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Dyson v7 parquet extra vacuum cleaner review

Dyson V7 Parquet Extra reviews

Advantages: it is a great substitute for a regular broom.

Advantages: The vacuum cleaner is very handy to use, well collects trash and especially good dust, as it has a special nozzle, roll to the touch velvety. The charge is enough for my apartment of 64 square meters.M for 2 times. First time to clean up thoroughly, and second time if I need to pick up trash in prominent places, then I just put it on charge. The thing that really paid off about this vacuum is that it is so easy to get rid of all the clutter that has been vacuumed. just pull the lever on top and the bottom opens and everything goes in the bucket and even hair that has been wrapped around it. Filters are all rinsed! It is very important that you do not have to spend money on consumables! A lot in the kit nozzles 5 pcs. I use these attachments to vacuum and remove dust from all surfaces in the house, even computers and flowers! Also, it has a wall mount, it is good that the vacuum cleaner is not in the way and is always at hand! Not noisy.

Disadvantages: There are no obvious disadvantages! It has many advantages, but if I were to complain, I would want more power, not always pick up litter on a larger scale! For a large apartment or private home may not be enough charge. To gather dust from the corners, it is necessary to change the nozzle on the crevice. While on a regular vacuum cleaner you can simply disconnect the nozzle and collect dust with the hose. It takes extra time.

Advantages: so far I am absolutely delighted with the convenience

Disadvantages: in a two-share room with a large kitchen regularly do not have enough charge in MAX mode, you have to recharge

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: capacity of the battery. Sadness, but otherwise a complete delight

Advantages:Lightweight, compact, quiet, powerful.

Disadvantages:I would like to work longer on a single charge.

Advantages: It copes with its functions, powerful enough, does not smell of dust during cleaning, I liked the mini turbo brush for upholstered furniture. The couch looks great after that. The battery is enough for one room. Still happy with everything.

The disadvantages: The trigger button has to be constantly pressed, the first time you have to get used to it. It is easy to switch imperceptibly to turbo mode, once did not notice and cleaned almost the entire apartment in it, the battery was a little short, which surprised me, and only then we realized that the wrong mode (you can get into a situation where the battery will quickly run out, and the apartment is not cleaned). Kind of hard to open for cleaning debris, but I think that over time will separate. it is not possible to shake out the trash every time.

Comment: Can be used to clean the interior of the car, which is undoubtedly a separate plus!

Disadvantages: battery power is not enough to vacuum up 1 room (not my apartment). manufacturer claims that the use time at maximum power is 5-12 minutes. Only two modes, by the way. on the normal mode vacuum cleaner also passed out, but the second room. The surface is parquet, no carpets, no pets. also the manufacturer offers to wash the filter (to the eye is pristine clean, to logic too. because of the 3 times I have not vacuumed once).

Comment: on my comment “why only 12 minutes, it’s catharrophically little” manufacturer replied “we have a new vacuum cleaner v11”, which to me sounded like “you suckers. Do you think a 30k vacuum cleaner should vacuum??”no words.

Advantages:Small and almost noiseless.

Disadvantages: 2 battery kit would be nice.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:It’s a good cleaner, the old guys are happy with it and that’s the most important thing.

Advantages: Simple and easy to maneuver. I have a living room cleaning after the kids is now a real pleasure! It is designed for floors without carpets and as we do not have them all without problems)

Disadvantages: It is inconvenient to open the trash can.But you get used to it

Comment: If you do not have carpets. the best option !Quick and easy, but most importantly. cheap)

Advantages: A brand that specializes in cleaning equipment. It says a lot.Material of the body, beautiful appearance, easy to clean and wash the container, the number of filters, operating time. Two years warranty.

Disadvantages: Marky housing, the tube is painted so it scratches easily.The brush started to get a little hairy around the edges.No indicator of remaining battery power.Superfluous nozzles, it would be better to give the right to choose.Garbage like cereal or coffee beans can scratch and tarnish the container.The price would be lower.

Comment: Dyson is Dyson, of course. Before that, I had the experience of using Dreame V9. China is trying to copy Dyson, but it comes out lame. And the difference in price not more than 5 thousand. In my opinion, the arrogance to ask such money for NONEim, hiding behind the “brand” Xiaomi. In general, if you do not want the hassle and shiver until the first battery misfire, then take Dyson. There is a warranty, unlike the Chinese mock mortgages, which are only in the trash in case of breakage. The price corresponds to the quality. Unless, of course, you know what you need it for. The device has three children, so the wires have already been tortured. Cleaning with this vacuum cleaner is a pleasure. My respect to the engineers of the company!

Advantages:Stylish, good suction, comfortable, no cords, battery life

Comment:This is probably one of the most significant acquisitions of a lifetime!How could you put up with these wires that always can’t be reached and must constantly be reconnected, as well as these hoses and pipes, which must be assembled / disassembled, hidden in the closet. And one day with a hangover I decided I’d had enough of it !!Now the device hangs on the wall, not in the way and is always available. Next to make a socket, plugged the docking station and the norm! When it’s time to. Picked it up, picked up the dust/trash and put it back. ALL ! Does not bother me at all now.For an apartment of two, the battery is quite enough, no more and do not need. The apartment is laminate and linoleum, on it rots and collects dust / garbage / hair great. I have no wooly friends, so for the wool will not say. With a floor brush there is a danger of winding phone charger wire (and other thin wires and cords), so be careful with it, and better yet, tell your family to remove all their chargers from the floor, otherwise I’m not responsible.In general, it is convenient to use. And it cleans super. I throw it in the bucket and it’s good.Lots of nozzles, only use a couple, very rarely take out the others as needed.In general, guys, it is worth it! Bought for 15 rubles.And yes, you can clean the car with it too, thanks to the many nozzles and rechargeable battery.

