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Does the air humidifier help in the heat

Air humidifiers: benefits and harms

The less, air humidity is higher than the norm can potentially worsen problems associated with breathing. It is very important to know the rules of operation and follow them.

Water molecules surrounding us in the atmosphere act as a natural moisturizing agent. Based on this, moisturizers are often used to remove:

  • dry skin
  • cold and headache
  • Dry in the throat
  • nasal mucosa irritation
  • Bleeding from the nose
  • Problems with vocal cords
  • dry cough
  • Cracks of the lips

Any of the above reasons may be associated with too dry air in your home. This becomes especially noticeable in the winter season, since in the summer the majority uses air conditioners.

You choose the type of moisturizer depending on your preferences, budget, and the size of the area of ​​the apartment or room. There are four types of humidifiers:

  • channel (central) humidifiers
  • Traditional (cold pair evaporators)
  • steam evaporators (hot steam)
  • Spraying type (atomizers)
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers

Where the humidity goes?

Outside the window is damp and moisture, and in an apartment with hot batteries it literally drying out the throat, even intensive ventilation does not help. Where, one wonders, the percentage of moisture from street air instantly disappear? To answer this question, we recall the concept of absolute and relative humidity. Absolute humidity is a value showing how much grams of water is contained in the volume of air, and the relative one is the ratio of the current amount of water in the air to the maximum possible at this temperature. The colder the air, the less moisture it can hold, and the hot atmosphere (recall the wet tropics), on the contrary, very intensively absorbs water.

In other words, on a cold slush, relative humidity can reach more than 80%, but at the same time there is little water in the air. absolute humidity is low. Now we transfer the same air to the room where the temperature is 25 degrees. Here, warm air can potentially keep in itself several times more moisture than the stream from the window. That is, the ratio of the possible amount of water to the existing falls. hence the low indicators of relative humidity as a percentage. In houses where the batteries are so hot that do not touch, relative humidity can decrease to 20% or less percent.

Determining humidity in your apartment will help household hygrometers that are produced as separate devices or as part of compact home “weather stations”.

Andrey Mosov, head of the expert direction of NP Roskontrol, doctor:

According to GOST 30494-2011 “Buildings are residential and public. Microclimate parameters in rooms ”-the optimal level of relative humidity in residential premises in the cold season is 30-45%, in the warm season-30-60%. Sanitary rules SanPiN 2.one.2.2645-10 “Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for living conditions in residential buildings and premises” set only the upper permissible limit of relative humidity-it should be no more than 60% (in the warm period-not more than 65%).

does, humidifier, help, heat

For children’s institutions, a more stringent standard has been established. relative humidity should not be below 40%. It is this range-40-60% and should be considered recommended.

The fact that relative humidity is less than 30 % adversely affects the well.being of. Excessively dry air creates a feeling of discomfort, dries the mucous membrane of the eyes, promotes the exacerbation of chronic diseases of the lungs and upper respiratory tract.

If the air in the room is too dry and you feel discomfort, indoor plants, aquariums, frequent wet cleaning will help the problem. An effective tool is an air humidifier. However, if the water has high mineralization, then, drying in the air, it forms mineral dust, which besieges on objects and enters the lungs. Even worse if the water contains microorganisms. Especially legionella, which are periodically found in hot water from water supply. If they get into the humidifier tank and multiply there, then inhalation of the air containing them can lead to a dangerous lung disease. legionellosis. Ideally, it is best to pour distilled water into the humidifier.

does, humidifier, help, heat

Temperature sensor and hygrometer

Some of the models are distinguished by the presence of some modern technologies, thanks to which the humidifier becomes a multifunctional and flexible device in managing the device.

For example, the Ballu UMB-205 model has a temperature sensor and a gigrometer for humidity control, thanks to which you can configure the equipment for the most comfortable mode of operation and maintain specified air humidity parameters.

Why is dry air bother precisely in the midst of the heating season

As already mentioned, cold air is able to maintain less water. Cold air on the street is not perceived “dry”, since only relative humidity is felt. When it gets into a warm apartment where heating devices work, the air heats up and its ability to retain moisture grows, and absolute water does not. As a result of this, the relative humidity falls, the air begins to “pull out” the liquid from all available sources, the speed of evaporation grows, including the speed of evaporation of moisture that protects the mucous tissues and cornea. hence the feeling of dryness and in the nose.

