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Electrolux oven does not work convection

Same problem with the new Curtin and Electrolux ovens

What can be the problem (maybe someone has experienced it)? I bought a Curtin independent oven over the internet. I put it in and connected it to full power according to the instructions (I had a separate wire to a separate switch especially for it). The oven clicks, the power goes out. In half an hour the knob panel by the cabinet got so hot you could turn it off with mittens on. Called a master, replaced in the same store with another cabinet Electrolux. With it almost the same thing. But not immediately, but after half an hour of heating it burned out a light bulb and triggered a fuse in the panelboard. Not only did the knob panel on this cabinet get hot during that time, but the door is 3 glass and even the cooktop is independent. There’s something wrong with the electrics? Connected the qualifications. electrician. When you turn it on again has not cut off the power. But both cabinets were getting hot. Or the store brings the product after the repair.


Wow. I’m just happy with Curtin’s. Nothing has ever overheated, tripped, etc. д. (t-t-t) Even put it myself I can not be happy with my oven (its work)


I have Electrolux. Installed it myself. Tttttttt everything is fine. Maybe you don’t have the right wiring? Our house is new, designed only for electric appliances, no gas.


I have the same thing on my Siemens now, the oven is heating up and shutting down. Top blower doesn’t work. First time the fan was replaced under warranty, it took 6 months and failed again. The warranty is over, the fan is worth a third of the cost of the oven.


The house is old, there is no grounding. But I’m not the only one in the house with an electric. oven. I’ll probably call an electrician tomorrow. Even if the problem is in the wiring, it can not be because of this externally heated device. The thermostat was fine (if it had broken, the furniture would be melting and you couldn’t get within 15cm of it), but it’s just a model like this and it makes no sense to compare it to other ovens. The Electrolux is even hotter and I have two little ones and I couldn’t bake good on gas. One variant.Switch to raw food


I don’t know how one company can have so many different models. And the upper fan above the oven works?


I don’t know how one company can have so many different models. My stove doesn’t even get warm. And the upper fan works?

The fan in any particular mode must work? The oven cooled quietly for about 4 hours after it was turned off. I have a model EOV533311


I do not mean cooling. It only works when the oven is on to heat up. I have cold air blowing right out of the gap between the oven and the countertop right after turning it on. It cools the oven itself and the knob doesn’t get warm at all


I’m not talking about cooling. It works when the stove is on to heat up. I have cold air blowing right out of the gap between the table and the oven. It cools the stove itself and the knob is not heated at all

Probably in convection mode. haven’t tried it yet. But I read in the manual that it has to be cooled by the fan after turning off. And at my parents, I remember just turning it off, it starts making a cooling noise right away. It’s not cooling.


I didn’t say anything about convection It’s not the fan that’s on the back wall inside and you can see it! I described where it is located, between the countertop and the oven and has nothing to do with convection mode. That’s why it cools down the heater itself. Т. е. When you turn on your heater, there’s no air coming out of anywhere? (with the door closed)!) Neither at the bottom nor at the top of the heater?


I don’t think it’s wired right. You don’t have a three-phase meter? Maybe a qualified electrician put a phase-to-phase voltage in there? That’s 380 instead of 220. Symptoms fit. The stove heats up to the temperature of the cooling fan, it burns out immediately and causes a short circuit. And the light bulb’s burned out. That’s what it says. Include in this socket a table lamp with a regular bulb, just be careful, if the version is correct, it should also light up very brightly or burn out immediately.

And better yet find a man with a tester and just measure the voltage in this socket.


I didn’t say anything about convection It’s not the fan that’s on the back wall inside and you can see it! I described where it is located, between the countertop and the oven and has nothing to do with convection mode. That’s the one that cools the oven itself. Т. е. when you turn on your heater there is no air coming from anywhere? (with the door closed!) Not on the bottom or the top of the stove?

