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DirectX 9 Download for Windows 11/10/8/7 PCs | Get It Now. Directx 12 Windows 11

DirectX 9 Download for Windows 11/10/8/7 PCs | Get It Now!

Sometimes you may need to run the DirectX 9 due to some reasons. In this post, MiniTool provides a detailed guides for DirectX 9 download on Windows 11/10/8/7 PCs. It also introduces the definition and system requirements of the DirectX 9.0C download.

Usually, DirectX is preinstalled on Windows PCs by default. You can also download and install it manually. However, Microsoft has released different versions of DirectX such as DirectX 12 ultimate and DirectX 11/10/9. Sometimes, you may need to use the previous DirectX version when running certain apps or programs.

As you might know, Windows 11/10/8 comes with DirectX 12/11 by default, which do not include DirectX 9 or previous versions. If you want to download DirectX 9 for them, you can refer to the following guide.

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What Is DirectX 9

The DirectX 9, also known as Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer, was released in 2002 for Windows 98, Windows XP and now is supported by all subsequent Windows versions. It is a part of core Windows technology that can drive multimedia and games on Windows. It comes with security and performance updates that can be used by apps using the DirectX APIs.

Although DirecX 9.0 C is a relatively old version, some apps and programs still require it to function properly. Without the DirectX 9 version installed on PC, you may enter some errors like “The program can’t start because d3dx9_35.dll is missing from your computer”. In this case, you can manually download DirectX 9 for your PC.

Where to get the DirectX 9.0 free download package? How to install it for Windows 11/10/8/7? Let’s keep reading.

Can You Still Download DirectX 9

IS DirectX 9.0 C version still used? Of course, the answer is “Yes”. DirectX 9 is now available for almost all Windows version. Before you start the DirectX 9.0C download, we recommend you check if your PC meets the minimum system requirements. If you don’t know how to check the system specs, read this guide.

directx, download, windows

Operating System: Windows 98/ME/XP/Server 2003, Windows 11/10/8/7

Processor: Pentium 233 MHz

RAM: At least 64MB

Hard disk space: at least 1.5GB

Other: CD-ROM drive

How to Download Install DirectX 9 for Windows 11/10/8/7

Now, let’s see how to get the DirectX 9.0 downloaded and installed on Windows 11/10/8/7 PCs.

There are many different websites that can download DirectX 9.0, but we recommend you download it from the answers.microsoft.com website. It provides the Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime package that includes the DirectX 9 installer. Of course, you can directly download DirectX 9 package from a trusted third-party source.

Step 1.Click here to open the DirectX 9 download page, select a different language from the drop-down menu if you need and click on Download. This downloading process may take you a while to complete, so please wait it patiently.

Step 2. Once downloaded, extract the zipped package, double click the DirectX.sdk file to run it.

Step 3. In the License terms window, click on Yes to continue and tick the I accept the agreement option and click on Next.

Step 4. In the DirectX Setup window, click on Next to start installing the DirectX 9.0C app.

Step 5. Wait for the DirectX installation process to complete and click on Finish.

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How To Check If Your Computer Supports DirectX 12 Ultimate

If you want to have the ultimate gaming experience on your Windows 10 PC, then you absolutely must ensure that your hardware supports DirectX 12 Ultimate. DirectX is a collection of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that have been created to enhance your multimedia…

If you want to have the ultimate gaming experience on your Windows 10 PC, then you absolutely must ensure that your hardware supports DirectX 12 Ultimate. DirectX is a collection of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that have been created to enhance your multimedia experience, which includes streaming, gaming, and audio to the maximum.

Currently, DirectX 12 Ultimate is the latest and most advanced API technology by Microsoft which promises to give you an overall experience whilst gaming like you have never before.

However, simply installing DirectX 12 Ultimate is not sufficient. You need to ensure that your hardware, which is your computer, supports it as well. This article discusses how you can make sure whether your PC supports it, or buy the one that does.

What DirectX 12 Ultimate offers

Microsoft calls DirectX 12 Ultimate the “new gold standard for gaming graphics.” It is said to provide visual graphics that are as good as movies, significantly improve the framerates through Variable Rate Shading, and improves the overall performance through quick processing and faster response rates.

Together with the Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10 and DirectX, a computer becomes the ultimate gaming tech that you would ever need for first-person shooting and other games in the best quality.

