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Electrolux cooktop burns two strips

Hobs repaired with your own hands

Cooktop. one of the most important appliances in the kitchen, and, like any other technique, are subject to breakdowns, but to make repairs with your own hands is simple enough. If the fault is detected within the warranty period. your stove will be repaired free of charge. But if the defect occurred after a few years, you can try to repair the cooktop with your own hands, as recourse to the experts can be a little cheaper than buying a new cooktop.

In this article, our experts have listed all the faults of cooktops and step-by-step breakdown the process of repairing faults with your own hands.

Electric Hob

Cooktop does not turn on. the most common fault of electric panels, the device is included in the socket, but does not work at all, or not warm only one of the burners. Repair with your own hands can be broken down into the following steps:

  • Check the voltage of the socket, because of the heavy load the contacts of the socket are often burned out.
  • Check the plug and cord for mechanical damage. it can be commonplace shorted or even break the circuit. Most often the damage is observed in the places where the panel is plugged into the socket. Found damage. replace the cord.
  • Disconnect power, remove fasteners and conduct the removal of the surface from the countertop. Disassemble the surface and go to the next step.
  • We take a multimeter and check the transformer, the next step is to check the thermal fuse. If there is no resistance, or if it differs significantly from the manufacturer, you need to replace the parts, they are sold in many electronics stores.
  • One burner on the hob is not working. check all the wires and their connections to the burners, thermostat, switches, control panel for an open circuit. If visually the fault is not visible, all contacts are in place, take a multimeter and check each connection.

If you do not have a multimeter, you can use an indicator screwdriver for repair, which can check the presence of voltage in all parts of the circuit. We also recommend to watch the video, which will help to make your own repair cooker hobs.

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Faults of electric hobs

The main malfunctions that users of electric cooktops may encounter are as follows:

  • Fuse blown. occurs due to a power surge. The low price for a new fuse and the simple replacement process simplifies the repair of this malfunction with your own hands. For the future, it is advised to buy a device that will protect your electrical network from power surges.
  • If one or two burners do not work. Checking the wire that supplies voltage to the heating element. Under the influence of temperature, it is soldered off. Repair is very simple, just solder it in place with a soldering iron. If the circuit is not broken, you have burned out the heating element itself, you will need to buy a new one and replace it. Before replacing, check whether there is a circuit between the heating element and the control panel, the cause of malfunction may be a bad contact.
  • The sensor does not work. the hob does not turn on. One of the rarest and most complex faults of touch cooker hobs. You can again check the circuit, if there is no breakage, you will have to replace the touch panel completely, but it is better to give it for repair. Can be caused by improper handling, care with prohibited means. Can be repaired at home only by expert, well acquainted with electronics.
  • Poorly heated burner or does not work at all. The reason in a bad contact with the heating element, thermostat or thermostat. check the presence of electricity in the circuit between these segments.
  • Cooktop gets very hot, works and won’t turn off. thermostat malfunction. Thermostat is not repairable, you should buy a new one and replace it.
  • Cracked glass ceramic hob. Find out the reason if you have not dropped anything heavy, apply under the guarantee to the service, it is a typical factory defect, the manufacturer will repair it for free. If you yourself are to blame for the crack, you will have to give the panel for repair, with your own hands to replace it is difficult enough. Please note, the repair to replace the glass is very expensive, so operate the hob according to the instructions.

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Electrolux Hob. error E9

In all modern stoves Electrolux, whether it is built-in or freestanding electric stoves, induction hobs, necessarily have an automatic self-diagnostic system.

If a problem occurs, if the error is critical, the appliance stops working and displays the corresponding error message. Some types of errors are not critical, so the stove will continue to work, but it may display a service code on the control panel.

It’s worth understanding that error codes are displayed primarily for the technicians doing the repair. Only in some situations is it possible to fix the problem with your own hands, without complex diagnostics and disassembly of the device. Opening the case automatically deprives you of the official warranty. It can be dangerous to your health.

What does error E9 mean on your Electrolux hob

For all cooktop models (electric and induction cooktops, built-in and free-standing) error E9 means there is a problem with the interface board:

  • The contact between the control board and the touch panel is most likely broken;
  • The touch panel (from the inside) may have been hit by moisture (short circuit);
  • The connection pins of the touch panel are oxidized;
  • Sensors “moved away” or moved away from the panel below.
  • Etc.п.