It’s not blowing from anywhere. My parents have Electrolux, this fan does not turn on every time, in certain modes (not convection, namely cooling). т. е. Apparently you need to heat the oven to a certain temperature in a certain mode. Then it’ll turn on to cool. Give me a clear recommendation: mode, temperature, time. and I’ll test it. Thanks

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The Punggol HandyMan: Oven Trip Solved! (CAUTION: please read the description for warnings)

It seems to me that this thing is connected all the same wrong. Isn’t your meter a three-phase type?? Maybe a qualified electrician put an inter-phase voltage in there? So it’s 380 instead of 220. Symptoms are appropriate. The heater heats up to the temperature of the cooling fan, it burns out immediately and causes a short circuit. And that the bulb’s burned out. That’s what he’s talking about. Put a table lamp with a regular light bulb in that socket, just be careful, if the version is correct, it too should light up very brightly or burn out immediately.

Better yet, find someone with a tester and just measure the voltage in this socket.

By the way, the bulb is not burned out. I turned it on today, and it’s on. The cooling fan burns out, it’s very similar. Today, an electrician will come from the DEZ, diagnose and prescribe a treatment


Ukka_sun, my cooling fan ALWAYS turns on when the heater is running. You turn off the heater. The fan turns off, t. е. It works without interruption in any mode. I tend to agree with Jefry that it’s about your outlet voltage. Check the socket, or you’ll cripple all your ovens, too bad

Design features of modern ovens

Stovetops and ovens have replaced traditional cooking ranges. Devices with independent connection can be installed in any convenient place in the kitchen. Ovens are often built in a column with other appliances (microwave, steamer, vacuum cooker, blast chiller). It is very popular to install the cabinet in the furniture set at chest level. With this placement, you do not have to bend over, and the cooked food will always be in view.

The market offers a wide range of gas and electric models. Very different from the appliances our moms and grandmas used. Ovens are electronically controlled and have multiple modes of operation. There are between 4 and 5 on budget-priced models and 15 to 20 on premium models. Automatic programs make cooking popular dishes and defrosting foods much easier.

In the oven’s cooking chamber, you can cook on several levels at the same time, using metal trays or grids. Convection and grill ensure even cooking and crispy crust on the baked products. Cooking is cheapest with gas, but electric ovens are considered safer and more versatile.

Cooling system

The inside of the oven heats up very high during operation. The temperature during cooking can reach up to 250 degrees Celsius (and more), and during pyrolytic cleaning it can reach 500-600 degrees. That is why modern ovens are fitted with effective cooling systems. Installing a powerful fan helps avoid excessive heat from electronics, surrounding furniture and other items. Constant air circulation provides removal of excessive heat through a special hole located under the control panel.

The tangential cooling system thus guarantees the safety of the furniture and the user. But what about the cooling of the oven front?? This problem is particularly acute on models with pyrolytic self-cleaning. To solve it, pyrolytic cabinets are equipped with a two-level tangential fan. The design of the latter is characterized by a double shaft, which allows you to effectively cool the glass door. Additional air intake directly underneath the control panel. To achieve an efficient heat dissipation, the door glazing is laminated and heat reflecting materials can be used.

How a tangential fan works

In a tangential fan, the air moves in a plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the impeller. The principle of operation is based on repeated passing of airflow through the working parallel blades in the transverse direction. The impeller of the tangential fan is in the form of an oblong cylinder. The squirrel wheel impeller with forward-curved blades acts as its walls. The impeller is built into the housing as a diffuser, similar to a centrifugal fan housing. But, the air is not drawn in from the end, but along the front of the device along its entire length. Rotating vanes draw air in, then a diffuser gives it acceleration in the right direction.

The cooling fan is automatically controlled by a thermostat depending on the temperature. Normally the thermostat is mounted on the top cover of the oven. When the temperature rises, the relay turns the fan on; when the temperature falls, the contact opens, turning the fan off. After you finish cooking and turn off the oven, the cooling fan motor continues to run for about 10 minutes (depending on the temperature) until the oven cools down to a safe temperature. If the fan does not turn off for a long time. you need to figure out the causes of this situation.