Advantages: always assembled and accessible, maneuverable

The lacks: It is heavy, but I bought the lightest, 2.Always collected, always accessible, easy to maneuver, easy to move, 3kg:It takes out the dust from the carpet on 4, not 5, but it takes out the dust well

The commentary: very convenient. Gathers dirt from the floor great, from the carpet. a little worse. Vacuums my keyboard just fine.When I bought it, I was afraid. That the power would be small. no, the power is enough, great cleaning. Charge is also enough for a one-room apartment.I do not use the turbo button.The price is high, of course, but it’s a great product.

Advantages: Price and everything else but the disadvantages

Disadvantages: If you know. What I bought it for. the flaws were sucked out of my fingers. Mold, you have to hold your finger all the time to work. well, a trifle. It happens that the hand to change or move a meter and take your finger off, and, in the manual says that frequent on / off can overheat the battery and vacuum cleaner wants to cool down. The first time I cleaned, I got some hair on the wheel. Also a small thing, the maneuverability is not dropped at the same time. The station has two slots for nozzles. But there will only fit two thin nozzles, and the wide will not, because they do not fit, in the way of each other. Just in the handbook is written that you should not charge immediately after discharge, it is necessary to give the battery cool. But it says here in the Q&A. that it is possible to store at the station with the power connected. This means that the vacuum cleaner will always be charged and ready for its 50 m2 (personally, I had enough for two and a half cleaning apartments in 40 squares in the min. mode)

Comment: So, as mentioned above. you have to know what you’re buying it for. Personally, we used to wash the floor with bleach and the rag that collected all the dirt from the floor had to be rinsed in a bucket with diluted bleach. Because in this bucket floated all the hair collected from the floor ever-foliating wife and cat and other hairy “poo. Clean water is out of the question, the rag is always dirty, and rinse it every time before dipping it in the solution. Too much manipulation. Plus the linoleum in some rooms is not smooth and collect dirt across the fibers. In short, nerves and time.What has changed: 10 minutes vacuum cleaner in minimum mode perfectly collects all the hairy stuff. and another 10 minutes with a damp brush to moisten everything with delicious bleach.Surprised at how easy it is to wipe the floor now.Bottom line. For our purposes, it’s a godsend. We don’t have carpets and don’t need strong suction power. Plus, of course the ability to take out in the car to clean up.All other questions will be answered by time.

dyson, parquet, extra, vacuum, cleaner, review

Pros: Bought for my mom, she really liked it all 3 months of use

Disadvantages: Broken, does not charge

Advantages:.not heavy. I had a Delongi before, my arm was getting very tired. It is quite bulky. Including the dust collector itself very often knocked off the legs of tables. chairs-despite the relatively short running time of the device. we are quite able to cope.-not particularly noisyWe are happy with the purchase

Advantages:-powerful-quiet-lightweight-comfortable-does not wind the hair on the brush

Disadvantages:-relatively expensive price

Comment:Minimum power is enough to collect both fine dust and coarse debris the first time, without brushing repeatedly. The charge is enough to clean one-room apartment completely and vacuum the furniture. What was surprising, long hair does not wind up on the brush, go straight into the container, which is easily emptied. And the most pleasant bonus is that it is almost noiseless, a regular hair dryer is three times louder. In general, very pleased with the purchase!

Advantages:No wiresManeuverableRecharge lasts a long time, powerfulCompact to store

Disadvantages:Suspiciously flimsy design, it is scary to lift above the floor

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Great buy! Takes 2-3 times to clean 66 square meters.м. Where he finds the dust and debris-I do not understand) perfectly sucks up everything, quickly and wirelessly, many necessary nozzles, convenient base, not in the way.

Advantages: Greatly picks up trash, battery power enough to vacuum a one-bedroom apartment. Ideal for homeowners. Pets and no salvation from the hair. The manual is detailed. Disassemble very simply.

Comment: Dyson is the best in its segment.

Disadvantages:If you buy without a discount.

Comment:The best option for stairs, kitchen-dining room, etc.п.

Advantages: The container is easy to empty

Weaknesses: Heavy, no power at all. The wheels rattle on the laminate flooring. Connections are dangling. Disgusting. Did not expect.

Dyson V7 Parquet Extra Reviews

It has great features that make it really easy to clean and keep everything in perfect condition.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I decided for myself that in the house will be a robot vacuum cleaner and a vacuum cleaner for situations that do not fit the robot. Practice has shown that such a handheld vacuum cleaner is justified. This Dyson, despite losing power compared to the stationary vacuum cleaner, clean carpets well with the turbo nozzle included in the kit in full power mode (so faster than in standard power mode). I liked the thoughtfulness of design and in the details.At the same time, after a year and a half noticed that at full power it began to work no longer than 20 seconds (usually 6 minutes), and after two years (ended the official warranty) has stopped charging. End of the movie.And you can’t do without an upright vacuum cleaner at all.Thus, an upright vacuum cleaner Dyson, not an electric vacuum cleaner (which are cheap), can be an alternative to a stationary. I’m sure that this statement is also true for other manufacturers of upright vacuum cleaners priced from 20 t.р.Went for repair.In the repair shop, the battery is condemned. Arrived in a week and a half. Paid almost a hundred bucks for a new battery.Happy shopping to everyone.

Advantages: Lightweight, enough charge for an apartment or two rooms, cleans well enough. No major complaints, as long as the battery worked well.

