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Durable Phones: Samsung XCover 5 Review. Samsung xcover 5

Durable Phones: Samsung XCover 5 Review

With its impressive durability and top-notch performance, Samsung’s XCover 5 has captured the attention of companies looking for durable phones. That’s why we’re taking a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5.

Our review will help you determine whether this double hard device lives up to its reputation and is worth the investment for your company.

The popular Korean tech manufacturer has set the bar high with the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro line. Rather than just promoting yet another range of high-end smartphones, the XCover Pro is also ruggedised. in other words, perfect for use in harsh or outdoor working environments that could potentially cause damage to your smartphone.

The previous models in the XCover range all received relatively positive reviews online, with a lot of users showing appreciation for the smartphone’s combination of damage resistance and sleek design.

However, does Samsung’s latest release exceed the standards set by its predecessors? Let’s find out by reviewing the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5.

Durable design

The construction industry for example demands rugged devices that can withstand harsh working conditions, and the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 is no exception. It’s essential to note that this phone is purpose-built for weather-wearing and active work environments, rather than being tailored to the preferences of casual consumers.

The Samsung XCover 5’s design prioritises functionality and durability, making it an ideal choice for professionals in the construction industry who need a device that can keep up with their demanding work requirements.

However, that isn’t to say that the XCover 5 doesn’t appear noticeably different to other rugged smartphones on the market. Moving away from the typical bright colours and rubberised cases, the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 is closer in appearance to a standard smartphone.

Sleek, slim and compact, the XCover 5 is easy and lightweight to hold, with a textured back for easier grip. Unsurprisingly, the smartphone also comes with an IP68 rating for resistance to dust and water, as well as anti-shock and drop protection capabilities.

If you consider that the Samsung XCover 5 is designed to be used in the workplace, this combination of lightweight density and rugged features is actually very successful. The XCover 5 stands out for being a smartphone that can withstand the elements, whilst also not taking up too much space in your

Battery and Storage

Regardless of your workplace, the quality of battery and storage are two make-or-breaks for any mobile device, which is why we thought it was essential to draw on these features in our review of the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5.

Let’s start with battery life. Samsung has expanded battery capabilities from the XCover 4 to the XCover 5, with the older model possessing a capacity of 2800 mAh whilst the newer boasts 3000 mAh.

notably, the battery in the Samsung XCover 5 is replaceable. This largely reduces the risk of your smartphone dying when you need it most. if the worst comes to the worst, simply slide off the back cover, and insert a spare battery. Easy.

When it comes to memory, the Samsung XCover 5 exceeds a lot of other rugged smartphones on the market, with 64GB (eMMC storage) and 4GB (RAM storage). There is also the option to include up to two SIM cards and a microSD card within the device.

Display and camera quality

The screen featured on the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 is relatively small, with a 5.3 inch diagonal display and a 1480×720 pixel resolution.

Whatever the case may be when it comes to standard smartphone devices, however, in the instance of the rugged XCover 5, a smaller interface is actually a bonus. The device can easily be held in one hand and operated with minimal effort, making this a good choice for busy, on-the-go workplaces.

Another feature included with the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 that increases ease of use is face recognition software, allowing you to unlock your phone on-the-go without the use of passwords or buttons.

Whilst the xCover 5’s camera isn’t necessarily ground-breaking, it is still reasonably high quality. This is an especially pleasant surprise when you consider the fact that rugged smartphones are rarely known for their photography capabilities. The rear camera is 16MP, which allows for images that are reasonably sharp in clarity under most lighting conditions.

Additional features

Alongside the aforementioned, the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 comes with a few unique and useful features that are worth mentioning in this review.

  • Enterprise Edition. The Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 includes a unique ‘Enterprise Edition’ label from Samsung. In a nutshell, this allows for free security updates for up to five years and free access to Samsung’s business Knox Suite for a year.
  • Sensitive touchscreen. The smartphone’s touchscreen is highly sensitive, adding to its easy usability. The sensitivity of the screen can also be increased, meaning that you can still operate your mobile device even when wearing gloves.
  • LED torchlight. The torch included with the XCover 5 is bright, LED-lit and easy to toggle, allowing you to maintain your vision in even the darkest of environments.

