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Electric coffee grinder

TOP 6 best coffee grinders for the home according to customer reviews

In the ranking of electric coffee grinders, I collected the 6 best models of 2022.When choosing models, I focused on user preferences, sales ratings and reviews of real owners.

In this rating, I collected the 6 best electric coffee grinders for 2022. Only the best models from different price ranges. from 3,000 to 9,000 got into my top. When selecting models, I drew attention to such characteristics as the principle of operation, engine power, the volume of a bowl for grains, the possibility of choosing a degree of grinding. And in order to objectively assess the convenience of operation, the quality of grinding and identify the pros and cons of each model, I studied customer reviews and expert reviews. The ruble exchange rate is changing daily, so I recommend that the current price watch the links left in the description and in fixed Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Table of participants in the rating of electric coffee grinders of 2022

How to choose a coffee grinder

Before choosing a grinding coffee mesh device for the house, you should figure out in the principle of the operation of each type of electric drive device. The principle of operation of a rotational.type coffee grinder is similar to the operation of a blender, since there is a knife at the bottom of the bowl, which when turned on begins to spin at high speed.

The features of such coffee grinders are as follows:

  • The thinness of the grinding depends on the operating time;
  • The product is heated greatly and can burn;
  • Cuttled grains are lost in taste.

The millstone device functionally resembles a mill. Here the grain, falling between the millstones, is subjected to grinding and crushing into small pieces. Any manual coffee grinders also work.

Features of such devices are in:

  • the presence of a separate container for the finished product;
  • The distance between the millstones is regulated and the size of the powder particles depends on it.
  • What type of bowl is better? There are two types of bowls: removable and ineffective. The former differ only in that they can be removed and washed at any time. But devices equipped with this type of bowl will cost several more expensive more than non.stroke analogues.
  • The capacity of the bowl. The capacity of the bowl affects the amount of pouring raw materials at a time. This criterion affects the amount of the product at the output. Despite the fact that the average value of the amount of powder per cup of the finished drink is 8 grams, for home use is suitable for a device with a capacity of up to 50 g.

For reference! Any coffee grinder should be loaded completely, because only in this case the desired grinding will come out.

We previously already considered:

How to choose an electric millstone coffee grinder

Electric millstones differ from rotary (knife) principle of operation. Such devices are equipped with a reception hopper for entire grains, and a capacity for ground coffee. Grasses poured into the reception hopper, under the influence of gravity, fall between the millstones, where they are crushed and frayed into powder.

Manual vs Electric Coffee Grinder

Flat millstones are installed parallel to each other with an adjustable gap. A special notch is applied on the planes in contact with each other. The millstones rotate at high speed and grind the grains to form grains in size less than the distance between the working planes. Ground coffee falls asleep down into a plastic container.

electric, coffee, grinder

Conical millstones are two cones with a gear surface, one of them is inserted into the other. The outer cone is motionless, and the internal rotates. Grasses move down, and coffee, ground to a given particle size, falls into a collection of finished product.

Models of coffee grinders with conical millstones work much quieter, albeit more slowly than with flat ones, but the possibility of overheating of grains is excluded. Such models are more expensive, but if you need to grind a grain with high quality, it is better to choose a coffee grinder with conical millstones. Precesion devices with a micrometric mechanism for adjusting the subtlety of the grinding are especially appreciated.

A great influence on the taste of the drink and the durability of the coffee grinder is exerted by the material from which the millstone is made. There are products that are used in the manufacture of:

  • Stainless hardened steel. the millstone from it serve for a long time, but less resistant to abrasion than cast.iron. Metal millstones are not recommended to be washed with water, they are subject to corrosion;
  • Tempered steel with titanium coating, millstones from this material will last longer and more stable to abrasion. But models with such millstones are much more expensive than without covering;
  • Ceramics. durable and environmentally friendly material, the resource of which is designed to grind up to 1000 kg of grains. Ceramics with a corundum. ideal option, is very rare on sale. The material is not afraid of rust, does not absorb any extraneous smells.

