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DIY steam generator with your own hands for moonshine

DIY steam generator for moonshining

When the grain or any other dense mash is distilled, the same problem often occurs: the liquid is burning, and moonshine is obtained with a persistent smell of burning, which is almost impossible to get rid of. This is possible with any method of heating, if there is no special mixer in the distillation cube. things are rare and not common. Not insured against suction and sugar mash, especially if the tank walls are very thin. Once and for all to solve this issue helps the steam generator for moonshine.

This device is a container very similar to a distillation cube. The lid should be closed hermetically so as not to pass steam. It necessarily contains two valves:

Water flooded into a steam generator heats up to boiling. Through the steam lane, embedded in the upper part of the cover, steam from the steam generator enters the distillation cube, heating the mash in the most gentle and safe way. With this heating, Brah has not a single chance to burn.

The device and principles of the steam generator for the moonshine apparatus

The steam generator has a very simple structure: it consists of a container into which water is poured / supplied, and tubes located in the upper part of the container, according to which steam enters the distillation cube. A check valve is installed on it that protects the container from the fall of raw materials from the Cuba of the moonshine apparatus by sucking during the termination of heating. The device also has another valve for emergency pressure reset so that the container does not explode with an excess of steam.

The cover can have a different structure depending on whether new water is added manually or the supply of liquid through the hose is equipped. Water heating can be carried out either by installing a device on a gas / electric / induction stove, or located inside the heating elements.

The principle of operation of a steam generator for a moonshine apparatus is based on heat transfer between steam and mash. Such a transmission is less effective than direct heating, for example on a gas burner, due to which the exposure to the temperature on the raw materials is more gentle, especially in the lower part of the cube, where the mascot often occurs.

Otherwise, the process of heating the mixture is identical to standard heating methods. after a certain period of time, the mash boils and begins to evaporate.

Another significant plus of the steam generator for the moonshine is that when there are very few fluids in Braga and it turns into thick and almost dry porridge, the steam continues to effectively extract the remnants of substances in it, and does not begin to fry them, as is the case on gas or electric stove.

The back of the coin is the need for additional costs for the purchase of a factory product, although, having certain materials and dexterity, it can be made with your own hands at home, which will be discussed later.

Anyone who does not even have engineering education is capable of making a steam generator with their own hands. It is enough to collect all the necessary elements, tools, divide the work into several stages:

  • The choice of a suitable container
  • Installation of a heating element
  • Organization of the influx of fresh water
  • We carry out the selection of steam
  • Equipment testing

Many housewife dishes prepare using the process of vaporization of water. often they use special pots named a pressure cooker. One of them can be easily purchased in retail chains and involved in work as a corps.

The main feature of doubles is the ability to hermetically fix the lid. So that the pressure does not exceed the working and the explosion does not occur, a sipping valve is provided. The walls of such a container are very thick and can withstand high pressure.

Now you need to decide on the method that will be used to heat water. Among those who have received the most widespread are:

The simplest of them is to install a container on an electric or gas stove. However, to have a pressure cooker on an electric stove is dangerous, and gas may not be summed up.

It is recommended to stop its attention on the method associated with the installation of electric heating heating heating plants. Their variety in the market is very great. Models are offered that differ in power, forms, sizes. Everyone will choose a device that can quickly warm up the fluid volume required by it.

If an old electric kettle is lit up in unnecessary things, the heating element can be dismantled from it. For large capacities, two or more devices are allowed.

About how to organize water heating in your house read here

It is recommended to decide on the location of the heater. It is usually installed at a height of 0.5-1 cm from the bottom of the selected vessel as follows:

  • At the selected height, the marks from the outside of the pan are drawn and the holes of the required dimeter are carefully drilled
  • Then it is necessary to prepare future holes for the heating of the heater: a hairpin or bolt is installed in each of them, the washers are planted on both sides and the nuts are clamped, as far as possible, the nuts
  • Now you should take care so that hot water does not seep through the installation sites of the heaters. For these purposes, gaskets based on heat.resistant silicone are used, which are necessarily placed from the inside and outside. They are either purchased on the market or are easily made with their own hands

Consider a small instructions for the production of home.made laying for the steam generator with your own hands:

  • A glass sheet is placed on the table so that the surface is even
  • Then a sheet of paper is placed, boundary inserts made of wood, metal, etc. are installed along the edges. P.
  • A sealant is applied to the paper, slightly leveled
  • Another piece of paper and glass are laid on top of the applied mass

It is recommended to put a heavy object on top so that it compress the future workpiece. When the sealant dries, you can, using the required diameter of the tubes, carve the gasket.