Our Verdict

For professionals in the construction industry, the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 is a standout device that offers a rare combination of rugged durability and user-friendly features. Despite its tough exterior, the XCover 5 doesn’t compromise on standard smartphone functions, providing impressive camera quality, long battery life, and ample storage.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 is an excellent choice for businesses that require a reliable mobile device capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions. Its superior durability and high operability make it a valuable addition to the toolkit of any construction industry professional.

If the Samsung Galaxy xCover 5 seems appropriate for your business communications, get in touch with Your Comms Group. Our team of telecommunication experts can provide a fleet of devices on flexible and low-cost tariffs suited to you and your company.

Here’s 5 Reasons Why the XCover 5 Enterprise Edition is the Perfect phone for businesses in Malaysia

Samsung has just introduced their first phone under their Enterprise Edition marque dubbed the Galaxy XCover 5 Enterprise Edition in Malaysia.

While their Enterprise Edition devices have been around for awhile in other regions like the United States and Europe, they’ve only just made their first foray here in Malaysia to offer businesses a viable smartphone for enterprise use, offering a suite of features that make it ideal for small to medium enterprises and large businesses alike.

What is a Samsung Enterprise Edition device?

A Samsung Enterprise Edition device is not so much about the hardware as it is about the software underneath the hood and additional services offered to support it. While they all run Android, and in the case of the Galaxy XCover 5 Enterprise Edition the latest version of Android 11, Enterprise Edition phones have the added addition of the Samsung Knox Suite to offer enhance and timely security support and additional customisability and control per device.

While consumer phones do have Knox security built in to offer financial payment services like Samsung Pay and have the ability to create a separate secure partition for data, Samsung Knox Suite services dial things to 11 with significantly more robust security and, by design, a whole lot more hoops to jump through.

For the uninitiated, the Samsung Knox Suite is an enterprise mobility management solution available on Samsung Enterprise Edition phones that offers both security and management solutions.

Basically, Knox Suite lets IT administrators easily manage and push out firmware and security patch updates for Samsung Enterprise Edition devices without having to do it individually one by one and helps ensure that they remain secure from tampering and hacks be it hardware or software. All this helps to ensure every Samsung Enterprise Edition phone remains up to date, functional and secure.

That’s not all, from a big picture level, Samsung Enterprise Devices are also rated for longer support than consumer devices with up to 5-years of security maintenance releases and two years of product availability after their official launch

All this makes them easier to own, easier to replace and repair which are important criteria for companies that typically use the same model of phone en masse for years at a time. But what makes the new XCover 5 Enterprise Edition so special?

What is the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 Enterprise Edition?

In Malaysia, the first official Samsung Enterprise Edition phone is the Galaxy XCover 5 Enterprise Edition. established markets feature a selection of other Samsung phones under the Enterprise Edition umbrella such as the Galaxy A50, Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note10 and Tab Active 3. There’s no word on if these variants will appear in our market anytime soon though it’s not out of the question.

At a glance, the Galaxy XCover 5 has fairly normal specifications with a 5.3-inch, 1,480 x 720 pixel TFT LCD display, a modest Exynos 850 octacore processor paired with 4GB RAM and 64GB of expandable storage along with a 3,000mAh battery that is rated for up to 13 hours of video playback.

Connectivity extends to Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth v5.0 along with NFC and it also has a 3.5mm audio jack. On the rear, the phone features a 16MP F/1.8 camera with dual LED flash and the front has a single 5MP selfie camera.

Here’s a few of the benchmarks of the phone:

3DMark Wildlife 430

3DMark WildLife Extreme 120

3DMark SlingShot 1,262

3DMark SlingSHot Extreme Open GL ES 3.1 867

PCMark Work 3.0 performance 5,827

PCMark Work 3.0 Battery Life 14 Hours 10 minutes

Geekbench SIngle core score 181

GeekBench Multi core score 1,109

To be fair, it won’t hold a candle to a cutting edge phone like the Galaxy S21 Ultra but where the Galaxy XCover 5 Enterprise Edition excels is not in its hardware but what it has to offer under the hood.

