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Electrolux cooking hob lights up l

What LO means on the hob?

This function allows the control panel to be locked in order to prevent the hob from being accidentally switched on. To lock the hob, touch the “Dual/Triple Zone” and “Boiling” buttons simultaneously; you will hear a beep and the “Lo” indicator light will appear on the display.

The lock function is used to memorize current settings or to prevent unauthorized use of the hob. This function is also used when cleaning the control panel of the appliance.

How to remove the L on the stove?

“L” appears on the display for all heating zones Press the “-” and “” sensors for the right front heating zone (left front heating zone for PVD 633) at the same time, then press the “-” sensor for that heating zone again. Cooktop is unlocked.

  • Press and hold the “key” button for 3 to 6 seconds.
  • In most cases, if the temperature reaches 50°C, the hob automatically locks and the “Lock” sign appears on its display
  • Before unlocking the hob, you can press the plus and minus buttons at the same time.

Timer countdown timer, Timer, 7 stopgo

To disable the function, change the step

The countdown timer is used to

The burner time counts in one

The countdown timer must be set to the right of the minute minder

The heating output can be selected up to or until the indicator light comes on

After setting the timer. Burner selection: press a few

The timer can be used to set the time interval from the start of cooking to the end of the operating time

The countdown timer function is activated

When the burner light begins to slowly blink, this will be indicated by a blinking sound until the desired cooking zone light comes on

blinking, the countdown timer starts to count down

the remaining amount to the end of the countdown is displayed

Changing the Reverse timer settings

Switch off timer: select burner with

After the set timer expires

The countdown timer can be used to count down the time from the start of the-

control over the duration of time

burner. Choice of cooking zone (when using more than one cooking zone)

Press repeatedly until the required cooking zone indicator illuminates

After the preset time has elapsed, the light goes off and the cooking time begins to flash slowly

flashing, this will indicate that a countdown is in progress

burner light blinks fast. To

The timer can be used to start the countdown

This model has an automatic shut-off feature that turns the appliance off when the burners are not in use. On-

To deactivate this function, press to set the time. When the set-

The function is activated by pressing and holding the button on the control panel

Helpful hints, 8 lock, 9 childproof function

Turning the beeper on, 1 cooking utensil

The function does not disable the “Timer” function. To activate this function, press the button on the

To deactivate this function, press the button to set the time

The cooking zones can be locked when the appliance is in operation

the control panel. This prevents the vehicle from being driven at high or low speeds when the engine is off

Electrolux Induction Hob. Win in Cooking (Easy to Clean)

First set the desired level on the-

The symbol lights up and stays on for.

To deactivate this function, press the

When the appliance is switched off, this function is also deactivated

This function prevents unintentional use of the vehicle battery

appliance use.Child safety switch-on Switch the appliance on with. Do not exceed the set threshold when the appliance is switched on

give no power level to the heater

Switch off the appliance with the.Child safety switch off Switch the appliance on with the. Do not tamper with the appliance’s controls by tilting the control knob to the desired level

Do not give any power level of the heating

Turn the appliance off with a.Cancel the childproof lock function on one

C Cooking cycle Switch on the appliance using the On/Off Timer and the On/Off Timer. Lights up

three seconds. Select the heating step in

The childproof lock will come on again.

Press and hold for three seconds to start the countdown timer

seconds. The displays light up and go out. Press for three

The appliance can only emit sounds when it is in operation

When: Press timer stop timer stop timer stop timer stop timer stop

Press for three seconds. The displays light up for three

My gas stove / hob / cooker won’t stop clicking. How to fix it

The appliance will not turn off or go out when this function is active. Press for three seconds on the

The base of the cookware should be as high as possible

The base of the cookware must be made of stainless steel or aluminium, and the cookware with aluminium or

Installation of the appliance

Before you install the panel Electrolux EHF 96547 XK (reviews note that the product fully performs all the functions declared by the manufacturer), you should rewrite all the specifications that are on the bottom of the device. Then mount the appliance in the kitchen furniture, specially designed for built-in hobs. The appliances are made together with a power cord.