Then the heating elements are installed and the nuts holding them are tightly twisted. Necessarily water is poured into the container and checked so that there are no leaks.

If the liquid after some time has not begun to seep, you can proceed in the final stage for the construction of the steam generator. the power connection. Before that, a copper pipe is placed under the tena, through which new water will be uninterruptedly supplied. If you place it over the heater, the vaporization process will be violated.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the simplest brick oven with your own hands, instructions and photos

If you do not add fresh water, the liquid in the steam generator will quickly evaporate, the heating element will fail and fires are even possible.

The liquid should be constantly inside the container. this is one of the conditions of stable performance. A number of reasons do not allow directly combined water supply to the installation. The problem can be solved in the following way:

Which pressure cooker to choose

Absolutely any whole pressure cooker without serious defects is suitable for constructive features, even a very old Soviet one, which no one has been used for cooking for a long time. But if the pressure cooker is purchased, or the choice must be made from several old containers, then the following criteria should be taken into account:

  • Volume. This is a weak point of the pressure cooker. The most common models contain 6-9 liters, which is quite small for the distillation of mash. In addition, the working volume will be only 70-75% of the total-to this level, the cube is filled with Braga-and the exit from the same sugar mash-a quarter from the initial volume (from grain and even less). Accordingly, when using a 6-liter pressure cooker for one distillation, you can get only about a liter of moonshine. Well, if it is planned, but when this is not enough to get moonshine from the pressure cooker in sufficient volume, you have to do several halves in a row.

Please note: you can squeeze out more from the moonshine, if you purchase a pressure cooker for 14-15 liters. It is worth looking for this in online stores, models are delivered both by Chinese and European production.

  • Material. An ideal option for a distillation cube will be a stainless steel ambulance: steel for its default manufacture is used food. it is neutral with respect to ethyl alcohol. But most of the Soviet hastery pots and many newer brothers are made of aluminum. And when it interacts with ethanol, chemicals are distinguished that spoil organoleptic of moonshine and harm the body.

Please note: distillation containers in the form of aluminum cans are popular among moonshine, but this does not indicate the safety of this metal.

The composition of the design and its features

The set of the simplest device for distillation from the pressure cooker includes the following parts:

It is quite difficult to get a really high.quality drink on such an apparatus. To improve the composition and organoleptic properties of moonshine, the device should be improved by one or more dry.partners and/or a barboter.

Please note: it is desirable that the dry.partner does not hang in the air, creating an extra load on the diverted tube, and relied on a stable stand.

It is recommended to make a steam line made of metal. brass, stainless steel, and preferably copper. It is possible to use silicone, but the tube from it will soften strongly under the influence of hot steam.

Materials for the manufacture of a steam generator with your own hands

To make a steam generator for a moonshine with your own hands, you do not need any specific tools or details. Almost everything you need can be bought at the nearest household store, or even find at home among unused dishes.


For the manufacture of a steam generator, a container with a volume of 5 liters is suitable. The most important condition is that it should close hermetically. An ideal option is an old (or new) ambulance, you can use a milk can or even just a pan with a converted and supplemented lid.

Check the thickness of the walls. they must correspond to the type of heating and not burn out. To install inside the heater, you will need to produce more modifications of the capacity itself and directly the heating element. But this method has the highest efficiency.


You can make a barboter for supplying steam into a mash.filled distillation cube from a tube with a diameter of 1.5-2 cm and length 20-40 cm. You can use any pipe at home, if you need to buy, it is better to stop at the plumbing bellows.

Pay attention: the longer the tube, the faster the mash is produced.

Through each centimeter, a cut or round hole is made in the tube. It is through them that the steam heating mash will pass. The tube is lowered into the distillation cube approximately in the middle, the length is calculated so that the free end does not reach the bottom of the cube a few centimeters.


This is necessary so that the mash does not fall from the distillation cube into a steam.generating container.

Safety valve

Designed to discard excess pressure from the container. If a pressure cooker is taken as the basis for the steam generator for mash, then such a valve is already present in it. In the manufacture of the unit from any other container, it is necessary to install and seal it with silicone. A steam generator without a valve discharge of pressure is a rather explosive thing.


It’s no secret that water boils at 100 degrees, so why is the thermometer here? The fact is that when heated by mash using a steam generator, it is important not to miss the moment. When the water heats up to 85-90 degrees, it is necessary to reduce the intensity of heating so that the steam does not release too quickly, and the release of alcohol from mash occurs evenly.

Please note: an electronic or bimetallic thermometer is suitable with a capsule hung in the lid.