Reasons why the Galaxy XCover 5 is Perfect for Businesses in Malaysia

Where the Galaxy XCover 5 stands out is that it’s built specifically to cater to the needs of a particular type of business user – field staff who work outdoors and in the field like delivery and shipping personnel, staff like road crews and plantation workers as well as rougher field conditions that would prang a less robust phone. On a side note, the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 Enterprise Edition isn’t available in the consumer market and you’ll need to source for a quote directly from Samsung. For more details and to request a quotation, check out their official page at https://www.Samsung.com/my/business/smartphones/Galaxy-xcover5-g525/

With that detail sorted, here’s 5 reasons why the Galaxy XCover 5 Enterprise Edition is ideal for business.

– Built Tough with IP68 and MIL-STD-810H Rated Durability

The Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 Enterprise Edition has an armoured outer shell that has an IP68 water and dust resistance rating along with MIL-STD-810H rated military grade levels of toughness. This allows the phone to survive in up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes as well as shrug off modest drops to the ground without damage.

Combined, this makes the XCover 5 Enterprise Edition ideal for outdoors work as staff needn’t have to coddle it like a Faberge egg when using it outdoors and with less chance of it getting broken in the field, it’ll be used more often and companies will need to replace it less while keeping it in service longer.

– Glove Compatible Touchscreen

The phone sports a 5.3-inch HD display with a 60Hz refresh rate which is more than sufficient for work purposes but what will endear it to enterprise users in the field is that the display has support for gloved touch usage by simply toggling a setting.

That means you can navigate the menus and settings on the XCover 5 Enterprise Edition even when wearing gloves; a necessity in some outdoors work environments. Better yet, the phone has facial recognition too for fast, easy access in the field.

Swappable 3,000mAh Battery

Battery life is a key factor for a phone that’s intended to work hard all day long and the Galaxy XCover 5 Enterprise Edition has something that many phones lack – a swappable battery. All you need to do is to pop off the rear backplate and you gain access to a battery pack that you can swap out in seconds.

To make things even more efficient, the base of the phone has a pair of pogo pins, allowing users to dock it into an optional docking station much in the manner of a traditional walkie talkie to charge it in a convenient fashion without having to fiddle about with a cable.

The backplate of the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 Enterprise Edition is removable to allow access to the swappable battery, dual SIM card slots and microSD card slot

On its own, the 3,000mAh battery is more than sufficient for all-day use with a rated 13 hours of battery life and in PCMark Work 3.0, it still garnered a respectable 11 hours and 40 minutes of endurance.

Customisable XCover Key

The side of the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 Enterprise Edition features a customisable button that can be keyed to access any potential app or function on the phone as needed.

enterprising enterprise users have assigned it as an ersatz walkie talkie button to access a company group chat but other companies have assigned it to access more specific features like a barcode scanner for tallying or to inventory stock.

Extensive five years of security updates

Companies will often keep using an existing device for years at a time beyond the lifespan of a conventional consumer device which is why Samsung Enterprise Edition grade gear will have up to 5-years of security maintenance releases and will be available for purchase and spare parts two years after their initial launch.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 Detailed; Images, Specs

Samsung’s upcoming rugged smartphone, the Galaxy Xcover 5, just got detailed by WinFuture. The source shared quite a few renders of the devices, revealing its design all around, pretty much.

On top of that, the phone’s specifications got shared, along with its release time frame. WinFuture managed to get ahold of quite a few details.

The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 details surface, including its specs images

Let’s start with the design, shall we. The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 does look a bit dated, though that’s not surprising considering this is a rugged smartphone. Its bezels are quite thick, which is the main reason why it doesn’t look as modern as its siblings.

This phone can take a beating, though, that’s the main reason why those bezels are included. The phone also sports reinforced corners, which are easily noticeable. This black-colored phone comes with red accents, which seems to be a nice combination.

Samsung’s branding is placed on the back, and it’s quite subtle. The power / lock, volume up, and volume down buttons are on the right. On the left, there’s a fourth button which is red-colored. This could be a customizable key, we’ll see.

The phone will include a 5.3-inch display, and Samsung’s very own SoC

Now, in regards to specs. The device will feature a 5.3-inch HD (1480 x 720) display, says the source. That panel will be protected by the Gorilla Glass 6, and we’re looking at 310 ppi here.

