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Dolce coffee machine densely flows by water

Repair of capsule coffee machines Krups Dolce Gusto KP100610.

Why do you need a good and high.quality coffee machine? Of course, for aromatic hot coffee in the morning. The process of brewing this wonderful drink is almost completely automated and requires a person minimal intervention. The filling of the device implies the presence of many mechanical parts, electronic circuits, as well as a miniature hydraulic system. However, everything soon fails and these necessary devices are no exception. With a breakdown of coffee machines, only two options remain: take it to the service or make repairs of the coffee machine yourself.

Coffee machines have a simple and understandable device, because most of the defects can simply be removed with your own hands. If the water does not go into a coffee machine due to a blockage in the filter system, you can clean from the scale and replace the very crumpled tubes. Cleaning the junction of the water tube with the main leading pipe can also solve the case. But if the malfunction is associated with problems in the pump itself, then it will be better to show the device to the specialist. The fact is that the piston pump for each manufacturer of coffee machines has some differences, and finding your detail in retail sale in retail. And official workshops usually get spare parts directly from the manufacturer, and therefore the parts you need for repair always have them in stock. over, the repair of parts of the coffee maker usually occurs under warranty, but does not mean you will knock on your budget.

How to disassemble a coffee maker

In order to carry out repairs of any coffee machine (non.rapo. Nespresso, Delonghi), you will need to disassemble them first. Step.by.step instructions on how to do this:

  • There are installation screws on the back wall of the coffee machine. They need to be promoted and put aside. They can be several types: hidden, cross and pine.shaped (often found in Indesit). They are removed with a screwdriver, pliers or other suitable tools;
  • If the case is not removed after removing the screws, then it is fixed with hidden locks. The latches are below the rear panel. They cannot be opened outside, so you will have to pry it with a knife or screwdriver;
  • After removing the case, you can start repairing.

If Delonji, Bork. Bork, Ariete. Arieta or other coffee makers hut up, then you need to use a long thin rubber hose for repair. It starts down the duct and breaks the blockage. Sometimes with such purposes special brushes are used on a flexible leg, they allow you to clean the tube and remove not only coffee, but also mineral deposits.

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A little more difficult to clean the filter. Different garbage accumulates on it with frequent use: salt traffic jams, coffee dust, scale. You need to clean it only according to the instructions, t. to. Otherwise, the integrity of the spare part can be violated. In most cases, it is allowed to wipe it with a swab dipped in alcohol or other degreas. After washing, thoroughly rinse the part.

Why does a coffee machine not gain water. the reasons

All capsule.type coffee machines have a similar device, and consist, as a rule, of the following nodes:

  • electronic control unit;
  • filter systems;
  • water tank;
  • heating element;
  • piston pump.

This whole system is very closely interconnected, and if any detail fails, then the whole coffee machine can no longer function fully. If water is not supplied to the coffee machine, there may be several reasons:

  • The piston pump is faulty.
  • The junction of the water tank and the supply tube are clogged.
  • Nocia deposits inside the coffee maker supply system system.

As a rule, the piston pump does not fail suddenly, and minor troubles often become noticeable long before the breakdown. If your usual coffee acquires a more watery taste, light color or is prepared much slower than usual. all this can indicate a possible problem.

How to fix the problem yourself?

Coffee machines have a simple and understandable device, so most malfunctions can be easily eliminated with your own. If the water does not go into a coffee machine due to a blockage in the filter system, you can clean the scale and replace the badly damaged tubes. Cleaning the junction of the water supply with the main pipe can also solve the problem. But if the malfunction is associated with problems in the pump itself, then it will be better to show the device to a specialist. The fact is that the piston pump for each manufacturer of coffee machines has some differences, and it will be quite difficult to find in retail sales. And official workshops, as a rule, receive spare parts directly from the manufacturer, and therefore the parts you need for repair always have them in stock. over, the repair of parts of the coffee maker, as a rule, occurs under warranty, which means it will not hit your budget.

The advantages of our workshop

In our service center, you will be happy to help you if the water supply is broken in your capsule coffee maker, it proceeds or the internal elements are clogged with lime coating. The advantage of our workshop is that we officially cooperate with leading coffee equipment production firms, and we always have all the necessary parts for repair. To diagnose and eliminate malfunctions of capsule coffee machines, we use only modern equipment, and the repair itself is carried out under warranty and therefore free. To call a specialist, contact us, leaving a request on the site, and the first frequent master will come to you within a couple of hours.

We bring to your attention several useful videos devoted to the process of repairing capsule and grain coffee machines:

Other possible breakdowns of home coffee machines:

You can also go to the repair page of a particular coffee machine manufacturer:

Expelity of consumables

With prolonged operation, coffee makers under the influence of high temperatures wear out seals, seals and gaskets. Especially often this happens at the junction of the body and horns.