It is extremely desirable that the hose is silicone. Calculating its length and diameter is not difficult:

Cuban insulation

Any heat.resistant material can be used as a heating cube insulation through a steam generator. Since the cube will not heat up over a straight heat, and the main heat will go to the Brage, not the walls of the container, there is no need to choose a non.burning material.

Often for this purpose, plumbing insulation is used, as well as other species on the foil substrate.


The thermostat is required for a steam generator equipped with a heater. If the intensity of heating with electric or gas tiles can be adjusted on the most heating element, then it is quite difficult to work with heating elements without a thermostat.

Please note: in a steam generator with Ten, it is important to control the amount of water. If it remains less than a quarter, it is necessary to reduce the heating force. After completely boiling water from the container, the Tenas are burned almost instantly.

Assembly of a steam generator

Collecting all the details prepared in advance is not difficult.

  • The cover is being finalized. Be sure to present a safety valve, a hole for the thermometer, a fitting for a steamy tube.
  • Barboter connects to the fitting. On the other hand, the hose joins.
  • The valve and thermometer is installed.
  • Distillation cube (and better both containers and steam lane) are insulated to reduce heat loss and reduce gas or electricity consumption.

Please note: all connections should be tight. To do this, you can use glue for aquariums, silicone gaskets or epoxy resin.

We make a gasket for sealing cube

What rubber is not suitable here, when contacting moonshine pairs, it will smell and ruin the entire product to us. Silicon is needed here, and not simple, but food.

You can buy a finished gasket or, if you do not find a suitable size, buy a sheet and cut the gasket yourself. They are sold in stores for moonshiners and in stores with laboratory equipment.

I will make a laying of liquid silicone for aquariums. It can be bought in pet stores, construction supermarkets and plumbing stores.

How to make a steam engine from a car shock absorber

Needed specifically for aquariums, it is definitely safe and does not give extraneous smells.

Pour the groove with a small slide for laying on the lid and let the silicone dry. In a day you can already proceed to distillation.

Tips and Комментарии и мнения владельцев

That’s all. The process is very simple and not long. If you have ideas or Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then leave them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I am always happy to constructive criticism. Also subscribe to the news, soon I plan to add mash recipes.

Read it is also interesting:

I want to say about the fitting and other san technical fittings. When I went shopping for plumbing, they will face this problem. there is not always a silver fittings, similar to stainless steel. Latuna as much as you like. So, on my questions there are “silver” and what kind of metal it is, an experienced seller immediately asked “for the device something ? “. And then he explained that it was just spraying or galfan, which will get off almost immediately from vapor when distillation. And under it the same brass.

Of course I would like all these parts of stainless steel, but as I understand them you need to order from the turners, or somewhere else. So you have to put up with brass, hoping that the accessories for drinking water are all brass, and as I understand it is not harmful.

Re.read more than one of your article. Everywhere a banal error: water supply is not specified correctly. Correctly connect water towards the cooled product, t.e. Closer to the output of the product, the water entrance is connected to the refrigerator, and the drainage (draining of water) is connected closer to the input in the refrigerator.

Tips and Комментарии и мнения владельцев

That’s all. The process is very simple and not long. If you have ideas or Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then leave them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I am always happy to constructive criticism. Also subscribe to the news, soon I plan to add brave recipes.

Read it is also interesting:

I want to say about the fitting and other san technical fittings. When I went shopping for plumbing, they will face this problem. there is not always a silver fittings, similar to stainless steel. Latuna as much as you like. So, on my questions there are “silver” and what kind of metal it is, an experienced seller immediately asked “for the device something ? “. And then he explained that it was just spraying or galfan, which will get off almost immediately from vapor when distillation. And under it the same brass.

Of course I would like all these parts of stainless steel, but as I understand them you need to order from the turners, or somewhere else. So you have to put up with brass, hoping that the accessories for drinking water are all brass, and as I understand it is not harmful.

Re.read more than one of your article. Everywhere a banal error: water supply is not specified correctly. Correctly connect water towards the cooled product, t.e. Closer to the output of the product, the water entrance is connected to the refrigerator, and the removal (draining of water) is connected closer to the input in the refrigerator.

What is juice.heading?

For the distillation cub of moonshine, complete tightness is required. The vapors of alcohol should not break out of it, otherwise the output will turn out a weak alcohol drink. Metal juice.cooker (not a plastic steamer) is suitable for distillation. Let its capacity is usually small, but there are 14-liter juice-heading.

The structural elements of these devices are as follows: 2 containers. one for water, the other for collecting juice, there is a colander for fruits (vegetables), a lid above it. Fruits or vegetables in juice.heading (colander) are placed on the burner of the slabs (gas or electric) and heats up. Water in the lower container, boiling, acts with steam on a colander. Sterilized juice from chopped fruits flows down, and there is a container for collecting. There is a safety valve for steam.

