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Electrolux oven how to remove the glass

Oven door and gasket. Electrolux EKC603505X Operating Instructions

The oven should be cleaned more thoroughly using the specific oven cleaner.

Oven door and gasket

If you use an oven door, we recommend that you remove the.

1) Fully open the oven door

Remove and Reinstall Electrolux Icon Double Oven Doors (also works on Ikea Kulinarisk oven)

the small levers on both sides of the appliance (see >>> the small levers on both sides of the appliance, for details, see >>> the small levers on both sides of the appliance. fig. 1);

the small levers on both hinges (see. levers on both hinges (see Illustration 2);

grab the door left and right

and slowly lift it halfway to the closed position (see p.15). Figure.3);

electrolux, oven, remove, glass

Carefully remove the door by pulling on the

Place it on a stable, level

Use only a soft cloth dampened with warm water. Never use harsh abrasives.

the door of the oven back in place, following the procedure described above in reverse order.

DO NOT clean the door until the glass panes have cooled. The glass pane may shatter if left unchecked.

If cracks or deep scratches appear on the glass pane, this will reduce the strength of the glass; in this case, do not use abrasives or scrapers

Changing the outer glass of the Electrolux EOB5647X oven

Once upon a time there was an Electrolux EOB 5647 X. The first five years with the cooktop, but one day the cooktop shattered into tiny glass cubes. The same fate befell the outside glass of the oven 5 years later. On the cooker search the Internet to find the answer to the question why it happened? They didn’t, the service blamed it on faulty installation and the whole warranty fell through the cracks. We have this case is no longer under warranty, so we bought a new hob and forgot. A couple of months ago it happened again with the outer pane. And take a close look at the second photo where I put a ruler on the guides:

Glued closely to the rails, the glass just rubs off when the door is fully opened. As long as the silicone sealant is elastic, the force on the glass decreases as it is stretched. Over time, it will harden and all the stress will fall on the glass, and as we can see it ends with a noisy cracking noise. In the photo the hinges are already slightly sawed with an angle grinder. I thought I could get by with it, but the hinge body is too small, so I had to put a spacer between the rails and the glass. But more on that later. The first thing I did was look for the glass. There were not many sites that promised its availability, but out of five, only one of them answered and told me that just this glass is already booked and is leaving right now and a new one in three weeks they can bring. Price glass 150. My question about the dissimilarity of the picture on the website with the original caused a storm of indignation in the young teenager and it was useless to talk to him further, as well as before. Googled glazing and the first link led to the site of our Dnepropetrovsk company Steklomiks. where the glass and glue were ordered. I decided to order 5 mm instead of 4 mm glass and in addition to strengthen the strip around the hinges, because the glass has no frame and the entire load during the opening falls on it. The glass is painted around the perimeter, but I decided to double-check and reduced the indentation from the edges to glue the rails directly on the glass and not on the paint. In the case of the black frame and black sealant color difference is not very noticeable. Next thing about the process of gluing. Everything seems clear from the photo. put on the masking tape, put on the sealant and put on. Between the rails reinforcing strip is also on the sealant.

The glass is tempered and slightly bent in places, it is not noticeable on the finished product, but when gluing the two glasses, it was unclear why the evenly applied sealant after squeezing in one place squeezed out, while the other lacked it. A decorative overlay also abundantly we plaster with sealant for monolithism of all design and we put it on the rack for 24 hours for hardening.

Then everything is assembled and latched (don’t forget the latches in the photo at the beginning of the page) and the oven is ready to use.

The price difference was 5 times and this is taking into account the fact that the sealant they sell is three times more expensive than you could find, I did not think this through immediately. From 750grn. total purchase price 200grn. Cost glue. Below the size and scheme, though the glass in the picture has a cutout, which this model is not, but it will leave on the conscience of Managers-sellers.

The oven has already been walked test, a lot of delicious food has been cooked, so this method of restoration is considered successful. If there will be changes will write.

  • Make sure the oven has cooled down.
  • Fill the water drawer to the maximum mark.
  • Select the steam cleaning function from the menu:
  • Turn on the desired function.
  • When the cleaning process is complete, wipe the interior dry with a soft cloth.

To remove the door, point the door upward and pull it horizontally, after which it comes away from the case with ease. Keep in mind its weight not to break the glass or injure yourself.

Wash without removing the door

There is a way to wash the inside of the glass without dismantling the door itself, because sometimes it is very difficult or impossible to “untwist” it.

Take any wet wipes from 1 piece to 10 or more (as many as needed).

At the end of the door are the holes through which most dirt passes: grease, dust, etc. п. The second dirtiest places are the side crotches.