Android 11 will come pre-installed, along with Samsung’s custom UI. The Samsung Exynos 850 64-bit octa-core processor is said to fuel the device, while you can expect to get 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of expandable storage.

A single 16-megapixel camera will sit on the back of the device. It will deliver an f/1.8 aperture lens, and will offer contrast detection. A single 5-megapixel camera (f/2.2 aperture) will sit on the phone’s front side.

durable, phones, samsung, xcover, review

The device will be IP68 certified for water and dust resistance, while it will also be shock proof. It will deliver two SIM card slots (2x nano SIM), and a separate microSD card slot for storage expansion.

durable, phones, samsung, xcover, review

The device will be able to scan your face using its front-facing camera. Bluetooth 5.0 will be a part of the package as well, as will an audio jack, and an NFC chip. You can clearly see a Type-C port in one of the images shared below.

A 3,000mAh battery will be included, while the phone will be quite compact

A 3,000mAh battery is mentioned by the source, and the same goes for 15W fast wired charging. This phone’s battery will also be replaceable, says the source.

The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 will measure 147.1 x 71.6 x 9.2mm, and weigh 172 grams. It will actually be quite compact, in comparison to most smartphones these days. The phone is expected to launch at some point this month.

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Samsung XCover 5 Enterprise Edition Outdoor smartphobe 64 GB 13.5 cm (5.3 inch) Black Android 11 Dual SIM

At work at home.Enormously Smart, impressively hard: The robust Galaxy XCover 5 is a real Hero of the work. Certified to IP683 as well as to the US military standard MIL-STD-810G, it performs its service reliably even under uncomfortable working co…

At work at home.Enormously Smart, impressively hard: The robust Galaxy XCover 5 is a real Hero of the work. Certified to IP683 as well as to the US military standard MIL-STD-810G, it performs its service reliably even under uncomfortable working co…

Samsung XCover 5 Enterprise Edition Smartphone, black

At work at home.Enormously Smart, impressively hard: The robust Galaxy XCover 5 is a real Hero of the work. Certified to IP683 as well as to the US military standard MIL-STD-810G, it performs its service reliably even under uncomfortable working conditions with a lot of dust or moisture. In addition, your eyes can relax, which benefit from the 5.3″ (13.48 cm) large display, which can also be operated with gloves when wet. The freely assignable function keys as well as the dual LED lighting are also practical, thanks to which you can keep the view even in the dark. And because job security always takes precedence, the Galaxy XCover 5 comes with the Samsung Knox security platform. The regular supply of security and software updates ‒ is also ensured by 2026. In addition, the huge range of features is contained in a compact housing, so that the device can be operated comfortably while traveling with one hand.

Hard to get broken.Whether water, dust or falls ‒ the Galaxy XCover 5 is prepared against many things. First, it is IP683 certified. Second, it complies with the stringent US military standard MIL-STD-810G4. Thus, it also offers protection against low or high temperatures, intense sunlight, mechanical impacts and salt water mist.

Can be operated under harsh conditions.Hand on it: You can conveniently use the Galaxy XCover 5 with a glove ‒ to answer a call as well as to write a message. The display is also designed in such a way that it functions reliably even in humid conditions, for example in the rain. Convenient: The buttons of the Galaxy XCover 5 can be assigned any desired functions and can be easily called up by pressing a button, such as switching on the dual LED light.

Focus the job from front to back.From the documentation of a construction project to the video chat ‒ the Galaxy XCover 5 also makes a lot of things in terms of photos. Its main camera is triggered with 16 MP on ‒ and with a bright lens with F1.8 aperture. The front camera offers 5 MP and provides for fast face recognition and clear video chats. Bright joy is also enabled by the dual LED flash, which can bring light into the darkness even in darker environments.

Long running time, short charging time.A replaceable 3,000 mAh battery gives the Galaxy XCover 5 plenty of energy for long working days. Thanks to the quick-charge function, it can be charged with 15 W and is thus quickly operational again. In addition, the almost tireless workhorse has Pogo pins, so thatYou can place it comfortably on every Pogo-charging station, without having to insert it laboriously.