The simplest way to get moonshine using juice.heading is the distillation of mash without a coil. The lid is removed, a suitable metal container with cold water is placed upstairs. The mash heats up, the vapor of alcohol condenses at the bottom of the container and drain down drops. Sobroster accumulates alcohol. The liquid flows through the side hose. It remains to substitute a jar under it.

How to use it for distillation

How to make a district from a juicer? 2 fittings crash into the lip. Threaded surfaces outside them are fixed with sealing from the atmosphere. One of these fittings is designed for the thermometer, the other for a couple from mash to a coil. There is already a safety valve. The rubber tube of the sober has a clamp. It is better to remove it and close the hole tightly.

Moonshine from juice.heading is not very complicated. A good thing here is the ready.made tightness of the capacity. The fittings are selected with threaded parts ½ or ¾ inch so that you can tighten them in the lid through the gaskets with nuts.

The thermometer is taken laboratory, similar to sold in stores. Laboratory thermometers are usually glass and mercury, 25. 40 centimeters long, their upper measurement limit is from 70 to 500 degrees. For juice.heading, you need a thermometer such that it does not burst when the mash is distilled.

It is useful to place it closed. To do this, find a metal tube, one end of which is sealed and the other is open. Place there. The tube should be hermetically inserted relative to the lid.

About the coil and connecting tubes

Moonshine from juice.heading. finished distillation cube. After small alterations, becoming suitable for distillation of mash or wort. A coil is connected to the fitting. The diameter of the tube is from 1 to 2 cm. Accordingly is selected and fitting. The adapter to the copper coil is better to use a metal tube. You can break the tin point of the connection for sealing or simply coat with dough and dry.

Naturally, the diameter of the connecting tube should be such that it is tightly mounted on the end of the fitting. But the silicone hose is also suitable. It easily withstands hot temperature and does not give oxides. If there is no such hose, but there is its small segment, then it will serve as a connector of the transition metal tube and a coil. Before putting on, the ends of the silicone tube are heated by boiling water. Its diameter should be slightly less than the diameter of the coil and connecting hose. Cooling, it will tightly cover the metal surfaces.

What will be needed for manufacturing?

The moonshine with a steam generator will not differ in the bulky structure, since the device itself for adjusting the pressure is very compact.

So what will be needed to make a module:

  • Ambolocarry or double boiler (if there are no such devices in the house, then you can do with a regular pan with a dense lid.) The pan will have to be finalized by ensuring the tightness of the compounds. And also use Keglu to transport beer, but it will have to be upset a little. Snow picks and steamers have sealed lids. for this reason it is preferable to use them for the manufacture of a steam generator. In addition, they are made of stainless steel, it is precisely this metal that they prefer the manufacture of apparatus for brewing moonshine at home.
  • Hose for connecting household gas (a flexible clown of a flexible coupling). If there is no such hose in the house, then you can buy it in a store or make it yourself using a drill and other tools. To do this, you need to take a pipe from 20 to 40 centimeters and make characteristic cuts in it, with a gap of 1 centimeter.
  • You will also need a fitting, it is screwed into the pressure cooker cover, strengthening the tightness of the device in this way.

However, the list of necessary materials does not end there. If we talk about the cost of an additional module, then the most expensive in the list is the pressure cooker, it will have to pay for the hose from 200 to 400. In the total amount, you can make the price of the fitting and various materials for sealing (glue, sealant, etc. P.).

In any case, it will turn out to be cheaper than buying a finished device in the store, but do not forget that not only money will have to be spent on the production of the module, but also time.

How does it all begin

At one time, I had a desire to equip an individual microban or a phytobochka in my city apartment as they are also called, my wife really liked it.

There were no problems with the very barrel to bring down a wooden structure from a strict downted board a lot of mind and special dexterity is not needed, but a steam generator is needed for a steam room. The first thought was to buy a serial model.

The modern steam generator for the bathhouse is reliable and durable, and most of these devices have many operating modes, they installed cunning protection and control systems, but at that time I was not ready to pay that kind of money for them.

For those who are interested, I brought popular models to the table below, and also placed a scheme that clearly shows the principle of operation of an industrial steam generator.

Serial models of steam generators
The name of the model Power consumption Dimensions Price
Harvia Helix HGX11L 10.8 kW 155x320x600 mm 57 t/
Harvia Helix Pro Hgp30 30kW 320x490x560 mm 166.5 t/
HELO HNS 60 T1 6 kW 160x380x520 mm 60 t/
HELO HNS 140 T1 14kW 160x380x520 mm 70.5 t/
Tylo Steam 2/4/6 2. 6 kW 445x130x415 mm 74 t/
Tylo Steam 12 12 kW 570x224x485 mm 135.5 t/

The scheme of one of the serial models of the steam generator.