Disadvantages: 1) The most important disadvantage is that the battery began to run out after 2 years of use, like smartphones. Now it lasts for 10 seconds ((( And that is the main disappointment from Dyson.2) no vertical parking3) does not pick up large debris and even scatters a little4) good suction power only in turbo mode.5) price

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Loved everything from Dyson until this vacuum cleaner after 2 years of use began to have a dead battery. Now it only holds for 10-15 seconds and then you have to charge it again. I understand if this had happened to some Chinese vacuum cleaner from Ali, but not with the Dyson! For a lot of money! In general, despite my love for this company, I was disappointed. Like smart phones, if you’re always charging the vacuum cleaner (and it’s not supposed to be charged all the time, t.к. If you hang it on the station, it anyway charges), the battery gradually deteriorates (it only lasted about 2 years for me)

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Always on hand. Used it daily and during the day all the time.

Advantages: handy, a lot of nozzles. It was enough for me to clean a 3 room apartment, not too dirty. We don’t have carpets, the type of flooring. Linoleum. I got used to it quickly.

Disadvantages: After 1.5 years the battery died. As it turned out, this is a common problem with some models, or maybe it’s not a problem at all, but it was designed that way. Would have known before. Would consider buying another vacuum cleaner. I have a bad feeling about it, because the price of a Dyson is not so low.

Weaknesses: Not suitable for cleaning carpets, picks up trash only from a smooth surface(

Advantages: It is a powerful vacuum cleaner. Easy to get rid of trash.

Disadvantages: Can’t put it upright if you need to pause during use.23 months after purchase began to work on 30 seconds and then turn off.

Comment: went to the service, three hours later (!) Came the master, replaced the battery under warranty. I hope to use it for a long time to come.

Advantages: All. Take it and you will not regret it

Advantages: lightweight, easy to clean and maintain, high quality.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I use a dyson v7 with a nozzle for my hardwood floors. We do not have a lot of carpets and they have a short pile. So: no disadvantages, just pluses. It is easy and even enjoyable to clean. It’s part of my morning exercise). The device is very high quality and nice to handle. And it stays like that (as new) for a long time. Maintenance is no problem either: with an easy movement of the hand shook out the dust and it is ready. Every six months you can clean the brush and wash the filter. It takes 15 minutes at the most. We also have a vacuum cleaner. We also have a vacuum cleaner and that’s it: any cleaning takes a couple of hours.The bonus of the nozzle for the floor is that the hair is not wound around it (as with carpet brushes) and goes straight into the container and do not have to cut anything.Usually uses several times a day to keep things spotlessly clean: mornings fully cleaned, days of eating, crumbling, vacuuming and all is clean again.Another important thing is that it has almost no smell of dust, plastic or anything else when it works. But it comes with a hepa filter.PS there may be better vacuum cleaners, but this one didn’t disappoint once.

Advantages: This vacuum cleaner is made all as it is necessaryIt is difficult to find faults in itOperates as it is intendedOpened for small cleanings and the carWashable filters which are easily removed in seconds

Disadvantages: Power output of these vacuum cleaners is worse than that of the corded ones.Can take longer to clean.The battery drains quickly and you can’t connect the cord to work on a cord.I will disassemble and re-solder so that it can be connected to a wire that bypasses the battery.There are 5 nozzles, but it’s still not enough. The nozzle that disables the drive of large nozzles is missing. The motors drained the battery in minutes.Price is the biggest disadvantage

Comment: Everything else about this vacuum cleaner for me.

The Pros: Very easy to use. Especially in contrast to the usual bulky corded vacuum cleaner.Can hang on the wall and takes up little space.This is subjective, but I will say that it is beautiful.Running time on a single charge is enough to clean an apartment. At least my one room of 34 square meters.

Disadvantages: All of these pluses can be easily erased by one big problem: the battery is dead after 19 months! First the high power mode stopped working, then the regular mode too. Can not use it as a corded vacuum cleaner. Replacing the battery is relatively easy with the right size screwdriver (you can see the two fasteners on top, another one in the handle in the photo above). Except that it costs around 5000r for a new battery at the moment. Also I would add that although the brush roll is removable and washable under the faucet, the wheels of this brush are extremely difficult to clean, especially if they have lint and hair wrapped around them.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: To my great surprise the thing was very short lived. Not sure if it is worth it at all. I researched and found out that the battery pack has a huge charge controller on top of the battery pack itself. I guess that’s the reason for such a high price. The battery itself. These are simple standard cells, six of them. And if you could only replace them, for sure the battery would cost a lot less.

Disadvantages:No signal to stop charging

Comment:It’s a great helper in the house.I have 2 cats at home, hair, dust, hair and large debris is great.100% happy with the product I would recommend it

Advantages: it attracts dust and has very high power!

dyson, parquet, extra, vacuum, cleaner, review

Disadvantages:Does not work long on one charge and the price is not happy.

Comment:A great vacuum cleaner, quickly gather the hair and debris, it is not difficult for it as an assistant to the main vacuum cleaner with aquafilter, not always want to get a big vacuum cleaner.

Advantages: there are no obstacles for cleaning (to reach, collect, connect). Plug and play. The house is cleaner.

Disadvantages: I would like to have a longer cleaning time in turbo mode, but it is the same as now. not deadly.

Advantages: It sucks up dust great, light weight, transforms easily, has different nozzles

Weaknesses: Price, I wish it would cost 10,000 instead of 20 thousand.)

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: It’s super ? Cleaning pleasure

Advantages: mobile, powerful enough. a lifesaver for a family with small children. Sometimes it can replace a standard vacuum cleaner. Not all nozzles are needed, but it is enough to fully clean the floor, upholstered furniture, stairs and even dust on the furniture

Disadvantages:If you know what to expect and what it is used for, there are no disadvantages. Probably not so expensive, but the new models are almost the same as the old ones and the old ones are cheaper.

Advantages:High quality materials, workmanship.