Electric millstones are more productive, the quality of the grinding is higher than that of the rotary: you can set a certain size of ground.to.ground particles suitable for the preparation of drinks according to a particular recipe. The presence of a timer coffee grinder, the regulator of the thinness of the grinding and the dispenser allows you to leave the device turned on, and in the meantime, engage in coffee maker service. Whereas during the operation of the rotary coffee grinder you need to hold the power button in the pressed position and monitor the degree of grinding.

Which coffee grinder is better not to take: anti.rating

In order not to make a mistake with the choice and not to throw money down the wind, when buying, be sure to listen to the advice below. They will help you understand which coffee grinders should not be bought.

  • Say no models made of plastic. They quickly fail, especially compared to analogues made of stainless steel.
  • Choose those devices where there is an additional container in which ground coffee will be placed. The lack of such containers often sin of rotational models. Pulling a stuck product out of sharp knives is dangerous, uncomfortable and very difficult.
  • If you have a small kitchen, then give up massive devices without a coil to rolling the cord. This makes it difficult to storage, and it is very easy to damage the cable with constant movement.
  • Refuse an electric coffee grinder with a continuous bottom, without rubber legs or layers. Such a device will vibrate greatly and travel on the table during operation.

How to choose a rotary coffee grinder

So you decided. Your choice (for example) fell on a coffee grinder with a motor and knives. Here we talk about her in more detail. What features does this unit hide in itself? The principle of operation of the device is incredibly simple. When turning on, knives are activated. They rotate at high speed literally “dissecting” coffee blades and turning it into dust. The best coffee grinder is a coffee grinder satisfying your requirements. Therefore, when choosing your ideal device, you should pay attention to:

In order to prepare one cup of strong and aromatic coffee you need up to 7 g. fine ingredient. Modern coffee grinders can accommodate from 40 to 130 grams. coffee, and this is approximately 15 cups.

electric, coffee, grinder


Do not cook coffee in advance. In a coffee grinder it is worth processing the number of grains that you plan to drink right now. Understand, the more coffee you dare, the longer it will be stored in any container, which means that the whole point of buying coffee in grains is lost. After all, with the same success, you can save and buy ground coffee (arabica, robust, etc.D.).

A good unit is a powerful unit. The higher the power, the better the quality of the grinding, the higher the cost of the device. There are coffee grinders on the market from 90 to 250 watts (this is not the limit, because technologies are being improved every day).

But there are its disadvantages. This is the price and the taste of the drink. At high power, the grains in the coffee grinder heat up, and small particles can simply burn. This significantly affects not only the safety of beneficial elements, but also the taste of coffee. Is it worth it to take risks and spend on a powerful unit? The choice is yours.

Additional functions on a rotary coffee grinder

What kind of “chips” the manufacturer will not come up with to sell you your product. And coffee grinds this trend did not bypass. Someone offers you to buy an unit with a double blade that will grind coffee twice faster.

Someone took care of those who annoy the uneven grinding, supplying the device with an inclined bottom. Someone offers a three-level grouse system. Well, if you were tired of the “burned” grains, “abducting” the true taste of coffee, get a chopper with a function of overheating.

You can’t forget about security too. Here manufacturers have not stooped. Each new coffee grinder is equipped with a locking system. While the cover is open, even when the “Start” button clicks, the knives remain motionless. As you can see, every connoisseur of coffee will find something suitable for himself.

But do not forget that each additional function is a plus one zero in the check. Therefore, think carefully what your perfect coffee grinder should be able, and only then make the final choice.

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Even a coffee grinder has disadvantages

Before you say goodbye to money, study the models you like carefully. Of course, a coffee grinder is a coffee grinder in Africa, but still it is not worth neglecting details. After all, it is on them that the taste of tarred coffee will be bright and saturated.

Take, for example, a model with a fixed container. This is inconvenient (for most). And all because the remnants (and they are sweet) to remove from the device how uncomfortable.

The process of adjusting the grinding process is manually. And this brings discomfort. Going to the “right coffee dosage” by itself is a matter of time. But we need to quickly, of course with minimal physical and temporary investments. But then why do you need a coffee grinder at all? Buy soluble or ground coffee.