Having studied the device of the steam generator, I realized that it is not so difficult to do it with my own hands, moreover, such a device will not be superfluous and in a real wood bath, plus in my case it can come in handy on the apiary for the wax wax from the framework.

Unfortunately, a universal homemade pair generator that would fit for all occasions, I could not make, instead I collected several steam generators, each of which was “imprisoned” for a specific goal.

Details of one of the serial models of the steam generator.

Steam gun: what is it and what it is eaten with

The pair generator is not visible, the pairs are served through the hole in the wall

A steam generator or a steam gun for a bath is a special device designed to provide steam steam steam for the required quality. The device can be as automated as possible, equipped with a pair flavor block and a display for the output of the current operating mode.

The principle of operation of the steam gun is to heat the steam to the maximum possible temperature to make a “heavy”, which causes the stuffiness of steam “light” and useful.

The higher the temperature of the steam, the dry and healing it.

In a steam room with light steam, you can spend a lot of time

Types of heat guns and their device

Steam generators can be used in conjunction with a stone, or generate steam using electricity.

It is easy to make the first view independently, collecting a pipe with a watering can for water supply, a storage container and a check valve for steam in one design.

one A pipe with an oath end for pouring water and a steam exit.
2 Contrass cover of threaded fixation.
3 Extending container for filling water.
four Nut for connecting the container to the tube.
5 Valve opposing the return of the underground pair.

Kamenok manufacturers also offer their own steam generators suitable for each specific furnace model, but they are much more expensive than homemade.

Types of steam generators that are used with a heater

Electric models are divided into three main types depending on the type of heating elements:

    Electric. The device heats the water using it as a conductor of electricity from one electrode to another. An increase in temperature is ensured by an increase in the velocity of the fluid software. With a change in pressure, the amount of water and salt composition, the solution changes significantly, therefore it is very difficult to evaluate the load of the device to the power grid and difficult to keep it in the specified framework. As a result, the supply of steam is uneven and the steam itself does not always correspond to the specified characteristics. In addition, the electrodes dissolve over time and periodically require replacement.

Copper induction coil for steam generator

Most of the heat guns presented on the market work from TEN, since this technology is the most simple to implement. If desired, such a device can be built independently. Homemade electrode or induction steam generators are practically not found, since the design of this type is difficult to make reliable and safe in artisanal conditions.

Such a steam generator control panel is located at the entrance to the steam room

Purchased electric steam generators give the user the opportunity to independently establish the desired consistency of steam. That is, if there is no heater in the steam room, but there is a heat gun, it is easy to create an atmosphere corresponding to a warm wet hammam, a hot humid Russian bath or a hot dry Finnish sauna. It is enough just to change the settings of the device before the session.

Finally A Flash Steam Boiler That Works!!

Arguments in favor of a steam generator

  • Saving water. Compared to a conventional stove, steam from which comes out of the steam room with smoke, the electric steam generator provides the desired steam density with lower water costs.
  • Ease of use. Purchased steam generators are usually automated, they can be programmed to feed steam in the right amount at the required time. This means that no one will have to be on duty at the stones and add water when they reach the desired temperature. Even if the steam generator is homemade, its volume is usually enough for a complete session of rest in the steam room and there is no need to add water in the process.
  • The most healthy dry steam. If the generator is made correctly, a “light” pairs consisting of very small drops fall into the steam room. Unlike a more “heavy” pair of ordinary stoves, it does not have a harmful effect on the cardiovascular system and does not bring discomfort. Even children can go to the steam room with a generator.
  • Fast preparation of steam room for work. In the heater you need to wait for the whole mass of stones to heat to the desired temperature. With a steam generator to prepare it only 15–20 minutes, since steam in it is formed due to the contact of water with hot iron at the bottom of the firebox or with a heating element (in electric models). If desired, you can equip steamed only with a steam generator, generally abandoning the heater. True, in this case, you will need to provide an alternative heating system.

Despite the extensive list of advantages, many refuse to install a steam generator in a home bath due to its high price. But a functional and durable device can be made with your own hands

We make an electric steam generator for a bath with our own hands

Technological circuit of an electric steam generator

We evaluate the power of the device

When buying a heat gun, it is chosen based on the total volume of the steam room.

The volume of steam room, m 3 power of the heat gun, kW
4–5 4–5
10–13 8–10
15–18 12
eighteen 16

Experts recommend making heat guns with their own hands with a capacity of not more than 5 kV. But if the master has experience and good equipment, it is possible to assemble a reliable 10-kilowet unit (such are connected to a three-phase network).