The electric hob must be placed 50 cm away from wall units and the same distance from walls and other surfaces. A protective floor must be installed underneath. You can find more detailed information on how to use this product in the Electrolux EHF 96547 XK instruction manual. Do not connect to the mains until the panel is fully installed.

The appliance must not be plugged into an ungrounded socket or extension cord. The wire must be secured when connecting and the plug must fit snugly into the socket.

How to use the product

Built-in cooktop (electric) turns on with a single press of the on indicator light. The control program includes an automatic shutoff feature that turns the unit off if:

  • All up to one burner is completely off;
  • The power is not set after turning on the machine;
  • The control panel is flooded with some liquid, or if there is a foreign object on it for more than 10 minutes;
  • The hob is not switched off, but the heating power remains unchanged.

Before switching off the appliance, the hob emits a characteristic sound signal.

If the power level is set to 1 to 3, the appliance switches off after six hours. At a setting of 4 to 7, the appliance stops working automatically after five hours. At a setting of 8 to 9, the panel will turn off after four hours. If the heating power is set to 10-14, the appliance stops working after 1.5 hours.

To turn on the power, you must press the desired mark on the ruler of the panel. Set the power by sliding your finger along the ruler to the desired setting. If the burner is not working, the control panel will display O. If the burner is running, the power indicator appears at 1 to 14. A half-zero indicates that the Stop go function has been activated. If the letter E plus a number is displayed on the panel, this indicates a possible malfunction of the unit.

Two burners on the hob have several working circuits that can be turned on and off with the corresponding buttons. This feature allows you to use different sized cookware for cooking.

When cooking, you can use the “Auto-heat” function (indicator A). This mode heats the burner faster. First heats it up to maximum power, and then reduces the temperature to the necessary.

Stop go function sets all burners to a lower setting. When it is switched on, the power level cannot be adjusted. This mode has no effect on the timer in the Electrolux EHF 96547 XK.

The manual notes that during the operation of the appliance, you can fully lock the control panel, use the childproof mode, which prevents accidental activation of the product. On the control panel lighted letter L indicates that it is on.

The OffSound Control button indicates the residual heat level. Three sticks indicate that the panel is working and cooking is in progress, two indicate maintaining heat, and one. for residual heat.

How to turn off a Bosch induction stove?

The cooktop is ready to use. Turning off: Hold your finger on the # symbol until the indicator light above the main switch and the cooking zone lights go out. All burners are switched off. The residual heat indicator remains lit until the burners have cooled down sufficiently.

To connect such an electric stove in the home single-phase 220 V network is necessary:

  • Put a jumper between terminals L1 and L2, L2 and L3,
  • Connect the phase wire to L2. brown color;
  • leave a jumper between terminals N1 and N2;
  • connect the neutral wire. blue color. to N2;

How to remove the lock from the Gorenje stove?

Press and hold the “WATCH” sensor for 5 seconds to activate the lock. The display will show “Loc” for 5 seconds. Indicating that it is not possible to change the function parameters. To deactivate the lock again, press and hold for a few seconds the lock sensor.

Once the hob has been connected to the power grid, the control panel is in locked state (the indicator light above the knob is on). To unlock the control panel, press the button for 3 seconds. The indicator light will go out, and it is possible to use the hob in normal mode.

Rating of the best induction hobs

Electrolux EHH 56240 IK

type. induction hob;

power. 6.6kW;

hob material. vitrified stoneware;

Number of burners. 4;

depth. 52 cm;

height. 6 cm;

Width. 59 cm.

Weissgauff HI 642 BFZC

Type. induction hob;

power. 7.2 kW;

the material of the hob is glass ceramic;

Number of burners. 4;

Depth. 52 cm

height. 5.8 cm;

Width. 59 cm.

Bosch PIE631FB1E

type. induction;

power. 7.4 kW;

panel material. glass ceramic;

Number of burners. 4;

depth. 52.2 cm

height. 5.1 cm;

width. 59.2 cm.

Weissgauff HI 640 BSC

type. induction hob;

power. 7 kW;

Panel material. vitrified clay;

Number of burners. 4;

depth. 52 cm;

height. 6.2 cm;

width. 59 cm.

Electrolux IPE 6453 KF

type. induction;

power. 7.35 kW;

hob material. glass ceramic;

Number of burners. 4;

depth. 52 cm;

electrolux, cooking, lights

width. 59 cm.