High temperature

When the oven is operating at maximum temperature for a long time, the oven heats up intensively. Naturally, that for cooling down the device in this case requires more time. The fan should be allowed to perform its function of cooling the oven to a safe temperature. To prevent such situations in the future you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the operation of the device.

Thermostat problem

The thermostat on the cabinet must be checked to ensure that it operates correctly, as the cooler shuts down. A burned out or “stuck” sensor will send the wrong information to the control module, and the fan will not work properly. To diagnose the performance of the temperature sensor and if necessary replace it, you can only have certain skills and special equipment. The right solution is to contact the ASC.

Motor breakage

When using the oven, dust, dirt and grease particles get on the fan. This situation is most likely to occur if the kitchen is not equipped with an extractor hood. Over time, this kind of dirt can cause the fan motor to break. Also the fan can malfunction if there is a lack of grease or if the grease dries out. The fan in this case begins to jam, it will lose speed and as a consequence, does not work at full capacity. Respectively, it will take a long time to cool the oven. The load on the motor will then increase, which can cause the motor to break down. Also, fan bearings may eventually wear out, decreasing fan speed. Accordingly, the air circulation will slow down, which will affect the intensity of cooling. As a rule, such malfunctions require maintenance or replacement of the fan with a new one. It is better to entrust the work to a qualified master.

Problems with wiring

Abnormal operation of the cooling fan can be caused by violations in the electrical wiring of the appliance. If the fan motor is permanently energized, it will run continuously. This happens if there was a short circuit in the electrical equipment of the device. It is difficult to figure out this problem on your own, even if you have a multimeter. It would be more reasonable to entrust the solution of the problem to a master.

Call a master

If after finishing cooking the cooling fan of the oven does not turn off for a long time, then first of all it is necessary to disconnect the device from the mains. You will hardly be able to diagnose the causes of such a malfunction yourself. special knowledge of the device structure, experience and practical skills are required. Repairing electrical appliances without the proper skills is simply dangerous. you can permanently break the device or suffer serious injury yourself. In addition, the repair is likely to require original spare parts and components. The only valid solution is to call the service center. The master will not only replace faulty parts, but also determine the causes of the problem. After all, such malfunctions are often caused by external factors. wiring problems, oven installation errors, or improper operation.

Why does the appliance bake poorly underneath??

In order for the dish to turn out delicious, well and evenly baked products need to preheat the oven before placing the products. You can do this by using the “Heating from the bottom plus convection” mode. If the oven fails and does not heat up, you can try resetting. To do this, you must unplug the appliance completely from the mains by pulling the plug and wait at least 5 minutes, then plug it in again. Usually after resetting the oven operates in the required mode. If reloading does not solve the problem, there are other possible causes for this.

Incorrect choice of baking tray

To ensure that food roasts properly, it is important to allow heat to circulate inside the oven. If you choose too large a tray, it can cause spoiled food, because it leaves almost no gaps for the circulation of hot air. The manufacturers recommend using factory-assembled trays for baking, which are installed on the side rails. It is preferable to use black pans, because they conduct heat better and shorten the cooking time. Do not use light colored or glossy surfaces for cooking with normal top and bottom heat. In this case, the dough will not bake at the bottom.

Incorrect tray installation

It is very important to reinsert the tray correctly. The manufacturer’s instructions indicate that the shallow pan is usually installed at the top and the deep pan is usually installed at the bottom. The bottom of the oven. Do not place the tray on the bottom of the oven, it should be placed only on a special shelf or rack.

Heater problems

If there are two heating elements, failure of one of them can be easily determined by the quality of baking. A problem with the lower heating element will cause the dough to bake poorly. You can check this version in a practical way. To correct this, set the oven temperature to 70 degrees Celsius in the top and bottom heat modes. After waiting for about 5 minutes, place a hand, wrapped in a towel or a thick cloth, inside the oven cavity without touching the heating elements. If there is no warm air coming from below, the heating element is probably burnt out and needs to be replaced. Also, this error can be caused by the oven’s operating mode switch or the thermostat. Such malfunction requires expert repair by our service center.