Disadvantages:It is scary to clean large debris, I feel sorry for the machine.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Build quality and plastic are top notch. Cleaning is very good quality and easy. Charge enough for the entire cleaning. I highly recommend it.

Advantages:No wire, powerful, enough to clean a three room 60 square. I recommend it) Super purchase! I am very happy)) Vacuuming has become a joy)))

Advantages: The whole year the vacuum cleaner was happy, for 15 minutes managed to run all 80 sq.m. м. Laminate, remove hair, dust. Maneuverable brush, picks up great, small in the kit for hard to reach places. Used it twice a week for about a year.

Disadvantages: This “miracle-technology” died suddenly, 10 days after the expiration of the warranty period. What’s wrong with it, no one knows, just one day it did not turn on and that’s it. There must have been a “ticking clock” of sorts. Warranty expired, buy a new one!

Comment: A handy toy, but insanely expensive, given its short service life, the lack of quality service beyond the MkAD (in the regions).

Advantages:Maneuverable, without carpets enough to collect dust and small debris in the area of 100 sq.m.The battery still works. It has a lot of different brushes, almost all of them are used all the time. Build quality is good. Cleaning is fast and easy.

Disadvantages:The price, of course! The tube is slightly loose at the joints, as with all electrical appliances must be treated with care and read the manual for service necessarily!

Comment:I am satisfied with the purchase! The thing is needed for the household. I do not know cheap analogues, but in this price category it is the best for me!

Advantages:Lightweight, quiet, takes up little space

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:I am satisfied with the stick in principle. Takes up little space, removes dust and debris well, powerful. But it works quietly. The only thing began to run out quickly. But for kitchen or small room cleaning is not critical

Advantages: Light, convenient, compact, maneuverable

Comment: I had my doubts about the quality of cleaning, but in reality, direct airflow and turbo brush solves everything

Advantages: Lightweight, quick standby, the electric head with a colored hairy drum collects dust well.

Comment: The main advantage readiness to work right now and anywhere in the apartment, as opposed to traditional vacuum cleaners, which are often stored in disassembled form in the closet (block separately, hoses separately). The main thing is that it is convenient to attach the charging station to the wall.When you get tired of crumbs under the table or dust in the corners, you don’t have to wait for a general cleaning or pull out an inconvenient traditional vacuum cleaner, pick it up, pull out the cable. You just take it off the Dyson station and vacuum it up. 5-10 minutes.

Advantages: Lightweight, compact, maneuverable, always on hand.Wheels quietly ride on the floor, quality construction

Disadvantages: Lots of useless attachments. Appeal to the manufacturer! Make a nozzle like the main one with a roller, but half to three times smaller in size. To be able to collect dust from the furniture. T to. The one that comes with is not great. The roller is more efficient in my opinion.

Comment: It’s a great vacuum cleaner for cleaning. I call it an electric broom. For general cleaning I get a regular vacuum cleaner. But lately it’s rare. Since 3-5 minute daily run through the apartment with Dyson made my life much easier. I want a second one for the country, that would not carry back and forth.I use it every day in the kitchen and hallway. With this kind of use, the charge lasts for 3 days. To clean the whole apartment (45 m) in normal mode is enough charge. Tried it at the cottage in a house 130m. If it’s not too dirty, it’s enough of a charge. Manufacturer claims 30 minutes. Somewhere so. That’s good enough for me.Turbo mode = good, high-quality cleaning of a large rug by the door.Separately for carpets. I have 4 carpets (2 woolen Soviet times and 2 synthetic relatively new) and one carpet. On the normal mode copes without problems with the carpet and only two carpets (wool and synthetic). I guess it also depends on the carpets.For those who are wondering if they should or shouldn’t buy a cheaper one? I also thought for a long time and took my sister for 2 weeks “not Dyson”. For myself I definitely knew right away what I needed. But not her vacuum cleaner and the like. That’s 10,000 out of Because most “non-Dysons” have a suction power of 30 watts. It is very little. Good for cleaning crumbs and hair with a clean container. Buckwheat and rice do not pull (checked))) ) And remembering the proverb: “A miser pays twice”, and with me it is always so, I chose Dyson and did not regret it.Gave my friend to try for a week. She gave it back to me after 3 days, because she bought hers

The upsides: compact, light, beautiful, easy to empty dust bag, runs quieter than my previous vacuum cleaners (other brand), and of course, the freedom from the wires is a huge plus, the nozzles even more than I need. I only use it for three days

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:I started to like vacuuming. It’s nice to have a beautiful and functional thing in the home

Advantages:-compact-lightweight-comfortable- easy to use- have all the necessary nozzles- maneuverable

Disadvantages:-small design backlash-turbo brush

Comment:Was bought to replace the Bosch ult. Bosch loses almost everything. Both in ease of use and in power. In Dyson, as probably in all such vacuum cleaners there is a small backlash design and feeling of unreliability. But after repeated use, they disappear. The Bosch has a great eye for detail, the little play in the construction, the turbo brush But after using it many times, they disappear. The turbo brush is a “masterpiece” of engineering. Buyer bought it as a replacement for the Bosch ult. Although positioned doya cleaning carpets, but you’ll suffer with it if you have a carpet, though with a lot of pile, though small, as the brush with the size of the palm. In general, this nuance, good vacuum cleaner, and who says he quickly runs down, do not listen, 15 minutes turbo keeps on hurrah, and it’s enough to clean the entire apartment 60-70 square meters, of course, if you do not do it once a week) to buy recommend!

Advantages: 1. Build quality and ease of use2. The turbo brush easily removes even sand3. Price. Got it on sale at Beru for 15k.

