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Electric convector burns oxygen or not

Electric convector

An electric convector, as a lifebuoy, during the off.season helps to cope with low temperatures in our dwellings. The management company has a strict regulations for the supply of multi.apartment buildings, but its weather, not agreed on the schedule. It is not difficult to solve the problem of discomfort today, you just need to get to the nearest store and buy a heater.

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We make a reservation, in the review there will be no economic comparison of the option of fully replacing the traditional heating system of the house for heating the home using an electric convector. We consider the polemic on this issue not at all appropriate. Today we are trying to figure out how profitable the purchase of an electric convector is, exclusively in the context of its operation, as an additional source of thermal radiation in our apartments.

The choice of heater

Homeowners and summer residents who have faced the problem of choosing a heater recommend that you acquire modern development of infrared heaters. It is this principle of heating, at the moment, that is the most effective. There are types and models more expensive, there are cheaper. But all of them come down to the main indicators. gradual heating and saving normal humidity.

When choosing a heater, you need to pay attention to reliable and proven brands. These include UFO, AEG and international holding Polaris products. A wide range will allow each person to choose suitable products.

During the acquisition of the heater, you should pay attention to a number of additional qualities and functions. It is also necessary to attach great importance to the safety of the device (the presence of protection against the voltage difference, thermostat, grounding).

Throughout the entire period of use of the device, the basic requirements for its operation should be fulfilled, then it will last a bad and long.

electric, convector, oxygen

Ways to increase humidity in the room

It should be borne in mind that even if the heater itself does not dry, then there are other household appliances in the living room, which in the process of work contribute to this. It’s not about the fact that some models should be rid of. One sample does not make weather, but in aggregate they all can partially lower the percentage of humidity. What are the ways of its artificial increase?

  • Water container. Everything is suitable. a basin, a can with a wide neck and so on. If we are talking about moisturizing the site on which it is uncomfortable to decorative plants, for example, a glass of water is placed next to them. In this case, a positive effect is achieved due to its constant evaporation.
  • Aquarium. It serves not only for the original design of the premises, the creation of the recreation area, but the lovers of the underwater world are still true pleasure. If you correctly determine the optimal size of the aquarium, then in most cases it is quite enough.

By the way, the simplest option is a manual water raster. Depending on the microclimate, it is enough or two per day to “process” the room, and it will not be dry. There are simpler ways to increase humidity. regularly ventilate the room and do wet cleaning in it.

Recommendation. If it is not difficult to deal with the type of heater with the type of heater, then choosing a specific model is much more difficult. We’ll have to answer a few questions. what should be its power (and this parameter requires competent calculation), where it is better to install the device, whether it is possible to include it in the “smart home” circuit for automation of control and a number of others. To achieve maximum effectiveness of the heater when optimizing the costs of EL/energy, it is advisable to consult with a professional on the issue of its acquisition. It is unrealistic to take into account all the nuances yourself. This also applies to EL/Devices of the “Moisturizers” category.

Alfatep is ready to help in choosing a model of a heater that does not drain air and does not “burn” oxygen to everyone who lives in the Moscow Region. The entire assortment of devices of this class is presented at its warehouses, which are recommended for installation in residential and industrial premises. You just need to call the company’s contact phone number 8 (495) 109-00-95, and its employees, specifying a number of parts, will recommend the best version of the heater as applied to the conditions of its operation. At the request of the client, they themselves will deliver him to his place and organize a competent connection.

How does he work?

Consider the principle of operation of the convection heater. The principle of operation of the electric convector is based on natural circulation (convection) of air. The convector, as a rule, has a rectangular shape, an electric heating element is located inside it.

On the surface of the convector there are holes designed for air circulation. The convector is arranged in such a way that the air coming from the lower and side holes is heated after passing through the heating element and then exits through the holes located on the front panel of the convector.

For example, an oil.type heater heats the room due to thermal radiation, which comes from heated radiators. In the convector, a different principle. the heating of the room is carried out due to the directed flow of heated air. Thanks to this, the convector heats the room much faster and, no less important, evenly throughout the area.

The heating element of the modern convector is low.temperature, it is made of a special alloy, due to which it is heated much faster than the usual tubular heating elements. As a rule, after 30-60 s after included in the network, the convector is already starting to send heat to the room.

The efficiency of a heater of this type reaches 90% due to the fact that almost all energy is heated by the rooms, unlike other types of heaters, for example, oil, which begins to give heat to the room immediately, but only after its thermal conductive environment warms up. oil, and then its metal case (radiator).

There is an opinion that heaters, including electric convectors, burn oxygen. But is it really so? As mentioned above, low.temperature heating elements are installed in the electric convector, the maximum temperature of their heating, as a rule, does not exceed 60C.

At this temperature, oxygen is not burned, which is a significant advantage of the convector, compared with other types of electric heaters, the heating elements of which are heated to several hundred degrees. In addition, the low operating temperature of the convector allows it to be installed almost everywhere, including near fire hazardous surfaces, for example, on a wooden wall.

And how can a convector effectively heat the room if the operating temperature of its heating elements is much lower than in other type heaters?

The heating element of the convector has a much larger size compared to heating elements that have a higher operating temperature. Thanks to this, the convector secrete a sufficient amount of heat and, despite the low operating temperature of its heating elements, is able to heat a significant area. Depending on the power, one convector can heat a room up to 30 square meters. m.