We select materials

First you need to find a container that can withstand the high pressure of the overheated steam. As a rule, masters use a pressure cooker (for a small paired or Finnish sauna) or an old gas cylinder. The volume of the container is selected taking into account the desired power of the device, approximately. 10 liters of water per 3 kW. That is, if you decide to make a steam gun 5 kW, you need a capacity of 15–20 liters. If you have a 12 liter cylinder, you can make a steam generator out of it with a capacity of not more than 3-4 kW.

The range of gas cylinders allows you to choose a good option for any steam generator

Before use, the cylinder must be prepared:

  • to steal gas remnants;
  • display the valve;
  • pour the tank with 5-6 liters of warm water and rinse all the walls;
  • After draining the first portion, completely fill the container with warm water with the addition of liquid soap, if necessary, repeat another 1-2 times.

If the cylinder is not carefully prepared carefully, the water will be polluted in it, and the steam will have a tangible smell of rust.

In addition to the capacity, you will need:

Obstate valve to discharge excess pressure

Necessary tools

  • locksmith devices for working with water pipes;
  • drill for drilling holes in the tank;
  • set of wrench or 2 keys with adjustable size;
  • Tap for cutting threads (only for working with a gas cylinder);
  • Welding apparatus (if not, you can order work from a specialist).

Instructions for the manufacture of a steam gun

If you do not have a welding machine, ask the welder to cut into a cylinder a triplet. So you can reliably attach a steam crane and security group, but pay only one operation.

Having collected the necessary tools and materials, you can proceed to the installation:

    At a distance of 1.5–2 cm from the bottom of the container, drill a hole and cut it with it. If you decide to install several tubular heaters, the installation should be performed alternately, since when drilling holes “by eye”, the heater may be too close to each other. At this stage, you may need the help of a more experienced welder, since the pipe for installing the heater should be welded extremely carefully and carefully. The finished junction of the junction is obliged to withstand the pressure of 6 atmospheres, otherwise the steam generator will break already when it is trial for a trial.

The heaters placed over the other should in no case contact

The ball crane is neatly mounted in the pressure cooker cover

Connecting the pressure gauge and valve to the pressure cooker cover

Water supply from the control tank

Water supply to the steam generator of a copper pipe under the heater

At the end of the welding work, conduct a tightness test, first just pour the tank with water and trace if the drops at the seams appeared. With the slightest suspicion, the seam must be strengthened. Then proceed to the trial start of the steam generator and make sure that the safety valve in time removes the excess pressure. If the device coped with the tests, you can clean the seams and cover it with heat.resistant paint to give it a more aesthetic look.

The main reasons for the breakdown of steam generators

The steam generator is a device, and, like any unit, it fails. Among the most common malfunctions: it overcrowd the heaps, the burn of the corps, as well as the loss of the integrity of the hoses that supply water.

Important! During the independent assembly of the device, it is important to take into account the sequence of installation of elements and their exact location. Despite the simple design of the unit, it is a powerful tool associated with the risk of life.

Working with the unit requires great care. The rule of control over pressure in the capacitance should include your habit during work. If the permissible indicators are exceeded, it must be shaken. In addition, do not leave the device on the room where the children are located. this is dangerous. When working with equipment, do not allow it to be idle without water. The process of receiving cooled fluid should be continuous. This will protect the heating elements from overwhelming, and the device is from overheating.

Before working and turning on the device, check the tightness of both the tank itself (there can be one or two of them), as well as connecting and controlling valves, hoses and supply systems. Sometimes the banal absence of water on the network can lead to damage to the device. Construct the serviceability of the feed and restrictive equipment and the self.disquetable unit. Among other reasons for the breakdown can be called:

Advice! Acate or citric acid will help to deal with the scale. To do this, it is enough to dilute the water into the proportion of 1 teaspoon of powder per liter of water, boil it in a container.

Wood.wooden steam generator is an excellent alternative to an electric one, if you have an additional site

If you follow all the above recommendations, then the device, even with your own hands, has served you with faith and truth for many years. And at the end of the article, we suggest watching a video on how a steam generator works.

Leave your questions and Комментарии и мнения владельцев below under the article. We will be happy to get relevant tips that will be useful to our readers.

The use of a steam generator helps to perform most works on the cleaning of the passenger compartment, as well as some parts of the machine. The compact dimensions and a simple principle of action allow you to make a suitable steam generator with your own hands literally from any suitable technique.

Types of steam generators

Using this device, you can greatly facilitate your life.