Disadvantages: 1. It is hard to clean long hair as it gets wrapped around the brush head and even with the disassembly it is hard to remove all the hair.2. Could be lighter. Although 5-year-old kids can handle it 🙂

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: It’s a great brush, not a vacuum cleaner, for every day. If you have large carpets then this product is definitely not for you. But we are very happy)

Advantages: compact,powerful,easy to clean the container.

Disadvantages: I would like to fast charge, but this is rather a nag than a drawback.The best is the enemy of the good.

Comment: The device worked for 15 min in turbo mode, but 30 min in normal mode as in the instructions.A great vacuum cleaner, the purchase is not jealous.

Advantages:I think the main advantage of the vacuum cleaner. Took it off the charge and it is ready to go.Easy to clean, sucks well, lots of brushes included.

Disadvantages:Perhaps the fear that it will run out of power, but it was not once unexpected.When moving the brush backwards. Can let a little sand/dust in.

Comment:Vacuum cleaner has actually replaced the usual washing fatty. We have a 4-th apartment, not once at the usual (! Not a general, but just to vacuum the floors normally) did not run out until the end. Checked out the brushes too when using it in the car, now you don’t have to suffer with crumbs from passengers or sand. This is a great vacuum cleaner. In the long run will justify its price, but in terms of emotions. It paid for itself in the beginning :)And YES, THIS IS A COSMIC BLASTER WHEN IT HAS NO BRUSH (PIU-PIU).

Pros: Lightweight and maneuverable, easy to use

Advantages: Price, mobility, quality of cleaning.

Disadvantages: No universal carpet nozzle included

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: We bought our vacuum cleaner a few months ago after the wired (not the cheapest) vacuum cleaner of a well-known brand once again burned out the motor, and the brand name. My sister has used a v8 absolute and praised the dyson in so many ways. In addition, for cleaning the apartment, car and cottage need a cordless vacuum cleaner, and the cheap and good by definition can not be.We decided to go with v7 parquet extra and buy a universal mophead afterwards. That’s the cheapest option. Had to wait a few months for the universal nozzle. I have to say right away: it really makes sense to buy it, because even a carpet with a short pile (like in the photo, approximate dimensions 3×2) other brushes are not very comfortable to clean: motorized furniture brush is too small and weak for the carpet, and a brush fluffy even slightly damaged (front cloth sponge peeled and broke). But with the universal motor-brush to vacuum the carpet quickly and cleanly.Я. Allergic though not overly so. In addition, we have a cat at home, so there are special requirements for the quality of cleaning. So, the quality of this vacuum cleaner is enough that my nose did not feel the problems. I also really like to walk on a clean floor with my bare feet. Here again I am happy with the cleaning performance. However, I will warn aesthetes: he does not vacuum every speck of dust from the carpet.The apartment of 100 square meters, cottage. about 50 plus the outdoors, plus the car. For all three purposes, the charge of the vacuum is enough if you don’t clean too thoroughly.

The features

  • The 2 Tier Radial technology.
  • Turbo mode.
  • Transforming into a portable vacuum cleaner.

Dyson cordless vacuums use Dyson’s patented 2 Tier Radial cyclone technology. 15 cyclones arranged in two rows, working in parallel to boost airflow and trap fine dust. This patented cyclonic technology, combined with a digital motor and an advanced nickel-cobalt manganese battery, delivers the constant high suction power that sets Dyson cordless vacuums apart.

Convenient, hygienic bin cleaning system. Shakes dust and dirt out of the bin in one swift action.

Slide the power switch to activate turbo mode, which provides up to 6 minutes of extra power for demanding tasks.

Light and well-balanced vacuum cleaner suitable for high surfaces, between and under furniture.

All Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners have a removable tube that makes it easy to transform into a handheld for easy cleaning in hard-to-reach places.

Dyson V7 Parquet Extra Vertical Vacuum Cleaner. Reviews

We clean one room apartment of 45 meters, the charge never ran out. Easy enough to clean. The brush has been washed once in 3 months, but not much dust accumulates on it.

Turbo mode, starts to suck better, but we are happy with the normal mode.

Vibration nozzle is suitable for furniture, sometimes we use it for a mattress.

1) running time is VERY limited. And this was a DEFINITELY good thing. Yes, on careful study there is nothing to complain about. everything is prescribed about the brushes and the power, but guys, it’s not the face of a solid brand to loudly proclaim about THIRTY MINUTES. furthermore in small print in the manual. and in fact understand that in fact you are 5 times embellishing the capabilities of the device (smells like American advertising time aggressive marketing).

2) Essentially ONE mode of operation. mode names. in general, a separate joke: MAX and High Power Mode (literal translation = “powerful suction”), which in fact is a sluggish suction t.е. direct misinformation of the user by playing with big words. Surely from a legal point of view.з. here everything is clear. like with dumplings (if “meat”. is a trade name, not a description of the composition, then inside there may be even absorbent cotton).

3) Lots of different (not necessarily necessary) attachments, including.ч. with a rotating roller, which ungodly reduces the time of work because of the electric drive, and at the same time there is NO SIMPLE nozzle as on any other traditional vacuum cleaner (thanks, in the nature such a nozzle exists and is kindly offered at a price of about 3000 ).

4) Again about battery life:.charging takes more than 3 hours.then you have 6 minutes for everything before “full discharge”.you can’t buy a 2nd ac and keep it at the ready, like on an electric screwdriver.you can not recharge the vacuum cleaner immediately after a full discharge

5) Dyson V7 is not a substitute for a regular vacuum cleaner to clean the entire apartment.

6) With t.з. the vacuum cleaner performance is far from what you expected: parts are jointed with backlash. Here I am not picking on, but comparing to simple vacuum cleaners which cost 3 times cheaper (there are no backlashes, tight connection of elements at least at newename ones).

7) It’s hard to hold it with one hand for a long time and if you hold it with two hands, your back gets tired.к. have to stand at an angle (height 179).