Gorenje Oven Errors

Gorenje ovens have always been valued for their excellent quality materials and functionality, but the greatest merit of the manufacturer is the precise system for detecting problems in the device. So, thanks to the indication and audible signals Gorenje ovens can indicate the problems that occurred during operation, or breakdown of the device. Errors can be identified by the number and duration of the beep, or by the indication on the display.

Error codes of Gorenje ovens

Depending on the oven model and year of manufacture, the error message also differs. If there is only mechanical control, problems with the device will be alerted by a beep, the number of individual sounds. the code of the corresponding error, for example, with three consecutive sounds error code “3”. On models with mixed control or with a fully electronic touch panel, all errors are displayed on the screen, additionally accompanied by a beep. The most common errors of Gorenje ovens are:

  • Error F1. incorrect operation or complete failure of the sensors, you need to replace them with new ones to fix the problem;
  • Error F2, F3. indicates an error in the operation of the measuring circuit, in particular the short circuit or complete failure of the node, the complete replacement and additional adjustment of the equipment is used to solve the problem;
  • F4 error. the problem occurred with the temperature sensor PT1000, which incorrectly sets the temperature for heating, in the future it can lead to deterioration of food, as well as to complete failure of the device, more often resetting the sensor is used, less often. replacement;
  • F5 error. occurs in ovens with a touch panel, the main reason. an error in the work of the power microcontroller, as well as incorrect operation of the touch panel. errors when pressing, unplanned set temperature and so on;
  • F6 error. electrical relay malfunction, requires urgent repair or replacement, the oven after identifying the error should be turned off and not used until the arrival of the master;
  • Error F8. the temperature inside the oven has increased significantly, which indicates a defect in the heating elements or damage;
  • Error F10. jammed, torn or defective power cable, most often the cable power is not enough for cooking due to damage, but is enough for operation of indicators, which allows to recognize the error;
  • Error F15. Faulty ambient temperature sensor, for cooking and operation of the unit as a whole is a minor fault, however due to a faulty or incorrectly working sensor, the temperature of food baking may not adjust properly;
  • F85 error. the temperature inside the oven is too high, fan failure is possible.

The LOC error is a child-proof oven door lock feature, which is notified on the display.

What to do if there are errors in Gorenje ovens?

Errors in Gorenje ovens can occur for understandable reasons, which can be resolved yourself without the help of specialists.

So, if the error F1-F4 is displayed, you need to do a basic check to eliminate the possible inoperability that occurred due to human error. To check you need to do the following:

  • Check that the door is tightly closed;
  • remove the grease filter and clean it from contamination;
  • wash the inside of the oven. the cause of many errors may be dirt that accumulates on the walls, which does not allow the device to work correctly when heated.

If any other errors occur, a hard restart is recommended. you need to pull the cable out of the socket for 15-20 seconds, then turn it on. the device will restart. If the error was not shown, there were problems related to the software part, so you need to diagnose the device. If the same error appears immediately when you turn on or others, you need to call the service. it is not recommended to repair the device yourself, unless it is a light bulb replacement.

If the oven overheats. errors F8 or F85 on some models of such devices, you need to make sure that the heating elements are not contaminated. It is also recommended to additionally clean the device, the whole point is that the dirt and grease on the walls actively absorb the temperature, which does not give the oven to heat, from which it is even more intense conducting heating. This is what the temperature sensor detects more often.

To unlock the oven when the LOC appears is very simple. find the key button, press it, select the lock control and press the button for 2-3 seconds and the door will open.

How to unlock the gorenje stove error l

Press and hold down the on/off button for at least 4 seconds?

S 0 at the bottom of the P 0 and the lock button (key) flashes.

Press and hold for at least 4 seconds the on and What indication appears?

Press or., To make the SP10 light up, then press the lock key.

I press the plus button f3 appears at the bottom of the A3.

Then again and lock, the SP00 will light up, press the rear left burner, then

F3 A3 and the lock key lights up and everything resets.

F3 A3 and the lock key lights up and everything resets.