In addition, the remnants of coffee and fat can settle on seals. They stop performing their sealing function and pass the liquid. To fix this situation, it is enough to rinse the seal under the tap and clean it well of the plaque.

dolce, coffee, machine, densely

If the sealing ring or oil seal is worn out during operation, it became less elastic, flattened, microcracks appeared on it, then it will not work to restore its properties with a simple cleaning. It must be replaced.

dolce, coffee, machine, densely

Clean your NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Oblo coffee machine by Krups /h3>

Damage to the tubes

Often tubes or housing are damaged with incorrect or inaccurate transportation of a coffee machine. If the device is transported in the cold season, and water remained inside, at a negative temperature it freezes and the tube can burst under pressure from ice.

Also often arise defects of the case, which can lead to leaks.

In both of these cases, a damaged part is required.

Clean the unit from clogging

If water flows from Krups “Dolce densely” from the coffee machine, perhaps the pallet is full. During the preparation of drinks or cleaning the system, excess water flows into the pallet, which can be filled to the edges and give a leak. Only timely care for the device and installing it on a flat surface will help to cope with this problem.

Important! For the correct operation of the Delonghi or Dolce dense coffee machine, you must make sure that the indicator responsible for filling the pallet does not give any signals.

In addition, water from under the coffee machine can flow due to the fact that the hob is clogged with fats and oils from ground coffee beans. If the details are freely removed, they are washed manually under running water, using the dishwashing meals. The drainage tube is advised to wash with a ruff.

In models with a non.removable block, such as Dolce densely from the cereals or the prevailing assortment of SAECO, there is a special cleaning mode that allows the flushing of these elements.

Important! The self.cleaning mode must also be included in the prevention of clogging pipe clogs.

Sometimes it also happens that water does not flow from the Delonghi coffee machine, or it is supplied, but badly. The guilt of this is most often the scale, which was deposited on the walls of the tubes. If water flows from a coffee machine poorly, it is necessary to use a special tool that dissolves lime deposits. Immediately after a small amount of the product is added to the water tank and a full work cycle will be passed, the water that has previously flowed poorly will again be supplied to the system.

How to avoid the fact that the drop for drops is overflowing

When overflowing the tank, the liquid will flow under the case. To avoid this, you need to drain boiling water from it in a timely manner. On the recommendation of manufacturers, this should be done after each use of the machine. On the Dolce Gusto, Krups technique, the indicator is installed above the capacity. When filling the container, it lights up with water, this means that it is time to devastate the tank and wash.

If, with all precautions, the condensate is going to be faster than usual, it is worth inviting a specialist from “repairing” to diagnostics. After all, this often indicates the internal breakdown of the mechanism.

If any malfunction is detected, contact the company “Repair”. Our experts will disassemble the unit, set a malfunction and offer you the best ways to solve this problem. You will not have to take the coffee machine to the workshop, and then still wait a few days, or even weeks, when it will be repaired. Just fill out an application for a visit to the master in the form of our site or call 8 (495) 777-19-19.

The main reasons for failure

When a coffee machine does not gain water, several nodes can act as sources. They are out of order due to inaccurate operation, natural wear, factory marriage. The main culprits are:

If water does not flow in the device, some models display an error on the display, which simplifies the search for a malfunction. For example, the need to clean, replace the filter.

The clogged filter

In modern devices, including SAECO, Bosch, special filter cartridges are installed to clean the working fluid. They are necessary to exclude excessive accumulation of foreign substances, to reduce the volume of scale formation. If you use the device for a long period, then the filters need to be replaced. Regulated periods can be found in the operating instructions or on the official website of the manufacturer.

It is important to note that when ignoring the replacement of filter elements, there is a risk of breakdown of adjacent nodes, including the pump. When the water does not go, it works idle. Leads to increased loads, overheating, accelerated wear. Accordingly, the node breaks through a short gap.

Clotting of the highways

In situations where water does not enter the coffee machine, one of the common reasons is clogging of tubes, places of connection with the tank. In some cases, it is allowed to clean the joints with your own hands. The masters themselves strongly do not recommend cleaning the pipes themselves. Please note that not all the tubes models are sold separately. It will take the purchase of the assembly assembly. Do not risk, choose professionals.

If water does not pour from the coffee machine, the cause of the breakdown is directly related to the improper use of the device, the lack of due maintenance. In rare situations, it does not allow the finished coffee to be the improperly selected grinding of coffee.

Damage to the float sensor

The operation of the device is directly related to it. The float transfers data to the control panel that determines the presence of water in the tank. If you poured water into the reservoir, but the equipment does not take water, then this node has broken. The device does not “know” whether there is a liquid in a storage tank.

What to do if the water supply does not work in the coffee machine?

Carry out maintenance recommended by the manufacturer. Next, inspect all connections. If the equipment is connected to the water supply, make sure that the highways are not blocked, the house has water in other devices, plumbing.

Set up your NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Jovia coffee machine

If it is impossible to independently eliminate the problem, when the device does not pump water, use the services of the workshop “Repair”. You can call an engineer at home, you can in the office by telephone number 8 (495) 777-19-19 from 7 to 23 hours on a convenient day of the week. If necessary, place an order for a return call. We work with famous brands, including Nespresso, Delonghi, Krups, Dolce Gusto. The official guarantee is issued for services. You personally are present during the repair, you can verify the malfunctions of specific nodes, details.