8) Start button does not have a lock. you have to hold it with your finger all the time.

The arrival of the Dyson product was a welcome event, especially since this vacuum cleaner also sucks up trash/dirt and not just makes noise (like the multiple cigarette lighter powered stoves that continue to “give motorists for the past 20 years for a purpose I don’t understand”).

For me, the model I bought was a replacement for the “brush with a shovel” at home an opportunity, not having a cottage / garage, to collect dirt in the car, which inevitably penetrates beyond the mats. no matter how carefully you look after them.

I have no pets, I’m not after “anti-allergy”, I cover a few pieces of upholstered furniture with washable plaids.

If I had researched the issue better/more thoroughly before buying. probably would not have bought it at all.

The difference between Dyson vacuum cleaners

The cyclonic cleaning principle, common to all Dyson appliances. But the performance of models differ in power, power, and layout. There are models with wheels, representing a cylindrical apparatus for dry cleaning. The compact upright models can be cordless or corded, transformers or handheld. Which Dyson vacuum cleaner to choose, depends on many factors.

Every Dyson vacuum cleaner has a filtration system that cleans up to 99.99% of the air. Some units have a pre-motor simple filter, while others have HEPA. High Efficiency Particulate Air, with varying capacity to trap suspended particles. Which Dyson vacuum cleaner to choose by filter system, depends on whether there are people in the house who depend on the purity of the air. The complication of the equipment affects the price. The Origin label shows a simple pre-motor filter, Allergy shows an anti-microbial filter, Bactisafe shows an anti-bacterial filter.

An important indicator of home appliances is the compactness of the model. If storage space is an important criterion, you can opt for an upright vacuum cleaner Dyson, a network model. In terms of suction power, such units are not inferior to wheeled units, and take up little space.

Dyson machines use durable polycarbonate flasks. However, you should know, an accidental crack in the bowl will make it unusable, and the replacement is not cheap. Dyson vacuum cleaner container capacity affects the geometric size of the device.

The presence of nozzles and brushes, the transformation of an upright vacuum cleaner Dyson in a manual model contribute to the expansion of functions, and significantly raise the price. When looking for an inexpensive but good machine, you need to find a compromise, which options can be neglected to reduce material costs. All Dyson vacuum cleaner models are covered by warranty for up to 5 years. During this period, most other devices need to be replaced.

The Dyson V7 Extra manual states that the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a nickel-cobalt aluminum battery. Its capacity, according to the claim of advertising, is enough to work in standalone mode for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, it is the operating time in normal mode, not turbo mode. You can only vacuum for 6-12 minutes when the maximum power is on.

Many users are not satisfied with the time. They prefer that the vacuum cleaner works not only standalone, but also in normal cord mode. But if you need to remove dust and pet hair in one room, such as the kitchen, then the purchase of a vacuum cleaner will be justified. It will also come in handy for those users who clean at normal, not at maximum power. In this case, a manual vacuum cleaner Dyson V7 Animal Extra can clean an apartment of 60 square meters.

Rechargeable battery is recharged from the complete docking station. The vacuum cleaner can’t come to charge on its own, so it has to be set there manually. Charge time of almost 4 hours.

2) Essentially ONE mode of operation. mode names. in general, a separate laughter: MAX and High Power mode (literal translation = “powerful suction”), which in essence is a sluggish suction t.е. Direct misinformation of the user by playing with big words. I’m sure from a legal t.з. it’s all clear here. About the same as with dumplings (if “meaty”. is a trade name, not a description of the composition, there may be absorbent cotton inside).

3) a lot of different (not the fact that it is necessary) nozzles, in.ч. with a rotating roller, which ungodly reduces the run time because of the electric motor, and at the same time NO NO NOISE nozzle as on any other traditional vacuum cleaner (luckily, in the nature of such a nozzle exists and is graciously offered at a price of about 3000 ).

4) Again about battery life:.Charging lasts more than 3 hours.then you have 6 minutes for everything before “full discharge.you cannot buy a 2nd battery and have it ready to go like an electric screwdriver.you can not charge the vacuum cleaner immediately after a complete discharge

5) Dyson V7 will not replace your average vacuum cleaner for cleaning the entire apartment.

6) With t.з. the performance of the vacuum cleaner is far from what you would expect: the parts are jointed with backlash. Here I am not picking on, and comparing it to a simple vacuum cleaner which costs 3 times cheaper (there are no backlashes, tight connection of elements at least at first class though at noonime).

7) It is difficult to hold it with one hand for a long time, and if you hold it with two hands, it makes your back tired.к. I have to stand at an incline (height 179).

The appearance of a Dyson product was a welcome event, especially since this vacuum cleaner also sucks up trash/dirt and not just makes noise (like the multiple cigarette lighter-powered stoves that keep “giving motorists for the past 20 years for a purpose I don’t understand”).

For me, the model I purchased was a substitute for the “brush with a shovel” at home, an opportunity, without a country house/garage, to collect dirt in the car, which inevitably penetrates beyond the mats. No matter how carefully you take care of them.

I have no pets, I do not chase for “anti-allergy”, I cover a few upholstered furniture with washable plaids.