Makes working a bright pleasure.With a screen size of 5.3″ (13.48 cm), the Galaxy XCover 5 offers a pleasing balance between handiness and image quality. With its clear display, it provides a good viewing experience even under adverse lighting conditions, such as in dark warehouses.

Fixed performance, flexible storage.For great performance in the job, the Galaxy XCover 5 processor with eight cores and GB of RAM means that the smartphone won’t sweat so quickly even in demanding applications. The outdoor specialist can cope with large amounts of data thanks to its 64 GB internal memory (approx. 47.3 GB available free of charge). If required, you can easily extend the internal memory by up to 1 TB with a conventional microSD card.

Burglary futile: Samsung Knox.First the good news: Your Galaxy XCover 5 comes with Samsung Knox. Now the even better message: Samsung Knox is already active with the first switching on and constantly monitors the safety of the device. Samsung Knox offers high-quality protection. hardware and software side ‒ against different intruders, malware and other threats.

5 years of security updatesSamsung is offering 5 security updates for the Galaxy XCover for five years from the global launch. As a result, the smartphone will receive regular feature and stability adjustments and the latest security patches by January 2026.

The Samsung Business Class.The Galaxy XCover 5 does a great job especially in the store — and can often make the purchase of special devices unnecessary. Equipped with NFC and Smart scanning functions, it is suitable for many mobile applications. It is particularly important for mPOS applications or as a barcode scanner.

Ready for business: Enterprise Edition.The Galaxy XCover 5 in the Enterprise Edition contains a comprehensive solution package consisting of Smart software and guaranteed update services. From high security to flexible customization to efficient device management — Enterprise Edition offers a lot, was important in the business. The Knox Suite offers suitable tools for the IT department to provide, secure and manage the fleet of devices.

Sophisticated scanning? It’s easy!With the scan solution Knox Capture you can convert the Galaxy XCover 5 in no time at all in a powerful barcode scanner. And it’s as fast as it gets: Simply press the push-to-scan button — the device switches to scan mode.

Communication at the touch of a button.Business communication is easy: The Galaxy XCover 5 supports push-to-talk solutions, so that you can establish a secure connection to your team only by tapping the XCover button. Speaking to the team, Microsoft Teams8 naturally supports the Galaxy XCover 5 as well.

This text is machine translated.

Highlights Details

  • 13.5 cm (5.3 inch) display, 1480 x 720 Pixel
  • Octa Core CPU (8 x 2.0 GHz)
  • 64 GB internal memory (microSD Karte (up to 1 TB))
  • Android 11


  • SmartPhone
  • Accumulator
  • Charging adapter (15 W)
  • Data Cables
  • Slot tool
  • Quick guide

Samsung xcover 5

Breaking cover without breaking is Samsung’s new XCover 5, billed as “meeting the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce, fit for field and factory work, with complete protection against dust and water”.

Number 5 is alive! This particular model is the new Samsung Galaxy XCover 5, “a rugged yet sophisticated device designed to handle demanding jobs while meeting the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce.”

Samsung says it is “engineered for the field and factory,” and “combines durability with comfort for a product that is sleek and easy-to-hold, yet rugged enough to withstand tough work environments. It’s built to power today’s mobile business with improved touch sensitivity for use with gloves, and comes with an easy-to-charge, replaceable battery for all day productivity.”

Danny Mandrides, Head of Enterprise Government Mobile Business at Samsung Electronics Australia said: “The Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 is an incredibly strong option for Australian businesses seeking a device that can handle the challenges of demanding workplaces and environments, as well as support their enterprise security requirements for up to five years.

“Samsung has invested heavily in developing its rugged portfolio of smartphones and tablets by combining our heritage in mobile innovation, security services through Knox, as well as hardware design and leadership. The Galaxy XCover 5 extends the range further with improved design and specs, as well as the introduction of Enterprise Edition software maintenance.”

Mandrides continued: “We are also proud to announce that the Galaxy XCover 5 comes with security maintenance of up to five years, giving enterprises peace of mind when it comes to the longevity and security of the device. Furthermore, with Knox Capture Knox Suite, the device is not only designed to secure technology for enterprise use, but its barcode scanning tool enrichens the potential use cases and industries it can benefit.