But it’s hard to clean them by hand: they simply won’t fit. As a good option, use long thin sticks. You can look for other suitable items.

Wet cloth is put on the sticks from one edge and inserted through any of the above holes.

Glass is cleaned very well with this method. The best is fresh dirt, so do not procrastinate with cleaning. Used wipes are easy to pull out even by hand.

Thus it is necessary to go to all sides. The oven will look like new.

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After long use, the recessed oven and the door with glass should be thoroughly cleaned. Cleaning should be carried out not only externally, but also inside, as dirt and grease can get under the glass. In order to clean, we need to remove it. And for this you need to remove the door.

Glass removal

After removing the door, you can begin to remove the glass. Modern furnaces have two or three panes of glass installed. The second glass is usually attached to the body. Removing it is simple enough. Removing the door was necessary for safe and convenient cleaning. If the door is not taken off its hinges, there is a risk that it will slam shut and injure the person.

For the following oven models, here are instructions on how to remove the glass and clean it:

You should not put too much pressure on the glass. If the force is too great, it can be damaged.

  • Place the door with the handle down on a smooth and soft surface.
  • Note the presence of screws in the door. If there are any, unscrew them. If they are missing, start moving from the bottom up. The open door looks like a laptop computer. Bolts may not be present in some models of ovens. But the upward movement of the structure does not depend on the type of model.
  • Now the glass part is free. It needs to be lifted up and pulled out.
  • You can begin to clean the glass.
  • After cleaning, put the glass back where it was. Note that there are special strips on the sides.
  • Fix all the fasteners.
  • Putting back on the oven.

Pull the top of the door from top to bottom

When the door is open, it looks a little like a laptop computer

It doesn’t matter which glass you need to remove. the exterior or the interior. In both cases, follow the steps listed above. The fasteners for both glass panes are inside.

If you can’t clean the glass, you can call in a professional.

Before using it for the first time

Manufacturers recommend preheating the oven to 250°C for 30 minutes, then rinsing with warm water, adding a small amount of dishwashing liquid.

Do not forget to remove the protective film from the telescopic guides. Open the window, turn on the hood, the first warming there is an unpleasant smell and smoke.

  • Lighting. the light bulb and fan work.
  • Fast heating. (in the manual says works “top heater, baking function and fan”. what in this context “baking function”. is unclear). auxiliary mode, allows you to quickly heat the oven to a predetermined temperature.
  • Defrosting mode. fan only works, no need to set the temperature. If you choose the temperature of 50-60 degrees, you can use this mode to dry herbs, mushrooms, etc. foods. In this case you need to leave the oven door ajar.
  • Turbo-grill and convection. fan-grill top heater works. This mode speeds up the frying process. Recommended temperature 190 ° C.
  • Reinforced grill. the upper grill heater works. Recommended temperature 250 °С.
  • Grill. only the grill works. Required to fry a small amount of food, or use as an auxiliary to create crust on the finished product.
  • Lower heating. lower heating element works. This mode is necessary for heating food, the manufacturers recommend using it to steam the oven.
  • Upper lower heating element. a classic mode for baking.
  • Upper lower fan heaters. mode with additional convection. Ideal for frying poultry and meat, allows you to cook faster and at lower temperatures.
  • On the panel there are two recessed knobs. temperature and modes.
  • Between them there is a large display, the central part of which has a clock with a display of options, and below them three sensors.

There are no labels around the controls on the body. All information is on the switches themselves. It’s a little unusual at first, but you get used to it in no time. All markings are large and legible, the paint does not rub off. The mode pintograms are clear.

One indicates that the oven is working, it lights up as long as the knobs are turned (even if the oven light is on), the second one lights up when the oven is heating, and goes out when the temperature inside the oven matches the set temperature.

electrolux, oven, remove, glass

Treat the inside of the oven first with table vinegar, then apply baking soda with a damp sponge. Leave the oven like this for a couple of hours and then wash it with warm water. If the stains don’t come off somewhere, rub them with a sponge moistened in vinegar.

Wipe the glass with a cloth soaked in hot water to remove the grease and apply the mixture (300g baking soda per 100ml water). Leave the mixture on the glass for fifteen minutes. Then gently wipe it with a soft, damp cloth.

electrolux, oven, remove, glass
  • Open the oven door fully;
  • Locate the two hinges with which it is attached to the cabinet
  • Unlock and turn the small levers,
  • Grab the door on the left and right and slowly lift it in
  • Carefully remove the door by pulling it toward you (Fig.
  • Place it on a stable flat surface

Treat the inside of the oven first with table vinegar, then apply the baking soda with a damp sponge. Leave the oven like this for a couple of hours and then wash it with warm water. If the stains are still present, use a sponge soaked in vinegar to remove them.



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