Damage to the hydraulic system and boiler

These are cases when the intervention of a non.specialist can lead to an aggravation of the situation. Often breakdown occurs due to accumulation of lime and coffee oils against the background of irregular cleaning. Therefore, the only thing the user can do on his own is to clean (decalcination and removal of oils) using special tools, following the instructions in the instructions.

It is easier to perform this procedure on devices where automatic cleaning is provided. The main thing is not to save on reagents, since the final result often depends on their quality.

If the purification has not changed the situation, it is better to seek help from specialists. for example, in Taber’s company Service. Site: https: // Tabera.ru/remont-kofemashin/. Using special equipment and tools, they will reveal the cause of the breakdown and eliminate it in a short time, possibly at the location of the apparatus.

Rupture of hoses, tubes and sealing rings

Another consequence of the irregular cleansing of the unit of salts and coffee oils. Deposited on the surface of flexible elements, they react with the material from which these elements are made. Over time, microcracks form in the places of the most violent response, and then the gaps.

The sealing rings, adapters, silicone tubes, gaskets and seals are most often damaged under the influence of scale. To detect a defect, you must carefully open the body of the device disconnected from the network and carefully inspect its insides. As a rule, at the place of damage to the part on the walls there is a deposition of condensate, the damaged area itself does not look like the rest of the part fragments.

To make sure that the source of leak is hiding here, you can carefully separate the suspicious element and fill it out with water. After some time, she will begin to flow out of the gap site.

As a rule, sealing rings and tubes are sold in the departments of spare parts for coffee machines. But if for some reason replacing them causes difficulties, it is better not to take risks and contact the service center. Incorrect installation of the part is fraught with moisture from a coffee machine, and this, in turn, can lead to wet and failure of expensive nodes.

Leaks from the collar group

This is a signal to the fact that the device is time to clean from scale. If calcium deposits have accumulated in the car, they are deposited on the walls of the tubes. This leads to damage to plastic elements and water flow. Cleaning is carried out if there is no need to completely replace the elements.

If the device knows how to perform decalcination in automatic mode, it is necessary to undertake the following:

  • acquire a special tool corresponding to the brand of the coffee machine;
  • According to the instructions of the instructions, mix the product with the liquid and fill out the water tank;
  • open a hot water supply spout and drain a little liquid;
  • turn on the device, leave to work for a while so that the composition is driven through the entire system;
  • turn off the coffee machine, wait 15 minutes;
  • turn on again;
  • After cleaning, the container is filled with clean water to flush the system.

Coffee oil cleaning

The second nuance. clogging of the hob with coffee fats. If it is removable, it should be washed with warm water, clean the filter element. The zone behind the tender group should be released from pollution, where the drainage tube is placed, for which the ruff is used. If the unit is non.removable, we call the service.

In cars with automatics, I recommend starting the program to clean the system from coffee deposits. In fact, the gadget itself gives a signal about the need for washing, but if you ignore this moment during operation, leaks may occur. Prevention is our everything.

Be that as it may, we act like this:

dolce, coffee, machine, densely
  • Press the “Start” and load a special pill into the ground coffee department (differently removal products and coffee oils are different!);
  • In some models, the product is placed in the tender unit;
  • After that, the smart gadget will carry out the whole process itself;
  • The water flowing from the dispenser should be with soap foam, a whitish shade. This suggests that the drug has completely dissolved and the oils are removed.

Another reason is a crowded tray

The pallet is often filled while making coffee or after cleaning the system from scale.

To exclude such problems, it follows:

  • Check that a coffee machine is on a flat surface. In the opposite case, the pallet filling indicator can work incorrectly;
  • Before starting the device, make sure that the indicator responsible for filling the pallet does not burn. If it turned on, the excess fluid should be drained;
  • Clean the pan for drops of water before cleaning the machine from scale.

Cleaning from scale Krups KP 1002 (1006/1009) Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Keep in mind that this is not a repair. this is a regular coffee machine maintenance procedure. Scale in a coffee machine allows all the time. Therefore, it must be periodically removed so that the coffee maker does not clog and does not break. Pokipi cleaning is done very simple. We dilute two teaspoons of citric acid (sold in any grocery store) on a glass of water. Pour coffee machines into the tank. We do not put the capsule. And in the same mode as preparing coffee, drive this solution through Nescafe Dolce Gusto. We repeat the procedure twice.

So that later in coffee there is not a taste of citric acid after cleaning, pour a full tank of pure water and drive away the Krups KP 1002 (1006/1009) in the cooking mode of coffee.

Everything, congratulations. Cleaning and repair are over. The coffee machine pumps water again and pours coffee. Unfortunately, the water will not stop from it from it, alas, this is another problem. Yes, the most important thing. We remove the useful wire in place, so that it would not be lost 🙂

Important! If suddenly you notice that over time your coffee machine began to cook coffee more slowly, this means that the tube is clogged again. Carry out re.cleaning and the problem will disappear.

Yes, the last, do not try to re.use already pierced capsules. Of these, the machine will not make coffee. Put a new capsule, and a coffee maker will work as it should.



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