How to fix error E9 on the hob with your own hands

There is a slight possibility that the control panel may have displayed an error due to an internal malfunction.

To be sure of this, you must check the correctness of the parameters of the incoming power supply (no surges or drop in voltage, for example during peak hours) and turn off the power to the hob for about 5 minutes. It is necessary to de-energise it completely to discharge all capacitances on the control panel.It is not enough to simply turn off all the burners. Unplug the power cord or turn off the power with the input circuit breaker (if used).

If these actions did not help, the voltage in the mains is normal, then you need to seek repair from professionals, as to fix the situation will require disassembly of the device.

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Electrolux Stove Error E9 could be due to moisture/condensation on the circuit board or sensors.

If there is no condensation, the sensors are correctly attached to the hob, there is no breakage, oxidation of contacts or other obvious problems, when “testing” the sensors give the correct readings, you should start with a complete replacement of the interface board. If the replacement did not help, the error may be caused by the main control board. you need to replace it too.

Without expertise, safety precautions, and professional tools you shouldn’t attempt the repair yourself. It’s better to apply to craftsmen.

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Troubleshooting and error codes

Despite the high reliability of induction hobs, the consumer can encounter defects, for the elimination of which it is necessary to pre-diagnose and identify the cause of their occurrence. To facilitate this process, the leading manufacturers have equipped their products with self-diagnostic systems, which can independently indicate the cause of failure of induction stoves (hobs) and notify the owner, displaying the appropriate error code on the control panel information display.

Unfortunately, there is currently no unified classification of faults. Every manufacturer has different codes for the same problems (for examples, see “How to Repair an Induction Cooker” on page 48). in the table).

Important! Repair of induction cooktops in many cases is quite complicated. To make it at home, you need not only skills to perform plumbing and electrical work, but also a thorough knowledge of an electrical engineer.

The user can begin to repair himself only when he is absolutely sure that he knows how to fix the problem. If this is not the case, it’s best to call for service.

Features of induction hobs

Most of the complaints of users that the induction cooktop does not heat are related to improper selection of cookware:

Containers used must be made of metal with good magnetic properties (stainless steel, cast iron). Induction “does not see” glass, ceramic, copper and aluminum dishes;

The power is turned off if the diameter of the cookware does not match the size of the burner;

Induction surface will not heat up if there is no cookware on it. this is due to the principle of such equipment.

If improper operation is excluded, and the induction equipment does not work, it is also necessary to dismantle the panel and inspect. The most vulnerable parts are transistors, capacitors, diodes and fuses.

If the independent superficial examination does not identify the cause of failure, for more thorough diagnostics is recommended to contact an experienced master. Errors in connection of components can lead to short circuits and failure of parts of the electrical circuit. The experts of the company “Master-Don” have extensive experience in repairing panels of the major brands and can perform high-quality repairs at the customer’s home

Protection from children

It’s not safe to play with an appliance like a stove or cooktop, so manufacturers provide a childproof lock. What is the childproof lock on the hob? This is a safety lock which prevents children from turning the hob on by themselves and therefore reduces the risk of burning or tripping the appliance. When you activate the childproof lock, the “key” or “lock” lights up on the control panel. You can also set it to lock automatically against children every time you switch the appliance off.

How to remove the key from the hob? Touch the “key” symbol and hold it for a moment. Cooktop must unlock.

How to unlock the hob

Find out how to take care of your cooktop with ceramic and tempered glass, using specific detergents and household detergents.

Error codes for Electrolux cooktops and hobs

L (may flash). means that the childproof lock is on. See the manual for your hob for the unlocking process.

F (constantly flashing). the induction surface does not see the cookware, or you are using cookware without ferromagnetic properties. Use special cookware for induction stoves or consult a professional electrician.

F (lit up). wrong connection to the power grid, consult a professional to connect the stove correctly.

E1. Electronics overheating. Can occur due to improper installation. this causes the inverter to cool poorly. Try to turn off the device for an hour, if the error persists, contact the service center.

E2. Error in the control module memory. Control module diagnosis and repair required.

E3. Inverter defective. Unstable power supply voltage, wrong cookware, damaged inverter wiring or defective board. Mains diagnosis, replacement of cookware, repair of wiring and inverter or replacement of inverter is required.

E4. burner is working too long and has overheated. Leave unit off for 30 minutes to cool down. Overheating possible if surface is not properly installed.