How to choose the right convector that does not burn air

The convector needs to be chosen, focusing on the following features:

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  • The power of the heater. When choosing a convector, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the heated room.
  • The heating element in heaters with convection can be three types: strip, monolithic and heating. The best in operation is a monolithic element. It heats the air well, not worsening oxygen quality.
  • Installation of the heater. Convectors can be wall and floor. Depending on the targets, the heater can be transferred from one room to another, then it is worth choosing a floor, having support with wheels for convenient movement. Either the heating device can be fixed on the wall, in which case it is necessary to choose a wall device.
  • Thermoregulation. Convectors with built.in thermoregulation allow you to control the heating power, reduce and add the intensity of the heat generated by the device to create a comfortable temperature in the room. Electronic type switch devices for such purposes are much more convenient than a mechanical.
  • Thermostat. Convection heaters with thermostat allow maintaining the necessary temperature in a heated room.
  • The dimensions of the heating device. The speed and efficiency of heating depends on the size and height of the device. The lower the heating device, the greater the speed of the air circulation, which means warming up the room will occur faster. For heating the floor and lower part of the space, it is worth choosing long heaters with convection of the skirting type.
  • Operation safety. Due to the low temperature of the heating element built into the heating device, convectors are absolutely safe to use. The outer surface of the heater heats up to 60 degrees Celsius, so it is impossible to burn about it. There are devices on the market that are equipped with special protection against falling. You can also purchase a convector with a smooth case without angles. This type of heating device is useful if children are present in the house.
  • Timer. Using a built.in timer, you can set the time for turning on and off the device, which is very convenient to operate and allows you to save electricity.

note! The convector allows you to maintain a microclimate, but if the elementary conditions for the device are not observed, then the dust particles that settle inside will fall into the atmosphere. It is necessary to regularly carry out wet cleaning in the room, as well as clean the heating device from dust using a vacuum cleaner.

Choosing a modern convector, it is worth giving preference to the manufacturer with a good reputation in the market. Then you can avoid problems with the poor quality of the device and the rapid failure of the heater.

Sensations of dryness can be especially perceived during some types of warming devices, and to a greater extent this applies to devices with open high.temperature heating elements. During their operation, dust particles, located on the device itself, begin to burn, causing the appearance of a characteristic unpleasant odor and a feeling of severity of air. And the smaller the area of ​​the room and the higher the speed of its warming, the stronger the dryness is felt.

Convector as an alternative to the radiator: design and principle of action

The heating radiator operates quite simply: thermal energy is transmitted from the heated surface of the device to the surrounding air. The minus of this solution will be the heat loss: a significant part of the heat is spent just on the heating of the walls of the battery itself.

The volume of heat loss in products from different material will be different (for example, a cast iron with aluminum is not worth it), but the best models also have an urgent problem.

Convector heating systems work differently. The heat transfer is carried out not due to radiation, but due to convection. natural heat transfer when lifting hot air. This principle is the basis of the design of the device:

electric, convector, oxygen
  • A heating element is located inside the convector case. Ten or spiral. Most often used convectors with low-temperature heating heating heats, heating air to 60-70 ° C-they do not burn oxygen.
  • Air fence for heating occurs in the coldest, lower area of ​​the room. Through the holes in the body, the air penetrates to the heating element.

Electric convectors used to heat the room are produced in three main forms:

electric, convector, oxygen

    Wall.mounted. typical panels that are very similar to ordinary radiators.

What to choose?

If you want to buy a completely safe heater that meets all the requirements, the best option is Nobo electric converter.

  • A wide product line. For home use, several models are presented, which are 100% cope with their tasks.
  • Working resource. up to 30 years. Nobo electric converters are designed to work under 30 years old. Manufacturer’s warranty. 10 years. Practically no manufacturer gives such a guarantee.
  • Installation in the bathroom. The device can be installed in a room with high humidity, unlike other models.
  • Silent work. The device works so quietly that you will not hear it even in complete silence.
  • overheat protection. Built.in sensor disconnects the device when overheating.
  • Reliability. The design features of the devices allows you to leave them in working condition for a long time unattended by a person.

The converter can be selected for rooms with an area of ​​5 to 28 m2 and above.

Does the convector dry the air in a heated room

Few people know, but heating devices do not burn oxygen indoors. This is just a common myth associated with the subjective sensation that occurs when using heaters. Conventional heating devices are not able to remove moisture particles from the atmosphere. Only special installations created for such purposes can cope with this. The fact is that when the temperature rises in a closed room, the relative humidity of the air is reduced, which can cause a person discomfort and unpleasant feelings of a lack of oxygen and humidity. But the absolute humidity of the air remains unchanged.

note! Modern heating devices with the Convention have no shortcomings. They do not dry the air due to the absence of a ventilated system in the device. The air flow that comes out of the convector is scattered around the room without special devices, so the moisture content of the atmosphere is not disturbed, and distributed water particles in the air remain in place. In the convector, instead of a high.temperature heating element, a low.temperature is built, due to which there is a complete exclusion of the possible combustion of dust, which settles on the surface of the heater. The convector allows you to maintain freshness and air purity in the room.

Oil heaters

This type of radiator gives heat by heating the oil inside it. Thus, the heat of a given temperature is emitted (depending on the regime).

Oil, like the previous ones, does not burn oxygen, therefore it is optimal for the correct balance of heat and moisture. The advantage of this type of heater is that the apartment is quickly heated. However, among others, it has fewer advantages, due to the fact that:



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