Thus, contrary to common myths, heating devices do not “dry” air, and ventilation only exacerbates the situation.

What is the useful humidifier in the apartment

Reducing humidity can initially go unnoticed, but this does not mean that it is safe for a person. At least six factors appear that adversely affect living organisms. And the humidifier helps to avoid them.

  • The dryness of the mucous membranes disappears. They are conceived by nature as a protective barrier delaying bacteria and viruses. To perform their functions, the mucous membranes must be moistened. Otherwise they become thinner and even crack. This is especially dangerous for the nose and eyes, which in this state become “open gates” for infections.
  • Eye problems are warned. The skin around them is very thin, devoid of sebaceous and sweat glands. Therefore, this area requires special care. She easily gives moisture, thinks. Dehydrated skin of the eyelids and mucous eyes in conditions of constant tension from working at the computer, watching TV, t.P. Easily inflamed. Various conjunctivitis appear.
  • The amount of flying dust is reduced. Polvo particles are very light, they are able to rise up. In addition, they easily absorb water from air masses, become heavy, settled on the surface. If there is little moisture, they continue to fly. This provokes asthma or bronchospasm attacks in allergy sufferers and asthmatics, as well as in those who have yet felt healthy.
  • The condition of the hair, skin, nails improves. Moisture constantly evaporates from the surface of the hair. Dry air significantly accelerates this process. Replenishment of balance due to internal resources does not give the desired result.
  • Snow problems are eliminated. Uncomfortable conditions affect the duration and fortress of sleep. Lack of sleep leads to a decrease in performance, depression. It is best that a moisturizing unit is in the bedroom complete with an ionizer. The latter generates negatively loaded particles that effectively hold water molecules.
  • Plants begin to develop better. Home flowers cease to bloom, the number of new shoots decreases, the appearing leaves are smaller in size, their tips dry. Plants get sick, die. The amount of oxygen they produce significantly decreases, which negatively affects the microclimate of the room.

Now it’s clear why a humidifier is needed. An increase in water vapor in the air mixture improves the situation with all described factors. In addition, the risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases is reduced, the general condition improves.

Does the humidity in the room affect?

Yes, it really affects, and this can be seen without special measuring devices. The risk of getting infected with a disease transmitted by airborne droplets also increases, because with a moisture content of 40-60% of influenza viruses, for example, die faster than in a dry room, and symptoms of respiratory diseases: a laid nose, difficulty breathing and dry throat are facilitated.

Air humidity affects the life of dust ticks and fungi, and here it is important to control it. With increased humidity, both of them feel comfortable, but in a dry room, on the contrary, they cannot live. Polvous ticks and fungi do not like dryness and temperatures below 22 degrees. The recommended humidity value is up to 60%, if humidity is lower, most fungi cannot develop, and moisturizers do not raise the humidity level above this figure. On the other hand, in dry air there is an excess of positively charged ions, due to which dust particles can be in the air for a long time, which creates adverse conditions for allergies. If there is a humidifier in the room, then due to moisture, the particles become heavier and fall down.

How a humidifier affects the condition of the skin?

How To Add Humidity To Your Home �� How To With Kristin

If we talk about the condition of the skin, then there is, of course, the skin loses less moisture, which means that its protective functions are not disturbed, but there is no air in excessive humidification. With an increased level of humidity, the skin begins to secrete more skin fat, but the moisture level in it no longer rises.

Features of the operation of the air humidifier in the heat

In the summer heat, many apartment owners use the air conditioning system that provides coolness, but dries the air. Open windows can also negatively affect the microclimate. Therefore, on the question of whether the air humidifier needs to include in the summer, the medical specialists recommend not neglecting the capabilities of such devices.

With excessive dryness of air in the body, a number of problems arise:

In the absence of the necessary humidity level, a person often wants to drink, concentration decreases, drowsiness appears.

There is a risk of allergic reactions, segment attacks.

The humidifier allows us to normalize the microclimate and avoid health problems.

Is it necessary to turn on the air humidifier in the summer

Is it necessary to turn on the air humidifier in the summer depends on the climate, the weather and whether the air conditioner works in the room. The cooling device normalizes the temperature, but eliminates moisture. In this case, there is a risk of respiratory diseases.

The best way to manage indoor humidity in the cold winter months

The established heat also overdles the air. Most of all, children and elderly people suffer from this, for whom the microclimate in the room is the key to normal well.being and performance.

