparable to 5e and it means that there is a problem with the water drain. This code appears on the display as soon as the washing program is almost finished.

Soapy water must be drained off for the rinsing and wringing process to begin. But for one possible reason, the control board receives a signal that this step is not possible and the device shows this code.



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