You can read more about DirectX 12 Ultimate in this blog post.

How to check if your PC supports DirectX 12 Ultimate

If you are going to purchase a new PC, Microsoft recommends that you get the one that supports DirectX 12 Ultimate.

If you are upgrading your gaming PC or buying a new one, look no further than “DirectX 12 Ultimate” on the product page or retail boxes!


The best way to ensure that your hardware supports this technology is by looking for it on either the retail box or by checking out the support on the manufacturer’s website.

However, if you already own a Windows 10 PC, you can check whether it supports DirectX 12 Ultimate through Xbox Game Bar. The Game Bar now automatically performs a test and lets you know whether your hardware is DirectX 12 Ultimate compatible or not.

Simply launch the Xbox Game Bar by pressing the Windows key G shortcut keys. Then, click on Settings and the settings window will popup below it. Navigate to the Gaming features tab from the left of the window, and you will now see the DirectX 12 Ultimate status on the right, as shown in the image below:

If you find that the above features are not available on your Xbox Game Bar, we suggest that you try updating it through the Microsoft Store.

Supported hardware for DirectX 12 Ultimate

Microsoft has also shared a broad spectrum of supported graphics cards for DirectX 12 Ultimate. If you have any of the following hardware, then you should have no problem experiencing the best multimedia on your PC:

  • AMD Radeon RX 6000 series
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 series

Closing words

Previously, Microsoft was releasing DirectX as a separate entity. However, it is now available and regularly updated through the Windows Update feature. Therefore, if you are a hardcore gamer, then you no longer need to worry about DirectX being up to date, and FOCUS on which GPU and PC to upgrade to for the optimum multimedia experience.

How To Download Update DirectX In Windows 10, 11

Microsoft DirectX is a set of technologies designed to make Windows-based computers an ideal platform for running and displaying applications rich in multimedia elements such as full-color graphics, video, 3D animation, and audio. DirectX includes security and performance updates, along with many new features across all technologies, which can be accessed by applications using the DirectX APIs.

This guide provides an overview of downloading, installing, and updating DirectX on your Windows 10 PC.

Different Ways to Update DirectX in Windows

Before we learn how to update Directx, knowing its current version is essential. To get the version of DirectX, follow the steps below:

How To Know the Version of DirectX

  • Press Windows S and type dxdiag into the box.
  • Select the best search result.

Once you have the version number of DirectX, follow the below steps to update it.

Update DirectX on Windows 10 PC

Now that you know that the version of DirectX you are running is outdated follow these steps to update it.

Note : As there isn’t a stand-alone package available for Windows 10, we will be able to update it through Windows Update.

  • Press Windows I to open the settings window.
  • Click Update Security.
  • Select Windows Update click Check for updates.
  • Wait for Windows to run the scan and check for updates.
  • If there are any, you will be notified. To install them, follow the on-screen instructions. This will update the version of DirectX on Windows.

This is how you can update DirectX on Windows 11. We suggest you keep the device driver updated. Advanced Driver Updater is one of the trusted and reliable driver updating tools.

The Free version will update one driver at a time while paid allows updating all, and it also comes with a 2-month money-back guarantee.

Writer’s Tip – Best Driver Updater Software to Update Device Drivers

To achieve this, you can use Advance Driver Updater. Without wasting your time or asking you to provide any information, the tool will detect outdated drivers and show compatible updates. Also, it will save you from downloading an incorrect driver. To use Advanced Driver Updater, follow these steps:

  • If you are a Free user, click the Update driver link opposite to each driver to update them individually. However, if you are a registered user, you can click the Update All button and update all outdated device drivers to enjoy glitch-free PC performance.
  • To save changes, you must reboot your computer. This will help see the difference in the PC performance and the way the device interacts with the computer.

Update DirectX on Windows PC

This is how you can download the latest version of Direct X through Windows Update. In addition, to keep all devices running at optimal performance and avoid facing BSOD or any connectivity issues, you can use Advanced Driver Updater to update the driver. We hope you find the information we have shared useful and will use it to update DirectX, thereby avoiding any issues while you play games on PC.

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How to Update DirectX In Windows 10/11

Having an up-to-date DirectX is vital in running any multimedia, especially for gaming on Microsoft operating systems.