The steam generators perfectly disinfect and clean the pollution, help defrost the pipes and the engine of the car in the cold, and also become an indispensable assistant for cleaning filters.

These devices work in different ways, so it is customary to highlight five types of structures.

  • Electric. Industrial models usually require connection to a conventional 220 V outlet, and industrial. 380 V.
  • Furniture steam generators use solid fuel (coal, firewood) as heating).
  • Electrode steam furnace, in which electrodes are used as a heating element.
  • Induction steam generators, the principle of operation of which is the transformation of the electromagnetic field.
  • Ultrasonic steam generators evaporate steam with sound vibrations.

It is easiest to make an electric steam generator on its own, using suitable elements for this. A car steam generator can be made of trash, which is easy to find in any house.

Making a steam generator for moonshine with your own hands

A steam generator is just a container with an electric heater, in its device it is very similar to an electric kettle. The principle of action is extremely simple: water is poured, the heater is turned on, the liquid boils and turns into steam.

The lid has a valve that can be adjusted to a particular opening pressure. Thus, it is possible to receive pairs of various temperatures.

It can be raw if the user intends to create an atmosphere of Turkish hammam, or overheated. for a Russian bathhouse.

The steam generator can work in tandem with a heater. In this case, the pairs he produced is served on the final triber stones. Such a scheme allows you to get by with small costs of expensive electricity and at the same time lower the temperature of the stones, reducing the load on the furnace and thereby extending its service life.

Another option is to use without a heater at all. Electricity costs will increase, but you will not have to build a massive stove with the foundation and chimney, it will only be necessary to equip it in the pair of heating system.

This is what you need to pay attention to when choosing a steam generator:


This parameter should be linked with the volume of the steam room. The dependence is about this:

Steam generators are produced with greater power, but these are no longer domestic models.

note! Devices with a power of over 9 kW are usually designed for a 3-phase connection.

Electric heaters: types and photos

In modern steam generators, the following heating systems are used:

    TENO: the transformation of electric energy into thermal is carried out using a tubular electric heater (heating element), as well as in a boiler or teapot.

True, it should be noted that in most cases it is not necessary to choose: household steam generators are usually equipped with hets.

Water supply method

There are two varieties of steam generators:

  • With the possibility of connecting to the water supply (there is a servo valve with which the device refuels itself).
  • Without such (the user floods the water).

The first variety of steam generators is more convenient to work and cannot be left without water due to the forgetfulness of the user.

But if the water in the water supply has low quality (hard or contains a large amount of rust, sand and other impurities), then the second variety will be more preferable, since it enables the owner to use prepared water or mined from a clean source.

A variety of options

This is what the most practical models of steam generators are equipped:

  • water preparation unit;
  • tank cleaning system;
  • The pair flavor function (there is a special container in which you need to drip a certain amount of aromatic oil); essential oils for steam aromatization
  • remote control;
  • The electronic control module, in the presence of which the steam generator can work automatically (the user sets the desired temperature, the frequency of steam supply, etc.);
  • display, which displays information about the operating mode and programmed installations.

For reference: often by steam generators are called the structures installed on metal bath furnaces, designed to replace the heater. They may look like a battery of plates, a glass with a funnel filled with fraction and metal scraps, etc.D.

Operating advice

  • The steam guns of a simple design, which we examined in the first two versions, do not need complex maintenance, since if there is no water in them, then the steam simply will not stand out.
  • The steam generator has a heating element in its design, which, with constant contact with water, will “collect” scale on its surface. In order to increase the life of such a device, it is necessary to regularly inspect the heating elements and remove the accumulated formations.
  • The steam generator is recommended not to be installed in the steam room, but in the next room, so that the device is fenced with contact with the humid environment.

If a steam gun is installed in your steam room, then you can be sure that in winter cold the room will heat up much faster and keep warm enough time. The main thing is to make such a device correctly so that it works effectively and can create a healing, saturated or humid steam necessary for a Russian bath, sauna or hammam. A self.generator or steam gun created by yourself will not be able to fully replace modern factory installations, but if you do not need numerous additional functions, then it is worth choosing your choice on one of the home.made structures.

What components are collected from the moonshine apparatus?

Today the market presents a wide selection of moonshine devices. A novice distillery usually abides in a stupor when choosing them. Before determining with the brand (and there are a great many of them), you need to study the components of the moonshine apparatus.

What is the moonshine?

Devices produce 2 types. distiller and rectification column. Each of them consists of different parts. Therefore, you should study the device of each option.