Poor quality or defective technology

The lack of heating at the bottom of the oven can be caused by a factory defect in the product. The oven has a fairly serious electrical circuit, consisting of many elements. Poor-quality connection, a broken wire, burned contacts, electronic unit failure, as a rule, occur in inexpensive models manufactured by Asian questionable firms. Serious manufacturers pay great attention to quality control of assembly, incoming inspection of all components, ensuring safety parameters and long life of the oven.

Types of heating elements of the oven

Several types of heating elements are used in electric ovens. The halogen heater is made of a highly resistant clear fire-resistant glass. Its main working element is a lamp with a reflector. Spiral heating elements are made as a single or double helix. As a rule, it is made of nichrome alloy. The body of these heating elements can be made of high-quality metal, heat-resistant glass or ceramic.

Tubular heating elements differ in size, capacity, configuration, type of fasteners and contact group. The heating degree of these elements is adjusted by turning the knob. Ovens equipped with a spiral heating element have a stepless setting that allows you to comfortably adjust the cooking modes. Solid electric heating elements of electric ovens are made in the form of a heater fixed under the metal plate.

Our Certificates

The Electrolux Service Centre offers an oven repair service on short notice. Masters work with a home visit, troubleshooting is done on site. Employees of our service are engineers with professional training and 5 years of experience. If it is necessary to deliver the unit to the workshop, the service will perform transportation by its courier service.

The most common problems faced by owners of Electrolux ovens are as follows:

  • No heat. Indicators and lights in the cabinet are on, but the oven does not heat up. In addition to technical faults, software malfunctions can also lead to problems.
  • Dishes bake unevenly. It is necessary to check the serviceability of heaters, convection unit and door tightness.
  • No response from the buttons. Problems with pressing occur due to clogs, oxidized contacts and faulty control board.
  • Appliance won’t turn on. Check power supply, power cord and outlet being used.

Repair of household cabinets Electrolux is necessary in case of failure of technical parts. The most common cause of malfunction:

  • Electric heaters. The heating element is directly influenced by fluctuations in the mains voltage. Power surges cause parts to overheat and oxidize contact terminals.
  • Seals. The rubber seals located around the perimeter of the door wear out after a long period of service and due to improper maintenance. The integrity of the rubber product is adversely affected by the use of aggressive detergents.
  • Thermostat. Temperature control sensor, like the heater, is subject to power surges and can fail.
  • Fan. Convection in the oven is achieved by means of air distribution by the fan. The assembly can become clogged, the blades mechanically damaged or the motor winding short-circuited.

The listed problems are solved by replacing parts or professional cleaning of elements from dirt.

Electrolux oven repair at home!

Our technicians repair all kitchen appliances. Your Electrolux Oven Repair can be completed together with the Electrolux Hob Repair. It’s not only convenient, it’s a real money saver.

Oven Electrolux and investigate by phone. Therefore, the cost of this service for you is equal

We will charge a call-back fee of 500 if the repair is refused. And that’s how this service costs

Our staff before leaving will write out a warranty from our company for the work done by the period

Electrolux Oven Troubleshooting

Our engineers deal with all malfunctions every day, so Electrolux oven repair will be done in one visit and no repeat calls. Call us and describe the problem in as much detail as possible. Phone for contact: 8 (495) 506-81-52.

We depart for oven repair in any district and region:

Korolev, Khimki, Pushkino, Mytishchi, Balashikha, Shchelkovo, Krasnogorsk, Vidnoje, Reutov, Dzerzhinsky and others.

We carry all components and spare parts.


Electrolux Microwave Oven Repair

Microwave oven repair Electrolux. Microwave oven Electrolux does not turn on, the sensor button does not respond STOP. Trouble may be in the power module Control module burned out. Electrolux microwave oven shuts down after a few seconds. Defect in the inverter unit. Microwave light comes on, but won’t heat. The magnetron may be the cause, you need to make a diagnosis. Electrolux oven sparks and gives off strange noises when you press START. Failure in the magnetron cap or burned protective mica. Plate doesn’t rotate. Rotating tray motor is out of order. Frequently Asked Questions: How much does it cost to repair an Electrolux oven with microwave function. It is very difficult to answer this question, it all depends on what is broken in the oven. How much does it cost to replace the magnetron. Magnetron depend on microwave power and manufacturer.