And the most significant minus of the rotary unit is “combustion at work”. Such devices break more often, and it is no longer possible to fix them. Therefore, you need to run to the store for a new coffee grinder. These are surprises the choice of a knife device prepares its future owners. So be prepared for everything.


�� TOP 10 Best Coffee Grinder for Home 2022. Best Electric Coffee Grinders

“Advanced” housewives often use a coffee grinder to grind bulk foods (sugar, pepper, cereals, seasonings). So, if you want your device to “live” with you a long life (indicated in the passport) life, do not repeat for these “advanced housewives”, but use the device exclusively for its intended purpose, that is, to process coffee.

Coffee ground rating

Compact household devices can turn a large volume of grains in a matter of minutes to create an invigorating drink or cereal into a bulk mixture. Manufacturers equip kitchen devices with various functions, enhance the power of the engines. To choose the right product, the team of editorial board of the expert.Ru talked with the developers of the kitchen utensils, attracted popular barista technology to tests, and arranged a tasting of finished fragrant products for visitors to one of the cafes. The work of the grinders was evaluated according to the following criteria:

When choosing a functional device, it is also worth considering the design features. The removable bowl allows you to quickly and thoroughly wash it from the remnants of raw materials. Built.in containers will be more difficult to put in order. Only dry methods are suitable.

electric, coffee, grinder

Which coffee grinder is better to buy

Which coffee grinder is better. manual or electric?

It is necessary to decide how often you cook coffee at home, the number of cups per day, what drink (espresso, Americano or choose for Turkish coffee), for which type of coffee makeup you will grind the grain. If in the morning you have enough up to 35 grams of ground coffee (about four cups of the drink), then choose coffee grinders with a small container for grains. The rotational coffee grinder for the Turks is most suitable.

An ideal option would be to choose a device that adjust the degree of grinding.

The office or coffee shop will require more powerful, setting tone, professional coffee grinders, allowing to grind grains in various degrees. Own coffee machine in a public institution increases prestige, is a guarantor of the high quality of the drink, the responsibility of employees. In coffee houses you can offer not only a finished product, but also purchase raw materials without preparing a drink.

An important addition will be the fact that during the breakdown of one equipment (coffee maker), the second equipment (chopper coffee) will perfectly replace it when working, this will not stop the workflow will not stop. When choosing coffee grinders, consider not only appearance, presentability, but also reliability. Consider the power that is necessary for your enterprise.

The class is divided into manual or mechanical (do not require connection to electricity) and electric (knife and millstone). The choice of a coffee grinder depends on your goals.

Work under the influence of physical efforts. Look like a small box with a rotary pen, inside which the millstone is located. When using, the device retains all the properties of coffee grain. The classic version is a coffee grinder with ceramic millstones. Less noisy than mechanical. Your best home coffee grinder can be in retro style or have a modern design.

Ground grains automatically, using knives or millstones. Differ in speed and degree of grinding. A simple type of coffee grinder happens with a knife grinder and a millstone type. The lack of such devices is a high price.

The main task of the coffee grinder is to carry out uniform grinding with minimal grain heating.

Among the main selected, take into account additional functions that facilitate the use of: temperature adjustment, engine operation with pauses, dispenser, auto.locking with the lid removed.

Worn coffee grinders

Flat millstones allow you to grind the grains more evenly, which means preparing delicious coffee. The only negative of coffee grinds with millstones is low performance. The faster the millstones rotate, the more grains heat up. This can lead to the fact that the aroma will quickly disappear, the taste worsens, the stability of cooking is reduced.

Such units love the barista, since in the process of grinding the heating of the grains is much less. They are more powerful than stabs and crushing grains in the mill, they cope with the task faster.

Cylindrical or conical discs from various alloys carry out uniform and high.quality grinding, without heating the grain. Differ in higher cost. Using the millstone, there is the possibility of grinding into the horn (avoiding manual prying coffee), a good coffee grinder with adjusting the degree of grinding allows you to control the strait time, a wide range of grinding provides fine and good grinding.

The millstone coffee grinder for espresso, and also allows the grain for Turks, Aeropress, Purverage, drip coffee maker ground.

Rotation coffee grinders (with blades)

The best coffee grinders are a cylindrical body with a motor rotating knives. In the upper part is a department for grains. Low price, the ability to grind other products (sugar powder, nuts), resembles a small blender.