3. Maria D.

Pros: Lightweight, for an apartment or two, the charge is enough, cleans well enough. No principal complaints, as long as the battery worked well.
Cons: 1) The biggest drawback is that the battery began to drain after 2 years of use, like smartphones. Now it lasts only 10 seconds ((( And that’s the main disappointment from Dyson. 2) no vertical parking 3) no big garbage and even slightly scatters 4) good suction power only in turbo mode. 5) price
Review: I loved everything by Dyson until this vacuum cleaner after 2 years of use and the battery is dead. Now it only holds 10-15 seconds, and then you have to put it back on charge. I could understand if this happened to some Chinese vacuum cleaner from Ali, but not the Dyson! For a lot of money! In general, despite my love for this company, I was disappointed. As with smartphones, if the vacuum cleaner is on charge all the time (which is not otherwise provided, t.к. If you hang it on the station, it in any case is charged), the battery gradually deteriorates (it only lasted about 2 years for me)

3. Sergey A.

Pros: Possibilities of quality of cleaning thanks to clever nozzles.
Cons: Reliability.
Review: For myself I decided that the house will be a robot vacuum cleaner and an upright vacuum cleaner for situations that do not fit the robot. Practice has shown that the presence of a handheld vacuum cleaner justified. This Dyson, despite losing power compared to fixed vacuum cleaners, clean carpets well with the turbo nozzle included in the kit in full power mode (so faster than in standard power mode). I liked the thoughtfulness of the design, including the little things. In this case, a year and a half noticed that at full power it began to work no longer than 20 seconds (usually 6 minutes), and after two years (ended the official warranty) has stopped charging. End of movie. And without an upright vacuum cleaner no more. Thus, an upright vacuum cleaner Dyson, not electric (which are cheap), can be an alternative to the stationary. I am sure that this statement is also true for other manufacturers of upright vacuum cleaners priced from 20 t.р. Going to repair. The battery was sentenced in the repair. Arrived in a week and a half. Paid almost a hundred bucks for a new battery. Happy shopping to all.

Top 10 best handheld models of the brand

In the rating are both exclusively manual models, as well as devices with an upright handle. They all differ in cost and technical characteristics. Let us consider further the features of each of the presented vacuum cleaner.

Place #1. Dyson V11 Absolute

The leader of our ranking is a relatively new device from the Dyson V11 Absolute line. For smooth operation of the device is responsible nickel-cadmium battery, which provides work without recharging up to 60 minutes, and charging time up to 270 minutes.

The suction power of this model is 185 W, and the consumption is 545 W. The body of the device is equipped with an LCD display, a dust canister filling indicator and a regulator to control the power. Vacuum cleaner can operate in 3 different modes, and for storage there is a wall mount.

Like all handheld vacuum cleaners of the brand, this model has compact size and a fairly roomy dust container, which is unusual for handheld modifications. The package includes 6 nozzles. large and small electric brush with bristles and with a soft roller for hard surfaces, combined with soft and hard bristles and crevice. All of these accessories are quite enough for a full-fledged cleaning of the room.

This wonder of technology is not cheap, but its functionality is top-notch. Despite the recent introduction of this vacuum cleaner to the market, it has been appreciated by users.

So, most owners like its portability, low noise level, easy operation and good suction power. in turbo mode it is 185 watts.

The main drawback is, of course, the price. Some a little lack of charge level indicator.

Place #2. Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead

The second place of our rating is occupied by Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead. According to users, this is one of the best handheld machines of the brand on the market. From the previous participant of the rating it is a little different, but in terms of functionality they are very similar.

The suction power, number of modes and working time are identical to the previous model.

It has less weight, which was made possible by reducing the volume of the dust bag to 0.54 liters. But, in the opinion of users, it is quite enough for a single cleaning of the house.

It comes with only two nozzles. universal and crevice, although they are enough for quality cleaning of the apartment. Controls are traditionally located on the handle.

The owners of this technique like the opportunity to do without wires. They praise its power, mobility, performance and ease of use.

Among the disadvantages are most often found complaints about the obviously inflated price. Though if to compare with Dyson V8 Absolute, the leader of our rating costs a little bit more, and power and time of isolated work is much more.

Place #3. Dyson V10 Absolute

The third place ranking took a vacuum cleaner from a series of Cyclone V10, called Absolute. In everything, including design, it does not differ radically from the above models in the rating.

Firstly, the duration of operation, which can be up to 60 minutes without recharging. Secondly, the device is capable of working in three modes, and, in turbo mode, the suction power is as much as 151 watts.

As we see, the manufacturer managed to save the compact size, but significantly increased the volume of the dust canister. up to 0.76 liters, although the weight has not changed dramatically. But the novelty will cost a “tidy” sum.

If you believe the reviews, then this helper is quite able to replace a traditional corded vacuum cleaner, both in power and functionality. And the variety of nozzles can cope with any type of dirt.

It’s not without its drawbacks, the first of which is the cost. Also, some users would like to adjust the height of the pipe, although they note that this does not affect the functionality of the technique.

Place #4. Dyson V8 Absolute

Modification Absolute of a line of Dyson V8 has many common characteristics with the devices considered above, but favourably differs them, first of all, work time after recharging. to 40 minutes.

It’s quite a compact unit. Although the capacity of its plastic dust bag is enough to clean a 3-room apartment.

With its small size, it has more than 150 watts of power.

The basic package, in addition to the combination and crevice nozzle, includes a set of electric brushes:

  • Fluffy with a soft coating for delicate surfaces;
  • A direct-drive nozzle for all types of surfaces;
  • Mini electric brush for hard-to-reach places.

Users appreciate the stylish design and ease of use. Many people like the good suction power and longer battery life compared to the V6 and V7 series.

The disadvantages are mainly the impressive

You are interested in this model? For a more detailed description of the Dyson V8 Absolute, see the following article.

Place #5. Dyson V7 Parquet Extra

This handheld vacuum cleaner is designed in the traditional Dyson style. It is equipped with a suction tube, which can be unhooked if you want a manual option, such as cleaning car mats or a baby’s high chair.

The compact size of this model does not think too much about finding a place for storage. The more that it comes with a wall mount that can be used not only for charging, but also for storage.