E5. the surge protector is defective, it must be replaced and the power supply checked.

E6. Power unit malfunction, malfunction of the right power inverter unit. Occurs due to an unstable mains voltage, wire breakage inside the stove, failure of one of the blocks. Block and circuit diagnosis and repair required.

E7. Induction hob fan defective. Possible damage of wiring to it. Fan circuit check or replacement required.

E8. Power circuit breakage between power supply and display module. Required diagnosis of electronics and interblock circuit with subsequent repair or replacement of damaged elements. Read more about error E8 on Electrolux Cooktop.

E9. control panel malfunction. Repair or replacement of the touch panel is required. Read more about error E9 on your Electrolux Hob.

E10. Temperature sensor defect. Replacement is needed.

E22. 2 or more buttons are jammed at the same time. Touch panel error.

Error E8 on Electrolux Cooktop

Most modern household appliances have a diagnostic system, thanks to which you can easily identify the cause of the breakdown of the device. Even a small power failure in a particular unit will cause a code to appear on the display, and the appliance will stop working.

Deciphering of such codes can be found in the manufacturer’s instructions. If there are problems with household devices, you need to contact a service center, but sometimes the cause can be eliminated on your own.

Error codes directly depend on the specific model of the Electrolux cooker hob. However, the most common error for most of the electric stoves of this manufacturer is E8. The main causes of problems in this case:

  • improper connection to the power supply;
  • low voltage;
  • problems with the connector;
  • The data exchange between the display and control boards is broken.

Modern models of Electrolux Cooktops often give this error if they were not connected to two phases (as it should be), and only one. To solve the problem it is enough to change the type of connection.

Electrolux Cooker error E8 fix

If error E8 is displayed on the Electrolux induction hob, immediately disconnect it from the power supply. Then wait for about 5-10 minutes and turn the unit back on. If the error continues to light up, you need to check the voltage level. It is not uncommon for the power supply to be reduced if the mains is overloaded.

If the power supply is normal, then check that the wiring is intact and that the phase connections are correct. Also check that the hob cable is not damaged or deformed. If the phases are connected correctly, the wiring is intact, and all power readings are normal, then you should look for the problem within the appliance itself.

The defect can be found only after disassembly of the panel. This is best left to professionals who are experienced in repairing Electrolux Cooktops.

There are several reasons for such failures, due to which the hob becomes unusable:

  • Short circuit. This occurs due to weak current supply when connecting powerful household appliances. In this case the power unit, relay, optocoupler or their harness are affected.
  • Breakdown of the control system. The problem can be eliminated with the help of special devices and tools. This should only be carried out by an experienced technician. In this case, the control module is replaced wholly or partially.

If any abnormalities in the operation of the Electrolux appliances should be called in by a specialist from the service center. This avoids the risk of more serious damage leading to complete dysfunction of the hob. Our specialists can come out and service Electrolux Cooktops at your place of use. Check-out on the day of treatment, availability of spare parts, warranty.

Electrolux Hob Error E9

All modern electric cooktops from Electrolux. Whether they are freestanding or built-in. are equipped with a special self-diagnostic system.

If the electronic control module for any reason registers a critical problem in the system, then the operation of the appliances will be stopped immediately. Also on the electronic display, the owner of the Electrolux hob will see an error message and hear an audible signal. In some cases, if the problem is not very serious, the stove may not turn off. There’s still an error code, so you can see exactly what’s wrong with the appliance.

No matter what model of Electrolux Induction Cooktop generates error E9, it always means one thing. There is something wrong with the interface board. There may be many reasons for this. These can include:

  • Contact between the control board and the interface board is faulty, on which the error is indicated. This is one of the most common causes of this malfunction.
  • There is moisture on the touch control panel and the touch control panel is shortcircuited.
  • The contacts on the touch panel have become corroded for some reason (e.g. dirt).
  • The sensors inside the oven are dislodged.

There are also some other possible reasons for the error occurring.

How you can clear error E9 on your Electrolux hob yourself?

Sometimes it happens that in fact there is no problem, and the error displayed on the screen is simply due to a malfunction of the electronics. This is usually the result of a problem with the power supply to which the appliance is connected (due to a power surge in the mains, for example). To check this is quite simple: you need to completely disconnect the Electrolux cooktop from the power supply for 5 minutes and then turn it on again. There must be no foreign objects on the burners.