On the back left and plus and on the right switch 0,1,9

On the back left and plus and on the right switch 0,1,9

Thank you it worked. hurrah hurrah hurrah. Thank you very much.

Thank you it worked. Hurrah hurrah hurrah hurrah. Thank you so much.

Thank you very much again. I wanted to go get a new one tomorrow. you are the best thank you again.

Hello. Help get out of demo mode, var/panel gorenje ect 2600 p2

To you and Basmach: unplug the device, plug it in in a minute. Within 10 seconds after power on, alternately press: 1.The key (child lock) 2. Chime (buzzer symbol)

And does it make sense before trying to switch on the test mode, when the inscription “6o” “rE” “nJ” “E” is lit try to press the “key” and “bell”, pressing these sensors immediately after power on the heater does not respond.

Tatiana, I advise you to contact the service for diagnosis.

Sorry, there is no such a possibility. Can you tell me how to remove the demonstration mode?

Unfortunately there is no such option. There are 2 Gorenje services in Vladivostok: VL Service 690014, Gogolya, 4 tel. (4232) 45-94-43, 45-94-65

IE Korneichuk 690014, Narodny Prospect, 43/2 tel. (423) 243-61-33, 291-23-63

There are 2 Gorenje service in Vladivostok: VL Service 690014, Gogolya, 4 tel. (4232) 45-94-43, 45-94-65

IE Korneichuk 690014, Narodny Prospect, 43/2 tel. (423) 243-61-33, 291-23-63

Thank you. But my husband already bought a new panel.:d

First of all, you should never post your mailing address on a public resource. Now you’ll shovel out all sorts of spam in piles.

Well, as for burning out the “off” panel, only a mechanical switch that physically breaks the circuit can turn off any electrical device. All appliances that can be turned on by sensor or remote control are not actually turned off. They just turned off some of the functions, and the control unit is live and working. Otherwise, how could it have been turned on? That’s where the control box burned out. Usually in such a situation TVs also burns, if they are not unplugged.

Good afternoon! Help us please, ECT 2600P2 lit up F4 and stopped working. All the same as described forum users. panel lights up, but does not heat. Tried de-energizing, successively pressing the key and the bell. Nothing is happening. Thank you for your help. My address is jad-ja@hotmail.com

Post 71, there is a link to the test algorithm. Test the panel.

The same as in the previous post, power surge, f4 squeaked on all hot plates, unplugged, waited half an hour, plugged in the whole thing runs like a Christmas tree, squeaked, but did not turn on the heating, apparently in demo mode. Standing with HI on all the burners and then lights out, but still does not work. I had this a couple of years ago but once I ran the self test and it was fine, now it just won’t work. When you press to turn on light 00 on all the burners, one more press to turn everything off. Please help me advice here Christmas and so unfortunate happened. Thanks in advance! vlad@uco.ru

Thank you !That helped. Unplug the panel, wait a minute. Plug it in. Within 10 seconds of switching on, press the sensors shown below in turn:

The “key” symbol / child lock/ 2. The little bell is the symbol of the buzzer

Floating error in the hob Gorenje ECT 2600 P2. when switching on the inscription “Sr 30” sometimes flashes for about a minute, then lights up constantly, then runs the inscription “GorEnJE” and everything is working fine. When you turn off the power and turn it back on, sometimes a normal startup, sometimes again through flashing “Sr 30”. No pattern I can not see, sometimes it can run fine for 2-3 days in a row, then once or twice a day it goes back on with an error.

Can you tell me what the problem could be?

Good morning. Cooktop gorenje ECS680AC error f05 (or 03, my wife did not remember). Disconnected power, overloaded, went into operating mode with anti-children unit. Unlocked, sensors work, but the heaters do not heat. Please send me the algorithm to enter the test mode and pass all the steps of the test. kirzach24@gmail.com Sorry I did not hear back from you. I tried the combination: Within 10 seconds after powering on, press the sensors shown below in turn: 1. Symbol “key” / child lock / 2. Small bell. the symbol of the buzzer Did something wrong or does not help, but the problem can not be solved.

Please help me, how can I solve it without CA.

Sorry I did not hear back from you. Tried a combination: Within 10 seconds of turning it on, press the sensors shown below in turn: 1. The “key” symbol / child lock/ 2. Small buzzer. buzzer symbol Either I did something wrong or it does not help, but I failed to solve the problem.