This guide will show you how to check the current DirectX version on your PC and give you easy-to-follow steps o update your DirectX. It’s a relatively easy fix, so fasten your SATA connector cables and let us dive right in.

directx, download, windows

How to Check Your Current DirectX Version

Before you update your DirectX, make sure which version is currently installed. Some PCs that use older GPUs will not support DirectX 12, so it is essential to know which generation of Dx12 to download beforehand.

The steps to see your current version are:

  • Open your Windows Start Menu
  • In the search bar, type “Dxdiag” and press Enter
  • In the “System Information” window look for “DirectX Version.”

You can see the generation of DirectX above as DirectX 12 and the exact version listed below it. The same steps to check your version of DirectX apply for Windows 8 or Windows 7.

BY DEFAULT, DirectX 11.3 and 12 come pre-installed with Windows 10 Operating Systems.

How to Download and Update DirectX 12

There are two ways to update DirectX 12 on Windows. The first one is to download it manually from the official Microsoft software support page.

To install the software after downloading, follow these steps:

  • Go to your “Downloads” folder and right-click on the DirectX installer.
  • Right-click it and select Run as administrator.
  • Give Necessary Permissions and Start Install.
  • After installation, Restart your computer to apply the new effects.

The second way of installing DirectX 12 is by forcing Windows to update your Operating System.

Here is how to ensure that your Windows PC is running the latest available software version.

  • Click on the Start Menu
  • Click on Settings, located on the right side of the panel
  • Click on Update and Security
  • Click on Check for Updates and Install any Pending Windows Updates

After the updates are installed, please restart your computer and check the new DirectX version with the steps we showed you earlier to verify that it is updated.

Install DirectX in Safe Mode

To update DirectX indirectly, this is how to force Windows to perform a manual Software Update to the newest Windows Operating System version.

If you have trouble installing DirectX, try to run your Windows in Safe mode. Here is how to do it:

  • Open your Windows Start Menu
  • Hover over the arrow next to “Shutdown” on the bottom right of the menu
  • Hold your Shift key and then click on “Restart.”
  • You will be greeted with a blue popup screen (fear not, it’s not that blue screen)
  • Click on “Troubleshooter” and select Advanced Options
  • Click on Startup Settings and Press Restart

The reason to run the DirectX installer in Safe mode is that Safe mode causes the default factory settings and can help with compatibility issues. Other software you have prevents you from installing newly downloaded internet files, such as Anti-Virus software.

Uninstalling DirectX

Uninstalling DirectX 12 is not possible because it is part of the primary default Operating System files that come with Windows. It is vital in running many applications correctly.

Suppose you are having issues with your software-related Gaming applications. In that case, the best option is to update your GPU drivers instead of tinkering with different DirectX versions.

directx, download, windows

You can see our complete guide on updating both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs.

After updating your GPU drivers, make sure that monitor drivers are up to date.

System and Hardware Requirements to Run DirectX 12

If your Operating system is Windows 7 or newer, you can run DX12 as long as your GPU supports it.

DirectX 12 is currently, as of writing this article, supported by all NVIDIA graphic cards built on the Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal, Turing, and Ampere architecture. In other words, any GPU that has a name that starts like 600, 700, 900, 1000, 2000, 3000.

All GPUs are newer for AMD, and the 77xx series fully supports the DX12.

Please note that DirectX12 is not available for any Apple desktops or laptops that run the Mac OS. It is strictly owned by Microsoft and developed exclusively to run on Windows. Depending on the updates ahead, it might become available for some Linux versions.

Windows Versions Incompatible With DirectX 12

Any Windows versions, including or newer than Windows 7, can run Dx12, but note that some titles might not run properly on a Windows 7 with the DirectX 12 version. Technically, Vista also supports it, but please don’t use Vista; no person deserves that punishment.

If you face any compatibility issues, run the game on Windows 7 with DirectX 12 and use DirectX 11 instead.

Benefits of Upgrading to DirectX 12

DirectX boasts an impressive performance leap over the older generation – DirectX 11, most notably in the power efficiency optimization and the raw performance boost.

It is estimated that DX12 is around 50 percent faster than DX11. In other words, you should always aim to have DX12, as it is literally like getting a free GPU upgrade. It might be time to drop the legendary GTX 550-ti and opt for the newer GPUs instead.

The third benefit of DX12 is related to game optimization and stability. Having DX12 gives you backward compatibility with all titles that were made to run on older DirectX versions, so don’t worry you can still run and use emulators for games from the past on it.


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