Operation is simple: the grains are filled into the camera, the working mode is turned on. After some time, clicking on the button, the device turns off.

Ground coffee is extracted with a spoon. In some models, grinding of spices, non.hardly ingredients is allowed.

Of the minuses, uneven grinding is distinguished, and with long work. grain heating.

It is recommended to grind grains as smaller as possible. Coffee will turn out better. Can be used in rye espresso coffee machines. Such a coffee grinder is ideal for small grinding, Turks lovers. But not suitable for preparation in drip and for a coffee jacket.

Hand millstones

To reveal the real taste and aroma of coffee beans, a certain quality of the grinding, the freshness of the frying. Such a powder is ideal only in a manual coffee grinder. The creative process is carried out with the soul, love and the desire to enjoy the attractive drink. When using a coffee grinder with stone mills (our ancestors used to use), we get an incomparable coffee drink with anything.

True gourmets know that perfect coffee is made of freshly redesigned grains (the longer the powder is stored, the more essential oils evaporate).

The simplest of the existing types differ in compact dimensions and the output of a small amount of product (enough for one or two cups of the drink). The advantages include: uniform separation of grain, the ability to adjust the grinding, low cost and attractive design.

Millstones can be conical or cylindrical shape. The operation of the device is based on the oldest grinding technology: the grains located under the press are crushed from the rotation of these two parts. The longer the rotation occurs, the smaller the powder is obtained. The closer the details are located to each other, the better the finished product will be. The drink will turn out to be more saturated and delightful.

Zornova can be adjusted independently. In some models there are up to 15 settings. The main requirement for a manual device is the reliability and fortress of the handle, high.quality grinding details. The upper loading mechanism should be present between the handle and the millstones, which drives the unit in motion manually. Further, the finished product enters the drawer, which is removed and cleaned.

Some models have a removable handle, this saves space when storing the device. Or acts as an adjustable key of the degree of grain grinding. For the grinding, time and some efforts are needed.

Coffee grinder. purchase, rating and testing guide

Although the coffee grinder is now much less used by the equipment than it was many years ago, it is good to have a good and proven device at home. Bosch MKM 600. this is such a coffee grinder. We chose it on the basis of analysis of coffee grinding purchases, as well as reading the reviews of people using this model. Therefore, we can recommend this model as the best, currently available for purchase.

It has the ability to grind in continuous or pulsed mode, so that it will be possible to grind grains to a suitable size. The coffee grinder has a power of 180 watts and allows you to grind 150 grams of coffee in one minute. This model is equipped with a two.lobed stainless steel knife.

The coffee grinder will start only when the lid for coffee grains will be closed. Independently, this model has a safety button to prevent accidental inclusion. However, in order to provide the opportunity to purchase a high.quality model, we also chose the second model, which should be recommended. This is the GraEF CM702.

How to use it correctly

Each manufacturer draws up the instructions for the proper operation of the device. Accordingly, in order to extend the deadline for using the device, you need to adhere to the recommendations. But there are general rules for using electric coffee grinders.

Zoran grinding instructions:

  • Initially, you need to check the container for grains and for storing a crushed product, namely their cleanliness. Be sure to be dry the camera.
  • See how much the grains can be poured, this is indicated in the technical characteristics of each device. It is better not to exceed the specified limit.
  • After everything is prepared, the grains are poured, you can turn on the device. Time and degree of grinding: 10 seconds large grinding; 13 sec average; 15–20 sec Small grinding and dust.
  • When you grind the grain, you need to clean the camera from the remains. To do this, use a dry napkin, then open the coffee grinder and let it ventilate a little.

Barist advice to get a rich, delicious coffee drink:

  • When there is a bitter taste, you need to reduce the speed of grinding.
  • When sourness, then the size of the granules should be increased.
  • Mix Arabica and Robust, it turns out an excellent aroma and taste.
  • Green grains make coffee more acidic, but invigorating.

To choose the right coffee grinder, be sure to study separately the reviews of the owners of the models you selected. You can independently see what kind of weaknesses and the strengths of one or another applicant for the purchase.



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