This Electrolux Convection Oven with Microwave function will fit in any kitchen and is a joy to use. Electrolux ovens come in 4 types. Dependent oven with hob, independent, oven with steam function and microwave oven. High quality parts and no less quality assembling by the Electrolux top-notch technicians. Production takes place in factories equipped with the latest technology, a lot of attention is paid to the oven steamers, reliability, design ovens “Electrolux”, thanks to which touch ovens reached huge sales.

Fix or repair Electrolux Ovens will take from 15 min. The cost of oven repair depends on the price of spare parts and the complexity of the breakage.

Highly qualified technicians at a low price.

Repair diagnostics of independent ovens Electrolux is carried out on site, it is possible to call a specialist at home.

Electrolux Oven Repair

Electrolux Oven Repair. The indicator light is on but the oven won’t light up? Unfortunately, even the most advanced technology sometimes breaks down. Therefore, in the case when it is necessary to repair the Electrolux built-in oven, it is worth trusting specialists and in no case conduct it yourself. Contact the Service Center “Everything Works!”You can get a diagnosis and a guaranteed Electrolux oven repair in no time at all by calling a highly qualified technician. The specialists at our Service Center are here to give you great service and take care of everything in the best way possible.

Faulty heating element

Oven heating elements are constantly operating in critical mode. Determine whether the heating element is working, quite simply. To do this, turn on the oven to the appropriate heating mode and check the temperature by touching your hand in a kitchen mitt. The method works, but for a more accurate result is better to use a pyrometer. The device will clearly show the uniformity of heating over the area, indicate the temperature limit in the specified mode. This will allow you to diagnose a “burned” heating element not only completely, but also partially.

The heaters are replaced after disassembly of the case, it is easy to buy the appropriate part. You can find out the specific marking after removing the heating element or from the reference data of your model of electric oven.

The last three items that can be replaced without question or hesitation are the light bulb, thermal fuses, and the membrane keypad. All of these parts cannot be cleaned or repaired.

Tripping of thermal fuse in emergency mode will inform oven electronics, and problems in the work of the membrane sensor panel are diagnosed by lack of response, the need to exert excessive pressure, random actuations. You can replace the light bulb yourself, but to install new thermal fuses or a membrane sensor, it is better to contact a master.

Electrolux convection microwave oven failure.

Where to go for repair?

If the oven fails, we recommend that you have the appliance fully diagnosed. This is particularly true of older models. After all, a single element failure is often the result of a more serious oven component failure. Do not repair yourself, as well as seek help from dubious wizards on the Internet. Such “repairs” can lead to a complete breakdown of the device and end up with very serious problems, up to and including fire. The best thing to do is to take your appliance to an authorised service point. Its specialists will conduct a complete diagnosis of the device, carry out the necessary repairs. In case of serious breakdowns of the oven, it is worth considering the purchase of a new modern model of oven.

Reliable Miele ovens

Miele ovens are the perfect combination of great functionality, reliability and modern design. Meals cooked in Miele ovens will always be masterpieces of culinary art. Superior cooking results are ensured by several automatic programs for different dishes.

The additional microwave function, available on many models, will speed up the cooking process. The Convection Steam mode allows you to cook tender and juicy meat with appetizing crust or soft toasted baked goods. Thanks to the special TasteControl function the oven cools down quickly after cooking is finished to avoid overcooking. Selected models offer an exciting FoodView function for remote control of your cooking. The built-in high-resolution camera takes snapshots every minute and lets you control food preparation from your cell phone. The wireless core probe monitors the temperature of the food and the remaining cooking time advises you exactly when it’s ready. High-quality LED lighting, a reliable thermal insulation system for the multi-panel glass door, child-proof, telescopic FlexiClip guides Pyrolytic or catalytic cleaning system ensure comfortable and safe use of the oven.

Miele H 2265-1 B EDST/CLST oven



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