Please help me, how can I get it resolved without CA.

It worked. But there is one nuance. The main thing is to have time to press the combination before the gorenje inscription just started to appear after the power is turned over.

When the 00 is lit 00 press on/off, lit 01, then key. 02, then timer. 03, then alarm clock. 04, then top right comfort, then top left, then bottom left, then bottom right, then extra pancakes. Next, the slider on the middle is turned on. It is necessary to bring it gradually to the maximum temperature, lit LO, then slowly bring it to the minimum temperature (close to zero) lit HI and the stove ran to test.

i want to say thank you very much for saving our Gorenje stove. I don’t remember what kind of error there are a lot of things that are not. in general turning off the automatons did not help. called the guys. First pulled out the entire stove cleaned, etc.д. ended up doing nothing fixed and.2000r budget. A second technician came and got nothing either. ended up leaving but no money. And then I called a friend and he has just the above combination from Alexei. We’ve entered them and it’s working. Thanks for the money saved and your forum.

Electrolux Cooktop error codes

Modern Electrolux cooking plates are equipped with an information display, which makes operating the technique much easier.

But, these displays also provide information about faults through error codes.

We have collected for you all known to us error codes that work for all types of stoves Electrolux: induction, electric, and gas.

L error (may be flashing) indicates that the child lock is engaged. L. Lock, lock. Read the instructions on how to clear an error in the service book.

Error F (constantly flashing). the induction hob does not see the cookware, or the cookware without ferromagnetic properties is used.

electrolux, cooking, lights

Error E1. means that the electronics have overheated. If after an hour after turning off the hob the error does not disappear, contact the service center. Control module needs repair.

Error E2. error in the memory block of the control module. Need to repair control board.

Error E3. convection oven inverter motor defective. Short circuit occurred and power supply circuit has to be restored.

Error E4. burner is running too long and overheated. Disconnect the panel for 30 minutes, the error will disappear.

Error E5. Line noise filter defective. Mains voltage is unstable, need diagnosis and most likely need to replace the surge protector.

Error E6. power unit malfunction. The error can also indicate a defect in the right inverter block, or to be more precise, the lack of signal.

Error E7. induction hob fan defect. The cooling fans can not spin up to the correct speed. Repair Required.

Error E8. power failure between power supply and display module. Critical error requiring the intervention of a service technician.

Error E9. control module defective. Maybe before that a RCD tripped and the cooktop was de-energized, which caused the control module to reset. Repair possible at home.

Error E10. temperature sensor defective. The thermostat could have malfunctioned due to a short in the supply circuit on the heating element.

Error E22. 2 or more buttons pressed simultaneously. Touch panel error.

Our masters are ready to come and remove the error any day of the week, because we understand that nowadays it is hard to live without the stove, especially if there are small children in the house.

That’s why we have a 10% discount for families with small children on hob repair.

How to turn off the L on the induction hob?

Cause: Error code F1 indicates a lack of power, caused by using unsuitable or empty cookware Error code F indicates there are no cookware in the cooking zone or that there are unsuitable cookware

How to unlock a Gorenje hob?

Try looking for the key button on the hob. This button should be responsible for locking the panel. Try manipulating it (press and hold for a while) to unlock it. Or try pressing the plus and minus buttons at the same time and wait a few seconds.

The “H” symbol is displayed on the hob or cooktop. This usually indicates that the cooking zone is still hot after cooking.

How to disable the childproof lock on an Electrolux hob?

Induction stove is an electric kitchen stove which heats metal dishes directly (and not the burner, as in the case of a traditional one) by induced eddy currents generated by a high-frequency magnetic field with a frequency of 20-100 kHz.

How to activate the electric touch stove?

In order to turn on the electric stove, you need to find the appropriate button on the control panel, and then select its power (Usually marked with a number from 1 (the smallest) to 3 (the largest). Usually there is a small diagram next to the touch panel that shows which button is responsible for which cooking zone.

The unlocking is done in the same way as the activation of the safety mode. It is necessary to press the sensor button with a latch and hold it for a longer time. The display will disappear, and all the elements will become active.



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