The traditional option is the first type. distiller. It was this device that was used by the first moonshiners. What is its composition:

  • Cube of distillation. This is a container, the volume of which is normalized from 10 to 50 liters. It is the cooked mash that is poured into the cube. The nominal volume of the container does not mean that you can pour from 10 to 50 liters of mash. you need to fill the cube up to a maximum of 70%.
  • Steam lane. It is a pipe. It happens, both narrow and wide. Alcohol vapor passes through the tube when distilling.
  • Sukhoparnik. Represents a container with 2 tubes. One of them is lowered almost to the bottom, and the second is almost on the surface. Thanks to the device, alcohol vapors are partially cleaned of harmful impurities.
  • Fridge. After passing through a drummer, the pairs are put in the refrigerator through the tubes. Condensation occurs. So it turns out moonshine, which subsequently passes into the receiving container. The refrigerators of the first rural devices looked like an ordinary container of water, which had to be changed. Modern brothers have a refrigerator, which is connected to the water supply.

The second type is more complex. But professionals note that after the column the drink comes out cleaner and softer.

What is the rectification column of:

  • Cube for distillation. As in the first version, it is a container in which the original product is filled. mash. The cube is heated using electricity or gas.
  • Tsar. So called a pipe made of metal. Alcohol vapors rise through it. The pipe has a fairly wide diameter. up to 51 mm. Sometimes for additionally cleaning here, the nozzle of Panchenkov is installed. It is a stainless steel grid. The nozzle is installed right in the king.
  • Deflegmator. cleaning device. His work lies in the fact that the boiling fraction is cooled. So harmful impurities flow back to the Cuba, and after the deflamp, the cleanest alcohol comes out, with a fortress of up to 96%.
  • Thermometer. It is necessary to monitor the fractions during distillation.
  • Selection unit with a refrigerator. Here the couples are cooled and gathered.

Such thorough cleaning does not require repeated distillation, so the column is considered a better apparatus.

What is a steam generator for distillation for?

An additional device is a steam generator. Why is it needed and whether it is needed at all? Some types of mash, namely fruit and grain, are quite thick with small solid particles. They burn when heated. This spoils the taste of the final drink.

  • The evaporator must be filled with water by about 2/3.
  • Braga goes to a cube for distillation. Its heating on the induction plate begins. Tank to reduce losses should be additionally insulated.
  • The steam generator is launched.
  • The stove is turned off. Further heating occurs due to steam.

The choice of distillation cube

Distinguish 3 types of cubes. Consider all the options.


Copper equipment is not widely represented on the market, as it has a high cost. For what reason do moonshine buy expensive tanks if there is cheaper?

  • Copper distillation cube is ideal for grain mash. The fact is that sulfur remains on the walls of the container and it does not fall into the main product. It makes moonshine tastier.
  • High thermal conductivity. Copper cube heats up faster. this accelerates the distillation process.

From stainless steel

The most common option is a distillation cube of stainless steel. He does not react with the components of the mash. It will be hygienic and last long.


The material does not at all in reaction with the components of the mash. But at home is rarely used. The reason for this is fragility.

What hoses should be used in moonshine?

The material of the pipe used for distillation is also important. 3 species produce them.


Silicone hose for moonshine is the best option for moonshining. You need to use food silicone, it has no smell. But it is better to rinse it well before the first use.


Polyurethane also includes food materials. Based on the reviews, it is less convenient than a silicone analogue. He bends, does not stretch. This complicates the distillation process.

The most incorrect option. The tubes quickly absorb extraneous smells and become oak, inconvenient for operation.

Features of temperature measurement during moonshine distillation

An important point for moonshine. temperature control.

This will help to accurately determine the time of the beginning of the stage, the fortress of Braga, the fortress of moonshine, the time of separation of fractions (heads, bodies and tails).

Electronic digital thermometer

Electronic thermometer for the moonshine is the most convenient option. Its plus is that the device itself does not apply to hot spaces. only the thermometer probe falls there (usually a metal tube). Indications are almost instantly displayed on the dashboard. It is easy to use. Indications deviate by a maximum of 0.2.

Continuous froze with a bimetallic sensor

Bimetallic thermometer for moonshine. a budget measurement option. It is installed more often in a cube, but maybe in the king. Of the pluses. strength, cheapness, easy to purchase. Cons. after a couple of years, accuracy falls.

How to make a steam generator with your own hands?

Despite the large selection of equipment in stores, many are still engaged in happiness on home.made devices.

DIY SHEADION for moonshine, what needs to be prepared:

  • Capacity with a sealed lid. For example, milk flask. But before use it must be carefully cleaned.
  • Barboter.
  • Fitting.
  • Safety valve.
  • Thermometer.
  • Hose. Mainly from silicone.
  • Cuban insulation.



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