“From helping healthcare facilities and retailers to manage inventory with barcode scanning, to mining and construction workers communicating onsite via the phone’s Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie, with all the robust features that make it durable in even the toughest conditions, the Galaxy X Cover 5 is a truly versatile device.

“Its price point at RRP 449 Inc. GST also makes it the ideal fit for most fleet deployments, enabling enterprise mobility at scale,” Mandrides added.

Here’s Samsung’s official XCover 5 video, after which there’s plenty more info on the features and benefits, please read on!

Built for Tough Environments

We’re told “the Galaxy XCover 5 is equipped with various features to handle demanding jobs and activities. Enhanced shock absorption enables the Galaxy XCover 5 to withstand drops of up to 1.5 meters and IP68-rated dust and water resistance means it can be submerged in over a meter of water for longer than 30 minutes with complete protection against dust.

“And, as professionals in the field are required to wear gloves due to health and safety precautions, the Glove Touch feature increases touch sensitivity allowing users to operate the device while wearing gloves for quick and convenient use.

“In addition to being physically built for lasting durability devices must protect sensitive information critical to business operations.

“The Galaxy XCover 5’s hardware is protected by Samsung Knox, the company’s defence-grade security platform offering true end-to-end protection with security embedded across every single layer of the device, from the chip all the way up to the apps. Samsung Knox protects confidential business information in real-time and pre-emptively responds to increasingly advanced malware and malicious threats.”

Integration with the Samsung Partner Ecosystem

“The Galaxy XCover 5 is also enhanced with unique partner-enabled mobility solutions for use in a wide range of business scenarios, including the ability to integrate the walkie talkie function in Microsoft Teams. The push-to-talk function allows users to stay in contact with anyone throughout the day with a simple push of a button, making it easier for colleagues to communicate with one another.

“You can also configure which apps can be launched with the XCover Key – a customised feature that offers single-touch access to your most frequently used apps such as LED flashlight, emergency calls or maps.”

Greater Performance

“Equipped with the powerful Exynos 850 processor, 4GB RAM and up to 64GB internal storage, the Galaxy XCover 5 has the power to keep up with the stringent demands of your business. The long-lasting, replaceable 3,000mAh battery also supports fast charging through USB and POGO pins so you can spend less time plugged in and more time on the task at hand.”

Professional Grade Camera

“The Galaxy XCover 5 comes equipped with a single 16MP (F1.8) rear camera that provides impeccable sharpness making it effortless to capture professional-grade images and videos. The Live Focus feature allows the subject of your shot to stand out and the 5MP (F2.2) front camera is ideal for video conferencing. Furthermore, the inclusion of Samsung Knox Capture also allows enterprise-grade scanning right on your phone at a competitive value, without compromising device performance.”

Convenient Features

“The Galaxy XCover 5 is also packed full of other convenient features that will aid users’ work and outdoor activities. The LED flashlight on the rear of the phone next to the camera can be used like a torch light, assisting your vision in darker environments. The Galaxy XCover 5 also comes equipped with an NFC chip allowing the phone to be used as a wallet or transportation card, making it ideal for professionals who use public transport to commute to work.”

The new Galaxy XCover 5 will be available starting March 2021, including but not limited to select markets in Asia, Europe and Latin America, with availability expanding to other regions at a later date.

The Galaxy XCover Pro, which launched earlier this year along with a report on ruggedised technology, has a street price of around 700 to 800 AUD, so at A449 the XCover 5 is great value.

Here are the specifications:

Dimension147.1 x 71.6 x 9.2mm

Display5.3” HD TFT (Full Front)

AP (Application Processor)Exynos 850 (Octa 2.0GHz)

Memory4GB RAM with 64GB internal storage

Camera(Main) 16M AF (F1.8)(Front) 5M FF (F2.2)

Battery3,000mAh Removable(15W Fast charging support)

OSAndroid 11

SIMDual SIM or Single SIM. SIM support type varies by market.


RuggedIP68 Water and Dust ResistanceMIL-STD810H certified

SensorAccelerometer, Proximity, Geomagnetic, Light, Gyro

Pogo PinCharging only

Biometric SecurityFace recognition

Hot KeyOne programmable key

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