If the air or office is overdried in an apartment or office, the only opportunity to correct the situation is to install a humidifier.

Simultaneous inclusion of air conditioning and humidifier

Since doctors recommend turning on the air humidifier in the summer, many are interested in whether it is possible to combine this device with the operation of the air conditioner.

The cooling system reduces the temperature in the room, and the moisture contained in the air flow turns into condensate. About 50% of water is excreted. The air becomes dry. The more powerful the air conditioner, the more moisture it deleys. To restore the level of water content in air flows, you need to put in the room a container with boiling water. It is more convenient to use a climatic device that compensates for losses.

To normalize the amount of moisture with a working air conditioner, it is recommended to turn on the air humidifier in the summer.

There are several models that differ in power and the principle of exposure:

  • Traditional. inexpensive device acting due to “cold evaporation”. The fan takes the air in the room, draws it through the tubes of water. After saturates the room with a wet air stream. The device is effective when working next to the air conditioner on.
  • Steam. use mainly in winter, since the device heats water in a barrel and emits steam, additionally increasing the temperature in the room.
  • Ultrasonic. thanks to high.frequency fluctuations, water turns into a cool fog. The device is suitable for use together at any time of the year.

It is most convenient to include air conditioning and humidifier at the same time so that a stable microclimate is preserved in the room.

How the open window affects the work of the humidifier

Cooling system users know that when working air conditioning, it is desirable to close the windows. Otherwise, the unit may fail or will not be effective. Turning on a humidifier with an open window is also not recommended. This is due to the principle of operation of the device. It acts on a certain volume of air. If air masses constantly enter the room, the effectiveness of hydration will decrease.

The microclimate system will work on marginal capabilities, this negatively affects the service life of the device.

To safely ventilate the room, it is necessary to turn off the humidifier. After the windows are closed, the device can be started again.

Does the air humidifier help in the heat

We, as promised, continue to publish the answers of our doctors to your questions. Today, the Opolaryngologist Elena Alekseevna Dodylina will talk about air humidifiers. You asked us. What is the useful humidifier in the room, the popularity of air humidifiers today. Is it not the result of large.scale advertising companies of manufacturers of such devices, many pediatricians recommend that the kids moisturize air along with medicines and diets. And how the humidifier does not tell the humidifier. Elena Alekseevna will “launch on the shelves”.

Air humidifier is needed in order to compensate for the lack of moisture in the air, more precisely, the level of relative humidity.

For comfortable human well.being, the relative humidity in the room should be in the range of 40-60%.

In the heating season, and for our region it is eight months a year, humidity in our apartments can be from 20 to 30%. Insufficient level of air humidity leads to a feeling of dry skin and mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and upper respiratory tract. When leaning the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx organs, the natural process of purification (mucociliary clearance) is disturbed from pollution, which leads to the propagation of the pathogenic flora and the occurrence of colds and/or allergies of the body due to the presence of mite dust in the particles of dust.

Moisturizers of air will help to adjust the humidity and installing the right climate in the apartment and the right climate.

The principle of operation of most of them is based on the evaporation of moisture, which is fed from the device to the room.

Currently, the most popular are 3 types of humidifiers:

  • – traditional humidifier or humidifier of cold steam;
  • – ultrasonic humidifier;
  • – Air humidifier.

I would recommend. Says Elena Alekseevna. Use the last device. a cleaner cleaner, as it will combine both functions that affect the home microclimate (especially in the presence of pets). Clean the air of dust and dust ticks, as well as contribute to self.cleaning of the mucous membranes, preventing the development of respiratory infections.

The answer of our expert is unequivocal. Air humidifiers are important and are needed both at home and in the office to preserve a favorable microclimate in the premises, especially where the kids spend a long time.

Moisturizer care

Any technique requires the attention of the owner. The humidifier must be cleaned, especially if the water is prone to the formation of sediment and scale. In addition, you need to replace the filters that are used in the device.

In general, the care of humidifiers is quite simple. Unless the ultrasound membrane, also in need of periodic cleaning, requires special attentiveness and accuracy. Other details are wiped well enough to bring it to the proper condition.

It is also worth noting that the safest and most effective moisturizers for the summer period are ultrasound and models with cold steam. They will be able to quickly increase humidity in the room and hold it at the proper level.



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