Vacuum cleaner works in two modes: the nominal and maximum power, which does not exceed 100 watts. The first option is appropriate for everyday cleaning. In this mode, the battery lasts for 30 minutes of vacuuming. At maximum power the battery is depleted much faster, then this option is more suitable for removing accumulated garbage or heavy dirt.

Among the positives, users appreciated the quality of cleaning with the turbo brush. In addition, the ease of use and detached operation allows you to clean the room several times faster than “wired” counterparts.

If we talk about the minuses, some owners complain about the noise, although for vacuum cleaners, such a level of noise is the norm.

Place #6. Dyson V10 Animal

From the previous model of our rating manual modification Digital V10 Animal differs slightly more weight, appearance, as well as the basic equipment. Its feature seamless cleaning of hair of different animals, including long and short cat hair. And with this task, judging by the reviews of owners, it copes perfectly.

So, in addition to the standard tube, wall mount, combination and crevice nozzle, the kit comes turbo brush. It is much more effective in dealing with heavy dirt.

The control buttons are located on the handle. Operating time without recharging is up to 60 minutes. depending on the selected mode.

From the positive moments users note the excellent maneuverability of the turbo brush, the small weight of the device, ease of changing nozzles.

And if we talk about the disadvantages, some owners of this technique device seems bulky for the car interior, a cramped bathroom and other small spaces. Also to the disadvantages include not a small cost and inconvenient location of the Start button.

Place #7. Dyson V7 Fluffy

It is also a manual vacuum cleaner model, complete with a vertical tube and a full manual design if necessary, you can easily detach the compact handheld vacuum cleaner and clean.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery that allows it to safely clean a small apartment. Working time on a single charge is no more than 30 minutes. And then it’s up to you to recharge the battery.

As you can see, the device weighs a little more than manual versions without the tube. The maximum suction power is 100 watts, but it is in turbo mode. This power can be reduced with a button on the handle, extending the service life up to 30 minutes.

The basic package of this model includes: charger and wall mount for it, large roller brush, small motorized brush, combination brush and narrow crevice nozzle.

Of the pluses, users note the low weight, excellent build quality, maneuverability and power.

There are a few more disadvantages. Some owners complain that the blue coating of the tube is very easy to scratch, and the small rubberized wheels of the large brush are constantly clogged with hair, which is difficult to remove later.

Also, many people miss the volume of the dust canister, as well as the time of operation at maximum power. In addition, there are complaints about the noise level of the unit, but the manufacturer assures that the noise level depends directly on the selected mode. The vacuum cleaner is as loud as possible in turbo mode.

Place #8. Dyson V7 Trigger

Wireless manual Dyson V7 series called Trigger is new on the market. Powered by a battery and is designed for dry cleaning. It does not have an extension tube included. Run time after recharging is up to 20 minutes.

Обзор беспроводного пылесоса Dyson V7 Parquet Extra

This vacuum cleaner has a fine filter, a wall mount for the battery, an extension tube, and two cleaning nozzles.

The suction power is 28 watts, and in turbo mode. 100 watts. Except that the last one has a working time of only 6 minutes. Power control is on the handle and does not work by pushing, as in previous models, but by gentle movement.

Another difference is its simplified system of emptying the waste container.

This model is a must have in the house where there are small children. You have to agree, not a day goes by without something falling or crumbling. In this case, Dyson is simply irreplaceable. It will allow just a couple of minutes to cope with the scattered rice or millet, unlike the cumbersome stationary “brothers”.

Its only disadvantage is an impressive

Spot #9. Dyson V7 Motorhead

The brand’s handheld model, which occupies the penultimate position in the ranking, is also quite popular among customers. It also runs on a lithium-ion battery, and battery life is less than 30 minutes.

Unlike the previous model. this device has more weight, and included more nozzles extension tube. So, in addition to the wall mount for the battery, the basic package includes three nozzles: a large motorized brush, a combination nozzle and crevice. While the first and second models can deal with the trash on the carpet, under the couch, and on the hard floor, the third one can easily remove the crumbs stuck between the backrest and the couch seat.

Owners of this model appreciate its low weight, excellent build quality and good performance.

Among the disadvantages worth noting small problems when cleaning the dust canister, according to some owners when opening the container with the debris flies dust. Another point that users do not like. when the charge level decreases, the quality of cleaning deteriorates a little.

Place #10. Dyson V11 AbsolutePro

This model belongs to the manual versions, working on battery and having a removable, detachable vacuum cleaner. Running time is about 60 minutes, which is enough time for a full-fledged cleaning.

With this machine, you can handle the removal of almost any debris hidden in even the most inaccessible places. And this is due to a large set of brushes and nozzles and the presence of an adapter for cleaning high places, coming with.

In the basic set has a universal combination brush, nozzles with hard and soft bristles, as well as crevice and flexible crevice nozzle. The latter is able to perfectly remove dust from hard-to-reach places. Power brushes: big and small with bristles, as well as a brush with a soft roller.

If you believe the reviews, this vacuum cleaner is just an indispensable thing for owners of apartments and homes. Even the toughest spots can be cleaned without problems. And for multi-room housing, some users recommend getting two Dyson V11 AbsolutePro at once.

Among the disadvantages are very high cost, not everyone will agree to shell out such an amount.


All cordless models are very similar in design. That is, their weight and size will be about the same. Weight, for example, can be 2 to 3 kg, it increases with increasing power. Vacuum cleaners are equipped with a digitally controlled motor, they use a patented cyclonic technology, there is a MAX mode. a short-term increase in power for complicated tasks.

With Dyson vacuum cleaners you can easily clean high surfaces, and they are easily transformed into portable models. Provides for hygienic cleaning at the touch of a button, the vacuum cleaner itself shuts off when overheated. All come with a handy docking station.



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