You should also measure the voltage. If disconnecting did not help, and the problem does not disappear, then you probably can not get rid of the problem with your own hands. Your Electrolux Induction Cooker will need to be disassembled and repaired.

Error E9 can also be caused by moisture or condensation on the panel. In this case you just have to replace the circuit board. If this does not help, then most likely you will need to repair or replace the control board.

It is important to keep in mind that this is a complex and dangerous job. To avoid an electric shock, it’s worth asking a professional technician at our service center for help. You can leave a request for hob repair through the feedback form on the page or by phone. A specialist will come to your home on the day you call, make a diagnosis, fix the problem, replace faulty parts.

Error E8 on Electrolux Hob

Almost all modern household appliances are equipped with a built-in self-diagnostic system. In the event of failure or malfunction of key components, the household appliance displays an error code on the display (if there is a display, or signals the problem in some other way, such as with a special combination of LEDs) and stops working.

Please note. the error is displayed primarily for representatives of official service centers, it facilitates troubleshooting. Attempting to disassemble and repair the appliance yourself will automatically void your official warranty and can also be dangerous to your health.

What does error E8 mean on the Electrolux hob

The error value depends directly on the hob model used. In older instances, manufactured in the early 200Х-201Х years, the error E8 could mean:

electrolux, cooktop
  • The problem of incorrect connection to the power supply circuit;
  • Insufficient voltage / current / frequency at the input;
  • Defective RAST2 connector.5;
  • No communication between control and display boards.

In modern induction hobs, if an Electrolux hob error E8 is displayed and shuts down, it means that the appliance is only connected to one phase instead of the two phases required for normal operation.

Similar reasons will be given if error E822 is displayed.

This applies to both built-in and freestanding models. In both cases, only induction hobs.

How to fix error E8 on the hob with your own hands

The first thing to do if you see error E8 is to turn off the power to the induction stove completely. Wait at least 5 minutes and turn it back on.

If the error persists, make sure the input voltage is normal. Often, when the load increases (including during rush hours), the current or overall voltage level in the home network can change to a lower value.

If a voltage regulator is installed in front of the household appliance or at the power inlet of the house/apartment, it must be turned on. Always make sure that the regulator outputs are compatible with the power requirements of your cooktop.

electrolux, cooktop

If there is no regulator, you must measure the voltage level in the network, preferably with an active load (with a hob or other powerful appliances turned on).

If the power parameters are normal, make sure that the wiring is in good order, that the phases are correctly connected and check the hob’s power cable (it must not be kinked, cut or otherwise damaged).

If the power supply to the hob is correct (connection to the phases and power parameters correspond to the technical requirements indicated in the documentation) then the fault is internal.

To fix it requires disassembly of the device, as well as special knowledge and repair skills. it is better to call qualified professionals (from the official service center, if the warranty has not yet expired).

electrolux, cooktop

Of the remaining possible causes of failure:

  • Power Circuit Short Circuit.
  • Problem in the low-current control circuit of the power units (faulty relays, optocouplers or their harness, special attention should be paid to the film capacitors).
  • Faulty control unit.

You can’t fix them yourself without special equipment, tools and experience.

The problem is only solved by completely replacing the faulty unit/element with a workable.

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When Electrolux electric cooktop repair is needed?

The cause of the breakdown can be a factory defect of individual parts, improper use and lack of care for the technique, voltage fluctuations in the mains. The most common problems encountered by users include:

  • The stove does not turn on. There is no voltage in the socket, the fuse is broken, the contacts, the heating element or the power cord shows signs of fracture or damage.
  • Individual burners are not working. Heater burned out, wire breakage or control box switch malfunction.
  • Weak or very high heat. Heating element, thermostat or thermostat.
  • Stove doesn’t give out any vital signs. fuse blows due to power surge.
  • Sensor failure due to block cleaning with saline solutions or improper use of household appliance.
  • Damage to the ceramic glass surface.

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Frequent breakdowns of Electrolux induction hobs

Induction hobs rarely break if not used properly. In most cases there is only one reason. faulty induction generator circuits.

If the problem occurs with a gas stove, t.е. The burner goes out, the ignition does not work, there is a smell of gas, etc., you can’t delay in calling a technician.

It is necessary to contact the service center and call a master at home. Most malfunctions can be eliminated on the same day, thanks to the large number of service-engineers, special equipment and our own stock of spare parts. The departure of the masters and diagnostics are free of charge.



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